Mart 12, 2021

Mature Fantasy Club Ch. 04

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Part 1.

Don, “Gee Rhonda, it’s been over al most two months since Jay and Lauren joined our Club. I think things are going well, don’t you. “

Sipping on her usual after dinner cup of coffee. “I guess so. You probably noticed, we’ve gotten into an event pattern that favors the men’s sex needs on Monday’s and the women on Thursday’s.”

“You’re right. But that’s not so bad, is it? Even with Viagra, we need a few more days to recover.”

“No, but I want to play In All Holes sometimes. And Lauren is holding us back. “

“You really got a special kick out of those anal penetration games, don’t you?”

“When we first discussed it, I thought it was going to be bad news. But once we got into it, I found it especially stimulating. And you can’t say that it wasn’t pleasurable for you. The men really got off!!!”

“I never thought there was any virgin territory left to conquer.”

“Yeah, you were probably hoping that we would eventually engage in double penetration, weren’t you?”

“Well, the thought had crossed my mind. But I wasn’t sure that you women would be willing to go that far.”

“To be honest, Wendy broached the subject to Cecilia and I. What do you think I said?”

“Stop teasing me.”

“Well. I said I would give it a trial, if she would be the first.”


“What did Cecilia say?”

“First, she wanted to be clear about the meaning of Double Penetration. Wendy explained that that there could be several options. First was a combination of oral sex and vaginal sex simultaneously, with two different partners. We have been doing that occasionally; but from my perspective, I get lots of work and little reward. It is often an awkward position, hard on the back and shoulders. It is hard to relax and enjoy the sensuality.

“The next option was two men having vaginal intercourse with the same woman sequentially. Wendy referred to that option as Perpetual Orgasms. Cecilia thought that would be wonderful, since men often tire too quickly, leaving us incompletely satisfied. “

“Last was a combination of simultaneous vaginal sex and anal penetration with different partners, either with two penises or a penis and a dildo.”

“Cecilia probably flipped on that option.”

“She looked shell shocked. She required some prodding to consider this option, but she eventually conceded it might be ok if we were gentle and used lot’s of lubrication. She also demurred on Jim’s huge penis coming in the back door.”

“Why do you think that Wendy would take the lead on this issue?”

“She admitted that she was getting orgasmic type contractions in her anus, and that sometimes they were stronger than her vaginal orgasms. As we age, the vaginal canal becomes a bit dryer and intercourse that way is less stimulating. I think she thought that doing both together would be something special. In any case, I hear that we’re going to do Doctors and Nurses at Wendy’s House on Thursday. “Don, you know the best thing about Doctors and Nurses games?”

“The uniforms”

“No, silly. It’s the stories that people make up from their past experiences to set the mood. “

“Yeah, there have been some good ones.”

“I like the one that Jim told about being in the hospital as young man having his spleen removed, when the night nurse noticed his huge erection. She kept staring and staring. When she came back, she brought new sheets and her hand kept brushing against Jim’s private parts when she changed the sheets. Jim said he almost ejaculated from her hand movements. The next night, she brought warm water and gave him a bath while he lay in bed. She grew very bold and washed his penis. She told him that she needed to clean his penis head because it could become inflamed so she encircled it with warm washrag and stroked him. Jim couldn’t contain himself and sperm spurted out over his stomach. She apologized and quickly cleaned him.”

“Do you think it really happened?”

“I don’t know for sure, Don, but if it didn’t, it sure was a great fantasy. Wendy’s story was also great. All women express some embarrassment about doctors doing gynecological exams, but she turned it around with her tale about the young intern.”

“She said she couldn’t help but be attracted to the handsome doctor who was subbing for her regular. And when he examined her, she felt herself getting wet. He tried to keep his face passive, but Wendy knew from the sparkle in his eyes that he couldn’t help himself. She saw him fidgeting and figured that he was developing an erection. Then the nurse came in and noticed the bulge in his pants. She had a funny expression in her eyes, and Wendy thought the scene turned her on. She always imagined that something occurred between the two of them after she left.”

“No matter if either story was true, it makes our games those days really fun as we played out the scenes. And yes, Don, I do like the white uniforms. They are really sexy.”

