Mart 12, 2021

Mark’s Wife is Too Hot Ch. 01

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Mark had been married to Denise for a full year now, and considered himself the luckiest guy in the world. Mark was short, chubby, and more then a little shy at times. Denise was almost the opposite. She was just as tall as him, but very skinny. She was also one of the most outgoing people that Mark had ever met.

The couple had their one year anniversary last night and had celebrated it on a yacht that Mark had rented. They wined, dined, and made love under the stars as the yacht made its way down the coast and back. Mark was very rich and always gave Denise whatever she wanted, which was usually a lot.

They had met at a charity event. It was a pool party at a mansion in Miami. The theme of the party was “European Vacation,” so all the girls were topless and the guys were in little bathing suits. Mark was extremely uncomfortable and stood to the side checking out all the topless models. He had a hardon from the moment he walked in, but due to his small penis, figured not many people would notice. He was staring blankly at a gorgeous blonde model with DD breasts, across the pool. Mark loved big tits. He loved starring at them, jerking off to them, and imagining what it would be like to suck on them. He was so entranced with the busty beauty that he didn’t even notice Denise come up to him and say hello to him. “Hello???” Denise repeated herself.

Mark finally realized what was going on and turned his attention to the goddess standing in front of him. He slowly looked her up and down. She was breathtaking. Her face was perfect, she looked like Angelina Jolie, with huge sexy lips and dark brown hair. She looked to be about 5’7, 100 lbs. Her breasts appeared to be small B’s, which were smaller then Mark liked, but her stomach and legs were so toned and cut, she looked like she was chiseled by God himself.

“Uhh…Hi…I’m Mark,” Mark said after his full inspection.

“Hi! I’m Denise. Your friend Charlie sent me over here. He said you looked lonely and you probably needed a friend,” Denise said to Mark.

Charlie was the host of the party and the guy who had the office next to him at work. Mark would hardly call Charlie a friend and was even a little surprised to find out that he had sent her over here.

“Oh…I’m OK, I’m just relaxing. Thanks though,” Mark stupidly said to Denise. He was far to shy to invite her to sit with him.

“Nonsense,” said Denise as she quickly sat down on his lap and leaned back into his pudgy body.

“Well hello there. It looks like your little friend is happy to see me,” Denise giggled as she grinded her bubbly ass into Marks hardon.

“I uh. Well, I mean I am sure you can understand with all these half naked models walking around,” Mark responded.

“Haha…yeah, it’s OK. Its cute,” Denise responded.

The two spent the next hour talking about his job and her life and everything imaginable. It was like Mark could do no wrong. She laughed at every joke and found everything he said to be extremely interesting. Throughout the conversation Denise continued to grind on Mark’s lap, causing his penis to leak precum the entire 60 minutes.

The party ended with Mark getting her number along with the worse case of blue balls he had ever experienced. Mark disappeared into one of Charlie’s many bathrooms. He had to jerk off before the 40 minute drive home. He was busy jerking off, imagining Denise sucking his penis with her spectacular pillow like lips, when the DD model he had been gawking at earlier busted into the bathroom.

Mark had sworn he locked the door, but for some reason that didn’t stop her. He tried to cover himself, but it was too late and she had seen what he was doing. What was worse, she didn’t get out.

“Oh my god, you fucking little dick pervert. Get the fuck out of here right now or I swear I will tell everyone here what a little penis you have and how you were jerking off in here,” the still topless model said to him.

Mark quickly pulled up his bathing suit and ran out of the bathroom without saying a word. He ran out of the mansion and drove home as embarrassed as he had ever been.

The next weekend, Mark called Denise, and the two of them setup a dinner date. The pair dated for almost 6 moths before any serious sexual activity started up. When Mark first took out his penis, it was as if she had expected it to be small and didn’t even seem to mind. She was easily able to deep throat his little penis, and with her lips that were made for blowjobs, he came in about 45 seconds. She didn’t seem to mind about that either. She just positioned his head in between her legs and spent the rest of the night teaching him how to eat her pussy. With Denise’s coaching, Mark became an expert in no time.

The first time they had sex was the highlight of Mark’s life. She made him go slow, so he wouldn’t cum so fast, and the two made love for a solid 6 minutes before Mark shot his load into her pussy. The next week, Mark proposed to Denise, who quickly accepted.

