Mart 12, 2021

Lydia, Bridgette , Me

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Lydia was my girlfriend for a couple of years. Our friend, Bridgette, had expressed interest in having a threesome on numerous occasions. I was definitely into that idea. I wasn’t sure if Lydia was though. On this particular occasion (which turned out to be entirely Lydia’s design) we were drinking wine and listening to Primus.

Bridgette started getting pretty buzzed. She decided to show us how she could belly dance. In reality, I was alittle uncomfortable because I still thought Lydia might freak out. This and Bridgette was getting a little TOO intoxicated.

Lydia kept pouring the wine and sat in my lap on a bean bag chair. The whole scene got the better of me and my hands started to wander up Lydia’s blouse. Bridgette had stripped down to her bra and panties to demonstrate her dancing skills. When Bridgette noticed my hands, she told me how lucky I was to get to fuck Lydia. At this point, One wrong twitch and I would have been fucking her.

Bridgette got down on her hands and knees and started to crawl toward us.

“Can I come sit with you guys?”, she asked.

“Umm, OK”, answered Lydia. Bridgette crawled closer and touched the tip of her tongue to Lydia’s knee.

“What should I do?”, Lydia asked me. Trying not to push her into something she’d regret, I said she had to be the one to decide. She said she didn’t know. I was torn, but I told Bridgette to slow it down. She backed up a little. I continued to massage Lydia’s breast.

“Ohhh, I wanna fuck you both so bad.”. At this point she was standing. I got up at this point to speak to her a in a little less charged manner.

“I don’t think Lydia is ready for this”, I said with a little disappointment and alot of hesitation.

“Let me watch you guys fuck! Please.”, she was begging. I was overwhelmed. I turned back to Lydia and raised my eyebrow in an inquisitive gesture. She was rubbing her pussy through her shorts and timidly said OK. I reached down and took her hands to help her up.

“Let’s go to the couch.”, I said. We started toward the couch and Bridgette asked where she should sit. I told her to sit right next to the couch, right below us.

“Can I take off the rest of my clothes?” she asked. Lydia and I looked at each other and Lydia said everything was up to me. I almost lost it hearing that.

“Stand up and take off your bra”. Bridgette stood and reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. Her breasts were larger than Lydia’s. Large breasts were never my thing but she looked fantastic.

“Now your panties” She obliged. I pushed Lydia’s shorts and panties down to her knees together and asked Bridgette to get them the rest of the way off of her. When Brigette’s hands touched Lydia’s knees, Lydia gasped. As Bridgette did that, I pulled Lydia’s blouse up over her head.

“Just kneel in front of us.” I said to Bridgette. Bridgette was leaning in toward Lydia’s sex as if she were being magnetized but she held herself back.Lydia’s bra clasped in the front. I undid it and placed my hands over her breasts. She wasn’t that large and I could pretty much cover her with my hands. I was trying to be gentle, but I was so excited that it was difficult. Lydia showed no sign that I was handling her too roughly.

“Stand up.” I told Lydia. She did. Her pussy was inches from Bridgette’s face. Bridgette whimpered.I took off my sweatpants and shirt quickly and pulled Lydia back down to me. The cheek of her ass hit my dick a little too directly and hurt some and I instinctively smacked her ass. She cried out a little. I turned her with my hands to lay her down on the couch and started kissing my way from her mouth , along her jaw line, down her neck and then between her breasts. I moved to her tits, one with my left hand and pendik escort the other with my mouth. I just barely held her left nipple between my lips and managed too pull it a little. It stiffened unbelievably.

As I started to trace her areola with my tongue and tease her nipple, I looked over at Bridgette. She was up on her knees still, leaned forward on one hand and rubbing herself vigorously with the other. I started to suck the curve of the underside of Lydia’s breast into my mouth. I wanted to consume her. I wanted to consume both of them.

“Pull that bean bag chair over. I want you to sit so we can see your pussy.” She did. Lydia looke d over at her. She kept looking as I kissed and lightly licked my way to the top of her belly. I slowly dragged the very tip of my tongue down the middle of her belly. Lydia had her finger inside of herself too. She dug her middle finger in deep and rotated the ball of her finger hard against her clit each time she withdrew.

Bridgette started moaning as I began to kiss the top of Lydia’s mound. Lydia pulled her hand away and I touched my lips to her open pussy. Her clit toched my top lip and I dragged my bottom lip up her form almost her vaginal opening and up to meet my top lip. I pinched her clit between my lips. Bridgette let out a sound that sounded like a cry crossed with a scream.

