Nisan 26, 2021

Madison’s Day

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Richard is 35 years old, 6’2″ tall and 175 pounds. He isn’t classically handsome, but he wears a friendly confidence that always draws people to him. His rugged, experienced charm lay in contrast to his profession as a computer programmer in the San Diego area.

Madison is 22 years old, 5’6″ and 125 pounds. She is not a classic beauty by any means, but youthful and healthy, with flawless clear skin, flowing brown hair and a cute smile. She is friendly but tends to be a bit more guarded. She is a senior in college, ready to launch a career in business management.

The probability that these two would ever cross paths must be billions to one. If such an unlikely event were to occur, the probability that Richard and Madison would spend a several hours together and eventually enjoy a one-time experience that neither would ever forget had to be, well, trillions to one. As we focus our attention on these two, sitting next to each other on a flight leaving San Diego, we realize we are observing an event as unlikely as the aligning of the planets. As we look closer yet, we see them talking to each other, discussing the book Richard held in his hand. We marvel at how well they get along, their easy-going chemistry, and how they really enjoy the company of the other.

Both have significant layovers in Dallas; Richard seven hours and Madison six. Yet again we must be stunned by the probabilities, because only these lengthy overlapping layovers would allow them the chance to spend more time together and allow all of the necessary personal walls to be broken down.

On the flight, their conversation takes a circuitous route. They discuss the worn paperback book, other authors, favorite movies, then finally their work and private lives. Richard has been divorced for five years, and Madison is single and seemingly content. There is a sense of freedom to their conversation, perhaps because they are sharing a time and a space far away from where they live their lives. Or, perhaps, Madison and Richard just simply click in a way that most couples dream about. The plane lands and they eagerly agree to spend their layover time together.

Later, we again focus our attention Richard and Madison, sitting in an airport restaurant booth, nibbling on nacho chips and sharing a drink. Let’s listen in:

“Are you looking to settle down after you get a job?” Richard asked.

“No!” Madison responds animatedly, giggling. “It’s almost impossible to meet guys in college with any plan at all. They just want video games, beer and sex and that’s it.”

“Okay, okay, wait,” Richard continued. “You’ve had two boyfriends, right? Were bahis firmaları you in love?’

“Oh god, no. I don’t think I know what love even is. We went out, slept together, and pretended to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but that’s about it. Sad, huh?”

“You mean like they wanted sex, but weren’t really into you as a person?”

“Yeah…yeah…I mean, I could have been a mannequin and it wouldn’t have made any difference…what a waste of time…”

“Those guys were immature losers, Madison,” Richard said, shaking his head in disgust. “I promise you that you’ll find a guy who will…adore you.”

“That would be great…” Madison added, her voice trailing off. “The way most guys are, they just make me feel sorta used…and gross…”

“Gross? Gross? Oh my God, Madison, you are an amazing girl. Look at you, beautiful, young, confident…you have to know how awesome you are…these guys…they’re just college guys…just kids…”

“Well, thank you…you’re being nice….”

“I’m just being nice?”

Richard looks incredulous. Madison is so much fun to hang around with, so bright and smart, that he wonders how a sane man wouldn’t want to be with her and make her feel special. Somehow, she learned through her experiences with men that she didn’t count for much. It made him angry even to think about it.

“Listen, this is ridiculous, Madison. Let’s you and I go somewhere. Let’s leave the airport just for a few hours…”

Madison shook her head no, but her flirty smile invited him to keep trying. It didn’t take long before Richard and Madison left the airport together, hopped in a taxi and found themselves at an upscale hotel not far from the airport. Richard charged a small room to his card, and off the went together.

We focus on the room now, Madison and Richard sitting next to each other on the bed. Richard looks at Madison…

“Here we are….” Richard begins.

“Yep, here we are…” Madison agrees.

Richard kisses Madison softly. With his hand behind her neck, feeling her long hair flowing over his arm, Richard pulls Madison closer and begins exploring her mouth with his lips and, eventually, his tongue. This is not just a kiss. Richard is intoxicated by her, and he lets her know in ways that only soft, deep, wet kisses can. Madison opens to Richard. She is calmed by his smooth confidence.

Richard does not have sex with Madison. He makes love to her.

At the airport, Richard was trying to explain in words that Madison was fun, cute, sexy and smart. But words are often misused, abused or misleading. We become numb to their effect and they lose their power. kaçak iddaa We don’t believe them.

