Nisan 28, 2021

Loving Daniel Ch. 06

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Loving Daniel Ch.06 – Soixante Neuf

Daniel and I were at my house for a video night one weekend. He had shown me his favourite erotic film, Bodyheat, and I’d reciprocated by showing him mine, Breathless. We were lying in each other’s arms on the sofa as the credits rolled when I turned to Daniel and said, “I’m so fucking horny right now, D.”

“Well do something about it,” he replied. He didn’t even bat an eyelid so I leapt at him, dragging his shirt off over his head, tearing my own shirt off and pressing my breasts against his naked chest. I covered his mouth with my lips and began to kiss him insistently as I tugged at his belt and trousers, then pushed him to the floor so I could pull them off him completely. I tossed Daniel’s pants back on the sofa, dragged my own trousers and underwear off, flicked them aside then looked down at Daniel.

“Sit on my face,” he said to me, grinning, so I nodded in agreement. But to Daniel’s surprise, I slung my right leg over his torso, doing an about face, and knelt on all fours over his body, my ass hovering somewhere above his gaze. I teased him, pushing my ass high and out of reach as I leaned forward and ran my tongue down the length izmir escort bayan of his flaccid dick. It twitched under my tongue’s touch and began to rise.

“Shall I kiss it again?” I said to Daniel over my shoulder. He maneuvered his right arm out from under me and above his head then struck me on the right buttock with a cold hard slap. “Ow!” I shout and scowled back at him.

“Brazen hussy!” he said, laughing. I bent my knees a little and lowered my ass back down towards his face. Daniel cupped my ass cheeks with his hands and made me pause in my descent while he inspected my ass. He spread my cheeks with the thumb and fingers of his left hand, then drove his right index finger past the tight outer ring and deep within my rectum.

“Ergh!” I muttered and tossed my head back, closing my eyes, holding my breath and willing my muscles to relax. But he was only exploring; Daniel withdrew his finger and placed his hands on the smooth white globes of my ass again. I lowered myself a little more, and he took a gentle bite at each cheek, then guided me backwards until my sex was right above his face.

I returned my attention to Daniel’s crotch and was delighted to be escort izmir greeted by his member, now standing fully erect. My heavy breasts hung down towards Daniel’s belly as I touched my lips to the tip of his cock.

“Suck it!” he instructed, and I complied, but with the head only. I puckered my lips and began to suck gently, drawing the glans into my mouth, tickling it with my tongue, then pushing it out again. Daniel groaned then grasped my hips and slammed my cunt onto his face, burying his tongue within the moist pink flesh. I grunted as he began to work with widespread licks up and down the length of my trench. I dropped my mouth right over the head of his penis then and began to work my lips up and down the length of the shaft.

Daniel dragged my hips back and clasped my clit with his lips, so I lowered my torso completely onto his, my thighs positioned on either side of his head, his nose buried in the outer edges of my snatch. My breasts pressed against Daniel’s abdomen as I continued to work on his cock. I grasped his left thigh with my left arm, and reached over his right leg to cup my hand around his balls. I massaged them lightly as I continued to suck, then rested them izmir escort in a gentle grip as I began to squeeze them in rhythm with Daniel’s licks against my clit.

We continued like that for sometime, our bodies locked together, rocking backwards and forwards on the floor, stroking each other’s sex, enjoying the comfortable way we fitted together. When I felt a twingeing sensation build between my legs I realised I was about to come. I held my pelvis still, allowing Daniel to whip my clit with his tongue. I kept working on his cock and was taken by surprise when suddenly my mouth was filled with Daniel’s warm, salty cum. I paused there, my mouth almost overflowing with saliva, cum and cock, while I closed my eyes and focused on my clit until it finally contracted, causing me to come on Daniel’s face.

I wanted to cry out in pleasure, but my mouth was otherwise occupied. So I neatly slid my lips back up the shaft of Daniel’s cock, over the head, then closed my mouth and swallowed. My mouth burst open, gasping for air.

“Oh God that was good, D,” I said. And when Daniel didn’t reply, I realised it was because his face was still buried in my cunt. I raised my hips and rolled onto my left side on the floor beside him.

“I quite agree,” Daniel said at last, and when I looked over at him, I noticed a glistening white drop of juice on the tip of his nose. I turned around, leaned over him and licked it off.

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