Mart 8, 2021

Married Life 09

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Jan was concerned when she arrived back in Adelaide to be met at the airport by her husband Jim, she had never partied without him, and how she could now explain that not only had she partied with Cindy he could feel the heat of her pussy emanating through the thong she was wearing and soon her juices soaked the sheer material lubricating Jims fingers as he drove.

Jan dreamt that it was Captain Nick, standing in front of her massaging her slit, as Jims fingers moved the material aside enabling him to push two fingers into her working on her saturated cunt bringing her nearer to orgasm as he slowed to stop at a red light where he leaned over and began massaging her right breast squeezing the nipple as his fingers continued to work on her puss, the light changed green just as her orgasm flooded through, he removed the hand from her breast dropping the clutch & the car jumped away from the lights forcing Jims left hand further into her at the same time Jim thought he heard Jan call out ooh Nick. He continued driving leaving Jill to sleep uninterrupted for the rest of the journey home pondering over the fact his wife called out to someone else as she orgasmed, he decided he would not mention this fact and wait for Jan to raise it as he had missed her terribly and wanted to get home and into bed for some real loving just as quickly as he could.

Jan awoke to the noise of the garage roller door closing, Jim retrieving her overnight bag Jan called out to Jim, who’s been watching porn eh?

That would be me said Jim as entered the room with two glasses of McLaren Vale shiraz offering one to Jan, I was missing you so much yesterday I had a quite night in and watched some porn, jacked off & went to bed early, how did you spend your evening sweetie, getting pissed with Sally?, and how was your trip?

Jan climbed up on Jims lap, snuggled into him and said well I hope you’re alright about this love and I had better give you all the details so you understand how things evolved towards the final situation I found myself in as we’ve always agreed to only play together and sadly I’ve broken that agreement this weekend, please I love you and now I’m worried you will be upset with me. Jan took a big gulp of wine and proceeded with all the details of everything that happened from the time she got off the plane & jumped into Cindy’s car, the three way Lesbian action with Cindy & April. The Photo shoot on the beach, the little red pills given to her to settle her nerves & how they made her feel horny, all that took place during the lunch break on the boat, Jim was listening attentively never interrupting Jan, but by the time she got to talking about the double fuck with John & Captain Nick the porno had reached the point where one of the guys had his lover bent over a lounge chair with his very hard cock buried deep within his bowels, Jan noticed how hard Jim had become, she wasn’t sure if it was the porno or her in-depth deion of her session with Nick & John, so she asked Jim if he would like to take her over the lounge chair like the guy in the porno. Jim replied by pulling Jan in for a deep & sensual kiss, rubbing her tits and tweaking her nipples, Jan raised herself up off his lap just far enough to undo his belt pulling his zipper down and freeing Jims cock, Jan then slid slowly to her knees & proceeded to lick & suck his cock all the way to his rose bud then back up along his cock, circling the tip with her tongue before taking the full length down her throat, Jim was enjoying the sensation and when the boys on the tv bahis firmaları orgasmed he erupted shooting his load down the back of her throat and said we should go to bed & continue with your story Jill.

