Nisan 26, 2021

Maddi and Josh

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It was the worst night of Maddi’s life she had been kicked out of her parents and then dumped by her boyfriend; she didn’t have her car and didn’t have any place to stay. It was 11pm and she decided to lie down on a bench at the park, where she was. Just as she lay down a man walked up to her he was about 6’1 with short light brown hair a beard and a lean muscle look.

“What are you doing out alone this late at night.” He said to her.

“It’s a long story but I guess this is where I’m staying tonight.” She replied.

“Are you over 18? If not you’re a runaway and should probably go home.”

Maddi only took slight offense to this question. She was 21 but often people thought she was much much younger, people had asked her if she was 16 before. The fact that she was only 5’5 and weighed like 80 lbs, she wasn’t exactly sure she hadn’t been on a scale in a while, with long dark brown hair past her shoulders and bangs that curled down to her eyelashes meant most guys found her very attractive but also made her look very young. Throw on top of that that her breasts were only an A cup and she could see why people were confused about it.

“I’m 21 and my names Maddison I don’t have my phone on me so I can’t call any of my friends and I doubt they would answer this late anyways.” She fired at him quite irritated, not really at him just at the situation.

“Well, Maddison, if you would like you can stay at my house for the night it’s just up the hill a little bit and I have plenty of extra room.”

Maddi thought he sounded quite sincere and it seemed better than staying at a park for the night, even in July the mountain nights got cold this high up.

“Maybe, but call me Maddi everyone bahis firmaları else does and I need to know your name before we even think about this.” She was much calmer now.

“Im Josh. If you want you can even use my phone to call your parents and let them know you are safe.” He had genuine concern in his voice.

“No I don’t want to do that lets just go.”

He led her to his 1990’s beat up ford F150. She got in the passenger side thinking that his house wouldn’t be much of a house at all. She immediately noticed how much warmer she was in the car. Her mini skirt and tank top didn’t provide much in the way of warmth or protection from the wind when outside. They went through the first 10 minutes of the ride in silence.

“Are you hungry?” Josh ventured.

After a quick second of thinking about it, “No not really, just mad” Maddi answered.

“Well what happened why were you at the park so late?”

Once again Maddi thought josh sounded genuinely concerned about this, she let out a sigh before answering, “I had my boyfriend over and was fucking him and my mom started yelling at me for having sex, so I told her that id go fuck him where she wouldn’t know about it then go fuck like 3 other guys just to piss her off. After that my boyfriend and I went to his apartment and had the best sex of my life and after it was over I told him I loved him then he said he could never feel like that about me and that he wanted me to leave and that we were over. I hadn’t taken anything besides my purse with me from my parents and so I didn’t have anywhere besides that park to go to.”

Instead of telling her that premarital sex is wrong and that she shouldn’t be having sex, he simply said, “Sounds kaçak iddaa like a rough way to end what started out like it was going to be a nice easy day of fucking your man. I’m sorry that sounds rough. If you want in the morning you can call your parents and then I’ll take you back home.”

“Maybe we’ll see.” She couldn’t get over the concern in this man’s voice he didn’t seem old enough to have that much concern. “So how old are you you’re way to nice for how old you look.”

“I’m 36 and not married and I’m concerned because I have an 18 year old daughter.”

Ohhhhhh wow he had had a daughter when he was 18 and he wasn’t married, Maddi wondered what had happened to the mother but decided against asking and they were pulling into his drive way anyways and she was shocked he had a huge house.

“You didn’t tell me you lived in a mansion.”

“It’s not that big and its old family property but just my daughter and I live here now.”

He led her inside and showed her where the kitchen was and how to turn on the TV in the living room and then showed her to her room. There was a queen sized bed in there with a dresser and a closet all nice looking furniture and a large plasma TV. “This is one of the empty bedrooms you can use it you turn on the TV the same way as in the living room.”

Maddi was shocked and almost speechless as she lay down she barely muttered a “Thank you”. Josh gently touched her arm, “You’re a very beautiful girl you’ll find another guy who’s nicer to you.” He started gently rubbing her back as she lay on her side and she fell off into a half dream state until she noticed one of his hands going up her tank top and groping her tits. His other hand was working its way up kaçak bahis and down her leg getting higher slowly. Maddi let out a soft sigh and quietly said “What are you doing?”

“Shhhhhhhh just enjoy you’ve had a bad day.”

She could live with that she enjoyed the feel of his hand on her tits and she rolled onto her back to give him better access. His other hand slowly worked its way up her skirt and found her bare pussy; she had left her thong at her exes. He touched it briefly and slid a finger up her cunt for just a minute before pulling her skirt down and removing her tank top to reveal her small braless tits. She heard him take off his clothes and felt him get on top of her, she was a little worried now but to exhausted to do anything about it as he slid his hard cock into her cunt. She had never let a guy not wear a condom before but she could tell he didn’t have one on but the exhaustion of her day made it not matter.

“Your cunt definitely looks like it has been fucked recently,” he said it with just the tip of his cock in her then he started sliding the rest of it into her. It felt like it went in her for miles and miles he wasn’t that wide she could tell but he was long and she had hard shudders twice before he got it all the way in her. He wasted no time in building up to a level of fucking she enjoyed greatly. Maddi had planned to just lay there and let him fuck her but it was so pleasurable she couldn’t help but fuck back. She had her orgasm first, and much quicker than she was used to. Just as she was settling down he shot his cum inside her which caused another orgasm for her. He woke her up again later in the night by sliding his dick in her and this time she just let him fuck her too tired to do anything. But she did tell him she would rather him not right then but that since he was in her he could. He woke her up once more by sliding his dick in her but she just went back to bed as he fucked her.

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