Part 2 The Rhonda Story

Rhonda was compact—about 5 feet 5 inches, bostancı escort with long hair, big brown eyes, and smooth curvy breasts. She was definitely the cheerleader type. In fact she had been one when she was in high school, and several of the athletes tried to do the bases with her, rarely getting past first base, with a few quick feels of her boobs. She was a real tease and continued that reputation through high school into college. She met her first love, Tim and she made mad passionate love to each other, but Tim could not make a commitment so they eventually broke up. Rhonda promised herself that she would not sexually engage with her next love interest until an engagement ring was on her finger. And that is exactly what she did after she met Don. Don was never quite sure it was love and not lust that promoted him into marriage. But after a brief romantic interlude, they settled down to married life. Rhonda often used sexual favors to get her way with Don, and eventually that cooled much of their early ardor.

When Rhonda turned 55, menopause hit her with a ton of bricks. She had hot flashes, periods of alternating heat and chills, emotional highs and lows, withdrawal days, etc.—-the whole nine yards. Finally, her Doctor prescribed hormones-estrogen and testosterone. All the symptoms magically disappeared, but other strong emotions emerged. She began to have intensely erotic dreams, with men and woman caressing her breasts and vulva. She awoke to find her panties wet with secretion. When she went to the Swim Club, she had to fight the urge to grope the lifeguard with bulges showing in his trunks. She found her nipples to be extremely sensitive to the touch. She stopped wearing a bra because the friction caused her to sensually vibrate. For the first time in many years, she began wearing sexy nightgowns and literally attacking Don whenever he exhibited even the slightest interest.

One day while in the shower, she touched her clitoris with a bar of soap. She found it extremely sensitive and aroused. She sat down on the bench in the shower and with water splaying over her breasts, she used soapsuds to caress her turgid nipples and finger her aroused clitoris. An erotic shock wave coursed through her body as her climax came within minutes. Then the beating of the water spray on her exposed organs caused her to squeeze her thighs together in another climax, almost as intense as the first. For the first time since she began her hormone pills, she saw a relaxed smiling face in the mirror. So started the daily self-pleasuring. Even when she and Don had sex the night before, she couldn’t and didn’t want to skip her new habit. She was woman possessed by an overactive libido. She searched for new ways to take herself off–water sprays, dildos, vibrators. She was very creative. Don never suspected.

A few years later, her doctor recommended that she stop taking hormones. New research raised questions about the side effects of long-term use. Rhonda was extremely upset. She didn’t confide in her doctor as to the real reason for her negativity. She didn’t want to give up the orgasms. That was just about the time that Don came home with the story about the Mature Fantasy Club in their retirement community. Rhonda was careful to be non-committal at first, concealing her enthusiasm. She let Don talk her into it and never looked back. The aura and variety of sexuality in the Club more than replaced her masturbation impulses. And her night dreams were better than ever.

Part 3.

The Group gathered on Thursday Morning at Jim and Wendy’s. The women were dressed in their nurse’s outfits.

Jim queried. “Does anyone want to provide a story as a backdrop to today’s session?”

Jay raised his hand. This was unusual since he was typically quiet. “I’d like to tell the story about the time my aunt gave me an enema. This happened at home, so it’s not a true doctor-nurse story. But it is related to a medical situation.”

Jim. “I see from the nodding heads to go right ahead and tell your story.”

“Ok. One day when I was a senior in high school, I was invited to a party at a friend. Evidently, I had some bad food. So when I came home, I was feeling pretty low. My stomach was really upset. My mom called another mother and found out that a buddy was also sick. So clearly, it was something we had at the party. Mom called the doctor who recommended that I get cleaned out. In those days, we used a rubber bag filled with hot water and hose with a black rubber tip. My father was out of town, so he was unavailable. Mom was embarrassed to do it, as I had just turned eighteen and was consciously aware that I was fully developed. Fortunately, mom’s sister was visiting. Aunt Lisa was a real hot babe, as we would say in those days. She was mom’s youngest sister—about 35 and never married. She had great boobs and a trim body.

“Lisa, would you give Jay an enema. I am sure that he doesn’t want his mom to see his private parts. He would be embarrassed.”

“I think you’re ümraniye escort bayan the one that will be embarrassed. But sure, I’ll do it, if Jay doesn’t mind.”

“Sure.” Even though I was sick, I was thinking racy thoughts. And I knew that Lisa would have to get partially undressed to avoid getting her clothes wet.

