Nisan 23, 2021

Lounging on the Deck

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This work is copyright by lakesailer_mi. It contains adult content. You should not read this if you are under 18 or it is illegal where you live.


You are lounging on the deck when I arrive home. I peek out the window, seeing you lying there, sunning yourself in a bathing suit. I sneak back into the house and change, putting on a set of swim trunks myself. At the window I stop, simply gazing and admiring your body. Your skin glows so that it lures me like a beacon. Your breasts, just barely covered by the bikini are beautifully perfect globes. I stand, transfixed, drinking you with my eyes.

I slide open the door and step onto the deck, your head turns with a little surprise. I cannot resist and reach out to touch you; my fingers glide along the smooth skin of your arm. Your skin feels like a flower petal basking in the warm summer sun. My fingers pass your hand and continue their wandering, sliding down your leg. I am aroused by simply touching you. The slight whimper that escapes your lips when my fingers leave your skin signals that my attentions are not unwelcome. I wait a moment, and then begin to caress your chest. At first they are light touches, near your neck, tracing the tender skin of your collar bone. I am not rushing, but enjoying every touch and sensation.

Slowly my fingers move toward the edge of your swim top. I trace the edge following its path along the gentle curves of your breasts. I can see your nipples begin to rise against the fabric, just as my dick is rising against the fabric of my suit. My fingers gently slide along, stroking just a little deeper under the fabric with each pass. My fingers finally follow the strap up to your shoulder. I slowly slip it down, using the opportunity to caress your arm yet again. The other strap follows and I take both hands, fingers spread wide and lightly touch your collarbone. Slowly, my hands slide down your chest to push the top off your breasts. The sharp intake of breath as my fingers graze your nipples is like music to my ears. I begin to explore your breasts with tips of my fingers: caressing along the sides, sliding along the bottoms and circling around to the top edge. Again, my fingers lightly cross the tops of your nipples, entranced by the contrast between their hardness and the surrounding soft tissue.

Unable tuzla escort to wait, I lean down and gently take a nipple between my lips. My tongue flicks against it and I let it slide out. Reaching again with my tongue, I just barely flick at your nipple, savoring it like an expensive candy. Finally, my mouth closes over your breast, and my tongue can savor your nipple. My tongue swirls and whirls, teasing your nipple and tasting your skin. My hands cup your breasts and feed them to my mouth as I caress them with my tongue and lips. I want to devour them, but restrain myself treating them like they are rare flowers.

Then you stop me, pulling my head up and sitting up beside me. Quietly you take my hand and lead me through the glass doors into the house. The cool of the air conditioner contrasts with the heat from outside and from our passionate experience.

You lead me into the living room and begin to turn to face me. My arms wrap around you, my hands sliding up and down your sides and back. My hands roam over your body as we embrace, tracing the curves of your hips and ass. I unclasp your suit top and we let it fall away, your breasts pressing into my chest as we kiss, our tongues swirling around, exploring and being explored.

I push you back, into the couch behind you, and you fall into the cushions with a look of surprise and excitement on your face. I grab your bottoms pulling them off your feet in one swift motion. Kneeling between your legs my lips find your full breasts again. I begin to kiss and suck them, licking, tasting devouring them. My hands feed your breast to my ravenous lips while caressing and exploring their gentle curves. Your moans and firm nipples excite me so and my breathing gets heavy.

I can smell your sweet musk from below and I my head follows the scent. At first, I simply admire your lovely pussy. You are already aroused and your lips have gently parted, like a flower opening on a summer day. My tongue begins to explore. Softly, almost without touching, I let my tongue slide along the outer edge of your lips: up one side, then down the other. I love the feeling of your lips teasing my tongue as I tease you. I stop, and again for just a moment admire your pussy. My gaze then travels up your body, ravaging your breasts with my eyes, until I meet your eyes. tuzla escort bayan I can tell that you want me to continue, but I let my gaze linger over your body for just a moment more.

