Nisan 29, 2021

Marissa’s Dressing Room Delight

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Sitting on the cushioned leather bench across from the front desk at London’s Pullman Hotel, Jon and Marissa were intensely focused on Jon’s iPad, which displayed The Big Book of Breasts 3D, by Dian Hanson. Page after page, they basked in the art and beauty of this glorious female body part. Jon was particularly naughty, as he knew very well that Marissa, his beautiful Caribbean goddess, had a breast fetish.

She’s not sexually attracted to women, but she felt a soothing, erotic rush whenever she indulged in the sight of an attractive set. Hence Jon’s diabolical teasing, knowing that she couldn’t resist the urge to stare, even if in the busy hotel lobby. As their view dodged from small, perky boobs to voluptuously full tits, Marissa’s fetish was engaged, and a warm, tingly sensation raced through her alert body. Jon felt his bulge growing, responding to the wetness he knew was building in her panties.

“Marissa, let’s head over to the John Lewis store on Oxford Street,” whispered Jon into Marissa’s ear. “I want to buy you a few bras for your perfect breasts.”

Marissa smiled wide, pleased at the reminder that her breasts were still her man’s favorite. Her body language expressed her excitement at the thought of a shopping trip with her doting boyfriend. No reply was necessary, but she gave Jon a wide-eyed head nod, and reached for her shoulder bag.

“But before we head out, there’s something I want to give you. Follow me,” Jon announced.

Jon lead Marissa to the elevators, and soon they were on the fifth floor, heading briskly towards his room. They walked into his room, and Jon motioned for Marissa to sit on the edge of the bed. He then reached into his pocket. Marissa gasped at what he held in his hand. It was a pair of adjustable nipple clamps, with purple rubber tips and a cute heart-shaped pendant hanging from the bottom of the clamp bars. The purple tips were eye-catching, and the heart-shaped pendants hanging on the opposite end added a classy touch.

“Baby, I want these on you while we shop.”

Then without hesitation, Jon knelt between Marissa’s opened legs, and began to unbutton her blouse. Her legs pressed into his waist, confirming the pleasure that pulsed swiftly through her body. She resisted briefly, for the teasing performance of it, but clearly she was all in. Within seconds, she was topless, and playfully bouncing her gorgeous tits and giggling in front of her thoughtful man.

Jon carefully attached the clamps to the nipples of each breast, staring at them in lustful admiration. Marissa’s face displayed a slight wince, but the smile on her face assured Jon that she was not objecting. bahis firmaları She braced herself on the bed by placing her straightened arms behind her, her hands pressed into the mattress. Then, sensing it was time to head out, she began to straighten up.

“Wait, babe, we’re not quite ready yet,” whispered Jon.

Jon took his lover’s breasts in his hands, and gave them a slight jiggle, to see how the clamps would dangle. A tempting smile shot across his face. Staring into Marissa’s eyes, Jon leaned forward and gave her left breast a long, slow, seductive lick. Marissa watched with a lusty stare, focusing on the trail of wetness left by Jon’s tongue.

The combination of his cologne and natural body scent was now noticeable to her, which brought out her primal instinct to make love. He alternated licking each breast again and again, until he could see that Marissa’s nipples were rock hard. The sound of his tongue flicking wildly over her tits brought a rush of pussy juice to her panties. She was sighing in exquisite pleasure.

Jon held both breasts in his hands, and the increasing pressure raced through Marissa’s body like an electric jolt. While squeezing each breast, Jon jiggled and pressed her breasts together, in a rough yet playful way. A wry smile flashed at Marissa as Jon thrilled in his domination of her. Marissa lustfully accepted whatever he delivered. He gave her left breast a loud slap with his right hand, that left a distinct, sharp sting. Marissa yelped in surprise, but was thrilled to feel her lover taking such rough control of her tits. More slaps followed, more hard squeezes.

Marissa hoped the session would never end. Her smooth, black skin was glowing from the rough play, and her abused nipples were puffy and tender. Her head fell back and her mouth opened wide, as she whimpered and moaned, clearly begging for more.

While squeezing her tits, Jon leaned forward and began tonguing her nipples wildly. The feel of his wanton, dripping tongue on her tits was an extreme turn on for Marissa.

“Ohhhh Fuck Baby!!” oozed out of Marissa, now delirious from this fantasy come true experience.

Jon continued to tease and pleasure her tits for just over 15 minutes, occasionally pressing his teeth into her skin, which now revealed the marks left by Jon’s slaps, bites and pinches. Jon could sense that Marissa was about to cum, so arousing and erotic was this rough tit play. Suddenly, Jon stood up and informed Marissa, “Alright, get dressed and let’s head over to the store!”

Marissa stared at him in furious indignation.

“What the fuck, Jon? Yuh gun make me walk ‘way from THIS?”

