Nisan 23, 2021

M and H Ch. 02

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Mari had never been big on sex. She was small and quiet and tended to keep to herself. Most boys paid no attention to her throughout high school or college, unless they had a “little girl” fetish, then they were just weirdos. Sex, when she had it, was a fairly machine process. One plus one plus one equals three, orgasm, done. Her few boyfriends came and went, and she didn’t really mind it happening that way. She was more concerned with finishing college than dating.

She shared an apartment with another girl, but kept her half of the place sparsely furnished and clean, except for the books everywhere, stacks and stacks of them. Her closet had nothing but jeans, looser-rather-than-tighter, t-shirts, and sweaters. All basic colors, mostly dark, nothing stand-out-ish. A friend of hers actually commented on this once, noting that there was not one dress or pair of special shoes. Her room mate, Tess, even jokingly pointed out the lack of sex toys. Mari blushed and shrugged her off, not caring for the perversions that others had.

Henry was much the same way. He had a girlfriend or two, never really concerned himself with girls. Most were either too shallow for him, in which he out talked and out thought them too easily, or too uptight and feminist-y, in which they would curse him for his perverted male mind. Well, his main problem was that he was a step or two away from being a real otaku. Which is to say, he was a nerd in the extreme. His collection and knowledge regarding the Nerd Arts had very few rivals. He had posters of sci-fi movies, comics books, and cartoon for wallpaper, he made MST3K comments in real life, and he had huge collections of things: toy lines, dvds, comics, manga, and a staggeringly huge amount of porn.

The porn was mostly on his computer, but he had a few magazines and dvds laying around. A psychologist would take one look at his computer and question whether or not he was sane. If he were a suspect in a crime, the police would probably use it as evidence against him. Henry had so much he actually categorized it, and had almost every category you could think of (legally think of, he’s a nerd, not a freak). His last girlfriend actually left him after discovering the collection on his computer. She was so disgusted by it, she actually said she was going to tell as many girls as possible, tainting the “Date Well” for him. He shrugged her off, too close minded for him.

Henry and Mari met at, of all places, a party. It was at the huge flat of some rich friend Henry had. This friend had a girlfriend, who was a friend-of-a-friend of Mari’s (a one Tess). Henry’s friend was moving out of the country, some job in Japan, and everyone had come to show him off. Henry was there almost completely by accident, only coming over to pick up a box-of-crap from his friend, but he decided to stay. Mari was there after being dragged away from her books. Tess forced Mari to be the +1, in an attempt to get Mari away from the drab and boring room.

Henry had spotted Tess from across the room and found her quite fetching. He was also struck by the short girl standing next to her. Though Tess was attractive, but she reminded him too much of his old girlfriend. He decided to attempt to possibly approach the little girl within about two arm lengths. Tess had noticed this, working quickly to maneuver Mari around towards this guy coming near them. Eventually, the two strangers were near each-other and Tess pretended to drop something, bending over and pushing Mari into the guy, causing the cup of water (or what Tess assumed was water, as it was clear and he seemed quite stable) in the guy’s hand to spill. The water hit Mari, lucky shot Tess said to herself.

“I’m so sorry,” Mari began, her voice slightly rasped from not being used that much tonight, she turned toward Tess gave her a look, then turned back, “guess my friend is tipsy and not paying attention.”

“It’s okay,” Henry stammered, “entirely my fault, I was off somewhere else.”

As he said this he had grabbed a napkin off of a nearby table and was padding her chest. Pressing her breast through the thick dark fiber of the sweater she had on. He stopped, his eyes went wide, and his hand took a second to follow the orders his brain was screaming. Mari smirked, actually finding it funny.

“Erhm-um,” he croaked, quickly pulling his hands away, then handing her the napkin, “…sorry.”

She started to pat the wet spot on her shirt, which was actually a small spill and probably didn’t need it. She gave him an aggravated look (because it was a perfunctory thing to do) but widen her smirk to a smile (telling him it was alright and she wasn’t really offended).

They talked for a time. That is, Henry talked, Mari more-or-less responded. She found his random and stammering talk kind of cute, in a way, and was glad he seemed intelligent. He was attracted by the fact she had a shell, which he felt was something to be broken. Well, broken may seem too heavy. Cracked, he felt would suffice.