” Elaine, you’ll have to leave us alone for awhile.” Mom quickly left the room, heading down the steps to the first floor. “Jay, let’s go into the bathroom.”

Lisa filled the enema bag with warm water and soaped the rubber tip. “Jay, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to get naked and kneel on the floor so I can use this on you.”

“It won’t bother me, if it doesn’t bother you. Be careful how use that device.”

” Thanks for the vote of confidence. I have never done this before. I don’t want my good clothes to get wet. So, turn around while I disrobe a bit.” She took off her blouse, exposing her fulsome cleavage encased in a white lacy bra. She hesitated for a brief moment, and then slipped off her wool skirt, exposing her white satin panties. I could see the outlines of her crotch, as I kneeled on a rug on the floor.

“Ok, Jay, I am going to slip this tube inside you and begin releasing the water. You have to hold in for a few minutes, until you can’t. And then go to the commode. I will stay right outside the door in case you need me.”

After seeing Lisa undress, excitement started to build up within me. And when she stuck the tube in my anus, I got a rock hard-on. I heard Lisa’s breath in deeply, as she couldn’t avoid seeing my full erection.

“Jay, after the enema. Flush the toilet and jump into the tub and start the water. You will need to get clean.”

I felt the water pour into my innards and I held on for as long as I could. Then I released and jumped in the tub, turning on the water. “Aunt Lisa, I am in the tub. You can come in if you want.”

“Thanks, it was getting chilly in the hallway.” In came my Aunt, still in her satin panties and bra. She had left her clothes hanging on the door in the bathroom. Seeing her partially naked inspired my second erection.

“Do you feel better, Jay.” She was peeking into the tub, which was filling up.

“Yes. I do.”

“Good. Oh, I see you need a washrag. Let me get one.” She kneeled next to the tub and her eyes were transfixed on my erection. “Jay, you are quite the man. It looks like you have a problem from the enema that needs fixing. Don’t be embarrassed to tell me Jay, but do you, do you play with yourself at all.”

“What do you mean Auntie?”

“Well, I think boys call it a hand job.” Her eyes were glistening with lust.

I was too embarrassed to respond.

“Jay, I think you need to be washed properly.” The next thing I knew, she had picked up some soap and started washing my backside and brushing against my testicles and penis. “Turn over Jay.” I was shocked when she began stroking me with her hands, using soapsuds. I was in ecstasy. “Now be quiet Jay, this is to improve your health.”

After a few minutes, my penis was throbbing with tension. I decided to push the envelope when I asked her. “Auntie, I am sure what you’re doing will make me feel better, but I don’t want to soil your clothes so you might want to do something with your bra. “I guess you’re right Jay. Now you have to keep this a secret between us. My sister, your mom, would not understand.”

“My lips are sealed.”

And she quickly dried her hands and released the bra snaps, letting her tits fall out. The seemed huge to me at the time, with beautiful aureoles and firm nipples. “Ok, that feels better. The straps were rubbing on me anyway.”

She resumed stroking me as I gazed at her. I was in rapture. I never had seen a woman up close until that time.

Wendy suddenly piped up. “Jay, I think we got your story message. Given what I see in the room from bulging pants and misty gazes, the Club is ready to proceed. Using Jay’s story as a basic guide, how about if we have a little anal experimentation as the core of our event today?”

Wendy quickly went over the options including one man using the back door and the front door on the same woman in sequence, one man using the back door on a woman and another man using the front door simultaneously, and one man using the front door on a woman assisted by a man or woman using a dildo on the back door. “If everybody agrees, I will put the numbers in a hat and then we can draw.” Wendy was staring directly at Lauren.

Lauren. “Ok, I know I have been holding the Club back, but since it is Jay’s story that got this started, I will try to engage. However, I would like to substitute for one of the options. I still think it may hurt to have two men in me simultaneously, I suggest that they could do it sequentially, preferably in the vagina. I think that would be very erotic. And if I happen to pick one of the other options, that would get me started on the anal side for the future. So I could gradually work up kartal escort to try more aggressive moves.”

Wendy. “You must have been reading my mind. Your suggestion is terrific– special treat for the women. I see by the nodding of heads that everyone agrees. Let’s pick our special treats, as pulled out the two bowls with the female and male names on cards inside.”

