Nisan 17, 2021


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Public Sex

What have you done to me!?

Just the thought of you arouses me!

I close my eyes, and I hear your voice, feel your touch. I am lost in my fantasy …

My nipples harden beneath my silky camisol, as heat and moisture flood my womanhood.

I see you rise above me, feel the weight of your body against me as you enter me, then lay on me.

I can feel your arms next to me as your hands slide under my shoulders, pulling me down towards you.

(I shudder)

I feel your breath on my neck as your lips softly graze it, searching for my own lips.

I moan at the sensations, and you suckle my neck, making me moan more.

As you work your way towards my lips, I am writhing beneath you, reaching out for that ultimate moment when we climax together.

(I feel a pulse between my legs)

As your lips reach mine, our tongues reach out and caress each other, twisting and dancing in a centuries old ritual. The taste of you arouses me all the more.

As we move together, you slide all the way into me, and then slip all the way out, (I moan) only to enter me again … bringing me closer and closer to climax.

(I am wet, aroused, and I feel my insides quiver and pulse in excitement)

I moan into our kisses, I writhe beneath you.

You slip into me yet again, this time you stay within and pump faster and harder.

I feel you grow, harden and stretch me as your cock fills with cum. I feel my walls as they stretch, burn and flood with my own juices.

I raise my hips to meet your every thrust into me, feeling my orgasm pulse and pound it’s way through me. I hear your moans as you reach that point, I feel you pulse, and as I moan I feel my own orgasm wash over me, drowning me in a flood of sensations.

(I am soaked, fully aroused, pulsing with desire and in desperate need of you)

I hear your moans become a shout as you explode into me, filling me with more heated pleasure and sensations. My body tingles as it feels your breath upon it. My nipples harden. You continue to thrust into me, slowing down, and eventually stopping. You lay upon me and kiss my shoulder and my neck – I shudder in response, my walls convulsing around you as you pulse within me.

**My eyes pop open – my heart races, my breath is short and fast, I feel drops of sweat on my forehead and between my breasts.

I feel the pulses of heat and pleasure beat from within me, flooding that spot between my legs.

I can take no more, I must feel release!

Just as I remove my now dampened thong, you walk in!

I all but fly to you and kiss you deeply as I wrap my arms around you.

At first you just stand there, shocked at your “welcome”. But soon enough, your arms wrap around me and you return my kiss. I feel your tongue probing my mouth, rubbing against my own. My hands are all over you – one on your head, my fingers buried in your hair, the other at your neck, my nails raking across your skin. You tense at the sensation. I feel your fingers grab my hair and push my head in towards you, deepening the kiss. Your other hand is firmly on my ass, pulling me so close I can feel your arousal through your jeans.

When we finally come up for air, I push away from you. You look at me – I’m wearing a thin bra beneath my camisol and it does nothing to hide how hard my nipples are. You glance down at the rest of my attire – a short skirt, thigh-high stockings and red high heels – and as your eyes travel down, you suddenly spot my discarded thong laying on the floor. Raising your brows, you look at me. I smile, walk towards you and begin to unfasten your jeans. You strip off your shirt and drop it to the floor. I get your jeans open and in one movement I pull them and your underwear down to your ankles. As your cock pops out, I get on my knees in front of you and, watching your eyes, I grab your cock with one hand, and begin to slowly lick the head. You close your eyes and moan. Smiling, I lick you oh so slowly from the bottom of the shaft, up to the head, then around it. I repeat this again and again, on the bottom, on the left, on the right – I have licked just about everywhere on your now rock hard tuzla escort cock. I’ve tasted precum.

Again, looking you in the eye, I finally take the head in my mouth, and, closing my lips around it, I use my tongue to massage it. You moan, and I taste more precum. I massage the shaft with one hand, and your sac with the other, still massaging and kissing the head. Short minutes later, I use my hand that’s on the shaft to pull the skin of your cock down taut, towards your body, and hold it there. I kiss the tip of the head one last time. I look up at you and open my mouth and wrap my lips around the entire head, and suck your cock deeply into my mouth, until I feel the head hit the back of my throat. Pausing, I slowly back off until I have only the head left in my mouth. I’m sucking you, keeping it “tight”.

I’m still using my other hand to massage your sac, gently pinching and pulling on it as well. I keep the skin of your cock taut, and suck you. I slide up and down oh so slowly along your cock, taking my time, ensuring I draw every ounce of pleasure into this one act.

I love to suck your cock! Just the thought of it gets me hot, wet and ready to fuck! You know this – so while I’m on my knees, eyes closed, sucking away at your cock, you bend forward and slip a hand down to grab and pinch my nipple. My eyes pop open. You put your other hand in my hair behind my neck to hold me there. I close my eyes and moan onto your cock as you pinch and pull at my nipple – pulses of pleasure shoot down to my already wet puss and explode adding more heat, moisture and arousal. As I moan onto your cock, I taste you drip more precum, which I eagerly swallow, squeezing your cock tighter, eliciting more moans from you.