Jim turned off the TV, collected Jan’s bag whilst she topped up their wine and headed off to the bedroom en-suite preparing herself for a little anal action before climbing nude into bed awaiting her husband not knowing what his thoughts were in relation to all she had told him about her trip to Sydney. Jim sat on the side of the bed & picking up the two glasses passed one wine to Jan and said hear is to my lovely sexy wife, I love you Jan, missed you and to be perfectly honest I’m not surprised about the Sydney trip Cindy always says that when in Sydney you do what Sydneyites do, go with the flow so to speak. I know she likes your pussy as much as I do, and with the wine, little red pills, being surrounded by sexy looking people I don’t think I would be able to stay true to our commitment either so don’t worry honey I’m not made with you, perhaps a little jealous is all. Jan put her glass down, reached up and pulled her husband in for a passionate kiss, Jim then put down his glass wrapped both arms around Jan whilst sticking his tongue in Jan’s mouth starting a duel with her tongue, then standing he pulled the sheets back reached into the bed & pick Jan up into his arms then sitting her down onto his lap as they slowly fell back onto the bed Jan reached behind herself grabbing his cock and lined it up with her rear hole, slowly allowing the cock to slide into her back door, she slowly rode Jims cock to the point of orgasm, before stopping & raising herself off his cock, standing she took five steps across the room bent over the arm chair and call for Jim to take her like his porno lovers from the tv. Jim climbed off the bed and after receiving some lube from the end-suite he applied a liberal amount to her rectum & his penis before slowly entering her exposed rear hole, there was no need for any pretence, they both loved anal and as Jim ramped up speed Jan started teasing him asking if her hole was as good as his lovers hole from the porno or would he rather doing the guy in the film, Jim immediately slapped Jan’s ass hard with his hand, she squealed you brute bringing a smile to his face, reaching a hand around the front of her, Jim started rubbing her clit and as her excitement rose Jim slapped her again shooting a lovely pain to her rear end warming her up some more, then shifting his hand from rubbing her clitty to grabbing it between his thumb & fore finger pinching her clit hard bringing Jan to an enormous orgasm just as he shot his load deep within her bowels, as they collapsed onto the bed in the afterglow spooning each other Jan said to Jim, there’s one other bit of information I must tell you about and that is that Captain Nick has a trip to Adelaide planned for next month and he would like to see me again. Jim asked and do you want to see him again, not wanting to sound too excited Jan said I told him that we only play together, what had happened on the photo shoot weekend was a never to be repeated exception.

Your avoiding the question Jan, do you want to see him again Jim asked, what we did with John on the boat was fun & I would like a repeat performance but only if it involves you, so if its ok with you how about we skype Captain Nick and you can suss him out, if we agree you can invite him down here for me, I wouldn’t want him to get the wrong impression & think he’s here just for me, said Jan. Sounds kaçak iddaa like a plan then honey, let’s try tonight and see if we can raise him on skype, Jan turned to her husband and said Jim you’re the best husband a girl could wish for, I love you so, so much. With that they rolled over and went to sleep, only Jim lay there for a while thinking about the famous Captain Nick plunging his cock into his lovely wife. Things went back to normal at Jim & Jan’s home for the next few days apart from Cindy calling in after dinner on Thursday evening for a drink and chat, she was eager to ensure that Jim wasn’t too upset about the events of the previous weekend, she entered the house with two bottles of Bollinger thanking Jim for allowing her to steal Jan away to Sydney for the photoshoot, suggesting that Jan turned out to be a natural model and how she saved the whole thing from total disaster. Yes, Yes I understand Cindy but I’m not happy that you led Jan astray when you knew our feeling of only playing together, I shall have to receive a full set of all the photographs from the weekend and believe me you shall be punished although possibly not tonight as I see you have come with a very nice peace offering, shall we open them & partake.

