Mart 12, 2021

Love Thy Neighbor Ch. 03

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I was in Heaven, of course, taking Jessica’s ass while Rick impaled her pussy with his cock. Her bottom felt so damn good to me, once more, a little looser than earlier for obvious reasons, but that was no issue to us. The sight of those tanned, oily buns, damn if those weren’t the most beautiful things in the world! The way that she reacted to being sandwiched between her husband and her new lover, her neighbor, that was very intense…she clearly exulted in it.

“Fuck..this is the greatest sex..ever!” Jessica exclaimed, proving that there was no fucking way that she’d ever return to monogamy now, with or without Rick.

That ship had sailed. I was pretty sure that it had for Rick, too, being not too modest. He couldn’t pretend that he was straight now, that he didn’t like being sodomized, could he? He had bent over and bottomed for me. He had felt my thick rod penetrate a part of him that many men would never surrender. He couldn’t unring that bell. No matter what, the three of us would know that he had yielded his virgin asshole up to another man. In front of his own wife, no less.

“Oh…FUCKING HELL!” Jessica screamed now as I bottomed-out inside her not-as-tight bum now.

The fact that her husband was now balls deep inside her dripping wet cunt didn’t hurt matters, either. She was very much filled and stretched out, too, her sultry flesh crammed between our sweaty, manly bodies. We had her neatly trapped, but she didn’t want out of our grasp, anyway. Far from it, of course. Jessica was absolutely engulfed by us, just as we were by her. It was an experience that few could match, of course.

“Oh…damn…I’ll never give up your cocks..either of you, I swear to God! I NEED THEM BOTH!” Jessica shouted as I pushed in and out of her sweet ass all over again.

As for Rick, his butt was likely sore from being pressed against my mattress while Jessica rode him, but he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he was so excited that he kept struggling not to cum just yet. I couldn’t blame him. Marriage generally seemed like a real drudge, but marriage to a fine-ass woman like Jessica, that was something different. It wasn’t just her looks. It was her attitude, at least once she broke free of all that “morality” crap (though as a Catholic, I didn’t doubt that she felt incredible guilt even now).

At last, it was too much, that tight booty, that very slick pussy, Jessica’s repeated orgasms as she got drilled escort kartal by the both of us. One thing was sure..I knew who my favorite neighbors were. I would invite them over a lot, especially to spend the night. What man in his right mind wouldn’t keep boning a luscious lover like her, especially with the husband’s blessing..and participation as a bonus? As close as we were, we were about to get much closer still, weren’t we?

I found myself cumming inside her wonderful butt, flooding her bowels before planting a really hungry tongue kiss right on her pucker. I couldn’t help but show my appreciation for that delicious derriere that I now shared with Rick. God, she was one tasty woman and that ass was made to be fucked as well as spanked and eaten! Rick spilled his seed now inside her exquisite cunt and she creamed herself all over again with a very loud and animal shriek. We all collapsed together on the bed to doze off for a good hour or two in that position, me on top, Rick on the bottom, Jess stuck between us to her obvious delight.

We all knew the score by now. This wasn’t a one-time fling or hall pass. This was a very permanent affair, a menage a trois, a lasting relationship between three people all intimate with each other. We were stuck with each other and we wouldn’t have any other way.

I awoke to find Jessica wiping my cock and Rick’s with wet washcloths that she had freely borrowed from me. Then she slid in between us, all three of us lying on our backs, taking our hands in hers for apparent pillow talk among this little triad of ours. She cleared her throat and kissed both of us very amorously on the mouth, with no shortage of tongue, I might add.

“I..I..I..think that I’m falling in love with you, Bruno. I..don’t think that it was just tonight, either. I’ve..noticed these feelings, but I was in denial. Tonight really brought it to a head. The thing is that I’m a Catholic. A wife. A Christian! I’m not supposed to be smitten with anyone other than God and my husband. And I am in love with Rick, even more so now, especially after tonight. He has truly proven himself to be the best husband of all time in my book.

“So, that’s the deal..I love two men, and luckily for me, you both seem willing, even eager, to share me. I’ll probably split Hell wide open when I die, but it will be worth it to have you guys’ love..both of your affections. I’m not naive. I know that part maltepe escort bayan of this that helps make it work is that you two dig each other, that you’re clearly bisexual, both of you. I not only don’t mind it, but at the risk of being the worst Catholic wife in the world, I LOVE IT!

