Mart 7, 2021

Loving Care in a Care Home Ch. 04

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Life in the Care Home had turned out to be much better than being old and home alone. At the moment I was still involved with Paula the cleaner and our TT meetings, TT was loving on Tuesdays and Thursdays (hence – T. T.). I was a happy chap.

Plus my kids had sold my house for over a million pounds. They had got me a very good sum for the house which I had worked all my life to purchase and they grew up in. So I paid off both their mortgages on their own homes to say thank you and gifted them £10 grand each to go on a lovely holiday with their families. Amazingly I still had three quarters of a million pounds sitting in my bank account. I left it there and pretty much forgot about it.

The most senior member of staff in Kerridge Care Home was Matron Lynn Coldwhistle. She led the Senior Nurses and the Management team. The inhabitants of Kerridge Care Home never saw much of the management team or of the Matron Mrs Coldwhistle, who were happy being aloof in their ivory tower of power.

Mrs Coldwhistle was a nurse reminiscent of the chief female chief nurse in the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, that had Jack Nicholson in it.” Mrs Coldwhistle was gorgeous, tall, blonde, good looking but very strict. She had no sense of humour and a stickler to authority. She was in her mid to late 30s and married.

Mrs Coldwhistle was good looking and wore a spotless white uniform. She drove a BMW, had owned all the latest tech products; Apple iPhone, mp3 music player, Apple watch and Canon massive telephoto zoom camera with more pixels than Chinese people in a Chinese phone book called “Lee.”

When I spoke to the Care staff, they said she was wealthy, her husband had a well paid job, her kids were at university, she lived in a large detached house on the edge of town surrounded by countryside and empty fields. She, her husband and family went on the most exotic holidays each year, to Hawaii, Bali and the Seychelles No package holiday trips to Spain or Greece for them.

Mrs Coldwhistle came to see me the next day. “Ahhem!” she said. “Its come to my attention that female staff are spending excessive time with you Mr. Norman.” She looked at me with a stern look on her poker face.

“This is not acceptable, you may be punished if this type of thing continues!” She said. “There are rumour from residents that a lot of noise comes through the walls of your room.”

“Oh dear” I thought to myself. “Old Warren Warburton next door in his wheelchair must have better hearing than I thought.” Many of the women in the home referred to his “wee chair” as it smelt of piss quite often. Unfortunate guy. But why did he drop me in the “shizer housen” I never did anything bad to him.

I snapped out of my day dreaming as Mrs Coldwhistle stood up in her buttoned to the top of her neck white nurse uniform. She poked me in the shoulder as she said “If I catch you doing naughty things with staff members you are out of here? Did you hear me? Out on your arse?” then she got worked up and angry “having sex is not allowed, and if any witness comes forward and says that you are the man having sex with staff then, then , then…”

Mrs Coldwhistle was lost for words. She had steam coming out of her head, her face was purple was the blood pressure her anger generated. She slammed my room door as she stormed out. “Phew, she got really angry then!” I said to myself. “What a Cow! A pretty cow, with a nice arse, but still a Cow!”

Meanwhile my cleaner and current love, Paula had bad news. She guided me out of the home’s front entrance. We went outside in the grounds and out of sight of the Care Home. Then she spoke.

“I know its not Tuesday or Thursday but I need a bit of Herbert.” She positioned me against a tree and knelt down in front of me.

Herbert was out of my chinos immediately as Paula softly munched on him. His helmet started to pop out of his foreskin “Oh!” she groaned. “You are so big Herbert you don’t have a foreskin it must be a five or sixskin.” then continued. “This is the last time Herbert!” as she put a big lipstick kiss around his base.

Once he was good and hard Paula sat me down; my naked arse was on the grass, my back on the tree. Herbert was pointing directly up at the tree’s branches which the sun shone through as the summer day passed the yard arm. Apparently her husband had returned home. He was made redundant, he had not found a new oil field for six months, so his company let him go. His loss of usefulness was passed on to Herbert who was also made redundant in my trousers. Paula, his biggest fan was now going to be at home with her husband. Herbert was not to pop out to pleasure anyone for quite a while it seemed.

