Haziran 9, 2020

Male on male massage. My first time.

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Male on male massage. My first time.
I was young, but knew that I was so curious. I knew I wanted to feel a man’s touch and to touch him as well. I needed it, I craved it, I fantasized about it. Laying awake at night, dreaming of how it would feel like to touch another cock. Dreaming about how it would taste and how it feel in my mouth. How amazing it would be to have another man make me cum.

When I was able to drive, I searched out way to explore my desires, an anonymous experience seemed ideal, but how? I soon found an ad for “male on male massage” in a personal’s newspaper. My mind raced and my cock ached.

His house was on a nice, quiet, tree lined street near a college. An older neighborhood, but well kept. It seemed a perfect location to explore my hidden, over whelming desires. It maybe even seemed romantic. Nervous excitement filled me as I approached his front door. What would it be like? What could or would happen? All I knew is it would be in the nude, but that was enough of an incentive for me!

A handsome, fit older man greeeted me at the door. With a nice, easy smile, he invited me inside and led me to a small bedroom where there was a massage table set up in the middle of the room. I was nervous, but knew I wanted nothing kaçak iddaa more. I knew I had to experience this, my lust was boiling over.

He casually said to remove my clothes as he began to undress as well. I tried not to stare, but all I could think about was seeing his cock. When he turned, I stole a glimpse. I’ll never forget the sight of his beautiful, hanging, swinging, dick. I felt my cock swell just at the sight and the thoughts of what was to come.

Laying on my stomach, I felt his touch and it made my whole body tingle. He started at my feet and with his big, strong hands coated in a light, warm oil, massaged his way up my legs, quickly kneeded my ass cheeks, then moved to my back and shoulders. If not for my burning desire, I felt as if I would have just melted into the table. A lump of clay for him to mold.

He softly said, “Why don’t you roll over.” I did as he suggested, my excitement now became wonderfully obvious. My rock hard dick throbbed, stood straight up and leaked clear, sticky pre cum. Putting more oil on his hands, he massaged and worked his way down my chest, around my cock, without touching it and down my legs. I trembled with horny lust at his touch. I reached over and put my hand on the small of his back, pinbahis then let it casually caress his ass. My mind was swimming, I felt on edge of orgasm.

Without a word, he climbed onto the table also. Straddling me, he dripped oil onto my throbbing cock. I looked down to see his cock, big, beautiful and hard and also covered in oil. He wrapped his hand around both our hard cocks, pressing them against each other, and began to stroke both of us together. It felt amazing, I was ready to beg for release when I heard him grunt and moan softly, then I felt his ropes of warm, white, sticky cum erupt and spurt out and land on and across my chest and stomach. He came all over me! I knew felt sexier! As he silently climbed back down, I ran my finger tips through his jizz and felt the slick, sticky texture. I rubbed it along my chest and nipples as he watched and smiled.

He turned his attention to my cock now. One hand stroking me, the other cupping my balls. I felt light headed and lost in the moment, so ready for the release I had been craving. He slipped and oil covered finger between my legs and rubbed my virgen asshole. I began to breath harder now, almost quivering, then he slipped his finger tip inside me. I moaned pinbahis güvenilir mi out loud, uncontrollably. And reached over to feel his cock. Any sense of timidness was gone. He manhood felt incredible in my hand, his hanging balls, his soft, oil covered shaft.

I came explosively, like it was my first time, it was my first time! The best, most satisfying orgasm of my young life, given to me by the magic hands of this older man. My head rocked side to side as stream after stream shot out and mixed with his jizz all over and running down my chest. He stroked my cock until every drop of cum oozed out and I was completely spent.

I layed there panting when I felt his hands rubbing our cum into my skin. He had moved up the table and I turned my head towards him and eagerly rubbed his cock and balls along my face. It felt so amazing, so natural, I loved it. I think he laughed alittle to himself as he started to feed me his cock and balls and I eagerly licked and sucked them. He probably knew and was thinking to himself that he had made another young man Gay.

Without thinking, I moaned as I felt his wonderful cock swell between my lips and begin to fill my mouth. I was sucking my first cock, but all I could think about was how wonderful it was and I wonderful I felt. I had never felt more pleasure, more desire, than when I sucked his dick.

I was completely and intently sucking his cock when I felt his hand on the side of my face and heard him ask, “Do you want to fuck?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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