The engagement was like heaven escort maltepe to Mark. For the first time in his life, he was having consistent sex and was getting 3-4 blowjobs a week. Not only that, but he was the envy of all his friends, with his breathtaking fiancé.

A couple months after the wedding, much changed though. Denise started to be more controlling. Telling him how to decorate the house, what kinds of cars to drive, and where they would go on vacation. Not only that, but their sex life changed dramatically. They were only making love once a week and Denise refused to suck his penis, unless she really really wanted something. He was still making her cum with his mouth though, practically every night.

Still though, mark was so happy to be married to such a women, and always did whatever it took to make her happy too. Which is why, it was not even an option for Mark when Denise made her latest request, especially since she had spent all day in a bathing suit.

“Honey, you think it would be OK, if I invited a few of the couples over from the gym I go to. I think it would be a good way for us to meet some new couples,” Denise asked, not even really listening to the answer.

“Sure baby, that sounds fun,” Mark responded.

“Great, I’ll set it up for this Friday,” Denise declared, as she removed her top, teasing mark with her small breasts.

“Baby, lets make love,” Mark said as soon as her breasts came out.

“I’m not really in the mood, maybe tomorrow,” She said as she slowly began to rub lotion onto her breasts.

“But baby, I am so horny, and you have been walking around in your bathing suit all day,” Mark begged.

Denise looked over at his sad little face, put on a t shirt and shorts, and sat next to mark.

“OK sweetie, I know we have never done this before, but why don’t I give you a hand job,” Denise offered.

Mark wasted no time in getting naked and laying back. Denise pumped her hand full of lotion, and began to quickly stroke Mark’s small penis. Even though Denise was fully clothed and there had been no foreplay, Mark was ready to cum in about 30 seconds.

“Slow baby, I want to enjoy this,” Mark said to his wife.

“If you want it to be slow, then do it yourself,” Denise responded as she quickened her pace on Mark’s penis.

“UHHHHHHHHH….AHHHHH….oohhhhhhhhh,” Mark screamed as he shot load after load of cum onto his stomach.

“Wow, for such a little guy, he sure does shoot a lot,” Denise said as she watched Marks penis fire its last shot.

It was the first time since the day they met that Denise had referred to his penis as being small or little. Mark knew he had a pretty small penis, but it still kind of hurt him to hear his wife describe it as that, and against his best judgment, he said something.

“Do you think my penis is too small, baby?” Mark asked.

“Oooo sweetie. You are the smallest guy I have ever been with, but yet I am the happiest I have ever been. So I wouldn’t worry too much about penis size,” Denise replied.

Mark’s jaw dropped. He knew he was pretty small, but the smallest she had ever been with? Why didn’t she seem more shocked when he first took it out? As he fall asleep, Mark came to the conclusion that he had an average penis and Denise had just been with a lot of bigger guys before him.

The next day things got a little more interesting. Denise was playing around on Mark’s computer, looking for some new shoes she heard about, when she came across some of Mark’s recently visited porn sites. She noticed that they all had one thing in common, big breasts.

Of coarse this bothered Denise, as she had pretty small breasts, nothing like the girls on these sites. It was the first time in her marriage that she thought it possible her husband would cheat on her, but Denise didn’t even know how to bring it up, so she tried to forget about it for the time being.

Finally, Friday night came and the couples trickled in between 7 and 8 pm. The first couple was Dave and Jessica. Marks jaw dropped when Jessica came in. She was short and stacked. She had to have DD breasts and was wearing an extremely tight top. She had blonde hair, and seemed to be in fairly good shape, not as skinny as Denise, but still on the thinner side. David, looked to be Israeli, was about 6 feet tall with quite a belly and seemed to be balding worse then Mark.

Next was Erin and Luigi. When Erin walked in, Mark tired his best not to stare but he was in disbelief. Another one of Denise’s friends had huge breasts. Mark wasn’t sure if they were as big as Jessica’s, but they were D’s at the least. Erin had red hair and very pale skin, a little thicker then Jessica as well. She also had a fantastic ass. Luigi was about Mark’s height, but thin as a rail, with not much muscle or fat anywhere on his body.

