Mart 12, 2021

Maggie’s Change of Heart Ch. 05

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A week had passed since my first threesome, and my mind was still whirling over it. It was almost all I thought about. I could still taste Mike’s kisses…and the memory of his touch had branded me.

A lot of firsts had been thrown upon me in the past few weeks, and I was dying for Friday. I wanted more.

I would be staying with Charlotte again, as it seemed to be our new custom. Maybe I would even see Mike. I wouldn’t dare mention him to Charlotte unless she brought it up though, I didn’t need her mad at me… again.

Of course when Friday came, it crept slow as ever. These experiences had made my dreary little job even more unsatisfying, and I was dying to get out. I wanted to smash the clock as it slowly marched it’s spherical stride. When I couldn’t look at one more form, it was finally time to leave. My head was pounding from the stress I ignited, so I would have to do something about that before heading over to Charlotte.

Once home, I slipped into a bath. The warm, sensuous lift of the water flooded my mind with pleasure, and I was finally able to relax. Mindlessly my hand slipped between my legs. I was so horny, but I had to stop myself. I needed that kick to fuel my desires. When knowing satisfaction was coming, I loved being horny.

Then, while drying off, I realized I had not received a call from Charlotte all day. Perhaps I was too presumptuous to assume that we would spend every weekend together. I became a bit worried; even more so when she did not answer my call. I wondered if I should even go over at all. Maybe she wasn’t home. Maybe…no…

Tom…he came sifting through my thoughts like an evil plague. Charlotte wouldn’t do something like that…not after such a fuss over my liking of Mike…would she? I mean…it wasn’t really my business, Charlotte had said herself that we were just trying things out. Although, she was mad then….but still, she could do whatever she wanted. ‘So could I’, I told myself…anger of the potential situation burst through my veins, and I became ‘bold’ Maggie, as I had now been referring to myself. No one would ever guess on the type of things I had done…or was capable of. Sometimes I felt as if stuck in a chapter of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

I quickly dressed, and drove much faster then I should have over to her place. I was about to knock when I heard a voice I recognized.

“Hey Maggie.” Mike was sitting on his little stoop, hidden by the wall of Charlotte’s lower level doorway.

“Have you seen Charlotte? Why are you sitting out here all alone?” I asked doubly, inviting myself to sit beside him.

“Yeah, she’s inside,” he motioned to his house, which I thought was a bit odd, not yet putting things together, “and I needed some fresh air…and, well…it’s not as, loud out here.”

“What are you talking abou…oh.” It hit me, and I half chuckled. A fire burned through my belly into my cheeks. I wasn’t sure if it was excitement, or embarrassment…perhaps a bit of both….maybe even anger.

“Yeah…” He droned with a sigh, and then turned to stare at me. We locked eyes, then I turned away to hide my smile. “Maggie.” He whispered seductively.

I felt his fingers against my knee and I turned back to him. Mike wasted no time. Those lips that I remembered so fondly were mingling with my own in a beautifully natural rhythm…”Charlotte’s door is probably unlocked.” I muttered against his mouth.

“Yeah…” he replied. Standing, Mike took my hand and lead me to the doorway. He was bold enough to think about doing this, but not enough to open her door. It’s not like she would care…at least I hoped not. I hesitated only for a moment, and we shared an unsure glance. Ultimately, there was nothing to be unsure of…I mean, they were using his place…

“Fuck it, right?” He laughed at me as I pulled him through the door.

I was on fire like never before as we came closer and closer to the bed. Clothing fell from us, and our bare skin sparked against each other with every touch. All thoughts left me, I didn’t care about anything. I just wanted him. Even if it was only for tonight, I didn’t care.

Right at the edge he picked me up. He was so hard within his pants, and I wanted to feel him against me. I was so wet from thoughts of how he had felt inside me at our first encounter. The anticipation was killing me.

I devoured his mouth as if I had never had kisses, and he gave them back with a matched ferocity. My body trembled, no longer able to contain this force I held, and the only way of release was to voice it. Moans fed into him and he parted, dipping his weight upon me as we hit the bed.

“You’re driving me crazy with those noises.” He huffed against my neck, unbuttoning my jeans…pleasantly surprised that I wore nothing beneath them.

“Well, we can be crazy together then, ’cause I’m not sure how much more I can take of your…those hands.” I moaned as his fingers probed my hot, wet pussy.

“I’m so hard.” He teased, pulling the fabric past my knees, and I kicked them pendik escort to the floor. The only thing keeping us from fucking was his pants. It was a wonder he still had them on. Mike had this…control in his sexual urges. He lacked such in normal situations. I couldn’t understand it.

