Mart 9, 2021

Maybe Im Gay CHapter 3

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For Women

Maybe I’m Gay but it maybe just sex Chapter 3

After my last time in the bushes with Tom I used my finger every time I had a wank. I had to use my middle finger and then I never found the place every time, but when I did it was just awesome. Tony used to send me txt’s at bedtime and like tell me to do stuff as I was wanking and I got real horny doing it. I had to use some of my pocket money to buy tissues and in the morning I put the ones I had used in my school bag and then put them in the school toilet. I didn’t want my folks finding out what I was doing every night. It was ok in the shower the water like washed it all away, but not when I was in bed. Tony told me to be careful cos wanking too much I might get sore if I didn’t use some sort of oil or something. Mum had some old baby oil in the bathroom so I used that. He asked if we could meet again the next Sunday and I was like

“Yeah please!”

He said not to ride to the wood but get a bus into town and he would meet me outside McDonald’s at 2. I was there early and had to wait till he arrived. He said we could go somewhere much better today and he took me into the car park where his car was and we got in and drove to his. It was a flat in Gosport, not like wonderful and not too clean, but it was ok. First thing he did was to put the telly on and play a porno video of guys. It was a guy I reckoned was like 18/20 and an older guy. The younger one was on his knees sucking the older guy when it started. Tony asked if I wanted a coke of something and I said ok and he went off and came back with a coke and a drink of something for him. I was a bit like scared being in a house with a guy but the video had still got me hard. I drank some coke and it tasted a bit funny but it was ok. I just guessed he had bought cheap coke, like at school we called it chicken coke. As I watched I felt myself getting a bit hot and Tony said to take my top off if I was hot, so I did.

On the video the older guy was now stripping the younger one till he was naked. The older guy started feeling the young ones bum and fingering him. I could feel my dick was like really hard and I had a wet patch on my jeans. I felt a bit hot and it felt like my face was gone red. Tony came close and started feeling my tits and smoothing my chest. He kissed me and pinched my tit at the same time. It hurt and I like yelped and I felt my dick jump in my jeans.

“Ok Carl, slip your clothes off. I want to watch you stip. I want to take a pic with my phone as you do is that ok?”

I just wanted to get off now I didn’t mind what he did I just wanted to shoot.

“Sure whatever, do what you like”

I said as I was taking my trainers and socks off. I don’t know when he took the picture or of he took more than one but he had his camera pointed at me until I was totally naked and rubbing my dick. Then he put the phone down.

“Stop doing that!” he said like quite bossy, so I did.

“I know you want to cum, and you will I promise, and in a way much better then you have felt before, but first you have to please me today”

“Hey I do that after I cum first time not first”

“I have changed the rules a bit, that’s all. You will feel great I promise, but it is only fair that I cum first sometimes, and if there is enough time I might be able to cum twice as well today. Now come on Carl, on your knees and do what you do so well. Like that blonde on the video was doing. On your knees son and suck me!”

He had a bossy sound the way he was talking. I got down in front of him and opened my mouth. I didn’t have to put his in cos he just held my head and pushed it in. I gagged and couldn’t breathe very easy bahis firmaları but he pulled back and I gasped and then he pushed in again. He was actually fucking my mouth and holding my head as he did it. Then he stopped and told me to lie on my back on the sofa type thing that only had an arm at one end. I did and he moved me till my head was hanging over the end. He slipped his fat dick past my lips and into my mouth again.

“Don’t touch your cock son, but you can finger yourself if you want”

I was real angry cos I really wanted to cum, but I did what he said. He started fucking my mouth and cos my head was hanging down his dick was like going right into my throat. I thought I was going to choke but he kept going in and out so I tried to breathe as he pulled back. He was like really getting into it and started pinching my tits as he did it, and I had a finger in my bum and was trying real hard to find that spot inside me.
“Look at you, you slut, gulping my cock down your throat and fingering your arse at the same time. You love this don’t you? You’re a natural born cock slut”

That sounded horrible, but it was true and it did feel good what I was doing and what he was doing to me. Even pinching my tits hurt like crazy but was real horny too. I sort of saw, round his fat dick, that he turned and reached for his phone. Just then I hit that spot in my bum and I pushed in and out even harder. He was shoving his fat dick into my throat then pulling back. His bollocks kept hitting me in the nose and eyes and he was grunting as he pointed his camera at me.