“So, as to fidelity, well, you guys have earned one hell of a right to screw around, haven’t you? With each other, with other women, with other men, with drag queens..I don’t fucking care anymore. Sure, I’ll get jealous now and then, but I forfeited any right to hoard my two guys, especially when it might hurt them or endanger our new bond, the moment that I became Bruno’s lover as well as Rick’s wife.

“If I’m going to Hell when I die, so be it, but I want Heaven on Earth until that day. Then I can look the Devil in the eye and tell him, ‘You can roast me forever, shove a red-hot pitchfork up my cornhole, tear the flesh from whatever new body I have, if any, but you can’t take away the memories of when I loved two handsome, beautiful, delectable men and they loved me back. I’ll let those memories comfort me in eternal torment.’

“Considering that, it seems kinda petty to worry about your own side action, don’t you think? I’ve got bigger fish to fry. I’ve got bigger problems, you know. So, at least for my side of things, what I propose is that you guys have carte blanche with other partners. Period. Simple as fuck. Do whatever you like, as long as they’re consenting adults, okay? I don’t mind. I don’t care. If anything, I’ll enjoy hearing about it at times, even when it makes me jealous now and then.

“So, whatever else happens, how about this proposition…that the three of us never break up, that we continue to fuck each other as much as we wish for life, and that we face eternity together in each other’s arms?, me, and Rick. With apologies to Julia Roberts, I’m just a girl, sitting between two boys, asking them to love her. So, what do you guys say?” Jessica boldly proposed her new agenda.

“Well, I can either go to Hell for divorcing the sexiest woman alive for doing what I approved her doing in the first place, or I can go to Hell for staying with the same lady, sharing her with another man, and getting plenty of strange myself. Mmm..let me see. Kind of a no-brainer to me,” Rick grinned very widely.

“And you?” they both turned to me in unison, the fucking cutest couple on pendik escort bayan Earth in my book.

It was uncanny how much their minds seemed to be on the same page.

“Well, looks like I got myself a new girlfriend, doesn’t it? And a boyfriend..and they’re both married. To each other. And the boyfriend is apparently a bottom. Sweet deal. Just know that I am still fucking my cousin, Lauren, last I checked, and my boss.

“My rather married boss, I might add. Nina. I don’t know what her deal is with her husband. I don’t fucking care. He’s a dick, anyway. Trust me. I’ve met him. It was all I could do not to smirk to his face, knowing that I plow his wife regularly.

“Hot damn, I think that I’m the luckiest man alive! Though, married to this cutie here, I could understand why you’d disagree. Well, guys, want they say, ‘Netflix and chill?’ I’ve always wanted to say that to someone…this was the first time that it really made sense.

“Lauren doesn’t just want to hang out like that, not that I’m complaining. She wants to wear out my dick and come back for more. Then she cooks…and boxes..and practices martial arts, and swims..and other things. She loves to make me sweat…in very helpful ways, not bad ones. But just watching the boob tube? That is so NOT my cousin! She’s a very active tomboy type.

“And my boss, well, she’s another man’s wife. She’s not gonna stick around for that, is she? Not very likely. Doesn’t want to get caught, you know. I’m not even sure why she married the prick, to be totally honest. I doubt that she’ll ever tell me, either, but it’s probably none of my business. So, I’ll keep butting out and focus on the booty with her.

“So, while I like their deal…I love this. A nice bit of couch potato action. I like the balance, the contrast. But most of all, I like the comfortable, domestic feeling…a family life..without the monogamy baggage, you know. The best of both worlds,” I smiled as I kissed them both on the lips…with tongue.

“Sweetie, I love it, but can you let me watch my Walking Dead? Pretty please?” Jessica pouted.

“I’m guessing that this is one of those ‘yes, dear’ moments that really do make sense. And that’s your answer, babe. Yes, dear,” I winked at her.

“Yep, sometimes, that actually works out in the guy’s favor. The rest of the time..,” Rick rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, I know. The rest of the time, happy wife, unhappy life. I getcha..speaking of wives..would you have boned Lisa if you were Shane?” Jessica asked us both now.

“Fuck, yeah!” we both smiled as we said that at once.

Damn if that couple didn’t already fit in with my life a lot faster and easier than I ever imagined!

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