“Please…I want you to fuck me!” I pleaded as he stared at me, slowly ridding himself of restraints.

“What’s my name?” He smirked.

“What? Mike!” I answered, and quickly repeated…”Mike.”

“Good, I just wanted to make sure you knew who was fucking you.”

“Lord…please Mike, just fuck me!” He laughed at me, parting my pussy lips with the hardness of his cock.

“What do you want, Maggie?” He was so different from the first time, and I wanted to kill him for teasing me… but at the same time, I loved what he was doing.

“Fuck me!”

“What was that?” He teased, just about entering me. Twirling and wetting his cock against my dripping pussy.

“Mike, fuck me, please…for fucks sake…please!” I begged, and that’s what he wanted.

Finally, he entered me with one hard thrust. I voiced my approval, and he kissed my cheek, pulled out, and thrust in again. This was a new torture…he was fucking me so slowly…”Please Mike…” I whispered. He knew what I wanted, but he had ideas of his own…

“I want you to feel everything, and savor everything. Slow first…trust me, you’ll love it.”

I had no doubts… I did love it. He sucked on my lips in the rhythm of his fucking, grinding his body against me, and his cock into me. Deeper and deeper. I could feel him tensing, and I egged him on. “Faster.” I told him, and he moaned into my neck, building speed. “That’s right, faster Mike….fuck me harder.” He listened now, his control ebbing toward the finale.

We were just about there…I could feel it…so hot and fierce….and then, something else…

“Whooo! Fuck that pussy!” A male’s voice.

I half gasped, half moaned, but Mike’s pace didn’t falter, “ignore him, come on…cum for me Maggie.” He tangled his hands through my hair, kissing my neck, “Please baby, cum for me.”

“Come on Maggie, you can do it!” the voice called. I laughed, and the feeling was passing me by.

“Fuck Tom, stop being an asshole! Get the hell out’a here.” He turned back to me in a whisper for my ears only, “Maggie, stay with me… look at me, and just cum, forget him.” His voice was filled with the urge to release, and wanting the same, I complied.

I could just barely hear Charlotte and Tom as I blocked out the world, and held onto my powerful orgasm, giving it life. Mike was dying for release, holding onto it ’till the very end…and when he pulled out, h came instantly against my pussy lips, up onto my belly and breasts. He sighed heavily, and collapsed half against me. We were still recovering when I heard Tom’s voice clearly again.

“Damn, Mike.” He laughed, flopping upon the bed next to us. “Hello Maggie.” He smirked, and I just smiled, trying to cover myself. “Don’t be shy babe, no need for that, right Charlotte?”

“Yep.” Is all she could manage. I’m not sure if she was in shock, or just tired, but it wasn’t like her.

“You’re an asshole.” Mike said, as he sat up, not a care in the world that we were both naked in front of him.

“Wha…easy now, you should be thankin’ me.”

“Oh, please!” he said, majorly agitated, “You ruined a perfectly good orgasm…man, what’s wrong with you. You could’a just watched in silence.”

“Looked pretty good to me.” Charlotte laughed.

“Aye, did too, and little Maggie sounded satisfied, unless she was being kind.” He looked me over. “You weren’t fakin’ now, were ya?”

“No,” I chuckled…another first had transpired, well two really. I was watched having sex, AND I was sitting naked in front of more then one person…one being a strange man. And I didn’t even care anymore.

“Good girl. See Mike, no worries.”

“That’s not the point. You tainted the moment.” He sighed, reaching for his clothes.

“Wait now, we’re not finished here yet. Maybe I wanted to be a part of “the moment”. I mean, if you didn’t know me, then you wouldn’t know Charlotte. Therefore, Maggie here might possibly be recoverin’ from my cock, instead of yours.”

I couldn’t believe his brazen vulgarity. It was…shocking, and it knocked you from what to do, or think. Mike, however, was apparently used to him, and came back with a surprising vengeance.

“You dick, what makes you think Maggie would even want you to touch her, much less fuck her? I don’t need you to meet women, I did just fine on my own. It was Maggie who called about Charlotte’s broken shower which got me in…not you. So you can take your dick and shove it up your ass.”

“Oh aye, if I could, I would do just that.” Tom laughed, unaffected by the wound Mike tried valiantly to inflict. “Why don’t we ask Maggie what she wants?”

Mike started to dress, and turned to me, “You are welcome to come to my place, if you want Maggie. maltepe escort You don’t have to put up with this shit.”

“That’s not very nice Mike. What’ll it be Maggs? My cock is a lot bigger then Mike’s.”