By the end of the second bottle, all three were feeling the effects of the wine, when Jan produced a third bottle Cindy enquired if they had spoken to Captain Nick, no not yet Jim said but we must, Jan wants to have him again so I need to check him out. Let’s try tonight shall we while I still hear as I need to thank him and discuss a future booking for our next photo shoot Cindy proclaimed With that all three proceeded to the home office & logged in to Skype to talk to Captain Nick, Cindy opened the conversation with Nick & proceeded to thank him for his excellent service, then Jan spoke up Jim noticed the broad smile appear on Nicks face until Nick noticed Jan put her arm around her husband pulling him in to frame for an introduction, Nick this is my husband Jim she said, he know all about what happened in Sydney with you & John and he knows your coming to Adelaide and that you want to see me again so you need to negotiate with Jim and make all arrangements with him as I was a very naughty girl playing on my own without my true love being there. With that Jan & Cindy moved of screen, but could be heard in the back ground chatting and giggling. Nick began apologising to Jim suggesting that the whole day was very provocative and he could tell Jan was holding back all day but when the after party was well underway her will power had weekend & he was able to seduce her, apologising to Jim again praising Jan for her sexuality and suggesting that Jim was very lucky to have such a sensual & beautiful wife. Jim asked if John & Nick partied to gather often and if they played together of only doubled up on the women, Nick was hesitant to answer, questioning why this was important, but Jim advised that he needed an honest answer if Nick wanted to have another shot at his wife. Nick thought for a few moments and decided Tobe honest advising Jim that he was bisexual and did on occasion get together with John and probably would have shared John with Jan if they hadn’t of run out of time. I’m sorry if that’s not your thing Jim, but I like both sides of the fence, I hope you can accept that as I ‘m really keen to see Jan again. Thank you for being honest Nick, I’ll call back later, but for now I must go and join the ladies as you can see in the back ground they have given up on us and one of them needs to be dealt with quite kaçak bahis sternly, do you mind if I keep watching asked Nick, sure if you want to. Jim turned to face the girls, picking up a paddle as he did so, Sally had her ass pointing up in the air as she busied her tongue in Jan’s sweet pussy & as Jim spanked her ass he could hear a muffled cry escape from between his wife’s pussy lips as Sally continued her assault on Jan’s now juicing cunt, Jim tore the little red G string from Sally as he continued with the spanking leaving red marks on that beautiful arse you’re a naughty girl Sally leading my wife astray whilst she was doing you a favour leaving me here at home to amuse myself for the weekend, Jan’s out giving her pussy a good work out from what I know, you know she is only supposed to play when we’re together, no you & your friend seduce her as soon as she lands & then you parade her in front of horny men in tiny swimsuits, what did you expect that they were monks.

No you can’t blame Captain Nick & John, Jim continued with the spanking, Sally’s arse was by now a bright shade of pink all over as she brought Jan to another orgasm with her tongue Jim noticed pussy juice running down her legs, dropping to the floor he began licking up the juices lapping at the source bringing Sally to an immediate orgasm, Jim then retreated to a standing position and administered another five slaps to keep her bottom red and very sensitive. Now get in a sixty nine and continue, I need a drink.

Jim proceed to the bar fixing a jack & coke and an extra glass of ice returning via the toy box he picked up some restraints, an electro kit and a cock ring for himself returning to the girls Jim found them still munching away on each other’s pussy, grabbing Sally arms he pulled them behind her back and tied them together then pulling her off Jan he pushed her backwards until she fell onto the lounge then pinching her nipples until they were standing up straight and hard he grabbed the electro kit and fastened one end to each nipple one on top of the clit and another two to her pussy lips he then dragged her towards the bed of the lounge until her feet were dangling over the end, switching on the electro machine a shot of current was sent to the right nipple resulting in a sharp scream of pain from Sally then the left nipple was punished, Jim repeated this several times, meanwhile Jan was sitting quietly in the corner chair watching the events, Nick was still on skype saying nothing .

Jim called to Jan to get her big black boy on and bring me the KY, whilst Jan played the dutiful wife stepping into her favourite strap on, a black 10inch vibrating dildo, Jim started his punishment of Sally’s pussy repeating his procedure of right left electro shocks to the nipples and the vaginal lip areas, when Jan arrived back in the room sporting a big beautiful black cock Jim instructed Sally to exchange places with Jan be a bad boy, but I warn you my electro machine & I can make any man’s cock stand up like an iron bar if we want too, if we tie your cock up you’ll have rope marks for the next week & fucking will be very painful for you, disrespect me or my wife I’ll make you wish you never met her. When you’re invited to one of our parties, respect is the number one rule & no means no, Jan wants to see you again so your welcome to join us on your next trip, bring a good bottle of wine to enjoy in the spa, and you never know who you might meet. As Sally came back to life, Jan was between her legs gently kissing & licking he pussy, she took one look at me and said I’m sorry about Sydney Jim, I won’t let it happen again, only if you let me watch you girls suck Nics cock in the spa when he visits.

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