As I continue to suck you, you suddenly tell me to stop as you stop playing with my nipple. I release your cock from my mouth and look up at you questioningly. You tell me you’re getting close and don’t want to cum yet. I pull off your clothes as you step out of them, and we head towards the bed. I ask what you have in mind. As we reach the bed, you pull me close and give me a full, deep, hard kiss – which I eagerly return. Backed up against the bed, you break our kiss and “push” me so I fall back onto the bed. Getting on your knees in front of me, you push up my skirt and spread my shaved lips, exposing my pink clit and wet puss, and proceed to lick them both.

I’m on the bed writhing and moaning as your hot, thick tongue first dips into my puss and then slowly slides up and over my clit – making me even wetter, bringing me close to orgasm. You slide one hand up to pinch my nipple – I slip my bra and camisol down for you – and use the other hand to finger my puss as you attack my clit – licking it, nipping and even gently biting at it. Each stroke of your finger, each lick, each bite, pushes me closer and closer to the edge. Hearing my moans, seeing how turned on I am, you slip a second finger into my soaked puss. Getting it nice and wet, you lick my clit yet again, slowly slip out both fingers and as they slide back in, one goes back into my puss and the other in my tight ass! I gasp, wriggle and moan at the sensations that engulf my body from the inside out. You pump me, gently at first, licking my clit in time with each stroke. Then you stop licking me – you pump me faster, harder.

I hear you talking to me … “You like that? You like being fucked in both holes at once?”

I moan.

Again you speak – “Yeah, you love it. You love the way it feels. Your ass is so tight! Your puss is pulsing, I feel it squeezing my finger. You want to cum – you can feel it!”

I’m moaning – “Oh God – yes! Please!”

“Tell me.”

“What?” I moan as you stop fucking me. “NO!”

“Beg for it! Beg me to fuck you!”

“PLEASE – Please don’t stop! Please fuck me more!”

“Get on your knees!”

As I get on my knees, you stand up. You position me on the bed.

“Suck my cock!” As I suck you, I hear you get the bottle of lube off the nightstand. (I hear you moan) Next I feel you lift my skirt and your fingers on me again. You slip a finger in my puss and one in my ass and begin to fuck me as I suck your cock. I moan onto tuzla escort bayan your cock as your fingers enter me. I squeeze my puss and ass and then relax. Your other hand is on my nipple again. I moan again. You slip your fingers out of me, and suddenly there’s a loud “SLAP”! I jump and moan onto your cock as you spank my ass. One slap. Next you are rubbing my ass cheeks, squeezing them. Then another slap! I moan again.

“MMMM – You like that don’t you?”

I moan onto your cock, “mm-hmm”.

You slip your fingers into me and slowly fuck my pussy and ass again. I taste precum, I swallow again. I feel your cock all the way to the back of my throat as you pump my mouth slowly. You pull out of my mouth and finger-fuck me hard and fast again as I moan into a pillow. A minute goes by, then two, then three. Suddenly you grab my head and stick your cock into my mouth again as you slip your fingers out of me. I eagerly suck you. Again, short minutes go by as I suck your cock – the head hitting the back of my throat with each stroke. Your moans fill the room, the smell of sex surrounds us.

You suddenly stop and pull away. “Don’t move.”

I stay where I am, and listen to your every move. I can tell by the sounds that you’ve removed our “toy bag” from it’s hiding place. Returning to me, you have me sit and hand me my nipple chain telling me to put it on. I do as told. I slide down the straps of the camisol and my bra. You unfasten my bra hooks and remove it. Placing the loops on my nipples and pulling them tight, my already hard nipples are even harder and are forced to stay that way. You watch and tug on the chain. I moan at the sensations that shoot from my nipples to my fully aroused puss and ass. You slip the straps of the camisol back over my shoulders and leave the chain hanging out where you can reach it. The feel of the silk against my pinched nipples is very arousing and, closing my eyes, a soft moan escapes me.

“Since you love having both holes filled so much, we’re going to have some fun,” you tell me.

I see the cock you remove from the bag – it’s my favorite, and an exact “twin” of you. You have me lay back and you use the toy in my puss to get it wet. I am SO close to orgasm – that toy hits all the right spots, and then some! You fuck me for a minute or two, then stop and pull it out. You get out the anal numbing gel and have me get on my knees so you can rub it on and in my tight ass. I moan as I feel your finger massage my tight hole, as the tingles ripple through the area when your finger enters my ass and probes it for nearly a minute.

Removing your finger, you have me turn around. Grabbing my chain, you pull me closer to you. Following my now tugged nipples, I get right in front of you and “stand” on my knees. As you lean in to kiss my nipples, I feel a hand slip down to my puss. I feel something cold on my clit. Moaning, I feel the tingles begin and suddenly I realise you’ve put an orgasm enhancing gel on my clit and puss.

Oh God – I get wetter just thinking about what you’re about to do to me!

You reach for the toy and slip it up into my puss. I moan as you fuck my puss and tug on my nipple chain.

Minutes later, “Get on your knees again” you tell me.

