Nisan 8, 2021

Maid Service

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I moved into a new unit a couple of months ago. A couple of days after I moved in there was a Body Corporate meeting and I went along to meet my fellow owners. They seemed a nice bunch and the meeting was quite friendly.

After the meeting we had a light supper and a general chat, during which I asked about available maid services. Sandra, the owner of a unit across the drive from me recommended the service she uses. Said that they were always on time and did an excellent job. They had a key and if she wasn’t home they just let themselves in, did their work and departed.

Quite an attractive woman, Sandra. Tall and elegant with a good sense of style. Very nice figure and a face that that would look good on your pillow in the morning. I flagged to myself that I’d have to get better acquainted with her.

I contacted the maid service and made the necessary arrangements and then forgot about them, except for paying the bill at the end of each month. I was always at work when they came around, and as long as the house was clean, with minimum impact on me, I was happy.

A few months after I’d started the service I was having a couple of days at home. I was in my office researching some things on the net when I heard a key in the door and someone entered. I was about to go and check when I remembered that today was the maid’s day, so I decided I’d just let her get on with her work while I finished what I was doing, and then I’d go out and say hullo.

After about ten minutes, I put everything on hold, got up and stretched and went to introduce myself to the maid. I could hear noises in the front room so assumed that’s where she was and wandered on over.

She was there all right, and she was quite spectacular. Long black hair, lovely olive skin, amazing boobs and what I considered to be a very cute bottom. I could see all this in some detail, because she was also nude. Stark, staring naked.

I’m surprised she didn’t hear my jaw hit the floor, but she continued on with what she was doing, quite oblivious to the fact that her charms were on full display to a total stranger. And what wonderful charms they were.

While I watched, and before I could gather my wits sufficiently to speak, she reached over, stretching to reach something with the cloth she was using. One leg lifted high as she balance on the other, and now her charms were really on display. I noticed that she shaved and her delicately flushed lips seemed to smile at me. I ask you, what could a gentleman do?

I don’t know what a gentleman would çankaya escort do, but I damn well know what I did. I unzipped and stepped up behind her and my erection was sliding between those lovely lips of hers before she had even registered the fact that I was there. Things then proceeded as expected.

She screamed and tried to pull away, yelling at me and swearing. The gist of what she was saying could be summed up as “Take it out! Now!”

Belatedly remembering that gentleman bit, I did as told, letting her slip off and out of my clutches.

Spinning around to face me she started talking again, while the dance of the hands commenced. It was fascinating. She was a naturally expressive talker, used to waving her hands around as she spoke. At the same time, she was trying to cover up all those places that she thought I shouldn’t be looking at.

Her hands started off by covering her pussy and her breasts, but as she talked she gesticulated. One of her hands would start to wave in the air, she’d see my eyes drop to the forbidden spot, and a hand would be snatched over to cover it, leaving something else revealed as likely as not.

After a few moments I started to hear what she was saying. She was Consuela, and she was the maid.

“I am paid to be maid and do housework,” she yelled at me. “I am not paid to do other things, no.” She waved her finger in my face, saw me eyeing her breasts and promptly tried to cover then again.

“No, I say,” she went on. “I am not paid for that. I am paid for housework only.” Her eyes dropped down to where my erection was still standing firm. “I am not paid for that,” she shouted at me. “You will put it in now, I insist!”

Not sure exactly what she meant but deciding to interpret that the way I wanted to, I just reached out and, capturing her bottom, I lifted her up and was once again entering her.

The screaming started again, which was a pity as she was wet and slippery this time, and I could see her nipples were starting to pay attention to what was going on.

“You will stop that,” she yelled. “I mean you will put it in your trousers, not me.”

Withdrawing again, I started to speak but she was off again.

“I tell you I am not paid for that. I am paid for housework. I do not do things like that. Housework I am paid for. That I am not.”

I sensed that she was trying to tell me that what I paid for maid services didn’t cover other types of service. I’m quite quick that way, and can draw conclusions from limited data. escort çankaya I also knew how to produce solutions to unexpected problems.

