Mart 8, 2021

Lust for my Best friends Sister_(0)

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Authors note: please give me good criticism and if not at least comments are welcome! thank you!

‘To know how to lust for something you cannot have..
to know they are too young for even they do not understand..
how they look to us is just another excuse to stare at them with ogling eyes..
so sweet so soft of skin untainted by other hands to feel the first brush of smooth tight and virgin skin..’
Opening it for the first time my heart was racing, blood pumping to my crotch, rising and hardening with every pulse. I whisper “It’ll be alright I’ll go slow.” I hear an exasperated “okay Dan.” I feel her nod against me. I push inside and hear her gasp in pain I know what to do but I fear what will happen.

‘How is it that I’m the one taking it from her? I thought Jake’s sister was the slut of the school! And she has never had sex? Well fuck yeah!!’

I hit the organic barrier and freeze up, chills run up my spine and across my arms, “Are you ready?” I hear myself ask but realize that I was the one to talk. She nods again and I know that I can’t stop now, its already in place, and I’m already moving. I feel her tense and bite my shoulder to muffle her loud scream. The blood is now on my skin, I don’t know what to do now she whispers to me saying “Its in now. Can you believe it? I’m shaking! It still hurts though..”

Then it hits me i finally realize what I have done. I defiled my Best friends Sister, yes she is younger than me but just barely legal, now I’m scared, I don’t know what to do and start to panic thinking ‘what have I done?! My best friend is never going to trust me again!’ and right then she reassures me by telling me “There is nothing to worry about. I won’t tell my brother anything.”

I begin to push myself into her warmth and I feel more than see or hear her wince at the pain she just says “Keep going, its okay it will get better as we do this just go slow.” I continue to push in and see her wince again but keep going at a slow pace, I finally bottom out as my cock pulses within her completely. She grunts at how full she is when I’m all the way inside like that. I pull back and hear her sigh. I push back in blood coating my skin and dripping down onto the sheets between her soft smooth innocent cheeks.

She gasps at how deep I’m pounding into her and I realize that I’ve been speeding up my thrusts, going deep and fast. Her moans and gasps now getting louder with every thrust, she moans to me to “Go Faster Harder!” she screams as I comply and I feel her tight hole flexing around my hard prick plugging up her love bahis firmaları hole and then it happens: a gush of liquid shooting around my prick.

She looks down shocked and embarrassed of what she did and says “I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to do that whatever that was..” she looks away shy and embarrassed readying herself for rejection, I know what she did and I thought its the greatest thing ever and i tell her “Its perfectly fine stephanie! You just came!” She looks at me and asks “Is that a good thing then?” I push into her again making her moan again emphasizing when I say “Yes its a very good thing that you came!” I begin to thrust into her again automatically making her scream in pleasure thrusting deep inside of her my 7 inches of meat stretching her young newly devirginated pussy to its full extent.

I latch my mouth onto one of her small nipples as i push a little deeper to accommodate. She wraps her arms around you moaning and gasping “More. Give me more Daniel!” her nails digging into my back as she begins her next explosive squirting orgasm. She screams “I’M CUMMING!!!” as her nails dig in further and scratch down my back and i just keep thrusting inside of her to continue the massive orgasm.

She gasps for air when it finally subsides but she’s moaning louder and louder and she squirts a third jet of cum all over when i pull my rock hard cock out and see her squirt across the room. I look back and see how far it went and thrust back in. Craving more of it but I feel my own orgasm building up to explode and erupt out of my purple throbbing head. I say “I’m gonna cum!” she begs “cum inside of me dan oh fill my pussy up with your hot cum!” But I know all too well what could happen. I have only a split second to make a choice.

My cum gates have opened already and i feel my first pump at my cocks tip and think ‘ah fuck it!’ I push in as far as i can and with every thrust into her I pour my hot cum into her tight little snatch. and she moans out saying “OH yes baby thats it make me your cum dumpster! i want all of it inside me!” and While she said it she cums all over my now sensitive raging meat stick prolonging my own orgasm as I spurt more of my seed inside of her. I lay down cuddling next to her cock still inside her now violated and sweet pussy, and think to myself ‘how much did I cum inside of her? It felt like a cup of cum just spurted into her tight vag.’ I realize that my cock is not shrinking like it usually does after I jerk it off.

