Mart 26, 2021

Me and Uncle Jerry Ch. 03

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I stretched luxuriantly under the sheets and listened to sounds coming from the kitchen: a coffee mill whirring, pots and pans rattling. I dressed, combed my hair with my fingers in the mirror over the chest of drawers, and joined Uncle Jerry. He was whistling at the stove, happy as could be.

“Good morning, Kenny!” he said. “Coffee’s almost ready.”

“Good morning, Uncle Jerry.” I said, smiling. I went to the cabinet and took down a mug.

“I slept like a log, young man. Might’ve had something to do with last night. What do you think?” he said, turning my way and giving me a quick wink.

“Well, gosh, Uncle Jerry. Hashish, alcohol and a cocksucker tending to you will do that, you know.”

Uncle Jerry laughed. “True enough, my boy. Well said. But you don’t have to refer to yourself that way, son.”

“What way, uncle?” I said, and I wasn’t sure if he knew I was playing with him. I just wanted to hear him say the word.

“Well… what you said…”

“I’m waiting.” I said in a sing-song voice as I took a seat at the table. I sipped at my coffee.

You know,… cocksucker.” he said, then turned to the skillet of bacon he was preparing. He was averting his eyes.

“But I am a cocksucker, Uncle Jerry. Hey, can I help with anything there?”

“No,no, I’m fine. Almost ready.”

“Will you let me be your cocksucker, Uncle Jerry?” I said, watching the back of his head.

“Really, Kenny,” he said, lifting the strips of bacon onto the paper toweling beside the stove, “it has such a negative connotation, I just don’t…”

I looked down at the table silently.

“Hey, let’s not get off to a bad start here.” he said.

“I thought you liked it.” I said glumly, shifting my coffee mug on the table in little circles.

Uncle Jerry turned off the burner and came to my side. He reached out and stroked my cheek.

“I loved it, Kenny. You know that. We don’t need to get hung up over a word, do we?”

“Just let me know that you want me to be that for you. I want to hear it. Please.” I said.

I took hold of his hand and held it to my face.

“Okay, Kenny. I really, truly want you to be my, my… cocksucker. Okay, cocksucker? Are you satisfied now, you little cocksucker?”

“Yes, Uncle Jerry. thank you so much.” I said, and we both laughed. Actually, it wasn’t all that easy to stop laughing.

After the hearty breakfast, we drove into the countryside. In that part of the state, it got rural just beyond the town limits. We wound up in the foothills and had a lunch of wine, baguette bread, cheese, and pate. We stretched out on the grass and talked.

“What was it like growing up with my dad?” I queried. I was curious whether Dad had ever been a happy, carefree person.

“He was always serious, but he could be fun, too. I mean, we did have some fun together. I guess he began to change in middle school. He got kind of withdrawn and judgmental of people, especially girls in his class. I remember he’d come home fuming about so-and-so kissing somebody or other, rubbing his crotch, one thing or another. He would say it was ‘filthy’ or ‘depraved’. ‘Depraved’ was his favorite. I got tired of hearing it, not least of all because one of those girls was fondling my crotch.”

Uncle Jerry rolled onto his side, chuckling.

“And he started reading the Bible. Jeez, and always ready with a quote from it. I just started avoiding him.”

“And now his only son is in love with your cock, Uncle.” I said, staring up through the tree limbs.

“My very own cocksucker.” he said. “Ain’t I just a lucky guy.” he said playfully.

“You’ll see how lucky you are when we get back, Uncle Jerry.”

We drove back at four in the afternoon to avoid the traffic. Once home, I gave Mom and Dad a call to let them know I’d be staying another night. Dad answered and we had a brief exchange. He asked to talk to his brother, and I called Uncle Jerry over. I was feeling impish, so while he chatted with Dad, I unbuckled his pants. In short order, I had him unzipped, and his pants bunched at his knees.

