Nisan 25, 2021

Love at First Fuck Ch. 01

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By 3 a.m., the party was winding down and only a few people were left milling around the kitchen and courtyard. Two people—standing but slumped, obviously tired and more than a little drunk—stood in the doorway of the kitchen, staring out at the night. The man, Jon, dug in his front pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. The girl next to him, almost a full foot shorter than her companion, glanced back into the kitchen and said, “I guess we should probably take a walk if you’re going to smoke.”

Jon rolled his eyes and groaned, but began striding across the courtyard toward the adjacent alley. The girl, struggling to walk straight, barely kept up with his long legs. He looked down at her and jokingly said, “C’mon, Josie, keep up.”

With a heavy backpack slung over one shoulder, she glowered up at him. “Y’know, it’s not exactly easy with all this shit I’m lugging around.”

“Aw, but it’s cute watching you struggle.”

Josie rolled her eyes up at him as they entered the semi-dark alley and said, “If this is what gets you going, I bet you have some strange fetishes.” She dropped her bag, full of empty bottles of alcohol and anything else she might need at a moment’s notice, on the ground and settled onto the worn-in bench pushed against the brick wall.

Jon sat down next to her and sprawled out, using one hand to lazily light the cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth. “I wouldn’t say I’m into anything too weird,” he teased, “only the usual.”

Josie arched an eyebrow and urged him to continue.

He laughed at the warm blush spreading across her cheeks. “Y’know, the usual: a little bondage, some spanking, biting, some light choking…” He trailed off as

Josie swallowed hard, staring with burning eyes at his mouth.

She held her long, red hair up with hand, fanning the dewey nape of her neck. “It’s pretty warm out here.”

Taking a drag of his cigarette, Jon said, “Y’know you didn’t have to come out here with me.”

Josie smiled coyly and shifted on the bench. “But I wanted to.” After a few minutes of comfortable silence, Jon crushed his cigarette underfoot and asked her why.

“Because everyone in there sucks, that’s why.”

At 31, Jon couldn’t argue with that. He was almost done with school, but hadn’t much luck making friends who weren’t in their early 20s. At 20, Josie was one of his youngest friends, and a stranger to him up until a few hours prior. “So why don’t you leave?”

Josie closed her eyes, leaning against the brick wall, and let out a long, contented sigh. After a moment, she opened her eyes again and stared at Jon. “I really, really want to kiss you right now,” she slurred. Without another word, she leaned into him and they shared a long kiss. “I’ve wanted to do that all night.”

Jon played with the hem of Josie’s short shirt and eyed her visible nipple piercings through the thin fabric. “I know.” He pulled her in for another kiss, this time planting his large hands on her ample hips, pulling her onto his lap. As they kissed, his hands travelled up and down her body, finally settling with one stroking her warm side and the other softly gripping her throat. She sighed into his mouth, shifting on his lap.

As they kissed feverishly, Josie managed to ask, “Is your apartment nearby?” Without taking his lips from hers, Jon confirmed.


As Jon locked his front door behind them, Josie dropped her backpack in the entryway and kicked off her shoes. Jon leaned against the door and watched her as she wiggled out of her boots. After she removed her boots, her hands moved to her hips. Jon heard the faint sound of a zipper tuzla escort being unzipped, and watched in admiration as she slipped her thumbs through her belt loops and began shimmying out of tight jeans. Though he could not see her face, Jon imagined that Josie was wearing that private, knowing smile he had seen so many times on her face in the few hours he had known her. She bent at the waist as the jeans slid over her ass, revealing that she hadn’t been wearing panties all night. He admired how her thick ass jiggled as she struggled out of her pants, but couldn’t contain himself when he caught site of the soft, brown hair between her thighs. As Josie finally pulled the material off of her ankles, she stood up straight and found Jon towering behind her, his hands hovering over her newly revealed curves. Josie felt a very distinct, very impressive erection pushing at her back. He couldn’t decide which parts of her to savour first.