“I kaçak iddaa promise you that you’ll thank me this evening for what I’ve planned for you.”

Marissa was all in for some domination, but she wasn’t thrilled with this sadistic twist.

She shot Jon an evil stare, snatched up her bra and blouse, refusing any of Jon’s help while getting dressed. With a slight tear in her eye, she situated her blouse and jacket to avoid any obvious detection of the nipple clamps. She stormed back to the elevators in deafening silence, with Jon trailing behind. Within minutes they were heading west on Euston Road to the Tube station.

Unbeknownst to Marissa, Jon had made some arrangements in advance of this shopping trip. The day before, he went to the John Lewis store, and met with Amanda, a cute, perky university-aged girl who worked in the lingerie section. Jon explained that he would be bringing his girlfriend to the store the following day, and he wanted them to have some uninterrupted private time in a dressing room.

For Amanda’s cooperation, Jon would purchase four bras for Marissa, and then without looking down, he slipped 5 20-pound notes into Amanda’s hand.

Once at John Lewis, Jon was confident and assertive, not showing any of the typical awkwardness of a man in a lingerie department. He approached Amanda for assistance, void of any familiarity. He playfully wrapped his arm around Marissa, careful not to let it get too close to her lips, and risk getting bitten!

“Hi . . . Amanda. My baby here has gorgeous breasts, and I want her to remember that every time she puts them in a bra. So I want to buy her a couple everyday bras, and then a couple special ones for when she’s wearing nice, classy dresses. We’ll need them fitted perfectly though. Can you help with this?”

Marissa felt a warm flush across her face, flattered but slightly embarrassed at the same time.

Amanda just smiled at both of them, and with a nod, signified that she was up for the assignment.

“Of course! Follow me and let’s get started!”

Over a thirty minute period, Marissa was measured in private, and Amanda asked question after question, ensuring that she knew exactly what was needed to deliver the perfect look, fit and feel. Jon and Marissa were invited to a back of store fitting room, where Amanda would eventually end up bringing 20 different bras. Once in the privacy of the fitting room, Marissa removed her jacket and blouse, and Jon unhooked her bra. A gloom of silence still hung over them.

There she stood, naked from the waist up, with her delicious tits bulging forward, dangling the nipple clamps. Her kaçak bahis nipples were rock hard and throbbing, and slightly discolored from the pressure they’d been under. Even though she was still fuming from the sudden interruption of Jon’s breast play, being in public with the clamps on was more erotic than Marissa had anticipated, and her pussy was still moist and dripping.

Jon wasted no time in dropping to his knees.

“Oh, baby, your nips look like they’ve had a rough time, let me kiss them and make them all better,” teased Jon. He kept a watchful eye out for a swift backhand to the head, which he thought was imminent.

Marissa put on a brief show of resistance, but it was clear that it was all an act. She loved the idea of being pushed beyond her comfort zone, of having her nipples sucked in a public place. Jon spent several minutes sucking and licking Marissa’s nipples, pushing her tits together and applying his own clamp-like lips to the tips of her nips. She felt she shouldn’t fully indulge, but she desperately wanted to return to that sweet state she was in at the hotel. Her wetness was now soaking her thong, and she felt that an orgasm was just a few licks away.

The perky and attentive Amanda was expected at any moment. But Jon cared little about that, as he knew that she’d ensure at least 30 more minutes of privacy for the couple. Behind the locked door of the fitting room, he was worshipping Marissa’s breasts and loving the taste and feel of her skin. Marissa’s head fell back, her beautiful, bright eyes closed in her moment of extreme arousal. She braced herself by holding Jon’s head in her hands, and pressed her pussy against his chest. Marissa was so close to cumming and Jon could sense it.

“Damn it, Jon, you’re gonna make me cum . . . Fuck! . . . baby, yes, right there, MMMMMMMMMM!!”

Marissa slumped over him, and Jon reached around her waist and supported her as she regained strength in her legs. Marissa stood up, shaking her head at her naughty boyfriend.

“You’re soooo bad, Jon!” her smile negating any air of annoyance.

Jon knew that in the coming days and weeks, his tasty love would think back on this moment with faraway eyes, and have no regrets whatsoever.

With a brisk knock, Amanda was outside the door.

“Everything OK in there? I’ve got the first batch of bras for us to try on.”

Jon and Marissa just stared into each other’s eyes as if to say, “Oh yeah, everything’s great in here!”

Later, the two lovers walked out of the store, Marissa’s hand in Jon’s left, a bag of new bras in his right. The wall of sound from Oxford Street was no match for the raging romantic chemistry that existed between them. They stared into each other’s eyes, and with her trademark teasing way, Marissa winked and said, “So, Jon, let’s plan on shopping for some undies for you, tomorrow, OK?”

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