Mart 25, 2021

Marco and the Boys

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The following Saturday I had Marco come over around 2:00 in the afternoon. I had a couple of glasses of wine before I called him and I was more than horny when he arrived. I answered the door naked of coarse. We had a couple more drinks as I was getting him out of his clothes. I had him lie down on the living room floor and got on top of him sixty-nine style. He started licking my pussy as I began sucking his big cock. We had only been at it a few minutes when my oldest son Jason and his friend James walked in the front door.

I wasn’t at all embarrassed this time, and didn’t stop what I was doing. I wanted an audience. Actually I started getting into putting on a show as the two boys just stood there. As I stared at the two of them I slowly slid my mouth all the way down on Marco’s nine inches, held it deep in my throat for a few seconds, and slowly slid back up to the head, sucking deeply. I did the slow deep-throat motion maybe twenty times, then I slid down Marco’s body until my pussy was lined up, leaned back, and lowered myself down avrupa yakası escort until his cock was buried deep in my pussy. Then I started slowly moving up and down, riding Marco reverse cowgirl style. I told Marco not to get up, no matter what happened next.

Jason looked a little uncomfortable, but he never looked away, and he had an obvious tent in his pants. James was openly rubbing his hard-on through his jeans.

“Are you going to just watch, or join me,” I said to the two boys.

Jason didn’t move, but James was quickly out of his pants. He moved closer, within my reach. I grabbed his cock and pulled him to me, then took him in my mouth. James started squeezing my boobs and pinching my nipples as I sucked. I slid my mouth down all the way on each stroke, sucking his six inch cock as I continued to ride Marco. I didn’t now how long James would last and I wanted two cocks inside me. I pulled my lips off his cock, spun my body around so I was facing Marco, and told James to stick bakırköy escort it in. After a few pokes, he slid his cock in next to Marco’s in my pussy. I was stuffed, but pushed him back and told him I wanted him in my asshole. He tried again and this time he hit his mark and slid into my ass. It had been a while since I had been DP’ed and it felt oh so good! I started cumming almost immediately.

After a few minutes with both cocks pumping into me, and a couple orgasms later, I felt Marco tense up and cum in my pussy, while James continued to pump my ass. As always Marco was still hard and I decided to have them switch holes. James pulled out of my ass and I climbed off of Marco, turned around again, and lowered my asshole onto Marco’s big cock. His nine inches in my ass made me cum again instantly. As I was moaning and riding out the tremors, James slid his cock into my waiting pussy. I started shaking again, and moaning even louder than before.

Ten minutes or so later James started pumping faster, beşiktaş escort tensed up, and came in my pussy. He lasted longer than I expected. He slid out of me and just laid back on the floor. I continued to bounce on Marco’s cock for a few more minutes, until he too tensed up, and shot his cum deep in my ass.

I had completely forgot about Jason. I looked around to find him sitting on the sofa behind me with his pants around his ankles, pumping his fist on his cock. He was pumping pretty fast and I guessed he was close to orgasm. I had two loads of cum in my pussy and one in my ass, but I hadn’t tasted a load all night.

I slid my ass off of Marco’s shrinking cock and crawled over to Jason on my hands and knees.

“Cum in my mouth,” was all I said.

I opened my mouth wide as he stood up and pointed his cock toward my face, jerking off faster and faster. He tensed up and the first blast hit me in the eye. I closed my eyes, but kept my mouth open wide. The next few spurts landed in my waiting mouth. I swallowed quickly and opened up for more. I got a surprise when my sons cock slid into my mouth and down my throat. I started sucking out of habit. He pumped a few times, then held deep as his last few spurts of cum went straight down my throat. At that moment I came again.

I never heard from Marco again after that afternoon.

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