Mart 22, 2021

Massaging the Pussycats

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Jim rolled a university massage table down the hall in the athletics building. He was in his final class, training to become a massage therapist, and had been assigned to intern for Coach Raudy with the Pussycats, the school’s soccer team. The women’s team; the guys were the Bobcats.

He had to admit, it seemed like a pretty pleasant assignment. But his internship was an important step toward his future career. He would be nothing but courteous and professional.

“Here you are,” said a big man in gym shorts and a windbreaker walking up beside him. “I’m Bill Raudy but everyone just calls me Coach. Here, let’s take it in this way.” He led Jim into a corridor of equipment rooms and coaches’ offices, and Jim pushed the table along after him. “I’m glad you’re here. These girls get knotted up as old shoelaces out there on the field, and I need them loose and limber at game time.”

“Yes sir, they’ll be in good hands with me.”

“That’s good to hear, son.”

Bill turned a corner and suddenly Jim was wheeling his massage table into a large locker room. Judging by the steam and the sounds of running water and female voices, the showers were on the other side of the row of lockers. There were a handful of girls on the bench, in various states of undress. One was lounging by a wall, completely naked, talking to a couple of others with towels held loosely around themselves. They turned and smiled at Jim as they heard the table roll by.

“Ooh, yeah,” said the naked one with an excited little bounce, making her tits jiggle nicely. “Who goes first?”

“Back off Lana,” said another, reaching back to rub her hip. “I’m so tense back here, I need it way more than you!”

“Settle down girls,” said the Coach gruffly. “Everyone will get plenty of time on the table. This young man will be here all semester to take care of you.”

The girls clapped and cheered. Jim watched happily as one of their towels dropped a bit, revealing another pair of breasts, damp and perky with small pink nipples.

“Let’s set it up over here,” said Bill, indicating an alcove across from the lockers with some open space between racks of balls and piles of cleated shoes and shin guards. They moved the table into place and the Coach gave Jim a hand unfolding it.

“These girls work hard, they practice hard,” he was saying. “And they play hard. Here’s the thing, they win their games. So long as they keep tearing it up out there, I say they can do as they please in here. They’re an asset to this school, you understand?” He snapped the headrest down into place. “What I’m saying is just give ’em what they want, alright son?”

“Yes sir, I always do my best to satisfy my clients.”

“I don’t know if these clients *can* be satisfied,” the Coach said with a laugh, “but that’s the right attitude!”

By now Jim could hear the showers shutting off and more girls heading to their lockers. Soon they came into view, wet and naked, talking and laughing. Some picked up towels and began to dry off, or wrapped them around their hair and just let the water drip off their fit young bodies as they walked around. Jim could see that most of their pussies were shaved bare, or had little landing strips of neatly trimmed fuzz above smooth lips.

Their asses were fantastic, and their thighs rippled with strong muscle beneath soft wet skin. They were also covered in scrapes and bruises, which Jim actually found very hot, visualizing the girls throwing themselves into dirt and mud and rival players as hard as they could. He knew they played in uniforms, but in his mind he could only picture them doing it dripping wet and fully exposed, as they were now for him. His cock was taking notice; he’d have to get used to this or he’d have a raging erection and aching balls all semester.

Some of the girls were gathering near the massage table now, hands on each other’s shoulders as they leaned in to see the new addition. Lana was right in front, practically jumping up and down; it looked like she had to go pee, she was so excited.

“Please pick me first,” she said breathlessly. Her hands clutched each other between her lightly tanned thighs and her breasts quivered with each bounce. She had hard, long nipples, and large aureolas just a shade darker than the skin around them.

“Christ, Lana, get up there before you have a seizure,” said the coach. “Remember, give ’em what they want,” he said, and slapped Jim on the back as he stepped out.

Lana wasted no time, hopping up on the table and lying face down. “Sorry girls,” she gloated through the face hole. The cluster of mostly nude young ladies around them protested weakly as they settled down to watch.

Jim warmed some oil in his hands and began to rub gentle circles around her shoulder blades and down her back. “So do you have any sore areas you’d like me to focus on?” he asked.

“It’s kind of like, up where the tops of my thighs meet my butt,” she said, rolling her pelvis upward and gesturing at the crease below her ass cheek with one hand. She glanced over her shoulder, meeting his eye for a second. “But, like, deep inside, you know?”