“It’s how he uses it that matters most…to me.” I answered nervously.

Charlotte chucked, “You didn’t complain when I was fucking you with that huge toy.”

“Well Charlotte, I didn’t exactly know what was coming that night. I did enjoy that, but I was also very horny…and you used it right. I wanted it.”

“What makes you think Tom won’t fuck you right?”

“I…I didn’t mean it that…”

“Well, then what Maggie!”

“Maybe I don’t want to fuck every cock that forces its way in front of me! God Charlotte…”

“You can fuck Mike though?”

“What! Mike is one guy! You’re just mad ’cause I took it upon myself to fuck Mike, and used your place without you being here. I mean, what’s the difference Charlotte? You were using Mike’s apartment… and why is it okay for you to be with Tom, but not for me to be with Mike? Wasn’t it you who said we had an ‘open relationship’…”

“That’s different Maggie…we used to date, we’ve been together plenty of times before.”

“Okay, well I was with Mike once before then…and you know what, you set that up. So if you didn’t want that to happen, why’d you say you were okay about it?”

For the first time, Tom just listened. Mike was getting ready to leave, and I didn’t want to be left alone with Tom, and the suddenly demonized Charlotte.

“Did you know Maggie, I bet you didn’t…but, Mike and me used to share Charlotte.” Tom finally spoke… words that would not help the situation in the least, but it was easy to see that whatever came from his mouth was gonna tighten things up.

Mike stopped dead in his tracks. Our eyes met, and then he looked away in shame. Didn’t he realize I didn’t care? I mean…Charlotte and I were…well, we were lovers. Didn’t know how that was gonna go now….and I knew what Tom was trying to do…but it wasn’t going to work.

“Yeah, well…did you know that Charlotte and I shared Mike last weekend?” It wasn’t much a comeback, but it was worth the try.

“Oh aye, Mike told me all about it. ‘Cept, he didn’t fuck Charlotte did he? No….no, he wanted to focus his energy all on you, didn’t he. Mike’s not as sweet as he seems, so don’t let him fool ya.”

Mike scoffed and turned back for the door.

“I don’t care.” I said loud enough for him to hear, which paused him a moment. “Mike, don’t leave. Please.”

“Why? You’ve got plenty of company, and I’m too pissed off to put up with him right now.”

“I don’t want you to leave.” I said boldly. I turned to Tom, “Could you please, tone it down a bit? We all know you’re big, and strong, and bold, and the best fuck, with the biggest cock…but you don’t need to be an ass about it.”

“Aye, all except the part about us all knowin’ that I’m the best fuck, with the biggest cock.” He smirked wickedly at me.

I was kicking myself for setting that one up. I looked at Mike who was slowly returning. Perhaps he didn’t want to leave me alone now? Maybe he was curious of how I would respond to Tom’s cock…regardless, he rolled his eyes.

“Well, I’m already in enough trouble with Charlotte. She’ll probably murder me if we do anything.”

“Babe, it’s my dick. I’ll put it where I want, and Charlotte knows that…don’t ya love?” He pulled her close, and squeezed her ass.

I wasn’t quite sure what she saw in him the first time, but then to let him back into her life? That seemed, a little more then crazy to me…but there was something there…I guess. They were alike in some small ways. Apparently Charlotte had one of those “bad boy” complexes. I looked at Mike again, and Tom watched me with amusement.

“Don’t look at him for an answer, look at me. He don’t give a shit. Ya think he don’t like to screw around? We can all have some fun, together.” Charlotte scoffed. He pulled her onto his lap, and sighed. “Ya know what you’re gonna do love? You are gonna apologize to Maggie, and give her a kiss.” She didn’t move at first, and he pushed her toward me. “You too Maggie, kiss and make up.”

“I am sorry Charlotte,” I kissed her cheek, slowly moving closer to her lips, not sure if she would accept. To my surprise, she did, and fully too. I moved to her neck, and looked over at Mike, who was staring with a hard on. I motioned for him to come to me, and he did without hesitation.

We were all on the bed now…Tom, Charlotte, myself, and Mike. Tom was behind Charlotte and Mike behind me, as I wrapped myself around her. I kissed her shoulder and stared up at Tom as he watched. He leaned in and just brushed his lips against mine. There wasn’t quite a spark like there was with Mike, but my pussy was throbbing for him.

He licked my lips, and I parted to take his tongue against mine. I felt Mike’s body on me then, caressing my thigh as he kissed Charlotte who was kneading my left breast. kartal escort

Tom stood and pulled me away from the two. They reattached immediately, unaffected by my absence, before hitting the bed. I could feel his arms around me, but I was distracted, watching my lovers suck on each other’s skin, grinding their bodies against the other.