“Yeah, Fred. We went up by Dillinger Falls… right… yep, you and I were there once. beautiful country…”

While they chatted, I was on my knees playing with Uncle Jerry’s cock which avrupa yakası escort was now hanging through the pee flap of his briefs.

“Right, right. we caught salamanders in that creek…. no, the one on the other side…. you got it… right beside that old barn…”

I took the head of the cock gently in my mouth and looked up into Uncle Jerry’s eyes. I’m not all that vain, really, but I’ll bet that plump helmet looked rather fetching framed by my full, red lips.

“Yeah, he’s doing fine, Fred. He’s enjoying being away for a few days.” Uncle Jerry said, giving me a quick wink. I gave the tip of the cock a light lick and Uncle Jerry inhale sharply.

“Whoops! Gotta go Fred. I’ve got a chicken in the oven and it’s done by now. Okay… good talking to you… bye.”

Uncle Jerry hung up.

“You little devil!” he said, grabbing my nose between thumb and forefinger and giving it a twist. He got his pants back up and secured.

I grinned at him as I got up from my knees.

” I couldn’t help it. it was so close, and I just wanted to say hello.” I said.

“You’re not cross with me, are you Uncle?” I said with mock contrition. I assumed a sorrowful, pouty look.

“Try something like that again, and you might just get a good spanking, Kenny.” he replied, scowling.

“I’m sorry Uncle. Sometimes I’m bad. Sometimes I need to be spanked.” I said.

I went to the couch and picked up the newspaper he’d been reading earlier, and tore it in two. All the while, I noticed that Uncle Jerry’s pants were displaying what seemed to be a growing bulge.

“Now you’ve gone too far, young man.” Uncle Jerry said. “Get over here. Now!!”

This was roleplaying, of course, but it turned me on terrifically. He was my angry daddy. He was going to punish me.

He seated himself in the leather armchair, and gave me a stern look. I approached meekly.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. Please don’t spank me.”

“It’s too late for that.” he said. then unbuckled my belt, pulled my pants and underwear down, and had me over his knee.

And he really laid into me! So much so that I was begging him to stop.

Please! Ow! Please, no more! Ow! Uncle Jerry!”

He stopped and said, “Are you going to be good?”

“Yes! Yes! I’m sorry!”

He stood me up and had me face him. Now that the spanking was ended, I was beginning to relish it. My ass cheeks felt as though they were burning, and I had a desire to see them in a mirror.

“Well, now we know where we stand, don’t we?’ he said.

“Yes,sir.” I said, feeling strangely sheepish and aroused at the same time. My cock was now fully erect, poking up through my shirttails.

“I want to make it up to you, Uncle Jerry, sir.” I said, and I had never felt a more intense desire to service him.

“And how would you go about that, may I ask?” he said.

Even seated as he was, I could see that he, too, had an erection.

“Well,” I said, pulling my pants up, ” I could be nice to you.”


“Yes, sir. You know, make you feel good. Maybe then you wouldn’t be so angry with me.” I said, and my voice began to quaver. “I really am sorry.”

My eyes teared up, and a couple of them rolled down my face. It wasn’t from being “sorry”, though I had thoroughly enjoyed the role play. It was from happiness that this good, strong, upright man wanted me, loved me.

“So? What did you have in mind, young man?”

Uncle Jerry, sir, could you take off your pants, please?”

He stood, undid his pants, and tossed them onto the couch. He turned to me.

“Now what?” he said impassively.

I came closer, and slowly fell to my knees. I pulled down on the brief’s waistband slowly until Uncle Jerry’s aroused cock sprang from its confines like the most beautiful jack-in-the-box.

I proceeded to remove them, helping uncle step out of them in his stocking feet. I wrapped my arms around his thighs and pressed my face against them. His legs were firm and strong.

I let my hands rest on his ass, and felt the reaction of his cock where it lay against the side of my head. This was something I was hopeful of, for I had had designs on Uncle Jerry’s handsome, masculine buttocks since seeing them the night before.

“I bağcılar escort want to make it up to you, uncle.” I said.