Despite her forward approach, Josie liked to tease her men. Jon had to earn her. She backed away from him and into his living room, slowly shaking her head and licking her lips. “You’re not getting me that easy,” she purred. Still, she gracefully removed the thin scrap of a shirt that was standing in between her and total, heavenly nudity. Standing at 5’6″, Josie was no small girl, but full in all of the perfect places. She was soft, inviting, and exciting, with wide, round hips, a full ass, and the perkiest, most inviting b-cups Jon had ever seen. Josie was gorgeous, even with her tattoos and nipple piercings, a look Jon had never really been into before. He knew they were going to fuck each other well and hard.

Jon’s hands moved up to his chest and began undoing button after button on his shirt. “What do I have to do to earn you?” He rolled his eyes as he said it, feigning disinterest, but the significant bulge in his jeans betrayed his eagerness.

Josie shrugged casually. “You have to make good on your word.”

“My word?”

“Well, words,” Josie corrected. “And I quote, ‘bondage, some spanking, light choking’… Prove it to me.”

In an instant, Jon closed the distance between them and picked Josie up easily, pushing her against the wall. His hands gripped her soft thighs, disappointingly far from her hot, wet center. They kissed each other sloppily and hungrily. Josie gasped as Jon grazed her shoulder with his teeth, just barely biting into her. Her breathing was labored as she pushed her hips desperately into him, but she couldn’t help but taunt him some more. “I think you can try harder than that, old man.”

Jon dropped her roughly onto the couch. “So I’m an old man now?” Without giving Josie a chance to reply, he sat down next to her and maneuvered her nude body so that she was laying across his lap. His pants were rough against her impossibly soft skin, but the discomfort was nothing compared to the hard slap that rang through the quiet room and reddened her ass. “Do you really want to keep pushing me?”

Josie had taken the smack without flinching. “As a matter of fact, I do. I want you to do your worst,” she said, somehow demure despite the angry red handprint on her cheek. He slapped her hard again, but this time didn’t take his hand off of her burning skin. He kneaded her jiggling skin, digging into her with passionate, unmerciful fingers. For the next ten minutes, the apartment was filled with the sounds of Jon’s large hands smacking Josie’s ass. That, and the sound of her begging for more.

“Jon, more… please, I can take it,” Josie gasped in what she thought was the downtime between the last slap and the next. But his hand didn’t make contact again.

He didn’t reply, tuzla escort bayan so Josie squirmed against his lap, loving how his dick jumped against her stomach. He held her hands, grasping them at the wrists behind her back so that she couldn’t struggle too much. “What do you want more than anything right now?”

Josie moaned softly. “I want you to keep hurting me. I want you to prove to me that you can fuck me better than anyone else at that party.” She struggled to free her wrists, but he grasped them even tighter with one hand, and moved the other to take a fistful of her hair.

Pulling her hair softly in his fist, Jon said, “My god, you’re a work of fucking art.” He dropped her hair and massaged her slowly and softly. When he reached her sore, burning cheeks, he grazed them lightly with his fingertips, and then moved lower, between her thighs. He had yet to make contact with the soft, slick center of the gorgeous girl who had given herself up to him. Tentatively, he used his thumb to softly rub up and down her labia, just barely dipping in between the pillowy folds. She squealed in a way that he hadn’t heard before. It was girlish, high-pitched, ecstatic, and the most erotic thing he’d ever heard.


Too soon for Josie’s liking, Jon halted his soft stroking. “I want you to stand up and walk into my bedroom. Lay on my bed,” he ordered. Wordlessly, Josie stood and followed his instructions, situating herself in the center of his unmade bed. Next to his large window, Josie looked like something heavenly and pure, her skin pale and luminous in the moonlight. “Now, I want you to masturbate.” By now, Josie’s characteristic playfulness had transformed into pure, heady lust. She licked two of her fingers (though she didn’t really need it, but knew the show would only increase Jon’s desire) and begin lazily rubbing her clit. They stared into each other’s eyes until Jon broke contact.

Having let slip earlier that she was quite the screamer, Jon popped a DVD of some 80s horror film into the player and turned the volume up just enough that the extra sound would hopefully make the sounds of their fucking a little less obvious to his neighbors. Behind him, Josie continued touching herself, gasping lightly, but not wanting to make herself cum. Jon slid a cardboard box out of his closet and pulled a roll of bondage tape out of the bottom. He hadn’t had the chance to use it in ages—every other woman he’d brought home talked a big game, but in the end only wanted bland, impassionate sex. He didn’t bother having those women back. But Josie was something else, her moaning was barely audible over the sounds of the horror movie, but it was making it hard for Jon to keep from fucking her right, then, and there. He wanted it to last all night.

