Mart 12, 2021

Luann’s Revenge

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Luann and I stood next to my car in front of the dive bar I had found her in. We were straining to remain civil to each other as I told her to leave with me and she told me to fuck off. Ok, so we weren’t that civil. I had found her after hearing from her roommate that she had gone out with some friends that night. We were supposed to go out that night but she stood me up. She had found out about a date I’d with had with another girl the night before and I guess this was her way of getting me back. Here she was, dressed to kill in her little black skirt, open white blouse and fuck me pumps yelling at me to get the hell out of here and let her enjoy herself. I yelled back, then she yelled, then I yelled and well you get the idea. The bottom line was that she was going to stay at this dive bar with one of her roommates and two guys I had never laid eyes on before (and I’m not sure she had either) and I was going home hard cock in hand.

I was still upset a few hours later. Not so much at what she was doing, I suppose I did deserve it, but more that I had yelled at Luann. Plus, I was still horny and knew after a night of drinking Luann would be aching for a fuck. I drove the short distance to the house she and her two roommates shared, parked the car and assessed the situation. There were no lights on and no sound was coming from the house. I was pretty sure she wasn’t in bed yet, after all it was only around midnight. I was contemplating what I was going to do when I heard a car driving up the hill and instinctively knew it was Luann. Since I could plainly see Luann’s car in the driveway I also knew she would not be alone in the car. I felt I had already made enough of a scene earlier and being a little embarrassed about that decided to hide and let her friends leave before talking to her.

Sure enough a white jeep drove up and out poured Luann and her three friends. Luann was obviously three sheets to the wind and Jen, her roommate, looked as if she were about to pass out. I was close enough to hear Luann say, “Will you guys help me get Jen to bed?” There was plenty of smart-ass cracks and giggling but in the three of them walked. I waited about ten minutes for the guys to leave but no one showed up. What the hell was going on in there? The house was situated on a hill but had a huge back porch with plenty of shadows to hide. As I made my way back there I could clearly hear voices and realized that the three of them were sitting in the living room with only the sliding screen door and a few well placed shadows separating me from them.

Luann was sitting on the floor, leaning back on her hands with her legs crossed straight out in front of her. She still had those sexy black fuck me pumps on. Her skirt seemed to be riding up a bit, not that it had far to go and her blouse seemed to be unbuttoned one more notch. The guys were on the couch, a couple beers in hand transfixed by my sexy girlfriend. The three of them talked about nothing, sipping on their beers and generally doing some light flirting.

“So who was that guy tonight?” one of the guys asked. My ears perked up.

“He’s my pseudo boyfriend.” Luann replied.

“Pseudo?” asked the other obviously seeing ataşehir escort an opening.

“Well…he’s a good fuck but sometimes I don’t think he knows what he has in me.” Her mouth seemed to pout on the word fuck and I think three cocks suddenly jumped in unison.

“What does he have in you?” whispered the guy closest to me.

Luann smiled seductively. There was a silence you could feel as Luann slowly drew her knees up just slightly…and it wasn’t to get more comfortable. Both men’s eyes darted toward her knees obviously in prime position to see her panties if she were to accidently open her knees. She tossed her head and her hair to the side and giggled that drunken giggle only a girl who is dying for some sex can do.

“Oh,” she whispered, “you want to get personal, huh?” There was no answer. If both guys’ mouths were as dry as mine I could understand their silence. “Let’s just say I’m pretty wild and kinda submissive and my boyfriend knows how to take advantage of both those qualities.”

They sat in silence for a second that seemed to last forever. The door had been thrown open and there was a huge blinking neon sign saying come in. What would the guys do?

“What has he made you do?” croaked the second guy.

“Do you guys want to hear a story?” Luann whispered innocently. I could not believe how hard my cock was at this very moment. She had these two guys wrapped around her finger. “I’ll tell you what…I’ll tell you a story but you both have to do exactly what I say while I’m telling it. Is that agreed?”

“We’re not kissing each other!” said the second guy.

“If at anytime you want to leave you can.” As she said this her legs parted ever so slightly and two sets of eyes darted toward her knees.

“I’m in,” said the first guy.

“Yeah, me too” said the second guy.

“Good.” She said this as she got up. There was complete silence as she glided around the room, lighting a candle and turning off the lights. She came back to the couch and kneeled in front of both of them.

“Like I said I’m kinda submissive and my boyfriend likes to use me as his sex slave. He has me do all kinds of things for him. Usually it’s wearing slutty outfits or sucking him off where someone might find us. But the first time we ever played this little game was the hottest. We had talked about it and decided to try it. We picked a Saturday night when we were going to a party. I was to wear a miniskirt with no undies. You know I’m not wearing any underwear right now either.” As she said this last part she rested a hand on the knee of each guy. The guy closest to me began to move but Luann held up her finger and he obeyed like a good little boy. “He had me wear some black high heels and a blouse very much like this one. He also had bought me a very tasteful black choker. It was meant to remind me that I was his slut for the night. I showed up at his house at 7:30 prompt. When he answered the door he stood there for a few seconds and just looked at me. ‘Are you ready to do anything I say tonight?’ he asked. I nodded. ‘If at anytime you want out of the game the code words are Red Hot Chili Peppers. If you don’t say this I will assume that kadıköy escort bayan anytime you say no we are still playing. Are we clear?’ I said yes. Then he told me to turn around and pull up my skirt. I did it and then he said to spread my ass. I did that too. I heard some rustling behind me and then felt something against my asshole. He had shoved an anal plug in my ass.” As she said this she began to rub both men’s thighs. “Did I mention I love anal sex?” she asked with her best Catholic high school girl voice. Both men dumbly shook their heads no. “Well I do.”