“As fucked up as it is, this means she forgives ya.” He whispered, taking up a blanket from the couch and wrapping me in it. “Be glad about it…’cause I get to play with ya all on my own now. You’re gonna love it.” He was such a large man, and I was so small, he picked me up with ease.

“Where are we going?”

“Shhh…no questions. Just moanin’,a little scream for me if ya have it…and ya can tell me what you want. Just no questions.”

He made for the door, and I figited, “Wait, I’m not dressed.”

“Aye, I know. That’s how I want ya.”


“It’s dark by now babe…who cares anyway?”

“I do.”

“Ya won’t in a few minutes.” He smirked as we left Charlotte’s apartment, and entered quickly into Mike’s.

This was the most bizarre series of events I had ever been exposed to. I was now in Mike’s house…with Tom, not even with Mike, as I had thought the night would bring to me. He must have known the layout rather well, as he left the room dark upon entering, and I clung to him, in fear of falling. Once Tom sat with me, nesteld in his lap, hard cock begging for release against me, he leaned over to click the light on.

Tom sighed with satisfaction, “Now, let me have a propper look at ya.” He smirked and removed the cover from my shoulders.

I couldn’t look at him as he eyed me up. His hands crept under the cover to feel my thighs, and then squeeze my ass. I was so horny, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what Mike and Charlotte were doing. Tom could tell I was distracted.

“Ya wanna see somethin’?” He smirked at me, hands rubbing deep into my thighs. It did help a bit.

I laughed, shaking my head, “I don’t know.”

“What do you mean, ya don’t know?” He laughed at me, “Ya should be sayin’…’yes Tom, show me your cock.’ ” He used a faux female voice, which made me laugh again.

He eased me off his lap to undo his pants. I looked away, not sure why I was so nervous, after having had a female lover who was my best friend, and a threesome…it just didn’t feel right to be with him for some reason.

“Maggs, com’on, look.” He tried to pull my chin toward him, but I closed my eyes.

“I can’t.” I laughed.

“What! Why the hell not? I don’t get how Charlotte and Mike got ya to fuck.”

“Well, they just…I don’t know. We just did it.”

“Just touch me, you don’t have to look then.” Slowly, I turned to look. I’d rather look then touch just yet. He smirked in amusment of how childish I was being. “Ya gonna stare at it all night?”

“Maybe.” I smiled.

Tom took my hand, and I resisted a little but he was very strong. I relaxed as soon as my fingers were around his cock. He held my hand firmly around him, and started a rythym, “See how easy that is? I know ya’ve done this before, so stop playin’.”

“I…” I just laughed.

“See, ya can’t even make an excuse, cause there is none.” He let go, and I kept at it slowly. “Don’t stop now.” He laughed. “Faster.”

I lightly increased speed, and he grabbed my chin to taste my mouth. Tom’s hands explored my body, as his tongue played with mine. I moaned into him when he pinched my nipples, and when his fingers found my clit it was hard to concentrate.

“Keep going.” He whispered, as my pace faltered with the pleasures of his touch.

“I…I can’t…I can’t.” I moaned in a whisper.

“Then I’m gonna have to stop touchin’ ya.” He teased.

“No…” I whined.

“Why don’t ya suck my cock?” I didn’t answer him. “I’m gonna fuck ya then.” He whispered against my cheek.

“Yea…do that.” I whispered.

“Why ya whisperin’?” He answered low.

“I don’t know.”

“Ya gonna be loud for me?”



He took my hand from him, and stood a moment…wanking as he stared at my body. As awkward as I felt, I couldn’t take my eyes from his. Laying back, I began to fondle my pussy. He came to me quickly then, half kneeling over me, and re-positioning my body beneath him. Tom squeezed my hand, and sucked deeply on my fingers. As he did, I could feel his cock head pressing frimly against my clit in a tortuous circular motion. When I moaned out, he caught up my lips, and I could taste myself on his tongue.

He would slip into me, and pull back out…over and over again. Once completely engulfed inside me, he lingered a moment. He made me feel him deeply, and I voiced how good it was.

He fucked me good and hard after that. Sucking on my nipples just as hard, and that’s when my lips were tasted. I opened my eyes to see Mike. I twisted for him, Tom still pumping inside me.

“You look so sexy.” He whispered. With that I let go, my orgasm hit strong and hard. Tom pulled out of me, and in a daze, I watched Charlotte suck him off as he came hard down her throat. He colapsed next to Mike and I then, with Charlotte between his legs, licking him clean. She winked at me with a smile.

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