Nisan 27, 2021

Love Down Under

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The mid-morning sunlight cut through the kitchen blinds, casting bright stripes on the bench-top where Olivia had stationed her laptop and mug of coffee. It was Valentine’s Day and Matt hadn’t reserved anywhere yet for dinner.

She typed ‘best restaurants in Sydney’ into Google and waited for the results to pop up. If he couldn’t be bothered booking a table on the most important night of the year, she would do it herself and hit him where it hurt the most; in his pocket.

Olivia was distracted by an email alert flashing across the top corner of her screen. She just about caught the name before it faded away. Ethan Hollander. A surge of excitement shot through her as she closed the restaurants tab and opened her emails. It had been at least a decade since she’d seen that name, or the man it belonged to. Her heartbeat quickened as she double-clicked on the message.

Hi Olivia,

I hope you and Matt are keeping well. I bumped into your sister over Christmas and she mentioned that you’re in Sydney now. I asked her for your email address, hope you don’t mind…

My ship is in Sydney overnight for repairs and I’m coming ashore, just wondering if you and Matt fancied meeting for a beer.

I know it’s Valentine’s Day and you probably already have plans, but it would be great to catch up.


Her stomach somersaulted as she read his email again just to check it was real. She wondered what he looked like now. He didn’t have any social media accounts and previous attempts at finding photos of him online had always resulted in nothing. She was 18 the last time she’d seen him, just a teenager. He was breathtakingly handsome, even at that age, muscular and chiselled with film star looks and a mop of tousled brown hair.

They’d been at high school together, her Ethan and Matt. The boys had played rugby for the same team. Olivia had always felt a strange connection to Ethan, but something or someone had always prevented them from hooking up. Even now though, at almost 30, just the mention of his name was enough to make her tingle with excitement. She couldn’t pass up on an opportunity to see him again.

She could hear Matt padding down the stairs. She tightened the belt of her silk dressing gown and instinctively ran a hand through her hair. Olivia knew that she needed to get Matt on side if this meeting was to go ahead.

“Morning, baby,” she said, hopping down from her stool and wrapping her arms around his neck. He felt warm and clammy, a victim of the sticky February weather.

Olivia hoped that Ethan had aged better than Matt. Good-looking in his teens and early 20s, Matt was now distinctly average. His once thick hair had started to recede and his six-pack had been replaced by a beer belly. He didn’t play sport any more, tuzla escort complaining that his high-flying job in banking took up too much of his time. Since moving to Sydney two years ago they’d been leading separate lives. Olivia occupied herself with yoga, beach visits and the odd freelance graphic design job, whilst Matt spent 14 hours a day working and commuting.

“Morning,” he said, sliding his phone out of his dressing gown pocket and clicking straight into his email app.

“Guess what?” she said cheerily, pulling away to refill the kettle and make a pot of coffee.

He mumbled an inaudible response as he scrolled through the dozens of unopened messages.

“Do you remember Ethan Hollander?”

“From school?” He looked up briefly.

“Yes. He’s in Sydney,” Olivia said, popping two slices of bread into the toaster and reaching up into the cupboard for fresh cups. “He bumped into Claire at Christmas and she gave him our email address. He’s only here for one night and he wants to catch up for a drink.”

“Tonight? On Valentine’s Day?” He pulled out a stool and reached across for the steaming cup of coffee Olivia had just poured.

“I don’t really care about Valentine’s Day,” she lied. “Who wants to sit in a restaurant and pay for an overpriced meal, surrounded by other soppy couples doing the same thing?”

He shrugged, she could tell he was secretly pleased that they wouldn’t have to go out and blow $500.

“Yeah, arrange something, whatever you think,” Matt said, returning to his emails as his interest in the conversation evaporated.

Olivia chose her outfit carefully, trying to find the balance between sexy and casual. She decided on ripped denim shorts which ended just below her butt cheeks and a lightweight white shirt with a nude bra. The white showed off the tan she’d built up after two Australian summers. She piled her long brown hair into a messy bun and accessorised with subtle silver choker.

She had emailed Ethan straight back and offered to BBQ some steaks in their garden that evening. He had also accepted her invitation to stay in the spare room and save on a taxi fare.

“I’m going to pick Ethan up,” Olivia shouted, grabbing her keys from the hall table and banging the door shut behind her. She had offered to collect him from the harbour where his ship had docked and drive him to the house.

Ethan was standing near one of the port’s admin buildings with a backpack slung over one shoulder and a carton of beer resting by his feet. He was tanned from his time at sea, wearing a casual blue shirt with the first two buttons undone and a pair of Wayfarers.

Olivia’s heart pounded hard against her chest as she pipped the horn of Matt’s Audi and waved. She felt a sudden, unexpected twinge between her tuzla escort bayan legs as Ethan started to walk towards the car. He’d aged like a fine wine.

