Mart 25, 2021

Masked Ball

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My big sister Heather always had the hottest friends but Jessica; her dorm roommate is my favorite. Now that they were both on the University cheerleader squad Jessica was even more sexy in those short skirts and tight tops. My sister is no slouch, all my friends go nuts over her, but hey she’s my sister. Of course being an 18-year-old high school kid, my sister and Jessica wouldn’t have anything to do with my friends or me. Just the opposite, they would talk down to us and call us dorks. My sister calls me “Dweebie” instead of Stevie and she and Jessica laugh at me because they know I have the hots for Jessica. I’ve been with chicks from my school before but no one compared to Jessica.

Well no longer was I going to be the “dorky little brother”, I had a plan to take Jessica, one-way or the other. My buddy Chuck has an older brother who went to the University and he told us what went on at the frat house masquerade ball, traditionally it’s an all out orgy with lots of alcohol and drugs. I found out that the entire cheerleader squad was going. I borrowed Chuck’s Batman costume and planned to go to the party and fuck Jessica. I figured since it was an orgy and everyone was in costume, she would never know it was I. Afterward I pictured telling my sister and saying “who’s the dork now”. Of course I had a back up plan, I filled up a pouch with ground up tranquilizer. One way or the other I was determined to fuck Jessica tonight.

Getting into the frat house was no problem, they couldn’t tell how old I was with the costume on and everyone was busy with each other. I saw a large vat of what looked like fruit punch and took a glass. About half way through with it I realized it must have been mostly liquor. I have tried a beer before, but I wasn’t used to the liquor and was feeling pretty good quickly. I saw Jessica at the back of the room by a buffet table; she was dressed as belly dancer. Her huge tits were in a gold sequined bikini top and her beaded short skirt started way below her navel. She was talking animatedly to some guy dressed as Zorro and I stood behind her listening and pretending to be interested in the chicken wings.

The Zorro dude was apparently her boyfriend and they were arguing, she wanted to go downstairs bostancı escort and he had a phone call or something to make. Suddenly someone ran up to Jessica and pushed me into the table, spilling my drink and Zorro’s drink. I turned to see this foxy chick with long black hair in a hula outfit whispering to Jessica. I was checking her out from the rear, nice ass, nice small waist; the drink was starting to get to me and smiling. Suddenly the girl in the hula costume turned to me, she smiled and apologized while I was staring at her ample tits. I looked up and realized it was my sister wearing a wig (she has natural blonde hair). I felt awkward then she winked and pinched my butt as she walked away.

My sister was flirting with and she didn’t know it was her little brother…quickly my awkwardness went away and I started laughing. Zorro was angry about his drink being dumped and I told him I would get them both another. I went and got two glasses, one for him and Jessica, putting some of the tranquilizer powder in the glass for Jessica. I handed them the drinks and Zorro took both out of my hands and gave one to Jessica. My mind was cloudy from the drink and I lost track of which drink had the powder in it.

Jessica turned to me and said “Thanks Batman you are a super hero” and laughed. She then turned to Zorro and said “okay Mark make your stupid bets, I am going downstairs and if you aren’t there in 10 minutes I am starting without you”. Jessica then flipped him the bird and headed toward some stairs leading down. I had no idea where they lead to and was about to follow her when the Zorro guy was talking on the cell phone about the points on the Dolphin/Bronco game and he suddenly dropped to his knees and passed out. I looked around, no one paid any attention, and in fact I saw two other people in costume passed out in various places in the room.

Going downstairs the basement was really dark and it took a while for my eyes to adjust, there were a few candles here and there but most of the room was filled with couples in one form of making out or sex act. As I gingerly stepped over a few bodies I felt someone grab my arm…it was Jessica. She pulled me to the far wall, away from ataşehir escort the stairs.

“Looks like Zorro decided football was more important…will you be my hero” she asked. I gulped, this was working out better than I expected and soon we were lip locked. I ventured to brush my hand along her nipple and she took it and placed it inside her sequined bra. She then undid the belt and pulled down the bottom half of the costume. She then stood and kissed me against the wall and we slid slowly down. I was sitting against the wall as she took off her top and kneeled in front of me pulling off my underwear. She smiled at me as my eight-inch dick came to life. The slowly moved her tongue along the length of my cock until she engulfed it with those beautiful lips of hers.

I was in heaven, I couldn’t believe how perfect my plan was and suddenly someone nudged me and passed me a joint. I never tried pot before but then again I never had a blowjob like this before either. I took a drag of the joint and held it in as long as a could but started coughing. Jessica stopped from sucking my dick, took a drag of the joint and passed it back to me going back to work on my cock and balls. Just as I was about to cum in her mouth the girl to the right of me took the joint from my fingers and leaned against my right shoulder. I locked eyes with my sister and came in Jessica’s mouth. My sister put her head back against the wall. I looked down and saw that some guy was under her grass skirt eating her pussy.

Jessica then pulled on my legs, I followed her lead and I was lying on my back as she sat on my face. With the drink and the pot and the fact it was Jessica, I soon forgot that my sister Heather was sitting next to me and enjoyed eating out Jessica, tasting the folds of her pink pussy. I felt someone push me and then there was laughter. Jessica got off me and was laughing at my sister, it seems the guy eating her out had passed out in the middle of it. Everyone near us was laughing as she kicked the guy, pushing him out from under her grass skirt. I propped myself up against the wall again as Jessica went back to sucking my cock. Soon it was growing erect again. My sister then took a long drag of a joint; çekmeköy escort she then turned it around, put it inside her mouth and leaned to my lips blowing the smoke into my mouth.

As I was inhaling the smoke, just inches from my sister’s lips, I felt my cock getting hard in Jessica’s mouth. Heather then smiled and went to give the joint to Jessica; she leaned over my body and put the joint to Jessica’s face. Jessica stopped sucking my dick and took the joint, while Jessica was dragging on it my sister took over and she began sucking my dick. My mind was going crazy. What was I to do; she doesn’t know it’s her brother’s dick she is sucking. Should I push her away? Maybe I should have, but the feeling of pleasure was too great. I closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them I saw Jessica being fucked by guy dressed as a devil. My sister then stopped, pulling my arms so that soon I was on top of her. I looked down at my gorgeous sister, whose black wig was tossed off somewhere.

“Come on Batman, fuck me….fuck me” she whispered. My cock stood at the entrance of her pussy, my mind was befuddled. This was my sister, what was I doing? I came here to fuck Jessica and then throw this night into my sister’s face. But with this going on…how would I be able to tell her now? Heather then took my cock and put it into her vagina. The tightness of her pussy, my sister’s pussy, was incredible. I then realized that I didn’t have to tell her, she would never know.

I started fucking her hesitantly but soon I was riding her fast and hard. I looked down at her thinking this is my sister, the same sister who calls me “Dweebie”, who laughs at me and thinks I am a little geek. I started fucking her harder now, my cock being stuffed into her to the hilt. I then pulled out, turned her around, grabbed her ass and fucked her from behind. I reached around, grabbing her tits and twisting her nipples. “Who’s the little dweeb now bitch?” I mumbled. Heather was groaning in throngs of an orgasm as my cum filled her sweet pussy. She fell forward and was panting hard. I stood up looking at her naked ass and a feeling of paranoia and doubt cast over me. I pulled up my pants and ran upstairs and out of the frat house.

I ran the two miles to my house. I had told my parents I was going to spend the night at Chuck’s but they were asleep and I will come up with a story in the morning. I took off the costume and hid it in my school backpack and climbed into bed. I fell right to sleep, but I knew I would wake up a different person.

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