Rather than be sad I thought back to the lovely women I had already enjoyed; Mel, Dot and Paula so far. “That was very good going!” I said to myself and then sat down to look at the TV. I enjoyed watching Wobbly Hilloughby on morning TV but not the dope; the grey haired young man colleague of hers. Who is that young dope escort dikmen with grey hair, what an oddball. But I really like Wobbly, so I put up with grey balls, as I called him. Then I drifted off to sleep with a morning glory for Wobbly in my pants.

Nadia my gorgeous foreign carer woke me up with a bowl of soup and a ham sandwich for lunch. She looked fantastic as always in her robes, but she was not her usual arrogant anti-sexual self. In fact she was very sad. I asked her to sit on my couch and I sat next to her.

“Can you tell me what is going on?” I said. She did not want to tell me. But eventually after ten minutes of encouragement and positive chatting she opened up.

She said sadly “My husband Yousef has been arrested. I am so disappointed.”

Nadia with her big brown eyes and gorgeous light brown skin colouring said as she wept.

Tears fell down her face. So I closed up to her and put my arm around her.

“Don’t worry I am sure he has not done anything wrong.” I said

“My family panicked that he may have been talked into becoming and Arab fundamentalist or terrorist of some sort. But no, that’s not why he has been locked up.”

“Oh dear!” I said “But a least it is not that terror issue that has caused this.”

“What has he done?” I said as I stroked her hair with one hand and gently squeezed her shoulder blade to ease some of her tension with the other.

“I no talk about it” said Nadia. Strangely seeing Nadia upset had set Herbert off which was odd. He was standing to attention in my trousers. “At ease!” my brain ordered without any any notice being taken by Herbert.

“It seems my body wants to show her affection to cheer her up. ” I thought.

“Go on, get it off your chest Nadia. I won’t tell anyone what ‘useless’ Yousef has done and it will help you get over this if you share your problems with someone you trust.”

She leaned into me so I put my arms around her and squeezed her trying to help.

“You are a kind man” she said. “You have so many positive attributes and I am so disappointed in silly Yousef, it is hard to resist you. I have seen Hairbutt so often. I want him now!”

“Are you sure?” I replied. But then my mouth was occupied as she kissed me. She was hot, her tongue was long and worked its way inside my mouth. Her tears stopped as she became more intense rising up in her seat to climb over me. Her hands undid my shirt buttons and squeezed my grey haired 75 year old chest muscles. Then she pulled my shirt out of my trousers and opened it out fully. She rubbed her hands over my upper body smiling at me. Then using both hands she began to loosen and undo the waistband of my trousers. She worked Herbert and my balls out of my clothes into the bright sunshine and warmth of my room.

“I’ve wanted this so badly.” she said.

After an hour or so later Nadia said “Yousef had been arrested as people he knew had been found guilty of Child Grooming in the neighbouring town, and they ran a sex ring. While Yousef was not being charged with being in the ring, there was some evidence of him talking to young children.”

I was very sad for Nadia to have to go through something like that. Plus I felt a bit guilty as I had used the situation to have and own a long standing unobtainable woman of a different religion and plough all her holes thoroughly in that afternoon. It is so good to have fantastic sex with a gorgeous female who you never ever expected to cum all over or to come to you.

Mrs Coldwhistle was knocking at my door at 9am in the morning. I let her in. “You were seen a couple of days ago in the Care Home grounds having sex! Really!” she shouted once she shut the door. “Plus there were noises of sex going on in your room yesterday afternoon!” Her angry eyes stared down at me. “I can throw you out of the home now” she said. “Sign this form and get your stuff together.” she said.

I thought about what she had said for a second then looked more closely at the form. It said “Residents who want to leave Kerridge Care home sign here…” Hmmm I thought. “Well I actually don’t want to sign.” I replied to Mrs Coldwhistle. “Just sign it and fook off” she said. “I really liked Paula, she had worked here for over 20 years and she resigned so you did not get kicked out.”

“Did she?” I said. “I didn’t know anything about that.” I was surprised. “Yes you dumb fuck” Mrs Coldwhistle said. “She left to save you! Why would she do that! You nasty piece of work!”

“Sign it, Sign it” Mrs Coldwhistle said again. “Nope” I said and opened the door into the hall for her to leave. “Well things are going to get a little nasty for you now.” she said and left.

Just as Wibbly Wobbly and her lovely legs on show, finished on the TV. There was a knock on my door. “Ah oh dear,” said a lovely young girl. “I think I got the wrong room. I’ve come to see my nanny Olive.” she said. She looked at me while I thought for a moment. “Well actually the lady who lives next escort elvankent door to my left is called Olivia. Is that who you mean?”