My hands spread your legs wider, opening you more, and I grab your ass so that I can feed your fruit to my searching tongue. My tongue begins to explore your pussy more deeply. At first my strokes are light, starting at the back and slowly traveling up your slit. My tongue gently presses in, ever so slightly with the first lick. As I reach your clit, you gasp, and my tongue retracts. I start again, still slowly, all the way back, nearly to your anus. Slowly my tongue moves up your slit, deeper this time. Pushing into the folds of your flower, like a bee searching for nectar. This time, when I reach your clit, my tongue swirls lightly around the slightly raised nub. But only once, and again, I retract my tongue and move to start again.

This time, however, when my tongue reaches your vagina, it darts in more deeply. I begin to tongue fuck you. Slowly at first, exploring the tunnel. My hands pull your ass up so that my tongue can go deeper and deeper. Your moans are getting louder and I can feel each one deep in my balls. It is so exciting to hear, see, smell and taste your arousal.

Your pussy is so wet and I stop for moment, again, just admiring your beautiful sex. I can see your clit peaking through the hood and gently my tongue flicks across it. You gasp in pleasure and my cock strains against the swim suit in reaction. I begin to swirl my tongue lightly around your clit, teasing you and coaxing it out from its hiding spot. My lips join yours as my tongue continues its dance and I revel in the sensuous kiss. I slowly slip one finger into your wet hole. It slides in effortlessly. I love the feeling of your vagina. It is like soft velvet only better. My finger begins to swirl and curl, massaging and searching for the elusive pad that I know is there. I am French kissing your clit, sucking and licking like I am making out with your pussy. Your arousal deepens and your breath comes in quick gasps. I can feel your g-spot and my finger begins to massage it gently. I slip a second finger inside you and continue my erotic massage. Your hips begin to buck. You plant your feet on the edge of the couch, grabbing the back escort tuzla of my head and explode on my face. I lap at your juices, desperately trying to catch every drop as it runs down my fingers and hand.

As you begin to calm down, my mouth and fingers begin to explore around your pussy. I begin to kiss the inside of your thigh, especially that part where it joins your body. The skin there is so thin and soft. I raise your legs up, exposing the curves of your ass and opening you so completely. My lips trail down, stroking your globes and flirting with your anus. You are wet with your own juices back there, and I let my fingers lightly explore your tight back door. Seeing you spread open like this, I can feel my balls tightening, my cock straining.

I stand and slide my trunks down in one swift motion. My erect cock springing from its prison like an animal set free from a cage. I kneel back between your legs and position my cock at your pussy. Slowly I slide in. I love that feeling of just entering, sliding into the warm wetness that is your sex. I go slowly so as to savor the feeling of every inch of our joining. When I am deep inside you I stop for a moment. It takes every ounce of willpower, as my balls are demanding to be emptied. Again, my gaze wanders over your body, caressing your curves and devouring you.

Slowly at first I begin to stroke in and out of you. Which each thrust, I can feel my cock-head massaging against your g-spot. I love this position as I can see your whole body. I watch your face as my cock slides in and out of you. After a few strokes I can no longer fight my loins and my thrusts come fast and harder. Our bodies slap together as I thrust into you. Your breasts bounce which each thrust and your hands wander over your body. Your eyes are closed and I can tell you are close to coming again. I cannot wait for you though. Your body, your smell, your taste and the feeling of you gripping my cock as it slides in and out are too much and I explode. My furious thrusts and low growling moans excite you too. You buck against my, furiously trying to get my dick as deep within you as possible as your orgasm crashes over you. Each thrust is now punctuated by a slurping sound as our mingled juices squirt and slide around. The sound is one of the most erotic I know and my mind is simply engulfed by the experience.

We slow and begin to catch our breath. I’m still buried inside you and I can feel your vagina contracting around me. I look into your eyes and wonder what other things we can do.

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