I reached into my pocket, took out my wallet and produced a couple of notes that I held in front of her and then put on a ledge next to her.

Consuela looked at the note, and then continued her little speech.

“I am paid for housework. That is all I am paid for. You want other services you go elsewhere.”

I could see her eyes drifting first to the money, then down to where my cock was standing proud and quivering slightly and then back to the money.

She seemed to swallow. “I am not paid for that,” she stated.

Which of us moved first is hard to say. She seemed to shrug and accept the fact that my cock wanted attention right now and she was going to have to either fight or accept it. She reached and grabbed the money at about the same time as I reached over and pulled her towards me again, with my cock sliding home with a will.

We stood there for a moment while my hands moved up to cup her breasts, and then I started moving slowly within her. As far as I was concerned there was no hurry. I would be content to just take my time and let the tensions slowly build.

As I slowly rocked with her I gently quizzed her about her working habits.

“Do you always work nude?” I asked.

“No,” she told me. “I never used to, but when I started cleaning Miss Sandra’s unit she asked me if I’d mind working like that. She said she likes to be naked in her house and prefers visitors to be the same.”

I again made a mental note to get further acquainted with Sandra. It sounded as though it could be interesting.

“And after that?”

Consuela shrugged, which had an interesting ripple effect on both of us from the way she gasped. I know it did on me.

“I find I liked working like this,” she told me. “I now work like this in any place where no-one is home. You are not supposed to be home. Why you not at work instead of here molesting me?”

“I’m doing some research,” I told her, ignoring the molesting bit. “Has anyone else caught you working naked?”

Consuela seemed to be having trouble gathering her thoughts as we continued to sway slowly in place. She was writhing against me now, trying to get me to hurry, panting slightly as she clutched hold of me.

“No, I never caught before,” she gasped. “Not like Rosario.”

“Who is Rosario, I asked, “and what happened to her?”

“Talk later,” she groaned. çankaya escort bayan “Now fuck please, and not so slow.”

I smiled at her, deliberately slowing the pace a little and she moaned.

“Bastard,” she said. “You go faster or I go and find someone who will.”

An idle threat if ever I heard one, and I laughed. However, I also started to drive home a little harder and faster, plunging deep into her in fine style.

Consuela was clinging desperately to me now. Her legs had crept up and were locked around my waist while her arms were around my neck, hanging on as tight as she could. I had her wedged against the wall and was really hammering.

Very shortly her gasps turned to squeals of anticipation and then to a scream as I came. She was shaking her head, saying “No, no,” when she suddenly jerked and screamed again, but now she was saying “Yes!” Changeable little thing, but definitely fun to be with.

As our mutual climaxes died down she relaxed, and her legs slowly descended until she was standing again, though still pinned to the wall by my turgid erection.

When her wits seemed to be coming back to her I prompted her. “You were saying about Rosario?”

“Oh, that one. She also cleans, sometimes for Miss Sandra, and she also likes to work with no clothes. She tells me she was surprised one day when an owner came home unexpectedly and had a friend with him.”

“Did she tell you what happened?” I asked, curious about Rosario.

“She was embarrassed, and decided she didn’t speak English. When they asked her what she was doing she just held up her duster and say si. She said they asked her why she was naked and she just say si. She said they asked her if she understood them and she said si.

She then said that they looked at each other and smiled and then one say to her did you know we’re allowed to bang any naked girls we find in our units, and she say si.

She say things then got very interesting for the next hour and she was nearly late for her next appointment.”

I couldn’t help it. I laughed. Consuela looked at me and laughed as well. “Rosario, she like men. She still works naked.”

“And you?” I asked. “Are you going to continue to work naked?”

Consuela looked at me and nodded. “Probably. Is fun. Now I need to finish work.”

To indicate that I should withdraw and let her go about her duties, she thrust her hips at me, hinting time was up. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect to what she wanted. Feeling that sudden pressure applied to it, my cock stirred from where it had been lying contented and flexed its muscles, ready for round two. I pressed firmly back against her, letting her know her extra duties weren’t quite finished.

Consuela laughed. “You greedy, but we will see if you can perform,” she teased, pressing hard against me.

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