Suddenly he shoved so hard I reckoned his dick had to be in my chest. He yelled and his dick throbbed and I felt his sum in my throat. He froze, then pulled back and shoved again and cum some more. He did that two more times and then slowly pulled back and his last lot of cum went in my mouth.

“Oh fuck Carl, oh fuck, that was amazing!! God you are so good I love your body and you love sex don’t you my little cock hound. Oh god”

Then he sort of fell forward and put his hands either side of me to stop himself falling right on top of me. I thought he was going to suck me but he didn’t.

“Come on boy, let’s go to the bedroom”

As he said that I heard a real loud moan sound from the telly and saw that the guy had put his dick into the younger guys bum and it looked like it had hurt him. Tony took me down a passage and into a bedroom where the bed was a mess.

“Now to make my little slut shoot his load”

Tony got me to lie on the bed and he got some stuff and rubbed it on my bum. It was cold and slippery.

“You’re not gonna stick you dick in my bum are you?”

“Would you like me too then? No Carl mine is much too fat for that, I would hurt your arse too much. Don’t worry I really would love to, but you’d need to be opened up a lot more to take one as fat as mine. No, but I am going to slip this inside you”

He held up a small dick, that was what it was a rubber or something dick. It wasn’t much fatter than his two fingers had been. I was like a bit worried but I had been fingering myself all week so it would be ok. Anyway after the way I had shoved my own finger up my bum when I was sucking him I should be ok and I felt like mega horny. He put a finger in me and rubbed in and out.

“Just make sure you got some lube inside too so it will feel good and slip in easy”

He finger fucked me for a bit and then pulled his finger out. He put the dick thing against my bum hole.
“Just relax Carl, let it happen and go with the flow. I bet after it is in and you find how good it feels you will fuck yourself with this dildo”

He pushed and kaçak iddaa it slid on the slippery stuff and the end slipped in. I screamed. It fucking hurt. It felt a LOT bigger than his two fingers.

“Fuck take it out please, it hurts please!”

“Just relax Carl, just relax”

He pushed and it slid into my and I thought I was going to throw up or die. Then the thing started to vibrate inside me and it touched that spot in my bum. I jumped. It felt real funny. My bum hurt but my dick was rock hard and I was as horny as fuck. Tony started pushing the dildo thing in and out, in and out. I could feel my cum getting nearer and nearer. The he stopped.

“What the fuck you stopped for?”

“You like it then. Well you can fuck your own arse then you little whore.”

I looked at him and I could see his cock was hard again, not hard like mine, it never got as hard as mine, but it was hard. He pulled the dildo out of me, reached for his phone and then handed me the dildo thing.
Right off I put my arm round my right leg and found my bum hole with the dildo. I gave a push and it slipped in, it hurt again though. I could feel it vibrating in my hand and in my bum. I was fucking it in and out of my bum as quick as I could. I reached for my own dick and wanked. Tony was between my legs with his phone pointing at me. It didn’t take very long and suddenly I shot my load and the first lot went over my own face and my bum tried to cut the dildo thing in half as it close up as I cum. I cum five more loads and it was now from my face, down my chest and on my belly.

“Wow Carl you really did cum a load that time. You arse must be very sensitive to make you shoot a load that big. Now gather all that spunk up with you hand and eat it”

“What, that’s gross”

“I told you before it was not. Now do what I say, NOW!”

I did, he sounded angry. It was not too bad and I still had bits of him cum stuck in my braces on my teeth. My cum tasted better than his and it also seemed thicker. Then Tony put his phone down and got a clothe and cleaned me up. He kissed me and then lifted me until I was sitting and sat next to me and hugged me.

“How cum you got hard so quick this time Tony?”

“Well to be honest I took a little pill with my drink before we started and it has helped top keep me hard for a second round”

He kept hugging and kissing me and feeling my cock and I started to get hard again. Soon I was feeling really horny and I was feeling his fat cock and kissing him back.