They bahis firmaları talked for quite a bit longer than either really noticed. So many subjects flew past, the actually lost track of what was talked about. Major, teachers, school, and the waste of money that was a losing set of sports teams. The crowd thinned a little. Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, and how they both disliked the New Galactica. The crowd was much small now, only a few small groups talking amongst themselves, Tess had vanished, apparently finding a date. The types of people they disliked, the goofiness of fashion styles, and tap dancing around the topic of sex. They were one of the last couples to leave, exiting into the darkened wilderness that was the psuedo-suburbia around the campus of the college.

They walked, made small talk as they moved through the night. Each house was the same; same design, same number of windows, same color, same garage, same lawns, same little trees. They were all connected together in one structure per block, the ground level separations were to allow traffic to cross between through building easily, and to access the a small guest parking lot at the centers of some of the apartment complexes. This area around the campus was a buffer zone of a sort, a series of apartments and flats held inside of these cardboard cutout houses. The buffer zone separated the city from the campus, creating a cluster of student housing around the education center. It was attempt to solve the problems of keeping strangers off the campus while housing the student populous that did not commute.

They both lived here in different places, but walked towards Mari’s. She was nervous, very nervous. She never took guys home and didn’t know what would happen. Her heart raced, but when she saw Henry’s face in the glow of a streetlight or reflected by a far off light source, she relaxed slightly. His face was round and kind, sort of pudgy and not well shaven. His eyes were big and blue, a penetrating blue. It was a blue, that when you looked directly in them, you were trapped in them, seeing all of his thought processes, seeing him analyze and think, and she found that quite attractive. His lips were a little on the big side, but not all too goofy, and his nose was fairly normal. He was around 5’8″, average-ish height, certainly taller than her, a little on the husky side, could stand to lose a few pounds, but nothing grotesque. All-in-all, she thought, he must spend a lot of time at a computer. She noticed, though, that she was having an effect on him, his pants tenting every now-and-then.

Henry was excited. His last relationship was a trainwreck followed by a plain crash followed by a hurricane, and it almost had a complete set of gawking onlookers. He was slightly worried though, he felt like he was talking too much, but couldn’t stop himself. He was sure he’d scare Mari off by spouting too many facts or trivia on any given topic. But, she was smiling. Her smile stretched across her whole face, wide and bright. She had an oval head, her jaw was round but slightly strong, well strong for a small girl. Her hair was long a dark brown, so brown, it looked black, especially now. Her eyes were round, brown, and alert, moving from object-to-object quickly, but focusing things that seemed to matter to her. She was little, so little it triggered the “macho, tough, stupid, frat guy” part of his mind, which questioned, “dude, I wonder what it’s like to make it with a small chick.”

Luckily, he never listened to that part of his mind, well not-never, but he mostly kept that part quiet, mostly. Although she wore baggy, dark clothing, he could still discern most of her figure. This was a skill, as he considered it, from years-and-years of girl watching. Well, with a girl like Mari, it was actually quite easy. Her breasts were small, noticeable, but small. Her butt was small too, but had enough roundness to tell him that, like her breasts, there was something there. His earlier, accidental grope fed more into his mental figure computer.

They got to Mari’s apartment, still chattering and joking. But, as they got to the top of the stairs, Mari slunk. On the doorknob, there was a hair scrunchie, bright and neon green. She went up to and flicked it, “well, looks like this one’s taken.”

Henry leaned against the door jam, “’tis a shame,” he said. Mari’s heart jumped. Should she got to this boy’s place. Normally, when Tess claimed the room like this, she’d find some place to kill time, library (if it was open) or in the lobby or someplace.

“Well, I don’t know where to go,” she said, which was, actually, giving him permission to say: “There’s always my place. It’s only a two blocks that-a-way.” He pointed.

She put on a hard, serious thinking face and said, “well, you don’t seem like a psycho.”

He chortled, “well, I don’t eat my victims.”

She laughed fairly loudly, and was actually flabbergasted at what to say. They left together, heading down stairs and out into the night. kaçak iddaa As they left Henry put in, “believe me, once you see my stuff, you’ll know I’m perfectly harmless…or you’ll run in terror from the huge nerd.”