“I antalya escort see,” he said, pouring more oil over her back, and drizzling some down the crack of her ass. He worked his fingers into her flesh, massaging her shoulders and along her spine, reaching her buttocks and spreading the oil in circles over her cool, round cheeks. He worked his way down to her thighs, pressing into the muscles there with his thumbs, sliding right along the slippery crease of her ass.

She let out a soft moan and shifted her body in response, lifting her hips and stretching her arms up past her head. Jim swept up her body again, over her shoulders and then down her ribs, letting his fingers press into the soft bulge of her breasts before continuing down her hips. He picked up one leg and swung it out a bit, getting an oily hand between her thighs and squeezing in on one from both sides.

He especially enjoyed the feel of the strong ropes of muscle on the insides of her thighs, right at the top, where they joined her groin. She was carrying a lot of tension in there; as he dug into them with his fingertips, she groaned loudly and arched her pelvis upward, lifting her ass up off the table.

His fingers were brushing along the outside of her pussy now, and his thumb was rubbing massage oil into the tender skin between her ass cheeks. He felt the tight ring of her asshole twitch as he pressed firmly around it. He laid his thumb lightly onto the center of her hole and felt the puckery flesh jump and clench. He just held it there, slowly adding pressure. Her anus gradually relaxed, letting his thumb sink in more deeply, trembling against him.

He could hear her breath coming faster now. The other girls watched intently. “What’s he doing to her?” one whispered to her friend, eyes wide. Jim smiled at them and let his thumb slide into Lana’s ass, gently pinching and tugging at the slick rim of her anus with his thumb and fingers.

“There is so much tension in this sphincter, Lana,” he said, working around until he was softy squeezing her perineum. She squirmed and raised her ass higher, spreading her legs on the table slightly.

“I need you to try to relax it completely, and I’ll apply pressure to the pelvic muscles here through the rectal wall.”

She gasped as his thumb slipped further inside her and he kneaded her flesh with both hands, working her like clay. His cock was throbbing against his pants now and he was starting to doubt that it would be a problem.

“You two,” he said to the nearest girls, “Marie and Brenda?” He had picked up their names from the ongoing girl talk.

“Yes?” asked Marie, as both girls looked up at him, eager to participate.

“Can you help me out? My hands are oily and I don’t want to stop working on Lana here.” They nodded. “I’m going to get on the table and straddle her, but I don’t want to scratch or scrape her with these clothes. Could you two come help me out of them, please?”

“He wants us to take off his clothes,” whispered Brenda, excitement in her voice. She had short spiky blonde hair and clear blue eyes.

“I know, come on,” said Marie, blowing her dark bangs from her face with a puff of air.

They came in close, reaching under his outstretched arms to undo his belt and tug on his zipper. Brenda felt his erection through the pants and said, “Careful, don’t catch him on there!” Marie nodded and they got down on their knees, hooked their fingers into his boxers and eased the clothing down past his cock, which gave a jump as it got free and bopped Brenda on the cheek.

“Oops,” she giggled. She brought her hand to her face, dabbing a fingertip in the slick streak of pre-cum his penis left on her, and after a second she decided to put it in her mouth, closing her eyes as she savored the taste.

Marie stood up, moving her cool hands up Jim’s stomach and chest under his shirt. Her body dragged against him as she did it, getting him wet with the warm shower water still dripping from her. He felt her bare breast squishing into his ribs, and his cock resting along the curve of her hip as she lifted the shirt over his head.

Brenda picked up the massage oil and said, “I think he’ll need some of this when he sits on her, so he won’t be too dry and irritate her skin.”

“Oh, that’s a good idea, Brenda,” said Marie. “Let’s apply it for him.”

The girls got back on their knees, warming handfuls of oil. They grinned at him and ran their hands over his thighs and butt. Marie’s fingers went up between his legs, caressing his balls, while Brenda closed an oily hand over his shaft and slid slowly up his length, making him groan. He let them explore for a few moments, enjoying the feel of their petite hands on him, as he continued to stretch and massage Lana’s now quite supple anus.

“Thanks, girls,” said Jim, “I think that’s enough for now.” He climbed onto the massage table, placing one knee on either side of Lana’s hips, and lowered himself onto her, settling his oily balls and throbbing cock down into the valley between her thighs. He put his palms on her lower back and leaned forward, antalya rus escort using his body weight on her, and incidentally sliding his cock up her legs. The head pushed up between her ass cheeks and they clenched, squeezing him for a second before he slid back.