The last couple to arrive was Michelle and James. As if the first two girls weren’t busty enough, Michelle also had very large tits, but from what Mark could tell they escort mamak had to be fake. Michelle was just as skinny as Denise and only a bit taller. She had light brown hair and had the best face, other then Denise. With her large fake boobs, she was practically Mark’s ideal girl. James was built like a brick house. Not very tall, but extremely muscular and extremely cut.

The couples all talked and drank wine for an hour or so. Mark talked a little bit with everyone there. During the party, he had no control over his eyes what so ever. He knew that at least one of the girls, if not all, had seem him starting at their large breasts. Mark was hard as rock, and knew relief was still far away.

Denise served dinner and the couples continued to talk and drink while eating. The group was going through the wine at an extremely fast pace and everyone there was showing signs of being drunk.

Eventually the topic of Michelle’s boob job came up and she was more then happy to talk about it. She explained the process and how much she loved them.

“Denise, if you want, I can hook you up with my doctor, he’s great,” Michelle eventually said, catching everyone a little off guard.

“Oh, no thank you, I really don’t think that’s necessary,” Denise responded, coming off as little upset. After finding the sites on Mark’s computer and then seeing the way Mark stared at all the girls, Denise was becoming a little sick of “Big Breasts.”

“Sweetie, I didn’t mean to offend you. It’s no big deal, you are gorgeous, just you would be even more gorgeous if you had some D’s on top of that tight little stomach. Don’t you think so Mark?” Michelle said.

“Yeah,” Mark responded. He was so drunk and horny, he didn’t really think about his response before answering. He just pictured Denise with D cups.

“O really? Well how about this, I’ll get a boob job, if you get a dick job,” Denise blurted out, instantly silencing the crowd.

Mark’s face turned red. He had never been so embarrassed in his life. He was so drunk, he could barely think, but he had to save face.

“O please, my dick is not small, it’s average, and…” Mark started to say.

“AVERAGE? You got to be kidding me. I would be willing to bet anything you want that not only do you have the shortest and thinnest dick here, but you cum the fastest too,” Denise screamed out in anger.

Mark’s embarrassment grew even more. He didn’t even know what to say. He was at a loss for words, and Denise looked pissed.

“I have an idea,” said Erin. “Why don’t you guys actually bet on this? I mean were all adults. Let’s measure the guys and you two can settle your bet,” Erin finished, slurring half the words as she said it.

“Wait, what are we talking about here?” David quickly spoke up.

Mark was happy to see that David was worried too, because despite all the talk, Mark was nervous he was wrong.

“Well have three categories, length, thickness, and staying power,” Erin spoke up over the others. “The winner of each category will get a prize, along with whatever bet Mark and Denise want to put on weather Mark will get swept or not,” She finished.

Denise was finally realizing what was going on and she began to try to stop this madness. “Guys, this is stupid…” She began.

“Why is it stupid?” Mark cut her off. “Because you think I will lose? Well the only thing stupid would be having a big breast contest, because you would obviously lose that one!” Mark yelled. He was losing control of the situation.

This instantly set Denise back on fire, she was going to show her husband that her breasts were less of an issue then his penis.

“OK pencil dick. Here’s the bet: If you win even one category then I will get a boob job, you pick the size, and I will suck your dick every day for the next 2 months, but If you lose all three categories, then you will wear a strap on while you fuck me for the next 2 months. I could use an orgasm during sex…FOR ONCE!” Denise said to Mark and the group.

“FINE!” Mark yelled. He was with a tall fat dude, a small skinny guy, and a third guy who was obviously over compensating for something. No way he would lose all three.

“Well that settles the bet, but what about the winners of each category? It’s not just about you two,” Erin butted back in.

“I got an idea,” Jessica chimed in. “As long as you guys are as adventurous as you seem.”

“In each round, there will be a loser and a winner,” Jessica began. “The winner will get a blowjob from the loser’s wife,” She went on to explain.

Mark started to immediately realize what was going on. He was bound to lose one of the categories and his wife was going to have to blow one of these guys here. His only hope was that he could win one of the categories and get a blowjob of his own from one of these three busty women.

“We will pair up, no couples allowed, and the women will get their partner’s penis hard, measure his length, width, and finally jerk him off,” Jessica ofise gelen escort started back up with the rules again.

They paired off and of coarse Michelle got Mark and so James was with Denise. Luigi was with Jessica, and David was with Erin.

“OK guys, its time to show us what you got,” Jessica cheered, as she handed out the tape measures.