“Holy shiii….you weren’t kidding,” Mari said, in perfect astonishment, looking at the five shelves of his place, filled with figures and models. Jets, classical robots, Gundams (figures AND models), Nintendo characters, trains, Pez dispensers, and even a few girls in their underwear or some type of barbarian get up, muscled, oily, and sword wielding. He lit the room with only a desk lamp, though he had a ceiling lamp/fan. He did this so naturally, it seemed that he wasn’t thinking of mood. But it did set the mood, rather nicely considering neither of them really knew how to set a mood.

They chatted a bit more, but it was a little awkward and a bit out of place. Eventually they were quiet together, looking around the room at random things, nothing really registering. Until, they met each-other’s eyes, staring into one another. They drew closer, moving a bit too quickly, and as their lips were about to meet—clack!

“Owwy, ow, owha, ha , ha,” they both echoed, slightly differently but the same message came across, they’d clacked front teeth and were both caught in an interminable laughing fit. They laughed and feel against each other more naturally, their arms wrapping around each other, they kissed deeply. The connection was made and the wires crossed, electricity passing between them as the pressed together.

They fell over, pushing the energy up with small kisses, hands wandering up-and-down each-other’s backs, hips pressed together. Henry had one hand on her pert butt and ground his erection against her. She moaned softly in the kiss, one of her arms under his head, wrapped around, holding his lips to hers. The other was under his shirt, his body was so warm.

Sometime, a few years or decades later, they pulled apart, a thin string of saliva between their two mouths. Mari had never kissed anyone like that, never felt a heat like that. She could see in Henry’s eyes, it was something new for him too. Henry could see in her eyes, the words unspoken, the wide begging for carnal contact, that desperate request for skin-to-skin contact.

He ran his hands up her back, under the heavy sweater. She did the same, their warm stomachs making contact. They entered another long kiss, they both felt a heaviness that kept the tops on, which only wanted them to feel the molten heat of one-another’s flesh more.

They broke again, things moving quicker now, the build up was too much for either of them, cups overflowing. Mari shot up onto her knees and helped Henry get that sweater off, he returned the favor with shirt. Her small hands were at his neck and she showed him her broad smile. He managed to get her bra off, only having to look behind her once, it only had a single clasp, a low-tier difficultly bra. They both giggled as they made full chest-to-chest contact. She pushed him back onto the bed, her tight legs squeezing his pelvis.

He pulled her up and swirled his tongue around one of her nipples, a small hard eraser-head, he wrapped his mouth around her small breast. She moaned and let out gentle giggles as he alternated between her breasts and alternated the suckling and licking. He easily rolled her on her back and kissed her flat tummy. His stubble tickled her her and she curled up and laughed as he moved down, not missing a beat.

He untied and tugged off her right boot, while she handled her left. He gently but firmly pushed her back to the pillow and unfastened her jeans. He pulled them down, slowly, one leg at a time, letting the cool air of the apartment hit her thighs, her calves, her ankles. He kissed her calf, and stared at her, his bright eyes meeting her’s, anticipation overwhelming. He clawed under her butt, found the band of her panties and yanked them up and over her toes in a swift motion, the white fabric a blur, disappearing somewhere into his room.

Mari’s heart was in her throat as Henry kissed his way down her thighs. She’d rarely found someone that wanted to do this to her, but Henry was more than willing. When his lips touched her inner thigh and she let out a sigh, closed her eyes and rolled her head back. The time between that peck and when she felt his tongue on her clit seemed like a stretch of forevers. When his tongue landed and moved up her lips and over her clit, her back arched and she inhaled deeply.

His tongue swirled slowly, moving around her nub, causing her to grab the sheets. His tongue picked up speed, swirling, darting, moving back-and-forth, up-and-down, flicking, building a tight knot up in her stomach. His lips would closed around her and the hard suck he produced shot up through her, rippling into her throat, producing a moan. One of his hands was on her breast, pinching her nipple. His other hand was cupping her butt, but was moving toward her pussy lips.