As Madison lies back on the bed, allowing Richard to explore every inch of her body, Madison became a believer. Richard begins with the kiss, and moves around the rest of her face, kissing her nose, her eyes, her ears, everything. Completely entranced, Madison smiles slightly, giggling just a little when Richard hit a tender spot.

Richard moves down her body, kissing her neck, shoulders and arms before settling in on her nipples. His strong hands cup her breasts. Lovingly, he kisses the tip of each nipple. His tongue spirals around both fully erect nipples, then sucks them between his lips. She gasps just a bit. Richard keeps sucking and licking and kissing them, back and forth, making certain each nipple is fully satisfied.

Richard kisses her armpits, which surprises but delights Madison. He probes down her arms to her hands, where he takes each finger one at a time into his mouth. Richard is not going to leave any portion of Madison’s body unexplored.

After kissing her tummy and sliding his tongue into her belly button (which again makes her giggle), he moves down to her feet, where she receives a long, deep foot massage. He kisses her big toe, then works his way up her calf and her thighs. We can see that Madison is now completely lost in the moment, relaxed, entranced.

Richard opens Madison’s legs and gently kisses only the very surface of her pussy. Madison moans slightly, and unconsciously opens her legs a bit wider. With his thumbs, Richard finally opens her moist lips, spreading them and exposing the tender pink flesh beneath. Richard begins at the bottom, somewhere in that zone between her pussy and anus, and makes one very slow lick up through her pussy and across the hood covering her clit. Madison gasps out loud and opens her eyes, looking down at Richard as he continues to delve deep between her warm folds. Richard then consumes Madison with a need and a passion that surprises even him, the supposedly wise and experienced one. He licks deep inside of her, tasting her, wanting more. Needing more. With hunger now, he consumes her pussy in every way he can. He sucks her lips, licks deep into her hole, lapping up the sweet honey flowing from her body, and returns for more. Each lick is hotter, wetter, more desperate than the last. Richards tongue strokes her clit, moves lower, deeper, only to return and stroke her clit again. Madison cries out, her back arches a little, her hands clutch the bed…and she cums then in waves and waves of ecstasy. Richard is right there with her as she explodes, still lovingly kaçak bahis lapping her pussy, sharing her intense orgasm up close.

It takes Madison a long time to calm down. Richard slowly, masterfully, lays by her side and holds her, caresses her and helps her body wind down. He kisses her cheek, letting her know that he is there for her.

When Madison is finally calm and almost alert, she looks at Richard and says “I need you…I want you inside of me, Richard…we…god…we won’t see eachother again, probably…and I need this…to remember you by…”

Richard then climbs on top of Madison, and slides his erection inside of her. They dance together, enjoying every small movement their bodies share, bringing pure joy to every moment of friction that passes between them. They kiss deeply once more as they dance, once again lost in the sensations, allowing their need to build and build and build. At a heightened sense of arousal for a long time, they continue their erotic dance, delaying orgasm, both trying to push their bodies closer and closer to climax without quite making it there. They reach a peak that they both sense, and Richard thrusts himself into Madison deep and hard, over and over, pushing them over that wonderful peak and causing them both to sweat and climax together. Richard’s thick milky liquid fills Madison deep inside. Madison feels his warmth fill her, and she loves it. Richard kisses Madison again and again as he empties his last drops deep inside her.

They spend another two hours together before they leave for the airport to catch their flights. Talking, laughing, touching, kissing and sharing. Finally, time melts away. They are forced to dress again, leave the hotel and catch their plane.

At the airport, they kiss and hug and hold hands as a couple would, but neither are under the illusion that they would find a way to meet again. They live too far apart, have different career paths, different lives that await them. The fact that they met at all was, perhaps, a miracle.

At the airport now, we see Richard and Madison hugging tightly, a small tear forming under Madison’s right eye. Richard notices, wipes it away and kisses her one last time. They say goodbye, and they are gone, each to their own flights and to their own lives. They would never meet again.

But as we zoom away from this couple, we sense that no longer will Madison settle for anything less than what she wants in her life. Madison would return to college, be successful and ignore the immature frat boys who are out for a cheap thrill. Richard would return to is life with a knowing smile and a restored confidence in his ability to please women. He is a thirty-something man with his whole life ahead of him.

From that year on, for the remainder of his life, Richard secretly honored that day, August 12th, as Madison’s Day.

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