Quickly, they selected the cards. “For today, it’s going to be Jim and Rhonda, Bill and Lauren, Jay and Cecilia, Don and me. Now we need to select the options. Rather than do it randomly, why don’t we make it a woman’s choice event. The options are Sequential Vaginal Penetration, Anal Penetration, and Vaginal Penetration starting with Anal using finger or dildo. Rhonda, what’s your choice?”

“Vaginal with Anal finger.”

“Cecilia?” “I like that too.”

“Lauren? ” ” I’ll stick with Sequential.”

“For myself, I’ll stick with Anal only. And since Jim is the host, he and Bill can switch off to take care of Lauren. The four of you need to use the big bedroom with two beds.”

Part 4.

The four couples paired off and retreated to the assigned bedrooms. Jay began sucking Cecilia’s clitoris, which was expanding to it usual formidable size. Juices began flowing quickly as the effects of Jay’s erotic story still permeated her mind.

“I love when you suck me Jay. You are the best in the group at rolling your tongue at the right angles. “

“When do you want me to push my finger in your anus.”

“You can do it while you’re sucking, but use plenty of lubricant.”

“Oh, be careful, your fingers are thick.” Jay gently pushed inside her ring and began wiggling his finger around the moist canal. He continued sucking her clitoris and using his tongue to explore her open puffy vulva.

At first, Cecilia felt a little discomfort from the anal penetration. But she forced herself to relax and soon she responded to the rhythm of clitoral and anal stimulation. This was a vastly different feeling, with heat and pressure from two sources instead of one.

“Arrrgggggh. I am going to cummmmmmmm,” as her clitoris exploded with starbursts. She had no similar climax from her anal canal, just a warm glowing feeling of fullness and completion. “I need you inside me, Jay, right now.”

Jay pulled his finger out, washed and wiped his finger on the wet towel, he had placed next to them. His massive seven-inch penis was in full erection as he penetrated her vagina, profusely secreting its love juices. “For G-d sakes, I love it,” Cecilia cried out, as Jay began stroking in and out of her pulsating canal. Cecilia wrapped her legs around Jay as her body responded to the classic fucking motion, in one climax after another, shaking her innards in crashing intensity. Jay was like a mad man, without control of his primal urges, as her frothing juices smoothed his fucking motion to the point of no control. Ropes of sperm excreted from his penis lips, as his body collapsed on Cecilia’s sweaty slim body.

Don felt really lucky being in the bedroom with Wendy. She was the most experimental of the women in the Club. And he could hardly contain himself when she selected anal as the modus operandi. Rhonda never wanted to try anything different, and this was virgin territory.

“Don, I cleaned myself before we came. But use a washrag anyway.” As Don gently cleaned around her anus, Wendy put some lubricant in her anal canal. “This should help you penetrate without hurting me.”

“Even though Jay’s story was stimulating, I need some foreplay to get into the mood.” Don responded by caressing and kissing her fulsome breasts, tweaking her nipples between puckered lips. “I love when you use your penis and testicles to caress my breasts.”

Then Wendy took his limp penis between her lips and sucked it to full erection. Juices began flowing from her pussy lips. “Don, take some of my juices and insert your finger in my anus, to help smooth the way.” Don did as she directed, getting his finger past the anal ring, using a combination of Wendy’s juices and lubricant within the confines of the anal canal.

Wendy got on all fours, inviting Don to penetrate her from the rear. Don got on his knees and placed his erect, rock hard penis up against her anal opening. “Now push slowly, but don’t stop until you’re inside,” she directed. “That hurts a bit, but don’t stop now. Try to keep your penis level with my body.”

Don began pushing forward, and slowly, inevitably, he found his penis fully inserted inside. “Use the lubricant on your penis when you withdraw and that should make easier to stroke.”

In short order, Don was pumping back and forth. Wendy felt her clitoris elongate as she reached back with one hand and stimulated it in rhythm to Don’s motion. She felt the nerves around her canal tingle with heat. Don felt extreme tightness, as her anal muscles grasped his stroking penis. Don was straining because he couldn’t stroke fast enough to take himself off, and Wendy felt like her whole insides were on fire. Suddenly Don pushed forward as sperm seeped out into her canal. Wendy literally felt his juices as she plummeted forward onto her stomach, as she felt an extreme sensation. It wasn’t like a full clitoral climax, more like a constant pleasurable tingling.

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