“Yes we call her Olive for short” she replied. “I will knock next door, thank you.” She said. I walked to my door while she walked to the next door along the hall. She rang the door bell, no answer so she tried again. I was looking at her in silhouette as she stood side ways on to me. What a shape with big curves. If the outline of her figure was made into a road motorcyclists would love the smooth and lovely curves and bends and ride it as often as possible.

“I don’t think Olive is in.” I said. “Would you like a cup of tea or a cold drink?” I said. “She will probably be back in 10 minutes or so and its no problem to wait with me.” “Yeah, I could do with a cold drink” she said. “I’ve come straight from College and am a bit knackered and thirsty.” “Ok, come have a sit down in here on my couch and take it easy.” I said.

I left the door to my room open so Bronwyn, the grand-daughter of Olivia could see when her Nan returned while she chilled out and sat on my couch.

Bronwyn told me about her family, her nutty brother, her 18th Birthday party last month. She also revealed through her conversation that she has a lack of understanding of sex, that she was unaware that she was absolutely gorgeous and that she knew nothing about males. I thought to myself she is an open page in a blank book. I am going to get to her centre fold and write my own agenda in her sex life, open up all closed doors and bring her and her two big tits to the present day. With Herbert’s help of course.

Later on that day, I was in the common room, I heard rumours being talked about. Mrs Coldwhistle had no money. Her husband had lost his job or had been ill. Her kids were going to be kicked out of university. Her BMW was back at the dealership.

I thought to myself “Well that’s what happens to a nasty person. Kismet.” But then I thought:

“Actually I don’t like to see anyone landing in the crap without a paddle.”

I felt a bit sad for her while I remembered how cute she was. But then moved my thoughts on to when all the shouting and nastiness from her came back into my head.

Meryl from the management team was in my room when I returned. She looked a lot like her triplet Cheryl, the Facilities Manager. But Meryl was in charge of finances. She chatted a bit, while I observed her long legs, lovely thighs under her short skirt, interesting fine facial hair over her lip, large chest, wide hips, glasses and hair raised up high on top of her head.

Once again Herbert started to make his presence known. I politely asked “Why have you come to see me? Not just to pass the time of day is it?”

Meryl looked at the ground, with a look of desperation on her face. “Well, as you know I am in charge of the money around here. So I know what our residents have or have not. I don’t share this information as you know the law prevents that. But I do know that you are wealthy with a lot in your bank.” I was starting to feel a bit angry about someone talking about my money without my approval.

“You had better get to the point before I get pissed off with you and call the Care Home Ombudsmen.” I said.

“Please, please” Meryl said looking very scared. “Please don’t do that” she said seductively. She leaned forward in her seat and I could see down her blouse. Most of her large rounded and fully tanned boobs were visible with her bra hiding just the nipples. Herbert got my attention while she used her tits to distract me; she was able to talk further.

“Well I was wondering if you could help out our line manager. Things have taken a down turn for her and now life is getting very tough for her. Her husband’s earnings have dried up, her kids don’t know it but they will be soon turfed out of University and every day letters are turning up from Bailiffs and Courts for unpaid bills. She could do with some help financially and I think you would be in a good position to assist because you have large amounts of spare funds.”

“Are you talking about Mrs Coldwhistle?” I asked. “Yes” replied Meryl. “The cheeky cow. Has she sent you to ask for this?” I asked Meryl. “Well erm I erm …” she said. I interrupted her and spoke. “She has been a nasty piece of work to me lots of times and now she wants my help and she cant even come to ask me herself for some help. Or even apologise for being horrible.”

“So the answer is No, No NO!” I growled. “Cheeky piece of work she is. But Meryl I like you and you’ve got some balls (or well ovaries being a girl) coming to ask me for help. So tell the nasty shit to come and ask me herself and I will consider what she has to say. But the answer is No until she comes to see me.”

“You see my husband is not well and has had to stop working. His sick pay has run out. This has been a disaster for us, because we are mortgaged to the hilt, we pay our kids university bills, our own escort emek household bills and lots of other things by direct debit that I don’t know what they are. Needless to say by the end of the month we will be broke. Our kids will have to stop and leave University, we will lose our home, car, etc., everything will go down the pan. Can you help me I can’t let my kids suffer or lose our standard of living. I will do anything I can if you can come to my assistance.” said Mrs Coldwhistle on entering my room two days later.

