Nisan 30, 2021

Mattress Diaries Ch. 01

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I’ve written plenty of erotic and published a number of stories. I thought I would try a new series – sex stories from the point of view of a mattress. This will be a multi-part series and this is the first. I appreciate any constructive criticism. Other views make me a better writer. Thank you in advance.


My name is Simmons and I am a voyeur. This diary is about people that sleep with me or on me. You see, I am actually a mattress in room 524 of an upscale, waterfront hotel chain. The room is nice, newer, and smells good. I was brought here when the hotel was built, about two years ago.

The room has the usual stuff, I guess, like a bathroom, closet, and plush green arm chair. The room has a wireless Internet connection, nice LCD TV with many movie and local channels. A Jacuzzi in the bathroom and stocked mini-fridge are two of the more popular features. I also hear from the guests that the view is great and many report views of people doing sexy stuff and take pictures to show friends or post online.

When I was new, I was a little naïve, I guess. Like the other mattresses at the factory, I thought people were going to sleep on me, maybe read a book, or watch T.V. I had no idea I was going to a hotel and be used almost every day for sex. I have many stories to tell you, some are smoking hot, others horrible, and some leave me shaking. Not fun when a 500 pound woman falls on me and plays with herself all day. My springs hurt for weeks.

Some people smell real bad and spill sticky stuff – they call it lube – on me. No one makes me look good except for Christina, the lady that cleans the room. She is hot and I get excited when she tucks me in fresh, warm sheets. Many men guests flirt with her and try to get her to fuck them. She (usually) declines politely in a soft, sultry voice. I hear them try to guess how big her tits are, some say huge, and some use numbers like 38 or 36. All seem to like what she has.

There are other hotel employees that show up a lot – Renaldo and Simon bring stuff to the room, Bernice is another lady that fills in when Chris is off. Bernice must not have big boobs or look good cause no one really talks to her. She does a great job cleaning and makes the room smell good.

After the initial shock of sex on me, I started to like it. I was turned on by the moans, groans, screams, bouncing, and dirty talk. I looked forward to each güvenilir bahis new guest and what they would do on me. I can’t see because of the sheets, so words and feeling are how I learn. And I have learned – a lot. I can guess what most people like and how they will use me. Sometimes I get surprised, like when Christina or Renaldo joins in. Awesome! Enough about my story, I’m sure you want to hear the nasty details…

The Cow

“Thank you for bringing the bags, Renaldo. My knees and back hurt a lot. You are a very handsome young man. If you are ever free, I am an erotic writer and would love to write about you…”

I could hear Renaldo gasp.

“Err…thank you, but I would get in trouble with my boss.”

Softly, “I’d never tell him, Renaldo. I’d even give you a little extra special treatment and pay you…”

“Thank you, really, but I have other guests waiting for me and I need to help them. Please call the front desk for help.”

“Renaldo, you could have these all night…”

She must have shown her boobs but Renaldo muttered something and ran away. Why, I wondered? Most guys seem to like when a lady shows her chest…

The lady wasn’t happy and threw something heavy on me. How rude. What did I do?

“I can’t even pick up the fucking porter when I show my tits. I would have fucked him all night. My mouth, pussy, ass – all his. BUT NO! Asshole.”

With that she climbed on me. OH MY GOD! A huge cow is in the room! Oooohhhh, will my springs survive?

“Enough of that guy, let’s see what porn movies are on. Hmm… Black on Back, Anal Whores 15, Lesbo Express, Bigger than Big… Yeah, that one. Bigger than Big. I need some action here.”

She poked around and must have taken something out of a bag (probably what she threw on me) and started purring.

“Oooo – Spike – you are my favorite. You are bigger than big. Let’s see how you feel today…I hope you are ready to rock my world. I need it bad.”

A buzzing sound started up. From past experience, I knew this was a vibrator.

“Oooo – glad I remembered to replace your batteries, Spike. I’ll need you for a long time…”

Inwardly, I groaned. The cow stretching my springs was going to make things worse for me.

The movie started, immediately with a fuck scene. I could clearly hear a woman’s voice saying, “you are SO BIG – your dick won’t fit in me!”

Cow snorted. türkçe bahis “Girl, if you think he’s big, you don’t know real big cock. Spike, fuck me, big man.”

The bouncing started slowly as my springs creaked in despair. The one on me was humping Spike in time to the movie.

