Mayıs 1, 2021

Mediterranean Romance

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I met Catharine on a two week Mediterranean cruise that commenced in Barcelona and ended in Istanbul. Our handicapped mothers had accompanied us and our first encounter was in a wheel chair line-up.

There were no words exchanged but there was almost instant chemistry between us. There are not a lot of ways to describe that sensation, but it is framed perfectly in the phrase ‘You may see a stranger, across a crowded room’ from an old song.

I met her again on my morning jog around the Promenade deck. On my first lap one morning I noticed Catharine leaning on the railing looking out to sea. There was a flash of recognition in her glance as I trotted past her. On my next pass she was leaning with her back to the railing looking for me. I stopped to say hello.

She was about my age and if I had to guess at her profession I would have said that she was a Librarian. I would have been incorrect about that and a lot of other feelings resulting from those first impressions.

She was not a classic beauty in a physical sense. She was tall and rangy with wide shoulders and hips. Her breasts were small and spread each side of her chest. High cheekbones framed steel blue eyes and a wide thin-lipped mouth. Her auburn hair was pulled back in a bun.

She was totally focused on me as we chatted idly about very little. The words did not seem important and were just an excuse for us to be close. I was enthralled by everything about her and could not chase her from my thoughts the rest of that day.

We met on the deck the following two mornings and chatted. I wanted to touch her. We made a date to meet in one of the lounges before dinner one evening. We found a booth and sipped wine and became comfortable. We shared a lot of interests including travel and history.

Our hips and thighs touched softly as we pretended to watch the dockside preparations to depart Port Mahon. I could barely think of anything else but making love to her.

We began meeting later in the evening after dinner when our respective mother’s were safely in their cabins. The Crow’s Nest lounge had booths where we could find some amount of privacy. Subdued lighting added to the romantic flavour. A trio played slow ballads each evening and we danced.

The first time that my cock rubbed her hip I murmured, “Sorry Catharine.”

Her response was to move her hips tight to mine and rub her mound on me.

When we returned to the booth we enjoyed our first long lingering kiss. She guided my hand to her knee and whispered, “Touch me.” My hand was shaking as I eased it up under her skirt. She moved her hand to my lap and rubbed my cock with her knuckle.

She was wearing panty hose. I eased my hand up between her legs until the edge of it was rubbing along her slit. She ran her tongue around the inside of my mouth. She was very excited, her body language and piercing eyes gave no hint of the calm Librarian.

We were obviously ready to fuck but where does one fuck on a ship if access to a cabin is not available? I whispered, “Sweet Jesus I want you Catharine, what can we do.”

I may have been flustered but she was not. She straightened herself out a bit, the ‘in charge’ look returned to her face and she smiled, “I know a place where we can make a little more progress.”

We left the bar and walked outside along the deck of the ship arm in arm, our hips grinding and bumping. There were deck chairs located on the stern deck of the ship. Catharine selected two blankets from a cupboard and we settled down side by side in a double lounge chair. It was unlikely that others would be on deck this late at night.

Catharine hitched her skirt to her waist and placed one leg over my hip and pulled the blankets over us. I went right after her pussy and began to rub it through a wet spot in her panty hose.

I made a move to pull the panty hose down to expose her but she gasped, “Rip them, rip a hole in my panty hose, I want you to.”

It took both hands to work a hole in the wet cloth and rip it large enough to expose her entire pussy. She was whimpering and exclaiming as I struggled. The edges of the tear were all wet and slippery. I used my thumb to rub her mound and slipped two probing fingers into her. Her ass was jerking and twisting as she ground her pussy against my hand and got off.

She relaxed and slumped back from me. One of the great pleasures of sex is pleasing your partner and I had accomplished that very quickly. But I had expectations bahis firmaları of being pleased as well.

I unbuttoned her blouse to expose her bra. I fumbled behind her back to find the hooks but she pushed me away. They were on the front and she quickly unhooked them. My eyes feasted on two beautiful small wide spread tits. She pulled my head down to them and I moved my lips from side to side, licking between and under her tits and then sucking each nipple.

She groaned, “Harder, suck them harder, pinch them with your lips, suck them deep.”

She became more and more animated, her body writhing against mine. She fumbled at my belt and zipper and slipped her hand inside my shorts and down along my cock. She started jerking me off, her hand thrashing away inside my shorts.

I groaned, “Not in my shorts!” She ignored me and kept it up until I let fly.

She pulled up then, stood and straightened her clothes and smiled as she whispered, “That was nice, see you tomorrow.” And she was gone, leaving me with a sticky mess to resolve before returning to my cabin.

I saw her at lunch the next day but she barely glanced at me. She was calm and confident as she assisted her mother into her chair. I could not believe that it was the same woman who had begged me to tear her panty hose and finger fuck her just hours before.

She was sitting in our booth later that day. There was a guy leaning over her and I suspected that she was being hit on. She looked up at the guy with a smile and said something. His head jerked upwards and he left very quickly. Her eyes caught mine and she smiled invitingly. I asked her what had just happened.