She continued her story, “He told me I was to keep that in my ass all night. I was so wet at this point I would have done anything he said. He invited me in and said we were going to wait for a friend before we headed over to the party. Now at this point I got nervous. What was another guy doing coming over? Well, a few minutes later I heard a knock at the door. ‘Stand up slave.’ He commanded me. ‘Open one more button of your blouse.’ I did and then he had me answer the door. Andre was a close friend of my boyfriend’s. He was about 6’4″, muscular and…black.” Luann’s eyes darted up into both the guys’ faces. She was enjoying this incredible tease but had apparently decided to take it further. “Why don’t both of you take off all your clothes but your underwear.” I personally have never seen the sound barrier broken by a pair of jeans but sure enough, in about 2.4 seconds both men were back on the couch in nothing but their boxers. Luann began to rub their thighs in earnest. Slowly from the knee up under their boxers and just to the left or right of the bases of their cocks, which were jumping spastically.

“My boyfriend had me sit next to him as Andre sat on the other side of the L-shaped couch. He and Andre made small talk for awhile and then Andre looked right at me. ‘So you’re going to be my boy’s sex toy tonight, huh?’ I must have turned 5 shades of red. Both men looked at me in anticipation, judging my reaction. Finally I figured what the hell. I mean it’s not like Andre was a stranger. He was a good friend of my boyfriends and the times we had hung out I had liked him too.

I looked Andre straight in the eyes and said ‘I am my masters’ to use and enjoy tonight’. Andre said how hot that was and asked my master what plans he had for me tonight. ‘Well, I’ve got a few ideas. She’s already got a butt plug up her ass right now’. I couldn’t believe he had said that. I was so embarrassed. But you know what? My pussy was really getting wet. ‘No shit! Let me see,’ Andre exclaimed. My master told me to show him. I lifted my skirt, bent over and spread my ass as wide as I could. If he wanted me to show myself I was going really enjoy it. Over the next half an hour or so both men ordered me in various positions, showing them my ass, pussy and tits.” At this point Luann stopped rubbing the guys’ legs and looked up innocently. “Oh…do you guys want to see my tits?”

Both men had to shake themselves out of their enchantment to nod their heads yes. Luann slowly took off her blouse and bra. She licked her fingers and then ran them along her nipples. “You may both play gently with one breast each.” escort maltepe Again these guys moved at warp speed. Sitting up on the couch they began to fondle a breast each while Luann’s fingers began to dance in around and over their engorged boxers. My cock was so hard I could have cut diamonds with it. I slowly took it out and began to stroke it.

Luann continued her story, “by now I was clad only in my high heels and a choker sitting on the couch with my legs spread as wide as possible. The boys had wanted to see me spread my pussy lips. By this time I was so horny I wanted to fuck both of them. ‘Luann,’ my boyfriend said, ‘are you a good sex toy? Are you my slut to do with what I want?’ My pussy gushed as he said this. I wanted so badly to be his slut. I told him that I was his and would do anything he wanted. That’s when he told me to go get his camera in the bedroom. Now, usually this would shock me but not that night. I ran into the other room, grabbed the camera and ran back to the living room. My boyfriend was whispering something to Andre, who said ‘Oh, hell ya, just don’t get my face.’ I knew right away what was going to happen. ‘Luann, get on your knees in front of Andre and take off his pants’ my master commanded me. ‘Luann, do you want to suck Andre’s cock?’ Oh, yes I said. ‘Then do it.’ Yes, master, I said as the flash bulbs went off. Out of the corner of my eye I could see my boyfriend moving around us taking pictures at different angles.”

As Luann said this she reached in and pulled out both men’s cocks. “Would you two like to see how I sucked his cock?” They both nodded dumbly.

Luann alternated from cock to cock to story. She told them how we had both fucked her in the pussy, ass and mouth. She told them how we had used her as our own sex toy. She told them how many times she had come. All the while keeping both men on the edge of coming themselves. Finally she said how when we were done with her we all got dressed and took her to the party. And then she asked them to come for her, “Please come for me…I’ve been a good slut for you tonight haven’t I? I want you to come…please…please come in my hands…please…” the begging continued while she stroked them faster and faster. I stroked my own cock in time with her hands. First one guy, then the other guy, then I came, all within 5 or 10 seconds. I felt spent. The guys looked spent. But Luann was full of energy.

“I want both of you to dress and leave right now. If I ever hear word of this night it will never happen again. But…if you’re both good boys…we’ll see. Now get dressed.” Both men dressed and Luann walked them to the front door. Giving both of them a kiss goodnight and saying a few more things I couldn’t quite make out she ushered them out the door. She walked directly back towards where I was hidden. “I know your out there, asshole, you parked right in front of the house. Get in here.”

I was caught. Had she known I was there the whole time? “I…I,” I stammered. For the first time in our relationship I was not the one in control.

“Shut up and listen! If you ever go behind my back and fuck some other woman again I’ll leave you. I’m too good to you to be treated like that. And I’m too good a fuck aren’t I?” Her tone and expression changed while she said the last part. She slipped off her skirt (she hadn’t been wearing underwear!), sat on the couch and spread her legs wide. “Now come show me how much your little slut turned you on tonight.” And I did.

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