I move slowly as you hold the toy within me. I moan at the sensations it causes. Once on my knees, you pump me with the toy, making me moan yet again. Slow strokes soon become quick ones. Gentle soon becomes hard. As you’re pumping me with the toy, I barely notice you slip your finger into my ass – but once you start pumping it into me I feel it and moan louder. The numbing gel has taken effect – as has the orgasm enhancer. I feel an orgasm building as you slip another finger into my tight ass. As it stretches open, I feel a slight burn and moan yet again.

“Yeah – you like that, I can feel how wet you are!” I hear you say.

“Mmm-god! Please (pant) more (gasp) make me cum, Please!!!”

“Oh Yeah – fuck my fingers baby – feel them stretch that tight ass! You want more? Tell me!”

“Yes, please, make me cum!!”

“NO! Not yet … you’re not ready!”

I feel you stop fucking me with your fingers. Now you spread them, escort tuzla wiggle them, stretching my ass, making me moan more. “OH GOD! Please!!”

You pull your fingers out a little and spread them again. “Uuuhhhh” You stop fucking me with the toy and while holding it in place with your knee, you use your free hand to put more numbing gel on your fingers and slip them into my ass again. Next I feel the cold of the lube drop onto my ass as you pump it out. I moan again. You pull the toy out of my puss and slip a condom onto it. The next thing I feel is the pressure of the head against my ass. “OH GOD – OH… MY… GOD…!!!” I feel you slowly slide the head into my tight ass. As the head enters, and disappears, you stop pushing and let my ass relax around it. You reach your free hand under me to tug my nipple chain a little and rub my clit to distract me. Feeling pleasure pulses bounce through me, I moan, and you push the toy cock a little farther into me. “OHHHHH!!”

“Relax, you’re gonna love it!” I hear you. Each time you speak, I feel chills across my skin, tingles from within. Again you tug my chain and then rub my clit. More pleasure pulses. This time you keep rubbing as you slip the cock in deeper. When it’s half way in, you start stroking it in and out of my ass, massaging me, stretching me. Every few strokes, you rub my clit or tug my nipple chain. In minutes I am so relaxed and turned on I don’t realise you are now slowly fucking me with the entire length of the toy cock!

“Yeah baby – fuck this cock with your ass! OOOh, look at that! It just glides in and out!” Each word brings more shivers, more tingles, more pleasure. “Ready for more?” I hear you ask.

“Yes,” I , panting.

“Beg for it!”

“Fuck me! Please!!! Fuck me good Baby! Make me cum!”

I feel you push the toy all the way in until the balls are pressed against me, then I feel you get right up behind me and press your cock against my puss. I moan aloud as you enter me.

“AAHHh YEAH!” I hear you groan. My legs are spread, my head and shoulders are pressed against the bed, and my ass is lifted as high as my knees can take it. Ass full of toy cock, puss full of your cock, I grab hold of the mattress as you begin to pump into me. “OOO Yeah, that pussy’s so tight with that toy up your ass!! Fuck yeah! OH, FUCK!!” You are groaning, louder with each stroke.

“OH GOD!! OH MY GOD – YEAH, FUCK ME BABY!! YOU LIKE MY TIGHT PUSSY?! FUCK IT BABY – HHHAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGGOOOOODDDDDDDD!!!!” I bury my face practically screaming into the bed as I feel an orgasm hit. My body shudders, my knees nearly collapse beneath me, my pussy and ass convulse strongly. You use your hand to hold the toy in me, to fuck me with it as you pound faster and harder into my pussy with your cock.

“OH FUCK, YEAH, FUCK YEAH, CUM ON MY COCK – FUCK YEAH! THAT PUSSY’S SO TIGHT! AAAHHHHH!!” I feel you fucking me for what feels like forever as the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had continues to wash over me, through me and begins to reverberate all over again! I moan, and yell, and even scream into the mattress, “OH GOD, PLEASE! PLEASE, CUM – PLEASE CUM, OH FUCK!!!”

My puss and ass are on fire – pulsing, convulsing, squeezing the two cocks and dripping everywhere. My mind is begging you to please cum, my body is lost in a flood of sensations – tingles, pulses, burning heat, slick moisture.

Finally I feel your cock stretch, get longer and thicker, as it fills with cum. Moaning into the mattress, I hear you roar as your cock explodes shot after shot of thick, creamy cum deep into my pussy!

“RRAAAAHHHHHHGGGGHHHH, YEEEAAAHHHH!!!!” You keep stroking into me, emptying every last drop of cum deep within me, moaning and groaning with each stroke. Finally, I feel you slow, and stop. As you pull out, you hold the toy in my ass. You slowly fuck it in and out of my ass, slowly pulling it farther and farther out of me. Once it’s out, you remove the condom and drop it in the trash can beside the bed, place the toy on the nightstand and slide into bed behind me.

My whole body is awash with over-sensitised skin. Every breath, every touch has me quivering. I’m weak, spent. Wrapping your arms around me, you tug on my nipple chain sending another pulse of pleasure to my cum-filled puss, and pulling moans from me. Kissing my neck gently, you place your hands on my breasts and just hold me as we drift, lost to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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