He moved forward, now pressing his cock firmly into the crack of her ass, sliding back and forth on her. He felt her asshole fluttering along the underside of his shaft, and warm liquid seeping out as her labia parted around his length. She moaned and tried to grind against him, angling her pussy upward and squeezing him rhythmically with her slippery cheeks.

He pushed up on both sides of her ass, spreading her out and making her pussy lips pull apart with a wet sound. “Oooh, I’m so tense right there,” she panted.

“Okay, Lana, let me try some pressure through the vaginal wall now.”

“I’m ready,” she said, voice trembling.

He reached down to line up his cock with her wet opening, and pushed in, watching her lips stretch tightly around him. She gasped and pushed against him, gyrating her hips in big, slow circles as he returned to working on her ass. He didn’t fuck her, he used his cock to pin her down to the table, holding it firm and steady inside her as she bucked and squirmed beneath him, trying to slide herself back and forth on his shaft. He let her keep it up for a few moments, enjoying her frustrated efforts, feeling her pussy tighten around him as she got closer and closer to her orgasm. Finally he shifted his weight forward, pressing into her G-spot, and she let out a loud shriek as her pussy made convulsive swallowing motions around him and her body shook and spasmed.

The other girls made sounds of approval, “oooooh, ahhhhh,” impressed with their friend’s treatment. He glanced at Marie just in time to see her hand make it’s way down her stomach and begin lightly stroking her pussy lips. He caught her eye and she looked startled for a second, then slowly spread her legs, tilting her pelvis upward and staring at him as she dipped her fingers into her opening. They came out shiny and slick, and she smeared them around until her lips were glazed and her slit was oozing. Some of the other girls noticed what she was doing and soon there were more fingers slipping into wet pussies.

Jim pulled out slowly, careful not to cum, and hovered over Lana, cock dripping with girl juice and pre-cum. “How was that, Lana?” She moaned unintelligibly. “You ready to do the other side?”

She perked up a bit. “Oh God,” she panted, catching her breath. “Yes, please.”

She rolled over between his legs, lying on her back now, and he took a moment to savor the sight of her naked body beneath his swollen, seeping cock. Her breasts quivered atop her chest like mounds of pudding, and her nipples were hard and erect, aureolas pebbled with little bumps. Her stomach was soft and flat, with a delicious curve inside the ridge of her hips, down along her bikini line. Her pubic mound was raised prominently in this position, with a distinct tan line around a small triangle of smooth, creamy skin; her pussy was bald except for a bristly little heart about half an inch above her clit. He reached down and stroked the fuzzy patch with the backs of his fingers, and she smiled up at him.

“You like it?” she asked shyly, biting at her lower lip.

“It’s very sexy,” he said, letting his fingers slip lower, mixing massage oil with her own juices as he stroked her lips, sliding along the edges of her opening.

“Oh,” she breathed, parting her legs for him.

He placed his thumbs on her labia and spread her open, revealing bright pink inner lips, glistening with wetness, and her swollen clit peeking out out from beneath its slick hood. He sank down a bit and let his oily cock come to rest on her inner flesh, taking it in one hand and rubbing the head over her folds and crevices. He lifted it up and flicked down suddenly, slapping his cock against her pussy with a wet sound, making her gasp and jerk.

“Oh fuck,” she panted, “I’m so tense inside!”

He smiled and pushed one of her knees up next to her breast, her petite foot sticking up in the air, bringing her ass into view along with her pussy. He got his leg down under her, pressing the base of his cock against her anus and sliding up and down, parting her lips with the underside of his shaft and sinking into her warm flesh. She moaned and raised her pelvis, grinding herself against him.

“Inside,” she begged, as his throbbing cock head bathed her clit with a slowly oozing stream of thick, cloudy pre-cum. He reached down, rubbing the slick liquid in circles over her clit, and pushed his cock into her opening. Her breath came in quick pants as he leaned forward, sliding farther in. He began to rock back and forth, fucking her slowly as he rubbed her clit with his thumb. He put his other hand flat on her abdomen, massaging her below her navel. He could feel his cock moving through the layers of flesh there. She moaned and squirmed, gripping the edges of the massage table.