I ask “Are you good for another round? ‘Cause I’m still hard. and rearing to go again!” she looks at me kaçak iddaa with a strange look on her face I recognize it as a wondering look and curiosity takes over as I ask “What is it? Do you not want to?” She replies “No that’s not it I’m wondering if you would think me too strange and nasty if i wanted you to..” she trailed off. So I ask “Too strange and nasty if you wanted me to what?” she says “I don’t know I just want to know how it feels..” “How what feels steph?” I ask getting a little annoyed by how vague she gets sometimes. “You in my ass.” “haha! That’s why you think your so strange and nasty?!” I ask her and she immediately sets her composure again to her normal sexy self again as she replies “Well is it not that bad that I want to at least try it?” “Nope in fact tons of girls have tried it and some of them even like it!” I crow matter-of-factly.

Then I ask the question. “Do you have lube for it? Cause without it, its going to hurt a lot more than you think it will.” she looks away again and admits to her ignorance. “i didn’t know it would hurt like that I just thought you could use my pussy juice to get in after I take a shit.. wouldn’t that work just as well?” “Well i guess it could but it takes force to get in the tight sphincter just as it is but if you want to try then go get ready for it!” I tell her in confidence and she heads off to the bathroom now I’d be lying if I told you I thought that anal was a total turn off for me so I’ll be truthful! I think its fucking hot as hell! When steph got back I was rock hard still and ready to ram her extremely tight ass. “so how are we doing this?” she asks me. “well my cock is going to get wet in your pussy again and I’ll quickly go from your pussy to your asshole to start pushing inside okay?” she nods as if her voice has gone dry with fear and the thought of pain.
I enter her still wet pussy and it still seems to have my cum inside it to help me slide in easily while she moans at my meat rode spreading and stretching her even more than before I ask “Are you ready for it?” I see her head bob down in a nodding motion. I pull out and quickly stab my cock tip into her ass. She gasps at the entry surprised by the swiftness. I start to push and she screams “Oh god it hurts, it hurts, IT HURTS! Go slow please, please go slow!” I slow my pace and every once in a while i would stop so she can accomodate for my invading rod. I continue to push my hands firmly holding her hips so she can’t pull away or squirm out of reach. Nearly halfway in she gasps as my cock tip finds the filling point and wonder if its like a virgins hymen. I push kaçak bahis at it and it seems not to budge I pull nearly out and slam into it and it gives a little bit as steph screams in pain which only turns me on more and I get thicker stretching her ass even wider. She grunts as her sphincter tries to accommodate the thickness of my pole. I slam into her again and my tip goes in deeper. I do it a few more times and my balls finally slaps her clit as she grunts again saying “Oh shit that’s really deep!” I look at her sweaty face and flex my member and she gasps and moans at the sensation. “Are you ready for your first ever anal experience?” I ask.

She moans out the word breathlessly “Yes.” I start slowly to fuck her now stretched ass and something clicks in my head. ‘Did my cock get bigger?’ I thought for a second still pushing my meat deep before thinking ‘oh well its whatever!’ and i push into her ass hard and fast and she moans “More, fuck me harder Daniel!” for a split second i thought ‘this babe is asking to get ripped up!’ I sped up and rammed harder into her ass as she starts to scream in pleasure. her pussy now dripping mine and her cum as she screams in time with my thrusts into her “I’m. Going. To. Cum. Again!” her ass started to flex on my stone hard cock making it almost impossible to pull out or push deeper in and it pushed me over the edge as I grunt “Oh god here it cums!” I shot my first string of sticky hot cum deep into her asshole and she kept cumming. I could feel the jet of her orgasm slam into my ball sack. ‘my god she was a true squirter! ‘ I thought.

My second string of cum shot into her and then a third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and finally started to stop the flow of cum. I came even more than last time. ‘Whats going on?’ I look down at steph and her body. She looks like she’s in pain I ask “whats wrong?” “There’s so much cum in my ass now. It’s taking all of my strength just to hold it inside Dan! And if you move your cock out its going to spill out everywhere!” she tells me. “We will clean up all of it after I pull out” I tell her and she agrees. I pull her to the edge of the bed and pull out my cock, my cum shoots out of her ass and she lets out a sigh of relief as it poured out onto the ground “Oh my god! Look at all of that cum!” She was pushing the rest of it out now and it seemed like there could be a quart of cum on the ground now! She looked at me and said “Is this your regular amount?” ‘No its not’ I thought but I could only shake my head to answer her.” Next time that’s going in my pussy! It won’t hold so much at one time!”

Comments are welcome negative and positive! since this is my first story i need good criticism thank you for reading my story and met me know if i should continue!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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