“You’ve already told me that. I’m still waiting.” he said.

I shifted about on the floor until I was behind him.

“Uncle? Could you please raise your shirt a bit?” I said, all the while enjoying immensely my proximity to his gorgeous ass. Uncle Jerry tied the shirttails together, and the ass was fully exposed.

Realizing that it was a pivotal moment in my life, I brought my lips onto his right ass cheek and kissed it. It was soft and warm. I nuzzled it with my nose. I then planted a kiss on the other cheek. I was in heaven.

“You like kissing a man’s ass, Kenny?” uncle said, and I noticed a tension in his voice that belied his nonchalance.

“I like kissing your ass, Uncle Jerry.” I said.

“Good, good. That’s good, Kenny. Keep kissing it, okay?”

I didn’t need any encouragement! I reached through his legs and found his hanging balls. I kneaded them gently as I covered every square inch of his ass with my lips. I varied the kisses so that some were very soft, just barely pressing my mouth onto the cheek. Others were quicker, perkier, and gave off their happy sounds that we both could hear. All the while, Uncle Jerry encouraged me.

“That’s really sweet, Kenny. Good boy, mmmm, very nice.”

I began to lick his ass, as well, and this too clearly turned him on.

“Oh! Very nice, boy! Very good. Damn that’s good!”

I loved hearing his words of appreciation, and it made me want to please him still more.

As I was licking, he reached behind and petted the top of my head. It was wonderful to feel his assuring hand on me.

Sensing his full approval of what I’d been doing up till then, I ventured to bring my attention to his crevice and, most importantly, what resided in its warm depths. At first, I simply ran my nose up and down the crack of uncle’s ass, just softly brushing the soft skin there. Even from there, I could detect the fine odor of his anus wafting up to greet me. This made me very aroused, indeed. Uncle Jerry seemed to tense up a bit, but I planted a few kisses at the bottoms of his cheeks, and this seemed to relax him.

“It might not be safe to… you know, um…get too close, Kenny.” he said, sounding self-conscious. But I knew better.

“Don’t worry, uncle. It’ll be okay.” I assured him.

“It’s just that it’s…”

“I know what you mean, sir. But it’s okay. I promise. I’ve heard other gay students talking about it at school, and it seems fine.”

“Well, okay then…”

“Just relax, Uncle Jerry. I told you I wanted to make amends, and this is how I want to do it.”

“Sure. Sure, Kenny. I guess it’s okay. i just worried for a second.”

“You were worried about me, Uncle Jerry. Just the way a real father would.” I said, and gave him a good loud kiss followed by a quick nibble.

“Hey!” he said. “No biting!”

“Oh, come on, Uncle Jerry, it was just a little love bite.” I said coyly.

“You’re just an imp at heart, aren’t you, boy?” he said laughing, and slapping me lightly on the head. “Okay, but not too hard!”

“I’ll be careful.” I said, giving another nibble to the soft flesh.

I continued my focus on uncle’s asscrack. I began to go further in with my nose as I let it glide up and down the crevice. As I did, uncle’s lovely anus smell became more prominent, and I could feel the moist, earthy bloom that rose up from it. My own cock, small though it was, was fast running out of room in my pants, and I took a moment to unzip and free it. I stroked myself discreetly as I continued my attentions to my Uncle Jerry.

I realized that with uncle standing, it would give less than ideal access to his asshole, and I took a moment for a logistical remedy.

Uncle Jerry? Could I ask you to move over to the arm chair, please? It would make things easier.” I said, and I imagined he could put two and two together, and understood the reasoning behind this. He walked to the chair, and knelt on the seat facing the back.

My heart raced at what I saw: my Uncle Jerry’s sweet ass on full display, a king awaiting his attendant. I kneed my way over to the chair, and bahçelievler escort took up my joyful position face to face with the ass.

“Are you comfortable, uncle?” I said as I took in the splendid view.