She said, “Oh nothing much, I told him politely that I did not want a drink with him, but he would not leave, so I told him to fuck off.”

This was one strange lady. She could look so prim and proper most of the time and totally in control of life around her. And then, when her mood swung to sex, she could be wild and wanton and care less about the rest of the world.

I was not certain whether I was pleased or nervous that she seemed to have a particular interest in me. I very much wanted to be alone with her but had no idea how that could be arranged on board a ship.

She was chatty, much at ease and made no mention of what we had done the evening before. When it was time to go she said, “How about meeting here at 10 or so tonight?”

I watched her walk away from me. She knew how to present her body and appeared elegantly dressed at all times whether in a casual or more formal situation. I could not take my eyes off her ass as she moved away. She glanced back at me with a hint of a smile as if sensing my gaze. I wanted to fuck her.

That evening was much like the previous one. Our bodies were glued together when we danced. I moved my hand down her hip and did not find a panty line. I asked if she was wearing panties and she said, “No. I am wearing the panty hose from last night. I rinsed them out however.”

We kissed and touched in the booth. I slid my hand up under the skirt as she spread her legs. My four fingertips easily entered her exposed slit while I used my thumb to rub her mound. I felt her tremble at my touch and she said, “I have an idea, come with me.”

We went down to a lower deck. It was fairly late and there were very few people moving around. She led me to one of the smaller ladies powder rooms. By the time I had latched the door she was standing with her back against the vanity with her skirt up around her hips.

She undid my belt and zipper and my pants dropped around my ankles. I lifted her up on the vanity and looked down at her torn panty hose. I ripped it a little more to expose all of her mound and gaping wet pussy. There were no words spoken as she pushed my shorts down and grabbed my cock.

I pulled her ass to the edge of the vanity top. My cock slid easily into her through the torn gap in her panty hose. She hooked her heels behind my butt and clamped on, bracing herself with her hands behind her. We fucked urgently without words. We were like two starving people at a 25-course buffet. The only sound was that of my cock sliding in and out of her squishy pussy.

I paused briefly and opened her blouse and bra to expose her tits, and started fucking again. “I love your tits.”

Her eyes were glaring at me, her teeth gritted. Her normal calm demeanour had deserted her. I felt my knees buckle as I blew my load in her and she drove her kaçak iddaa hips up and clamped rigidly on my cock, her ass bouncing on the marble top.

We stood there with my cock in her for a minute or so. I reached for a washcloth and wet it with warm water. I cleaned her pussy while she smiled at me. I swabbed my own cock off as well. We put ourselves back together and kissed.

“I have to get you naked in a bed soon,” I groaned.

“I can’t wait,” she said and slid her tongue deep into my mouth.

The idyllic days drifted on in a seemingly endless combination of blue waters, ancient and romantic ports capped off by evenings of mounting desire. I hoped that we might be able to find a hotel room in a port. That did not work out for a variety of reasons.

There were only a few days left on our cruise when we struck gold from an unexpected source. We were on a first name basis with several of the waiters at the Crow’s Nest by now. One evening Paul came over to serve me and said, “Will Catharine be here this evening?”

I said, “Oh yes, she might be a little late, but bring us a bottle of our regular wine now please.”

He looked furtively around and then said, “Do you mind if I ask what you and she are to each other? Is she your wife or just a friend? I hope you don’t mind my asking.”

I looked up surprised and said, “No we have never met until this cruise. We are both travelling with our mothers. Why do you ask?”

He said, “Well it is obvious that you enjoy each other’s company, and I was wondering if you and she might like to have a cabin for a day or a night to be alone. If you do, I can arrange it. It will cost you a bit, but let me know.”

I was a little flustered at the bold inference that Catharine and I were looking to fuck each other. I had to admit however that our actions in this particular lounge might suggest that we were.

When he returned with my wine I asked him how he could arrange a cabin as I understood that the ship was booked full.

He said, “Oh, there are always people who get off in various ports and cabins can come available. I can make an unofficial arrangement to get you one for a night. A few of the cabin attendants are looking to make a few extra bucks. It happens every cruise. It can all be handled very discreetly for $200.”

I could barely wait for Catharine to show up. The thought of stripping her naked and fucking every hole in her body raced through my mind. When I told her, the only sign of excitement was in her eyes. She touched my hand and said, “Yes, yes, let’s do it.”

The following morning we were docked in Valetta on the Island of Malta. We toured independently with our mother’s. I could barely keep my mind on the guides talk or on conversations later at the dinner table. The thought of being alone with Catharine filled my every thought.

The dinner seemed endless and it was almost dark by the time I entered our temporary cabin. It was a veranda suite with a view out over the harbour. I undressed and put on a white robe provided in the cabin.

When Catharine arrived we kissed passionately just inside the doorway. She said, “Let me prepare myself for you, give me some time in the bathroom.”