One by one the girls took off the guy’s pants and underwear, to reveal what they had packing. First was Erin. She dropped to her knees and pulled down David’s pants, his dick was very soft, just a turtle head, but looked very thick. Mark was so excited to see that David’s penis was shorter then his, well soft anyway.

Next Denise got on her knees and quickly slid down James’s pants, and out popped a huge cock, already hard as steal. It had to be 8 and a half inches, and thick too. The only good sign here was that James was already rock hard, and dripping pre cum. He had to be a quick shot.

Denise just stared at the large dick, only inches from her face, mouth open. She had forgotten how nice a big dick looked. All she could think about was how badly she wanted to suck the large cock bouncing up and down in her face.

Third, Michelle pulled down Mark’s pants, exposing his little penis. He was semi hard, but appeared to be soft and rather large. Mark and Denise both knew that this was misleading, because Mark didn’t grow at all from semi hard to full mast. The others were not aware of this though and James even seemed to be a little upset.

Finally Jessica grabbed Luigi’s pants and tugged them to the ground. Lee’s dick also looked to be semi hard, but he was much longer and thinner then Mark. Mark got excited to see that Lee’s penis appeared to be thinner then his.

“OK girls, it’s time to do length,” said Jessica, still leading the show. “Get those dicks hard,” she said next.

Michelle squirted some lube into her hand and began to stroke Mark’s penis. Mark moaned out in pleasure and almost lost his load right there. He cleared his mind and let Michelle bring him to full length. Meanwhile, he could not keep his eyes off of Denise and the big cock she had in her hands. James was already hard, but Denise was just holding it, feeling its size in her little hands.

“Well, your balls are turning blue, and I don’t think you are going to get any bigger. You must be a shower, not a grower,” Michelle laughed.

She brought the measuring tape to his penis and pulled it all the way out. 5 2/8 inches it read. Mark knew he must have been nervous, he had measure himself at almost 6 inches before. He immediately got nervous and looked around. James was easily longer then him, as was Lee, who’s penis now appeared to be much longer and thicker then at first, probably close to 9 inches. He couldn’t see what the ruler said, but David’s penis looked to be just as short as his. It was going to be close.

Jessica got the girls together and wrote down the results.

“In first, with a long cock of 8 5/8 inches, my partner, Luigi!,” Jessica announced to the crowd. “Coming in second with a long cock of 8 and 2/8 inches, James!. Coming in last, the mans wife who will be blowing Luigi later tonight…MARK with a length of 5 inches,” Jessica finished the results.

What the hell, Mark thought to himself. Michelle shorted him 2/8 an inch. He was to ashamed to say something though, and the crowd’s laughter made him want to crawl into a hole.

“Now make sure the dicks are still hard and then measure girth,” Jessica announced.

Mark was still as hard as possible, but Michelle pumped more lube into her hand and jerked Mark’s penis. Mark wanted to stop her, but it felt so good, he was powerless. Mark also noticed that Michelle had unbuttoned 2 of her buttons on her shirt, showing off a serious amount of cleavage. Michelle made sure to lean the right way, so mark could see down her shirt. Her fake breasts looked spectacular. Mark was on the edge, he would do anything to grab her tits and fuck them, then she stopped.

He looked around and saw that all the other girls were finished measuring and they were all waiting on him. Michelle quickly measured and wrote down his girth of 3.9 inches.

“The winner of the girth contest is James, with a thick cock of 5.5 inches. Coming in second is David with a thick dick of 5.2 inches. Coming in last, and the mans wife who will be blowing James later…MARK with a penis girth of 3.75 inches,” Jessica announced as the crowd once again erupted in laughter. Mark was beginning to be the joke of the party.

Denise had the biggest smile on her face ever. She loved what was going on. It was turning her on so much to see Mark humiliated. More importantly, she was right about his lack of size, maybe now he would appreciate what he had more.

“Ladies, it is time for the third and final contest. Staying power. Each girl will Jerk their partner’s dick as fast as possible, with the only goal being to get their partner off. The girl will stand behind the guy and reach around for the hand job,” Jessica announced the instructions.

The girls went and got into position. Michelle reached around and grabbed Mark’s penis. While she did she whispered into his ear, “I am going to make you cum so fast that you won’t feel your wife’s pussy for the next 2 months.”

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