“I’m fine, Kenny. I’m okay now. Enjoy yourself, son. Go ahead.”

I placed my hands on the cheeks and gently spread them apart.

And there it was: my Uncle Jerry’s anus – a lovely brown hole , somewhat pink toward the center. To the immediate sides of it, the skin formed a dark corona that feathered to delicate points above. All this was encircled with a light ring of ass hair, some of it matted down from being compressed in the tight space.

Needless to say, I was practically in a trance as I gazed upon all this beauty.

“You okay, Kenny?” Uncle said, sounding a bit nervous. Well, I couldn’t have that, could I?

“Okay is hardly the word, Uncle.” I said.

I spread the cheeks a bit more, and the hole opened ever so slightly. I brought my lips onto it and kissed it. Uncle Jerry moaned.

“Jesus, Kenny! That is so good!” he exclaimed.

I nuzzled my nose up against the warm hole, breathing in the manly funk. I stayed there for some moments, all the while stroking myself. Uncle Jerry smelled so good!

Breaking from my reverie, I proceeded to kiss all around the anus, not wanting to neglect this part of my dear uncle’s anatomy. But at some point, I was drawn inexorably back to the fragrant centerpiece. I began licking the hole. I explored the grooves of the sphincter, taking each one in turn into the care of my hungry tongue. Uncle was beside himself, and I had the incomparable pleasure of knowing that I was doing something very special for him; something he’d never had before. I was cleaning his asshole for him. What better show of respect for such a good man?

With my hands clasped onto his cheeks, I let my tongue go deeper into uncle’s hole. I loved the feel of him clamping down on me, then relaxing as I explored. The inside of his anus was warm and smooth. Occasionally, I would withdraw my tongue so that I could taste him. Rolling my tongue inside my mouth, I savored his unique flavor.

After some time, after giving my all to go as far up as I could go, my tongue was fatigued and a bit sore. But it had done its job admirably, and both Uncle Jerry and I were amply rewarded!

As a finishing touch, I lapped enthusiastically at uncle’s asshole with broad tongue strokes. With each pass, I delighted to see the hole tighten then relax in pleasured response. I gave each of his buttocks a soft kiss as a farewell. ‘Till next time’ I thought.

By now, of course, Uncle Jerry was in need of my mouth in another capacity, and I was oh so eager to do my part there, as well!

He rose up from the chair and faced me. His penis was turgid to the max and bobbing crazily up and down.

“Oh, Kenny! You sweet boy! That was fantastic. thank you so…”

I came forward in the middle of his thank you and kissed the dripping head of his cock. It practically flew back in an instant salute.

“Good lord, Kenny!”

But this was no time for words. Any fool could see that Uncle Jerry was ready to explode any second. I looked at the cock in wonder. it continued to prance about, and precum was swaying from the tip. I reached out and cradled the ballsack in my fingers. Again, the cock responded in the most athletic way. I brought the warm, smooth plum of uncle’s helmet into my mouth and treated it to a loving tongue bath. He groaned, and I could see the long muscles in his thighs tighten. He looked down on me as I caressed him thus.

“Son, you sure know how to make a man feel all is right with the world.” he said, and I could hear the emotion in his voice. “You are one sweet boy.” he said, and stroked my cheek.

I allowed the cock head to slip free for a moment.

“Uncle Jerry, you’re the best daddy this boy could ever hope for.” I said.

I took the head back into my mouth and gave it a light bite.

“Hey!” Uncle Jerry said, but I also felt the head swell as I did this.

“Sorry, uncle. I’ll try to be good.” I said, then enclosed the swollen glans anew. It was with our eyes locked together that uncle’s sperm journeyed through the pulsing shaft into my waiting mouth. After the first surge, uncle’s head snapped backwards and his mouth opened. Such sounds as came from him then I had not heard from a human being before or since. He bucked forward several times spilling more of his milky seed, and I reveled in the knowledge that my Uncle Jerry was fucking my face. Oh, If Dad could see me now!

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