Mart 11, 2021

Maggie’s Farm

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It had been four years since Katie last visited the farm. Her grandmother Maggie and grandfather Tom owned a small farm in a rural area that the city people referred to as cow country. They grew feed corn, clover, and hay which they sold to the neighboring dairy farms. There were a few cows, pigs, and chickens that some of the farmers traded with them for the corn and hay. Katie had fond memories from her childhood of fresh milk and eggs, the sweet smell of newly mowed hay, and long runs through the tall rows of corn.

As she drove towards the farm, Katie reflected back over the past four years of college life. The past year was the most hectic, nerve wracking experience of Katie’s life. The school she attended was in a congested area of downtown Boston. Her last semester’s schedule was full, leaving her little time to relax. Katie also had to deal with a horrible bitch room mate who hung her wet underwear from a string that she stretched across their tiny dorm room. At the graduation ceremony, when Katie threw her cap in the air, she felt like a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

College wasn’t that great a time for her. Her parents were strict and hadn’t let her date in high school so she wasn’t as experienced as the other students. She gave up her virginity in her first year to an upperclassman in her dorm room with her room mate sleeping in bed a few feet away. Needless to say it wasn’t a memorable experience. The guy came in ten seconds and then had to leave. She saw him around but he never said hello to her again.

She dated a few other guys and of course they all wanted to fuck her but she decided after her first experience, that she wanted to wait until it meant something to both her and the guy. Most guys were just looking to get off fast and didn’t care how they did it. Her first experience with giving a blow job was also a disaster. The guy pushed her head down and held it just as he was coming causing her to gag and then spit the mouthful of semen and saliva all over him.

After that she decided to play it safe. She liked the feel of a cock in her hand and she liked to slowly stroke the shaft up and down. She loved to watch the guys face, hear him moan as the hot, white fluid spurted from the head of his penis. Guys had to admit, she gave a great hand job. Afterwards she would replay the scene in her mind when she was alone in her dorm room or in the bathroom stall and bring herself to an incredible orgasm.

Snapping back to the present she saw the farm was just up ahead. She could see the big red barn and the white corn silos. The corn crop that was planted in the spring was already a few feet tall and the hay already had the first mowing. Maggie and Tom were waiting outside the farmhouse for her. There was another tall lean man with them. At first she didn’t recognize him but then she realized who he was. “Oh my God it’s Bill” she said out loud to herself.

Bill was the seasonal farmhand her grandparents hired to work around the farm. He had been with them for over 20 years. Every year he arrived in early spring pulling his little trailer behind his old Ford pickup truck and stayed until after the fall harvest. Katie felt sad as rus escort she remembered how Maggie had told her Bill’s wife of thirty years had passed away over the winter. This was his first time on the farm without his wife.

Katie jumped from the car into Maggie’s arms and received a huge hug followed by another huge hug from Grandpa Tom. Bill offered his hand but Katie would have none of that. She pulled him to her and hugged him. He looked at her and smiled and in his sweet drawl said “hello lil darling.” That was what he always called her ever since she was a little girl. He was a handsome man even at fifty years old. His work clothes were clean and pressed and he was always clean shaven and smelled of Old Spice after shave.

Bill grabbed her bags from the car and they all went inside. Katie always stayed in the room at the top of the stairs that overlooked the barnyard. They spent the next few hours chatting, with Katie filling them in on her college years and Maggie and Tom getting her up to date with the farm and the neighbors. Bill excused himself and said he had work to do.

“How’s Bill doing Maggie?” Katie always called her Maggie never grandma.

“Well honey he seems a bit distant. After all when you’ve been with someone every day for over thirty years it’s not easy to adjust to being alone. He’ll be alright, he’s a strong man. It’ll just take time.”

After supper Katie helped Maggie with the dishes. She was yawning and Maggie took the dish towel from her and sent her off to bed. She slept like a log and woke up with the rooster crowing. Maggie was making breakfast and Grandpa Tom and Bill were delivering hay to a nearby farm. Katie decided to go exploring. She walked down to the barn where Bill parked his trailer. The trailer didn’t have bathroom facilities so Bill had built an outhouse behind the barn and had rigged up a makeshift shower stall next to it.

She had never seen the inside of the trailer and was curious. It wasn’t locked and she opened the door and peeked inside. It was tiny but neat and clean, with everything in its place. When Katie was younger, Maggie had asked her to respect Bill and his wife’s privacy and stay away from the outhouse so she was curious about that too. She imagined it was dark and smelly and had all sorts of flies and bugs in it.

She opened the outhouse door and was surprised to see it was spotless. The only odor she could detect was the faint smell of pine disinfectant. There were two toilet seats next to each other over holes in the wooden bench. Why would they build these things with two seats she wondered? Did people actually use the toilets at the same time? Bill had run a wire for a small reading lamp that hung on the wall over the toilets. There was a stack of old Penthouse magazines in the corner. She closed the door and walked back to the house for breakfast.

After breakfast, Maggie asked her if she felt up to doing some chores. The barn needed a good sweeping out and cleaning. Katie told her she would be happy to help. Maggie got out a gallon jug and filled it with cold water. “Make sure you drink plenty of this while your working honey, its going to be a hot one today sıhhiye escort and you don’t want to get dehydrated.” She then handed her a small tube of hand lotion. “Make sure you wear gloves and put some of this lotion on your hands so they don’t dry out.” Katie took the lotion and placed it in the pocket of her flannel shirt.