“This time you young slut I will take care of the top end and you can take care of the arse end ok?”
I would have agreed to anything. He laid me on my back on his bed with my head over the edge again. His moved his fat dick towards my mouth and then paused. He rubbed the slippery lube over the dildo and gave it to me.

“Go fuck yourself you boy whore, you know how much you love it”

It felt exciting to be called that and I soon had the dildo on my bum hole. AS I pushed Tony shoved his fat dick into my mouth and throat. I was in overload with the feelings in my body. I was ramming the dildo in and out of my bum and writhing around and he was ramming his fat dick as far down my throat as he could get it. His bollcoks were actually hurting my face as they slapped against me and he was pinching and twisting my tits really hard, but it all felt amazing. He was calling me all sort of terrible things and every time he shoved his dick into my throat it moved my body down hard onto the dildo. I could feel I was close and his cock started to jerk around like I had got use to. My own cock was hurting it was so hard and I wasn’t touching it!!
I screamed kaçak bahis as Tony pinched, twisted and pulled my tits all at the same time and I shot my load again. My first load actually hit him and then he shoved into my throat and he shot his load. We were shooting at the same time and I was ramming the dildo in and out as fast as I could get it to go. His cum was in my throat and mine was all over my body again. Then I just went limp, and he fell on top of me. I could hardly breathe with his fat body on top of e but I never had the strength to push him off. At last he moved and I could breathe proper again. I was shaking and I still had the dildo in me but I was not holding it. Tony moved and took it out and rubbed it around my dick and bollocks. It felt good. Then he got the clothe again and cleaned me up.

“You better go into the bathroom across the passage and wash your face and body son”

I did what he said and came back and started to get dressed.

“Tony, what they were doing on the video, like fucking, does that feel the same as what we did?”

“Oh it feels better son, much better”

“Can we do it next time?”

“Carl I would LOVE to fuck you. I loved the noise you made as the dildo went in, but I told you I am much too fat. Do you really want to be fucked proper then?”

“Oh yes please Tony, I don’t mind if it hurts a bit honest”

“Carl it will hurt a bit, but if it was me it would hurt a hell of a lot and maybe slit your bum and you would bleed. If you really want to be fucked I could try to find a thinner cock than mine for you to be fucked with”

“What you mean some other guy?”

“Yes, would you be ok with that. Once he has opened you up more I might be able to do it, but you need to be opened up. I would make sure the guy was ok and I would be here with you, probably with my cock down your throat, as he did it”

I thought about it, and I felt my cock getting hard in my jeans again.

“Well ok then, if you sure it be safe, ok”

“That’s my little cock hound, god you love it don’t you. Well you will need to make sure your bum is very clean so I will give you a thing to do that with, but keep it hidden”

Tony gave me a thing with a tube and a nozzle and a rubber bag thing and explained how to fill it with water and put the nozzle in my bum and squirt the water into my bum to clean myself out. It sounded quite horny.

“Carl we will need more than a couple of hours on a Sunday for this. Is there any day you have more time?”

“I’m on half term in a week so I can have all day when my folks are at work”

“Oh wonderful that will be excellent. I will find the right guy and then let you know what day and time ok?”
“How you gonna find him and see if he is interested then?”

“I will show him the videos I took today of you sucking my cock and fucking yourself as you sucked my cock, as you fucked yourself, and then you sucking me and fucking yourself at the same time”

“You videoed that, you never said”

“You told me to take what pictures I liked, so I did, and it looked so horny boy, so fucking horny. Now off outside, I better take you home”

We went to his car and he drove to near my mine and dropped me off.

“I will send you little bits of the video each night and will let you know when you’re gonna get fucked for real”
Tony kissed me and I got out of the car and walked in a funny way to my house.

All that week, each night, I got a little bit of video of me, and t was very horny and I did look terrible doing what I was doing, but I shot a huge load every time I watched it. When was he going to give me the date and time? I kept trying the washing thing and it was not as much fun as I thought cos it did hurt a bit when I felt full of warm water. I wish he would tell me the day and time!

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