I began to suck Lydia’s clit, occasionally stopping and running my tongue down to her hole. I would bury my tongue as deep as I could and then bring it back to her clit and apply as much pressure as my tongue could before drawing her clit back between my lips. Soon she was approaching orgasm. She started to buck and so I held tight to her hips with my hands. As she came, she thrust forward hard and split my lip against my front teeth. I could taste blood as she settled back down into the couch. I didn’t care. All I cared was that it was about to be my turn. I raised myself up to my kness and pulled her down lower by grabbing the flesh of her ass and pulling. She looked up into my eyes in complete submission.

“Lydia?” came Bridgette’s voice, “Can I kiss you?”

“OK” Bridgette leaned kissed Lydia…gently sucking her lips at first. Then they were kissing each other enthusiastically with open mouths. I felt Lydia’s fingers grazing my balls. She touched them gently for a few seconds and then wrapped her fingers around my dick. She pulled it toward her pussy. I didn’t think I could last long. I felt as if I was ready to cum right then. Bridgette’s breast was pressing against my arm as I felt the lips of Lydia’s pussy touch the head of my dick.

… I took my dick out of Lydia’s hand. I was afraid if she pushed me into her I would cum right away. I wanted her pussy to stay clean because it seemed as if she might be ready to let Bridgette taste her. Using my hand, I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her slit, letting it linger a little longer over her clit at each pass, manipulating it from side to side. After a few times, I brought my dick down to her opening and pushed the head in a little. I could hear her breathing quicken. I pushed all the way in just to hear her react. She made an ‘mmph!’ sound and Bridgette backed off some to see me penetrating Lydia.

“Oh my God.”, Bridgette said through heavy breathing. I withdrew slowly and began to push back in. This was going to happen too fast. I pulled back out of her.

“What’s wrong?” asked Lydia.

“I don’t want to cum in you yet… I want Bridgette to have a chance to taste you first. I’m going to cum way too fast right now.”

“OK”, she replied weakly, “What should I do?”

“I need to know what I can do and what you’ll do”

“Do you mean can you fuck Bridgette?”

“Yeah, and will maltepe escort you fuck Bridgette?”

“Wyatt, you’re the boss. I’m gonna do whatever you say”

“OK then sit up in the couch” I told her, and she did. I told Bridgette she could sit on the other side of Lydia. As Bridgette climbed up onto the couch, her hand went straight inbetween Lydia’s legs. Lydia responded immediately. She pushed back against Bridgette’s hand with little gyrations. Bridgette rubbed her for a few seconds and put her fingers to her mouth and sucked Lydia’s fluids off her fingers. Their eyes were locked to each others. For the first time, I saw the fear go out of Lydia’s eyes. She looked hungry. She twisted her torso about in an inviting gesture, never breaking eye contact with Bridgette. Bridgette dropped back down to her knees in front of Lydia and began to go at her as if it were her last meal.

I needed to cum so badly. I got up on my knees and faced Lydia. She knew where I was headed. As she ran her fingers through Bridgette’s hair, she took her other hand and guided me into her mouth. She lightly scratched under my balls and sucked hard. I only lasted about ten strokes and erupted. Lydia often had difficulty not losing some of it, but this time she swallowed everything. I collapsed next to her as Bridgette continued to display her talent.

As I watched them, I rubbed the palm of my hand lightly over Lydia’s tummy and massaged her breasts. I was quickly becoming ready again. I felt bolder now and slipped off the couch and began carressing Bridgette’s hips and ass. Lydia looked on and offered no objection. I ran my finger along the outside of Bridgette’s pussy and she writhed in response.

“Fuck her.” Lydia said authoratively. I positioned myself behind Bridgette and slid myself into her. I was much more in control of my response at this point. I began to fuck her in slow half strokes. For several strokes at a time, I would just barely push the ridge of the head of my dick past the outside of her vaginal opening and barely back out again. Her pussy was beautiful and wet and she was definitely reacting to the extra width of the head of my dick.

Finally, the lust started building too strongly in me to continue so gently. I thrust forward. Bridgette’s face was pushed harder into Lydia. As I thrust over and over, I became excited by watching the shock waves ripple through Bridgette’s. Lydia wrapped her legs around Bridgette’s head. I took Lydia’s feet in my hands for leverage. Lydia and I looked into each other’s eyes. It was if Bridgette was our sex toy. Suddenly Lydia stiffened up. She closed her eyes and jerked in little spasm like motions. I had seen this many times before. She was about to explode. She clenched her face up and I continued fucking Bridgette almost abusively. Lydia gasped and started to try to slow her body movements. Sometimes she would be sensitive after cumming really hard. She was at that point now, but Bridgette was gyrating uncontrollably. She was ready to cum and was licking Lydia’s pussy fast. Lydia was almost crying.

