Nisan 8, 2021

Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 08

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It has been several months now that Richard and Jennifer announced that they were going to have a baby and it started to show a bit on Jennifer.

The four of us got together regularly now and the sex was just as good as the first time with them.

Jennifer’s tits grew and she even started lactating a little, for which I was really pleased.

One day at the pool, Lisa and I met a very young couple who just got married and were visiting Lake Como for the first time and spending their honeymoon here.

The fellow, Tony, was 19 and good looking and had a very nice sized cock and balls. His wife, Jamie, was 18 and drop dead gorgeous, with long blond hair, blue eyes, rounded tits with average nipples and a big blond bush.

They asked us how we liked the place and we told them that we moved here several months ago and love the place. We told them that we made many friends, as well.

I asked Tony how married life was and he quietly and surprisingly said that he can’t keep up with Jamie in bed.

I kiddingly asked him that if he wanted, he could send Jamie to our place and Lisa and I will satisy her and we laughed.

He then said he just might do that. When he said that, I told him we should take a walk and talk.

We excused ourselves and told the women that I wanted to show Tony around. We left for one of the trails.

On the trail, I asked Tony if he was serious, because if he was, I could help. He said that all Jamie wants to do is have sex. I asked him if she was a prude. He said she loves showing her body and loves to flirt.

I told him I have an answer to his problem, but only if he was serious. He said he was and wanted to know more.

I first asked him if they were bi and he said they both are. I then asked if he would be ok with others watching him and Jamie having sex. He said that would not bother them. I then asked if he and Jamie would be ok with having other people having sex with them. He immediately etlik escort said that they have done swinging in the past and it excites them both.

I then asked how long they would be staying at the resort and he said a week.

I asked if he and Jamie would be interested in meeting some of our friends and he said yes. I told him he should discuss it with Jamie first as our friends are swingers.

He immediately called Jamie and asked if she wanted to meet some of our swinger friends and she said yes.

I told him to come over to my house tonight at 9:00 p.m. and he agreed.

We walked back to the pool and told our new friends that we had to leave and would see them later.

I told Lisa everything and she was excited that I invited them over. She said she can’t wait to dive into her blond bush. I told her I would make a couple of calls to Richard and David.

When Lisa and I got back, I called Richard and told him what happened and asked if he and Jennifer wanted to come over tonight to meet them and he said yes.

I then called David and invited him and Linda over to meet Tony and Jamie and he said they would come.

David and Linda arrived first followed by Richard and Jennifer. Jamie and Tony got there a little after 9:00 p.m. and apologized for their tardiness.

I introduced everyone and I could see Jamie ogling Richard’s cock.

I had already cleared the floor and the bedrooms were ready.

I told everyone that Jamie and Tony just got married and that Jamie wanted more sex than Tony could provide and that was why they are here tonight. I told Jamie and Tony that their first sex encounter had to be in front of everyone then later they could use the bedrooms.

I told Jamie and Tony that tonight they will get all the sex they want, however they wanted it and with whomever. I told them that there are no limits and no refusals. Everyone agreed.

I got up and moved straight etlik escort bayan to Jamie. I laid her on the floor and got down beside her. I pulled the 18 year old bride to me and kissed her. My tongue found hers. Our hands were all over each other and I whispered to her, “Jamie, you want to be our whore tonight?”

She whispered back, as my tongue was in her ear, “Oh god, yes. I want Tony to see that he married a real, fucking whore. Now fuck me so Tony can see what he married.”

I rolled Jamie on her back and mounted her. I pushed her legs apart and lined up my cock to her slit. I turned to Tony and said, “Tony, watch me fuck your beautiful young whore wife now.”

I inserted my cock into her cunt and shoved it all the way in until my balls hit her ass. I looked back at Tony and asked him, “Tony, you like watching your new bride being fucked by a stranger? You like to see her legs spread for my cock?”

I then started ramming my cock into her cunt. In a couple of minutes, I shot my load into his new bride’s cunt.

I got off of Jamie and David followed me and mounted her. He shoved his hard cock into her cum filled cunt and started fucking her until he shot his load in her.

Richard then approached her and got between her legs and pressed his huge 12 inch cock into her cunt. She started letting out moans and whimpers and gyrating her hips as he pushed further into her cunt. Soon, his cock was in as far as it would go.

I turned to Tony and said, “Tony, see your whore wife. She loves cock, any and every cock.”

Richard said he was going to cum and pulled his cock out of her stretched cunt and shot stream after stream after stream of cum all over Jamie.

We all applauded, as did Tony.

The women went over to Jamie and scooped up Richard’s cum and swallowed it. Lisa even fed Jamie his cum and she swallowed it.

Lisa turned to Tony and said, “Tony, are you proud of your slut? Is escort etlik this what you wanted to see?”

Tony looked at his bride and finally spoke up. He said that he knew Jamie liked sex and that tonight proved that my loving bride is a whore and that is why I love her. He continued to say that he will let her do anything she wants to be sexually satisfied and thanked us all for pleasing and satisfying her.

Lisa took Jamie to the shower and helped her to get cleaned up.

Diane laid on the floor and Tony went over and fucjed and came in her cunt. Then Linda followed a few minutes later and Tony was able to get hard quickly and he fucked her.

Everyone told Tony that Jamie is a wonderful young woman who likes sex as everyone here does and that is nothing to be ashamed of, but rather embrace it.

When Lisa did not come out of the shower, I looked in and there was Lisa on her knees, eating out Jamie who had her legs spread for my beauty.

Finally, Lisa brought Jamie out and she thanked everyone for a great time. Tony took Jamie and left.

Daid, Linda, Diane and Tom followed. Richard and Jennifer staid behind.

We were in the living room and I went over to Jennifer and put my mouth on her nipple. I looked up at her and asked if she is giving milk. She said she has a little and I started sucking.

After what seemed like a long time, I felt some wetness on my tongue, then more. Jennifer told me to keep sucking harder. As I did, she was streaming her milk into my mouth and I was swallowing her milk as fast as I could.

Lisa saw I was getting milk and she started sucking Jennifer’s other nipple and getting milk out of that one until Jennifer’s tits were emptied.

Richard applauded our success and told us that it was time for them to head home.

Lisa asked them to stay over as we really did not have a chance to talk to them all night.

Jennifer accepted our invitation to stay.

Lisa went in the second bedroom and got everything set and put out extra towels in the bathroom.

Lisa asked if the sleeping arrangements could be altered for tonight as she wanted to sleep with Jennifer. We said it was ok, as Richard and I had some catching up to do.

Look for Chapter IX

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