Henry kaçak bahis licked his finger and slowly pushed it into Mari’s pussy. She was tight, so tight he wondered if he’d even be able to get his finger past the first knuckle. Put he firmly soldiered on, sending his adventuring digit further into the little girl above him. He kept his tongue pummeling going. She was whimpering slightly, telling him to go slow. Her scent was all around him as he finally got his finger all the way inside. He slowly withdrew it. She gasped slightly and looked down at him with a grin. His finger went back in, much easier this time. He returned the grin.

She was quickly used to his intruding finger, he lined up a second. This went in easier as well, Henry’s fingers looking larger than they really were with her small pussy lips around them, glistening in the glow of the room light. He fingered and licked her, she steamed towards an orgasm. He moved his fingers faster and faster, but not so fast or so hard to hurt her. His tongue and mouth being as random as possible, driving her upward-and-upward towards the ending she was hoping for. It happened! She came, her back arched and she screamed, the world blew away and she could think of nothing but a white glow. Henry’s fingers slowed, and withdrew. He kissed her pussy and crawled up her body.

She didn’t care that his breath tasted like her when they kissed. She wrapped her arms around him, writhing beneath him.

“Hmmm, never happened like that before,” she said, thoroughly satisfied, “most guys won’t even consider doing that.”

“Well,” he said, laying next to her and rolling her against him in a cuddling embrace, “most guys lack the obsessive compulsiveness of a nerd when given a problem that needs solving involving the use of his hands. And, I read A LOT of dirty books.”

She smiled, pushed him on his back and laid on top of him, “well, then I can guess what you’re expecting.”

He nodded and said kind of awkwardly, “well, have you done that, I mean, have you…”

She smiled and touch a finger to his lips, “don’t worry, I’ve read a dirty novel or two myself.”

She moved between his legs, she used her tiny fingers to unbutton his jeans, but managed to grab the zipper in her teeth and pull it down. He had kicked his shoes off earlier, and she yanked his pants off, a few “c’mons” and giggling and he was laying there in his underwear. A bulge, fairly good-sized to Mari’s eyes, it actually pulled the band of his briefs off his body.

She kissed the top of the bulge, hooked her thin fingers into the white band, and pulled them down. His penis flopped out, bouncing up and down, released from its cotton imprisonment. She was on her hands-and-knees between his legs, her cool fingers wrapped around the erection in front of her. For her hands, it was over two hand widths, probably about six inches in length. It was thick enough for her, definitely larger than a D battery, more the thickness of a flashlight. It had a foreskin, something she never saw before, outside of a text book, but the foreskin was small. He seemed almost “half circumsized”. She smiled up at him, licked the head, and said in a sultry voice, “do you prefer it called a cock or dick.”

He grinned at the dirty words coming from her mouth, “cock, honey.”

“Well, do you want me to suck your cock,” she put a slight emphasis on the last word. She was stroking him with both of her hands in a loose grip, enough for the skin of his cock to get used to being hard.

“I want you to wrap those cute little lips around my cock and make me forget about the universe,” he gently ran a finger across her mouth. She moved up and took the head into her mouth, wrapped her cute little lips around it, forming a tight seal around the head. She sucked hard, her cheeks concaving and she pulled her mouth back up the head of his cock, slowly revealing it again. A slurp came out of her lips as she pulled off it, Henry jolted, his left leg kicking slightly.

Mari looked into his eyes and smiled. She held his gaze and took the head of his cock plus another inch into her mouth.

Henry was pinching every pelvic muscle he had as Mari continued. Her big, round eyes staring up at him with his cock in her mouth was almost too much for him. He held the gaze with her as long as possible, but when she started moving her head up and down and the slushing noise started, he had to look at the ceiling and think of England. He instinctively put a hand on her head, both applying gentle pressure and stroking her hair. His other hand was gripping the side of the bed, a handle which he’d hoped would provide him with more muscle power to control his building orgasm.

Mari had about four inches of his cock in her mouth, not a deepthroat but he wasn’t about to complain. She had one of her alabaster hands around the base, fingers gripping him tightly, holding him there so she could work him with her mouth. Her other hand was moving all over him, squeezing his thigh or running up his belly and chest or moving to his mouth, so he could kiss or suck her finger tips. She began to hum and moan in her throat, a vibration running through his stone manhood, reverberating into him.

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