Marie reached a crescendo, throwing antalya ucuz escort her head back and letting out a series of high pitched cries, her fingers a blur between her pussy lips. Her legs had fallen open completely and Brenda was sucking on her nipple, fingers busy with her own drippy pussy, as Marie shook with pleasure and shifted from rapid pistoning to slow, gentle stroking to enjoy her afterglow. Brenda smiled and spent a moment softly making out with her, before leaning back into the arms of another girl and letting two others move in to kiss her breasts and lick her pussy.

“Marie, could you come over and help me with this?” Jim asked.

“Of course, how can I help?”

Jim touched her cheek as she stepped up to the table, his other hand still holding Lana’s leg up against her body as his cock slid in and out of her. He turned to look at Marie and felt her lips lightly with the backs of his fingers, before brushing them down her neck, leaving a moist trail of massage oil and girl juice on her skin. His thumb pressed on her full lower lip, pulling it down slightly, and she let her mouth open a bit and met him with a tentative touch of her tongue, before closing her lips around his thumb with a quiet little moan.

“Right here,” he whispered, guiding her head down until her cheek rested on Lana’s pubic mound. He kept a hand lightly on her face as he slowly withdrew his length from Lana’s wet pussy and brought his dripping cock up to Marie’s waiting mouth. He rubbed it over her lips a little and then pushed in, slow and steady, until he reached the back of her throat. She was breathing through her nose, making little swallowing motions around him with her throat, as he held steady. Finally he pulled back, all the way out, and she gasped for breath.

“That was deep!” she exclaimed, looking up at him with a big grin.

He was already sliding back into Lana’s pussy, causing a long moan. “Yes, it’s necessary to go even deeper to release that tension you’re carrying in your neck muscles. Some of them can only be reached through the throat. Are you ready to try it again?”

She nodded and opened up for him. He withdrew from Lana and again pushed slowly, deeply, into Marie’s throat, this time keeping up the steady pressure until her lips were wrapped around the very base of his cock. Her throat was making convulsive motions around him, practically milking his cock. He was tingling from balls to tip, hard as an iron rod, on the verge of exploding. He pulled halfway out, letting Marie get a breath, and began to fuck her face, sliding all the way in and out. He dipped back into Lana a couple of times but returned immediately to Marie’s warm throat, until finally he grunted and felt a heavy load of semen gush up his cock and into her welcoming mouth.

“Don’t swallow,” he said, stroking her hair as the cum continued to flow. She held him between her lips and nodded, letting him fill her mouth with his next several spurts until the semen began to seep out around the edges and dribble down her face, spilling thickly over the pouty folds of Lana’s pussy. Marie kept her lips sealed around him as well as she could, retaining his cum as he pulled out, looking up at him with questioning eyes. He laid his cock on her face and let the last of his semen ooze out onto her cheek, which was puffed out, full of the cum she was holding. He softly slapped her with his cock a couple of times, splashing in the clumpy pool on her face, and causing a little more to escape her lips.

“I need you to be my dispenser,” he said, sliding his hand down her body now, giving her breast a few squeezes. He felt her hard nipple against his palm and pinched and rolled it between his thumb and finger as he spoke. “Just let a little bit of semen drip out where I want it, and hold the rest in your mouth for me, okay?”

Marie nodded, dabbing at the cum on her face with her fingertips. Jim’s hand came to rest on her ass as she moved up over Lana’s body. He slipped a couple of fingers between her cheeks, feeling along the slippery ring of her anus, sliding into the wet warmth of her pussy, and continued to gently move in and out and massage the swollen bud of her clit as a way of guiding her body into position. He had her dribble some cum on Lana’s stomach, and then each of her tits, giving Marie’s clit a little pinch when he wanted her to dispense. He used his free hand to spread the semen across Lana’s skin, over her breasts, squeezing her nipples, and back down to rub it into her pussy, working his fingers between her lips. She was squirming and moaning as his fingers reached in, now penetrating one girl with each hand.

“Okay, Marie, up by her face now. Share the rest with Lana,” said Jim, rolling the girls’ clits between his fingers.

Marie lowered herself onto Lana’s body, slippery with semen and saliva, and slid over her, smearing the cum between them, making sticky sounds as their breasts pressed together and pulled apart. She brought her face down as if they were about to kiss, but stopped a few inches above and parted her lips enough to let a thick dollop of white liquid emerge and slowly descend. It spilled over Lana’s mouth and chin and down her neck, before Lana got her lips locked onto Marie’s and they began to kiss. Jim could see them passing his cum back and forth as they made out, little bits of it escaping to run down Lana’s cheek every few seconds.

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