“Olivia, so good to see you,” he said, planting a kiss on her cheek and throwing his bag onto the back seat. “Sorry for the short notice, just thought it would be good to catch up”.

She flashed a wide grin and sped off towards home, trying to concentrate on the road as Ethan took in her curves and long, bare legs. Maybe she’d imagined it, but she was sure she’d seen the outline of his cock stiffen slightly through the thin fabric of his shorts.

Matt was already tipsy by the time they arrived back at the house. He must have been downed a few whiskey and Cokes in the time it took Olivia to pick Ethan up.

He had lit the BBQ and turned the fairy lights on in the garden. It was a balmy evening, bordering on humid.

“Great to see you buddy,” Matt said, eyeing Ethan’s gym-honed physique. “Are you still playing rugby?”

“Nah, not anymore,” Ethan said, taking a swig of the cold beer Matt had given to him. “I have to keep fit for work though.”

“What is it you do exactly?” Matt asked, turning the steaks over on the BBQ as Ethan settled into one of the deck chairs.

“First Officer on an oil tanker,” he replied, catching Olivia’s eye across the table.

She poured herself a glass of cold white wine and momentarily closed her eyes, imaging him on the bridge, barking out orders in his uniform. The ache between her legs came back.

Matt stumbled down the hallway with Ethan and Olivia on either side for support. It was after midnight and he had downed the best part of a litre of whiskey. They lay him down on top of the covers and he immediately passed out, snoring lightly. Olivia knew that he wouldn’t move again until morning, when his hangover hit him.

“Thanks for a great night,” Ethan said, hovering in the doorway. He turned and walked towards the stairs.

Olivia gently closed the bedroom door and slipped out of her shorts and shirt. She undid her bun and allowed the long, brown waves to fall down her back. Matt’s snoring had grown louder. She turned the air-conditioning unit on so he wouldn’t wake up sweating and then pulled her silk dressing gown around her naked body. She didn’t have to touch her pussy to know that it was already wet.

Olivia padded up the stairs and tapped on the door of Ethan’s room. He was still up, she could see the light shining under the door. Without waiting, she gently pushed the door and stepped inside.

Ethan was sitting on the edge of the bed in his underwear. His clothes lay in a crumpled pile at the foot of the bed. He raised his head to meet her eyes and stood up, his cock straining against his pants. Olivia paused for a second escort tuzla to make sure that Matt was still snoring below them. She slowly untied the belt of her gown and let it slip to the floor, allowing Ethan to see every inch of her. He let out a low groan and moved towards her, kissing her forcefully as he guided her to the bed. He reached down towards her wet pussy and slipped two fingers into her slit, bringing them out and licking them clean.

Her clit was throbbing as she lay back on the bed. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d needed to fuck this badly, or the last time she was this wet.

Ethan knelt on the floor beside the bed and placed her legs over each of his shoulders, bowing his head as he drew her pussy towards his mouth. A wave of intense pleasure rushed over her as he greedily ate her, flicking his tongue against her pulsing clit and driving it deep into her. He placed his hands underneath her butt and raised her pussy even closer to his face as she orgasmed.

He came up to kiss her. Olivia could taste herself on his tongue as his cock pushed against her thigh. She needed him inside her.

Ethan flipped her over. She knelt on all fours in the middle of the bed, thrusting herself out as an invitation for him to take her. He gently ran his finger down in between her ass cheeks and aligned himself with her hips. Olivia gasped with pleasure as he filled her pussy, thrusting in and out in time with his grunts. He was fucking her like a wild animal, harder and deeper than she’d ever been fucked before, and it felt incredible.

Ethan came quickly, falling against her as he pushed himself to a climax. He gently pulled out, letting his cum drip down her inner thigh.

Olivia twisted round to face him, pulling him down against her breasts and letting his cock fall against her. She didn’t speak, worried that words would break the spell. He was hot and clammy, exhausted. Olivia wanted to cum again, needed to. Her appetite was insatiable tonight, as if she had ten years of desire pent up inside her.

As if reading her mind, Ethan grabbed his shirt from the floor and gently wiped between her legs. He shuffled back until his face was against her pussy again. Slower this time, he licked every inch of her clean and moved his tongue up and down her slit. He paused for a second and licked his index finger, sliding it under her and into her anus. She arched her back in pleasure. He slipped two other fingers into her pussy and continued to suck her until she exploded with the most mind-blowing orgasm of her life.

It was almost dawn before Olivia dropped off to sleep. She was back in her own bed, Matt slumped beside her. She’d heard the front door close a little after eight as Ethan slipped away to re-join his ship. For a moment, she wondered if it had all been a dream, but the tenderness between her legs and the cum marks on her dressing gown told a different story.

One thing was for sure, Olivia would never forget this Valentine’s Day.

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