I left her sitting there looking very meagre. All the snobbishness and aloofness was gone. She was well dressed in her white uniform, tights and white shoes.

“Well how much are you looking for Mrs Coldwhistle?” I asked. She looked at me petrified. “Well actually I am in a big mess and to get out of it I’m going to need ten grand.”

“What! Really £10k are you kidding?” I fired off without thinking. “That is a lot of wedge!”

“Please, please help me Norman I really am desperate…” I looked at her. I stood up out of my chair. I walked up and down my room as I thought. I looked at her as I walked past.

“Ok, I will help you Mrs Coldwhistle” I said. “I don’t like anyone to be dropped in the shit. Plus your kids are innocent and will get their lives wrecked getting kicked out of Uni if I don’t assist. But you, YOU, Mrs Coldwhistle are going to have to make a few changes if you want my help.”

“Stop being so aloof and smug. Be more warm hearted and friendly to us residents. Change your attitude to a more pleasant personality. Be approachable and heart warming.” She answered “Yes I can do that Norman.”

I continued “Mrs Coldwhistle, if I am helping you out financially to the sum of £10k I will need some extra curriculum activities. Since you sacked Paula I have no affection in my life and I really need some. With Herbert I could make you Mrs Hotwhistle if you get my drift?”

“What do you mean?” she said. I looked at her without speaking.

“You will help me if I change my attitude and mood? I can do that but are you alluding to sex? You want sex with me for money? I can’t do that. I will be struck off the medical register. Plus it would wreck my marriage.” Lynn said.

“Oh dear. Listen.” I said, “You owe me big time. You have been horrible, nasty and mean to me for months and months. You tried to kick me out of here, you got Paula sacked and you made nasty remarks about me with members of staff. You need to grow up a bit and stop being such a shit. Now its up to you. You give in to me and you get what you want or its Bye Bye to the good life. What is it going to be?”

“You are a dirty old man! I can’t stoop to such depths for money.” She said.

“OK” I said “You will back down in time so I will leave my offer on the table until the end of the week. After that its too late, I wont give you any help and you will be on your own.”

Days pass with no news or even an appearance by Mrs Coldwhistle. Then on the last day, Sunday at 8pm there is a knock on my door. There is a quite dejected looked Mrs Coldwhistle standing in the doorway. I decide to help her, so I take her hand and pull her into my room and close the door behind her.

She does not speak or move. So I start the ball rolling. “Take off your Nurse’s hat and let your hair down.” She does not move, frozen to the spot. “Come on!” I say “I have your money right here.” She takes her hat off and I run my wrinkly hands through her hair. Long blond and down to her shoulders. I kiss her neck and nibble her ear. Its nice to feel like getting pleasant payback from a nasty but attractive bitch. I kiss her lips but there is no response. Cold, closed off and apathy are etched on her face.

Her white nurses overall is snap fastened up the front from the bottom of the skirt line to the top of her neck. “Unsnap and open open your top.” I say to her.

She responds automatically like a robot. Unsnapping but keeping her top closed.

I think for a minute. Then say “Give me your knickers.” I think if I get them now while she is still clothed she is more likely to give them to me as her pussy is still under cover. This question seems to rattle her cage and she looks at me before bending one leg and carefully putting her thumb in one side of her small underwear. A tight white thin pair of knickers land round her ankles. She lifts one leg out and then lifts the other so she can grab them with her hand before she throws them to me. Dry as a bone as I put them on top of my head. Trying to break the ice I have no luck.

“Pop the rest of the snap fasteners please.” I say next. Her perfectly clean and starched white overall is opened up front all the way down past her knees.

“Take it off.” Nothing happens “Take it OFF!” I repeat. It drops to the floor revealed an amazing body clad in white undergarments. A White basque top holding her waist in and her tits up. A suspender belt, very high white stockings with suspenders on to the belt, a naked nude and blonde fanny. She has blond hair and a blond pubic hair. Her “Cuffs and Collar” do match which is a first for me. Her white shoes have a heel but fairly low even so she is the same height as me. Her skin is a nice slighlty tanned colour, not blue white like some natural blonds are.

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