“Please! Stop… just for a minute”, but Bridgette kept up. Lydia looked as if she might breakdown when Bridgette raised upright quickly and reached back behind her to grab my ass. She pulled me harder into herself and I could feel her flesh close in on my dick. The added sensation started me back to that climb toward orgasm. Bridgette was already there. She threw her head back next to mine. Her soft, cool hair felt and smelled heavenly. I held her breasts, clutching them and pushing them upward. Bridgette cried out and ended up pushing me backwards. We fell into the bean bag chair.Bridgette went limp as I continued to slide in and out of her.

Lydia actually looked kartal escort a little jealous. She looked down at my dick pushing into our friend’s pussy.

She looked back up to me an said, “I’m going to lick her cunt.”.

I thought, “Here we go again.” I was getting closer. I watched as Lydia dropped to sevice Bridgette, but I felt her mouth and tongue on my balls. She sucked them into her mouth and pulled back to let them back out. She teased her tongue up the front of my balls and to the shat of my dick. My thrusts became minute. Lydia licked straight up onto Bridgette’s pussy. Bridgette and I were both entranced watching Lydia bathe us both in her saliva. Bridgette was getting worked up again and began to move more. Now it was Lydia that was our sex toy. Lydia grabbed the loose skin of my balls as she licked us. This stopped the skin of my dick from moving, thus increasing the friction between my dick and Bridgette’s vaginal canal.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum again” I groaned.

“Do it in my mouth again.” Lydia almost sounded demanding.I started to pull my dick out of Bridgette.

“I need to cum again too” whined Bridgette. “Please?”

“Get on his mouth then”. Lydia was definitely running the show now. I couldn’t believe it. Bridgette turned to face me and looked as if to ask if it was OK. I took her leg and pulled it over me so she was straddling my chest. I reached my hands between her legs and grabbed her ass to pull her to my face. Lydia leaned forward to look over Bridgette’s shoulder. As her pussy settled on my mouth, Lydia told her to fuck my mouth. Bridgette started to rub her pussy on my mouth. I probably didn’t even need to offer her my tongue, but I was dying to taste her. She worked herself on my mouth and I looked up to see Lydia’s hands all over Bridgette’s stomach, breasts and the luscious flesh of her hips.

I felt the lips of Lydia’s pussy on my dick. She pulled Bridgette’s back against her body and looked at me. I needed her pussy so badly and she could see it.

“What should I do now, Wyatt”. Now she was only pretending to be submissive. What she wanted was to hear me say it. “Let him answer”, she told Bridgette. Bridgette slid her pussy down against my chin.

“I want you.”

“What about me?”

“I want your pussy.”

“Dirtier…and be specific”.

“I want your fucking cunt impaled on my dick, so I can cum in you”. I was ready to turn the momentum a little. I reached around Bridgette and grabbed Lydia’s hips and pushed my way into her. Then I pulled Bridgette’s delicious womanhood back over my lips. I was in heaven. Lydia was feeling Bridgette all over her body as I licked Bridgette and fucked Lydia. Lydia reached under Bridgette’s ass and started to finger fuck her as I drank her juices. Suddenly it seemed as if all three of us were ready to blow. Bridgette pushe her back against Lydia as she had done to me as I felt the muscles in Lydia’s pussy twith and cotract. I came. Two seconds later, the girls came together and I felt a wave of extra fluid on my face. I consumed it liberally. We all collapsed onto the floor for several minutes. I laid so I could kiss Bridgette’s pussy gently, and she did the same to Lydia; indifferent to my cum in her.

Bridgette suggested we shower together. We did. It was crowded but fun and shortly I acheived a state in which my dick was bumping into one or the other girl each time I turned. This time, Lydia let me cum inside Bridgette.

We all stayed friends after this. It never even got weird. We spoke of doing it again, but Lydia went off to college and our relationship ended. I was with Lydia a couple more times over the next year and I was with Bridgette whenever one of us got horny enough to make that call.

Over the winter, Bridgette and I fucked while another girl from the neighborhood watched. This was pretty hot too but “Tina” couldn’t participate because it wasn’t a good time of month.

I will never forget those girls as long as I live.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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