Nisan 30, 2021

Masturbate Me

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He left me with a vivid picture in mind the other day and I have not been able to get it out of my head since. I love to watch Brian cum. I love to watch his face and his eyes it really turns me on when I see his expressions change, his breath quicken and his head thrown back, it does not matter if I see him cum as a result of my hand wrapped around his cock stroking him or if it is his and he is doing it for me, I just love to watch that creamy white stream spurt from the head of his cock.

Masturbation was common and frequent in our relationship and something I never grow tired of. I love to see him laid back with his legs spread wide his shoulders propped up on a few pillows so I can study his face and his movements. That sly grin he gives me when he starts quickly turns to a more serious look and I see the arousal building. When he begins stroking a little to fast I like to slow him down and whisper to him,

“Go slow baby, slow down, go easy.”

I know how hard it is for Brian to cross that point stroking slow and it drives him crazy bahis firmaları when I keep that slow methodical rhythm when I am doing it for him. Slow long strokes pulling that skin back tight when my hand goes down, and then all the way back up and rolling the swollen head of his cock between my fingers on the upstroke. Usually wetting my fingers in my own juices and rubbing the slickness along his cock then moving closer to lick between my fingers.

Sitting straddled across Brian’s thighs holding him in my hand and pulling his cock back toward me with my pussy pressed up against the base of his cock feeling his balls against me lifting slightly up and down teasing my clit with the hard flesh feeling each distended vein. My pace quickening as I get higher and closer to cumming. That first cry out usually sends the other over the edge.

It is also very stimulating when Brian straddles my waist and reaches around behind him and rubs my clit with his thumb while his fingers move in and out of me and his other hand it tight around his shaft. I like how kaçak iddaa it feels when he lets go on my chest my neck, my mouth and face, I like that warm sticky sensation.

I have many images burned in my mind of touching Brian or him touching me or the shared acts of self pleasure together, but as I said he left me with an image the other day one I need to act out soon. Since he will be here shortly I suppose now is as good of time as any.

As soon as he hit the door I was so ready for him. Horny as could be and needing him real bad. I could not get his clothes off quickly enough and my hands were all over him. Soon I was laying on the coffee table my legs draped down each side Brian’s mouth planted firmly where I wanted it to be I love the magic of his tongue When he stopped and kneeled at the edge of the table and took his hard shaft in his hand and began stroking himself I knew he remembered too. My fingers spread the folds far apart and my very hard clit was exposed to the cool air and grew even harder and bigger while I waited.

“Come on baby, kaçak bahis cum for me.” I told him.

He began stroking harder his eyes staring down between my legs. I watched him bite his lower lip and I knew he was getting so close.

“That’s it Brian come on I need to feel you cum on me.”

That was it, his head went back his eyes closed and his release was hard, his cum projectile pouring down on my clit and pubic hairs and he just kept cumming, the feeling that hot crème created on me was amazing.

My fingers went to my clit and began rubbing, taking the white cream and spreading it along my pussy lips and across my clit, rubbing that slick juice around made me cum quickly too. I clamped down hard when I felt Brian’s finger slip inside of me. He dipped the own juices and mixed them with his.

“Now where was I,” he asked?

My legs were over his shoulders and his tongue probing deeply in and out of my pulsating pussy once again. Then his rigid tongue would drag up the center and to my clit and flick across it back and forth, his hands under my ass and lifting while my legs wrapped tighter around his shoulders completed the vision. Well all except the part where he brought his mouth to mine letting me drink the wonderful mixture too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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