She headed to the barn and found the brooms and shovels and got to work. It felt good to work up a sweat and after an hour she took a water break. It was already getting hot. In fact she wished she had worn something under her flannel shirt so she could take it off. She pulled the shirt tails out of her jeans and unbuttoned the bottom three buttons. Then she tied the tails in a knot beneath her breasts, exposing her stomach. That was much better. She drank another large cup of water and got back to work.

Several hours went by as she worked on the barn stopping only to have some more water. She looked at the gallon jug Maggie had given her and it was below half empty. She felt a pain in her lower abdomen and realized it was her full bladder aching to be relieved. It was almost a quarter mile back to the house and the bathroom was on the top floor. She didn’t think she could make it. There was no place to go outside as Grandpa Tom and Bill were working in the fields and would see her. Then she remembered the outhouse. Surely Bill wouldn’t mind if she used it in an emergency.

She walked around the back of the barn and grabbed the handle to the outhouse door. She almost died when she saw Bill sitting on one of the toilet seats reading a magazine. “Oh my God Bill I am so sorry I had no idea you were in here” she managed to blurt out. She was in pain now holding her legs tightly together.

Bill smiled. “Don’t you worry about it lil Darlin, that’s why the build these things with two seats. When you’re out in the field and you have to go its no time to be shy.”

Katie had about two seconds to decide what to do. She could use the unoccupied seat next to Bill or pee her pants. She decided on the first option. She slid her jeans down and sat on the seat. She closed her eyes and pretended she was alone as her pee splashed loudly into the hole below her. She hoped that Bill wasn’t watching her. It took her over a minute to empty her bladder. She opened her eyes and looked for some toilet paper. Bill handed her a roll. She wiped herself and was about to get up when she felt dizzy and fell backward onto the seat.

“Easy lil Darlin, you need to rest a minute. You don’t want to pass out from the heat. Sit for a bit. That’s what my wife and I used to do. She would sit here with me and I would read her one of these letters from this Penthouse magazine. She always said the stories were made up, that they couldn’t be real. Would you like to hear one?”

Katie still felt a little dizzy. If someone had told her a week ago she would be sitting in an outhouse with a man almost thirty years older than her and both of them had their pants around their ankles, she would have said they were crazy. But here she was and here was Bill offering to read to her. Strangely enough, she didn’t feel threatened by Bill or the situation. sincan escort Bill had a calming effect to him. So she told him to go ahead and read her a story.

The story involved a young man who moves into a new apartment and discovers his neighbors are three beautiful flight attendants. In the bat of an eye he is getting fucked, sucked, and doing anything and everything imaginable with all three of them. It was definitely a made up story but the way Bill read it with his gentle voice made it erotic. She looked over at Bill and noticed his cock was already at half mast and continuing to rise slowly.

By the time the story was over he was fully erect. He put down the magazine, closed his eyes, and laid his head back against the wall. Katie looked at him. He had a nice cock. It was long and smooth and just the right thickness. She reached over and gently placed her hand on it. He jumped slightly at her touch but kept his eyes closed. She slowly ran her hand up and down his length. His balls were covered with soft tufts of light hair. She felt them with her other hand.

Katie remembered the tube of hand lotion Maggie had given her. She took it out of her shirt pocket and squeezed a good amount onto her hand. It felt hot from being against her body. She gripped Bill’s big cock and began to work it ever so slowly from the base up to the tip. Bill began to moan softly. She continued to fondle his balls with her other hand. His breathing began to quicken. Katie felt his balls suck in but she continued to go slowly up and down his shaft. Bill grunted loudly and Katie’s eyes grew wide in amazement at what she saw.

Bill’s cock erupted like a volcano. At least four or five thick white strands shot straight up in the air and landed on her hands and his stomach. But he wasn’t finished yet. Several more loads of cum eased out of the head of his cock and oozed down the front and settled on his balls as she continued to stroke him. She had never seen anyone cum as much as Bill. He must have been saving that up for a while. When he finally stopped she released his cock and cleaned him up with toilet tissue.

She looked at Bill and he still had his eyes closed but she could see tears streaming down his cheeks. “Bill what’s the matter; what’s wrong, did I do something to hurt you?”

Bill opened his eyes. “No lil Darlin, that was wonderful. It was just like my wife used to do it. It’s been almost a year since I have had that kind of release.”

Katie decided to leave him alone. She pulled up her jeans and walked back to the farmhouse. She told Maggie she felt a little dizzy and needed to lie down. Once in her room she locked the door and stripped off her clothes. She went to the window and peeked through the curtains. She saw Bill working in the field. Her hand moved down between her legs and felt the incredible wetness. She moved to the bed and lay down. The second her fingers touched her swollen clit she began to orgasm like she never had before, wave after wave that seemed to go on and on. She must have passed out because when she woke up it was getting dark and Maggie was knocking on her door telling her supper was ready.

She met Bill in the outhouse at least once a week for the rest of the summer. He never made any advances or tried to touch her; he was content with her expert hand job. Afterwards she would return to her room and strip naked and bring herself to a powerful orgasm. That was the best summer she ever spent on Maggie’s farm.

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