God as far as I was concerned she was prepared enough for my taste, but I did as asked and released her. I poured two glasses of wine and sat down.

She was gorgeous. There is no sensation in the world that can compare to the look of a woman who desires you. She wore a sheer black nightie over black lace bra and thong.

I rose and pulled her to me. “Let me play with you for a while. I have been dreaming of fondling and touching you since I boarded this ship.”

I let my hands roam freely over her. God it was exciting. I removed the nightie and turned her away from me to face a wall mounted mirror. I reached around her and tore open the bra hooks revealing her small sweet tits. She watched in the mirror as I rolled and pinched her nipples. I kissed her neck and rubbed my cock on her.

She leaned against the mirror as I kissed my way down her back to her butt. I untied the thong and pulled it back out through her legs. I worked my mouth around her ass cheeks, kissing, licking and nipping her skin. She had a space between her legs wide enough that her pussy was visible even as she stood straight. She writhed in delight as I dragged my tongue up between her cheeks.

I stood up and turned her to face me as she untied my robe. I regained control kaçak bahis by pinning her hands to her sides and bending to suck her hard nipples. I grazed each nipple with my teeth, teasing and taunting her, I sensed that she loved that feeling of danger.

“Bite them,” she groaned.

I could not bring myself to break the skin but clenched each one between my teeth, before sucking them deep. To this point I had not touched her pussy and she thrust her hips out at me as a reminder.

She rubbed her hips and upper thighs against my cock, trying to manoeuvre it between her legs, but I moved enough to prevent it. I wanted every nerve in her body to be stretched taut.

I released her hands and she raised them and pushed down on my shoulders.

“Hmm, what do you want baby, do you want your pussy licked? Do you want me to suck your clit? Do you want me to finger fuck you?”

I allowed her to push me down her body, my tongue and lips kissing, sucking and nipping along her torso. I rubbed her mound with my chin as she raised a leg over my shoulder. I pushed my nose into the musky scent of her engorged pussy lips. I slipped a finger up her cunt while teasing the top of her slit with my tongue.

I pulled my finger out and began to lick along the length of her slit, finally concentrating on her clit and teased it with flicks of my tongue.

“Suck on it please, please.”

She was grinding her pussy against my face as I kissed and clenched the clit while sliding my wet finger back along her slit to her butt hole. The combination almost took her to orgasm. She wanted more and she barked, “Get up, my turn!”

I stood up and forced my legs between hers and slid my cock up to her cunt. I crouched down a little and hooked my hands up under her back and over her shoulders. Our eyes were inches apart and I chinned myself on her, jamming my cock up deep. We stood there revelling in the pure pleasure of our bodies locked as one. We fucked a little, slow grinding strokes, extracting every bit of enjoyment possible.

Catharine said, “Get on the bed on your back.”

I reluctantly eased my cock out of her and lay back on the bed. She stood at the bedside with arms akimbo and legs spread, like an Amazon ready to take some pleasure from a male slave. Her tits moved as her chest heaved, the nipples erect like hard pink rosebuds.

She straddled me planting her knees each side of my hips and moved her cunt directly over my cock. She brushed the knob with her pussy, back and forth and slowly settled around it. Cunt lips nibbled their way around my knob and clamped behind it. She rotated her hips slowly while her eyes burned into mine.

I watched her feverishly pulling and twisting her nipples as my cock was swallowed in the hot wet velvet hole. She bent over me, pumping and fucking my cock. Her hips ground and twisted as she nestled her face in my neck and crushed her tits against me. I grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks and began thrusting up in unison with her moves.

She was sucking and nipping at my neck and shoulder as we built towards our climax. I toyed with her butt hole. She cried out at my touch. I felt the first belt of cum enter the base of my cock and shoot out in her, just as I drove one finger up her ass.

She splayed out like she had been shot, flattening herself on me and losing my cock. I quickly rolled her to her back. I lost one shot of cum up her belly before I could get it back in her quivering pussy. Her body was as rigid as a pole for seconds after and then she began to work my cock as I continued to ooze inside of her.

I rolled off of her to her side and we just lay there catching our breath. She found my hand and said, “Was that worth waiting for?”

I rolled partially over her again and kissed her nipples before saying, “It was exquisite.”

We spent another few hours in our temporary love nest. We showered and fondled in the tight little stall. We towelled each other dry; put on robes and went out on the veranda. The stars were bright although there was no moon this night. Looking to the stern we could clearly see the ships white wake reaching off into darkness.

We made love once more that night. We took our time, touched and went down on each other, let the need build relentlessly and fucked sideways, backwards and missionary before getting off again.

We parted a few days later. We knew nothing more of each other’s lives than what we had learned in our discussions. Was she married? She never said or asked me about my situation. It was not important. We did not exchange phone numbers, E-Mail addresses or even the city in which we lived. ‘Who can explain it, who can tell you why?’

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