“Ok, Jos, now lay down on your belly and give me your wrists.”

“Whatever you say, boss.” She flipped over slowly and teasingly, thrusting her ass in the air and pushing her face into the pile of pillows at the head of the bed. Jon tore a long strip of bondage tape off the roll and wound it around her wrists. It wasn’t as sexy as, say, a flashy pair of handcuffs, but he wanted her to be comfortable while he hurt her in all of the right ways. With his large hands gripping her sides, Jon flipped Josie’s naked body over and straddled her.

Her lusty gaze soon turned curious. “Why are you still wearing pants?”

Jon had been too focused on Josie up until that moment for it to register, but with his half-nakedness pointed out, he realized that his cock was now straining helplessly against the front of his pants.

Josie bit her pink, pouting lips and asked, “if you untie me, escort tuzla I can help you out of them. I can help you with everything.”

Jon slid off the bed, taking his time and mocking her previous, lengthy undressing. He shimmied playfully out of his jeans, but kept his silky black boxer briefs on. Still, his lengthy-but-not-intimidating erection was free at last, and Josie wanted every inch of it inside of her. Jon straddled her again. He took the back of her head in one hand and finally put the other on one of her breasts. Her nipples were achingly hard, and the metal of her simple piercings cold against her hot skin. He twisted the jewelry lightly and Josie arched into him, a low, throaty moan reverberating beneath his fingers

Jon’s mouth travelled down her body, pausing to kiss both of her nipples in turn. With each lick and flick of his tongue, Josie’s quivered and strained, trying to prolong each moment of pleasure. If her hands had been free, she would have held his heavenly mouth to her desperate body. With her head thrown back into the pillows, Josie moaned, “Please, Jon, you have to just get it over with… Please…” Her voice was pathetic and her desire dripped from each syllable. He reluctantly took his hand from her side and began to massage her inner thighs with it, strategically avoiding her pussy. As desperate as Josie was for him to make contact, it was even more difficult for Jon to continue teasing her. Finally, blissfully, he inserted a finger into her slit, rubbing at her clit in slow circles. The motion mimicked her masturbation, but his foreign fingers and mouth were more pleasurable than anything Josie could ever do to herself. She cried out and bit her lip to keep from screaming.

“Make all the noise you want, baby girl,” Jon murmured against her chest.


Josie’s whimpers and occasional screams quickly turned into frequent, gasping cries as Jon lapped at her clit and slowly fingered her. For Josie, every few minutes brought a new, mini climax. She arched into him, her heels digging into his lower back. Her creamy thighs made every attempt to put him into a chokehold. With his free hand, he pinned one of her knees down so that he wouldn’t miss her moaning or the breathy, jagged way she was repeating his name. Through all of this, his tongue, warm, wet, and soft, never left her pussy. As badly as he wanted to fuck her, he wanted her to keep coming back to him even more.

After a particularly strong orgasm, Josie cried, “Please stop, I can’t take it anymore.” Though she couldn’t use her hands to push him away, her trembling thighs were attempting to cut off Jon’s access to her sweet center. “I don’t want you to stop, but I really can’t take anymore.”

Jon sat up and noticed her eyes were watering.

“Did you enjoy that?” He wiped his hand across his face, which was wet with Josie’s arousal and his own saliva.

She rolled her eyes. “Yeah, it was the most horrible thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Jon crawled back up to her side and kissed her deeply so that she could taste herself in his mouth.

When they broke apart, Josie said, “Mmm, I taste good. Now can you untie me, please?”

“Why exactly would I do that?”

“Because I can’t do my job properly without my hands.”

Jon flipped her over and, after a moment of caressing and slapping her ass, unwound the tape from around her wrists. With her hands free, Josie pushed Jon back onto the pillows where had been lying, and threw her legs over him. Still worn out from the ecstasy of Jon’s mouth, she pressed her against his chest and listened to his breathing, rubbing her hands up and down his arms and chest.

Though it wasn’t a passionately sexual moment, Jon’s cock was rock solid against her stomach. Her hair smelled like caramel and cigarette smoke. He could still taste her on his tongue.

To be continued.

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