“Oh yeah, fuck that cock, lady. I want to see you suffer and be stretched. Fuck. OOO, ahhh… harder, faster, deeper…”

On TV, a similar theme from the actors. “Take my rod, Missy, it won’t even go all in. What’s the matter, too big for you? How about I take your ass… it can take longer sizes…”

“Oh no”, the girl fake protested. “I’m a virgin back there. You’ll tear me up!”

Cow growled and breathed heavily. “Yea, bitch, take him up your ass. He may hurt a little, but you ain’t no virgin. I wanna see pain on your face.”

“Take it, Missy. Take this big, hard, cock in your virgin ass. I am going to stretch you, big. Fucking take my cock.”

Screaming and groaning, the slap, slop of dick, lube and fucking got Cow worked up.

“FUCK! Spike, you stud, fuck me deep. I want all of you in my soaked pussy.”

She bounced, obviously excited by the scene and I felt wet.

“Oh, Spike, I’m going to squirt. I love when you make me..oh, oh, oh. Fuck yes, oh my god that feels fucking…”

Ick. Major ick. The wetness soaked through to me. Gross.

On TV. “I want to cum on you, Missy. I want to see your pretty face covered in my spunk.”

“Oh fuck yes, cover her face – if only Renaldo were here – he could cover my face right now… Oh, big squirter. Right up her nose. Fuck. Fuck. I’m cumming again, Spike. Oh, oh, fuck oh.”

The movie ended quickly after the climax scene and my cow must have fallen asleep. All was quiet for an hour or so. A little relief for me, but she was a restless sleeper and stretched my frame with every move.

After waking up, my “guest” went to the bathroom to clean up. From the noises, she got off from the Jacuzzi jets. A horny one, this lady.

I heard her emerge, order room service, and inquire if Renaldo was still there.

Twenty minutes later, a knock on the door.

Disappointed, my guest answered. “Oh, I thought Renaldo was delivering.”

“Sorry, Ms. Patton, but Renaldo is off-shift. I have your order – shrimp cocktail, chicken alfredo, two chocolate éclairs, and two long island ice teas. Is that correct?”

In güvenilir bahis siteleri her sexy voice, Ms. Patton replied. “Yes, that is my order. I have plenty for two, would you like to join me? Simon, isn’t it?”

Simon was the pervert of the staff. He would hang around any lady to see if he could get a look, but he never fucked in this room.

“Ms. Patton, you are looking quite red, are you ok?”

“More than ok, Simon, and please call me Erma. Why don’t you help me with these drinks?”

“I…dunno…hotel policy…need the job…”

“I won’t breathe a word to anyone. Yes or no, Simon. Not nice to tease.”

“I am off-shift now, so why not? I could use a drink.”

I could almost see the wicked look on Erma’s face. Simon was doomed.

“I’ll bet you that I can finish my drink before you.”

“No way.”

Firmly, Erma continued. “The bet is this – if you win, I give you a blowjob. If I win, you eat my pussy. Ready? Go.”

Gulping from both and someone slammed their glass on the table.

“Ha. Told you I would win, Simon. You lose – pay up. Unless of course, you want to try best of three…”

Simon was distressed. He got beat drinking by a woman and really wanted a blowjob. “Ok, best of three, I will get more drinks and let’s see. But I want to revise the bet. Be right back.”

Simon set a record for going to the bar and back. “Ok, here is my offer. If we tie, we both do each other. If you win, I’ll do what you want. When I win, I want a blow and I want your ass. I brought 3 drinks so we will have a clear win. Deal?”

“Deal. Go”

Sucking drinks fast, Erma laughed. “You lose. Eat me. Now.”

“I don’t feel so good – gonna puke.”

“You made a deal. No backing out. No pucking, eat me.”

Simon climbed on me too and Erma laughed.

“Simon, is that what you bring to the table? What is that? Two inches? Shit. I won’t feel that in my butt or pussy. Climb on board and 69 me. I will suck you at least”

The extra weight was bad. It took all I had to hold them up.

“ooo – I like that tongue on my clit. Eat me.”

Erma shook like a leaf as Simon worked his tongue on her.

“Finger fuck me too, Simon. Pussy or ass, I don’t care. Just fill me.”

Simon was victim of too much booze and had a hard time cumming. Erma encouraged him, but with no result.

Erma though, was shaking like crazy, lost in orgasms. “Yeah, Simon, eat me, fuck me, harder, faster, deeper, make me cum! Fuck, oh fuck!”

I shook with Erma as she came with Simon’s efforts. I creaked and moaned to myself, wondering if I’d ever be the same.

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