Mart 24, 2021

Lost Love

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Mic was beginning to forgive his parents for making him chaperone his sister, Lila. She had been dying to attend the Chambers’ big party and their parents had refused to let her go alone.

It was well known that when the Chambers parents were away, as they were now, their kids would play. Often the police had been called in to breakup their parties when they got too wild, and it was suspected that at least four girls from the high school had gotten pregnant at Chambers parties.

Although Lila had been 18 for two months; this was her first time invited to her first such party and her father had flat out refused to let her go unless her big brother went along.

Mic was home on a six week furlough from the Navy and his dad was sure that none of the local high school punks would mess with his little girl if her brother was there to keep things under control. Only the Chambers parents seemed to be unaware of what happened when they left town.

But right now Mic had other things on his mind. Jordan Chambers was just a little bit overweight, but she was pretty, was such a fun girl to be with, and such an easy lay that she was very popular. Tonight she had set her sights on Mic. She had lured him into her large walk-in closet and now as she ran her tongue into his mouth, Mic was holding her fat, heavy titty in one hand while the other was trying to find its way under the legband of her panties.

“Oh, Mic,” she whispered, “I’ve wanted to do this with you since I was a freshman and you were a senior. I hope you’re as good in bed as I’ve heard.”

Mic grinned at her. “I’ve never had any complaints. But will you respect me in the morning?”

“Probably not,” Jordan answered, “but I will give you a blow job that you’ll never forget.”

“I’ll come back just as soon as I dump little sis at home,” Mic said, worming his fingers into Jordan’s pussy.

“Why don’t you both stay the night?” she said.

“I could, but if I don’t get Lila home by eleven our dad will be over here with shotguns. I was sent here to make sure she doesn’t get in to trouble, you know.”

Jordan giggled. “You are probably too late for that. My brother Paul got the games started early tonight.”

Mic looked at her in confusion. “Games? What games?”

“You gotta have games at a party,” Jordan said. “The kind of games that teens like to play like, spin the bottle, and strip poker, but the deference is what happens to the loser. Let’s go see how far they’ve gotten.”

When Mic and Jordan had returned to the livingroom and they saw that the games had indeed begun. There were twenty or so teenagers broken up into groups of five or six, sitting on the floor playing cards. From the piles of discarded clothing it was obvious that the game they playing now was strip poker. Mic quickly searched out Lila’s group and saw at once that his sister was a lousy card player. She had already removed her shoes, blouse, and pants, and as he peered over her shoulder he saw that she was holding garbage. He felt sorry for her bad luck when it suddenly hit him. Unless some kind of poker miracle occurred in the next few seconds his sister was going to lose either her bra or her panties. He and every other male in the room would soon see his sister’s tits or pussy.

Remembering that he was there to protect his sister, Mic moved around so she could see him. He decided that he wasn’t going to interfere unless she asked him too, but she had to know that he was there for her if she needed help. “Uh, Lila,” he said, “if you don’t want to go through with this I’ll take you home now.”

“That’s okay,” Lila said. “We’re just having fun. Nothing going to happen unless I want it to. Why don’t you join us?”

“No fair!” yelled someone in the group. “He’s got all his clothes on and we’re all half naked already.”

“Their right,” Mic said. Then he gulped, “I’ll just stay over here and watch.”

He settled down in an easy chair and waited as the teens in front of him showed their cards. As he had expected Lila had the worst hand.

While the girls taunted and laughed at her, the guys in her group just got quiet and stared intently at her, as she straightened up and reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. Mic stopped breathing as she slowly removed it and let her arms drop to her side to display her naked breasts.

Mic looked at sister. Her breasts were not the largest in the room, but he thought they had the best shape; firm little cones that would nicely fit in a palm or a mouth. And her nipples, which were hardening as he watched, were magnificent. Mic looked quickly around the room and saw that there were several other topless girls in the room. None of them could hold a candle to his little sister.

Lila sat back down and got ready for the next hand. She hadn’t minded taking her bra off in front of a room full of her schoolmates, but when she saw that Mic was watching her; everything changed she like it. She suddenly felt excited and her nipples had grown erect. She wondered if he would keep staring at her when she lost her panties.

Mic was trying not to stare at Lila, maltepe escort because this ws is sister and he not right for him to look it her. But, he could feel his cock getting hard again and was sure that soon everyone would notice. He was just hoping that if he looked at enough at the other naked girls, so they wouldn’t know it was his sister who got him excited. So, he kept his eyes moving while he hoped she would quickly loose another hand. He wanted to see her pussy just as soon as possible.

But, Lila’s luck was improving. Finaly, after ten more hands, she was one of only two in her group still wearing anything. Mic was silently praying that she would loose soon. He would hate it if she won the game and kept her pussy hidden. Evil thoughts ran through his mind. Was she very hairy, or did she keep a neatly trimmed bush? Once she was naked, would she sit with her knees together, or let them flop open so everyone could see her lips? Would he be able to see her clit? Would she let him see her naked again sometime, when there weren’t so many people around? He tried to get thoughts out of is brain, but at this time he was only listening to one head, and it wasn’t the one on top of his body.

Mic couldn’t stand it the wait was killing him. So, making the excuse that he wanted to get a beer. So, as his got up he had to pass behind Lila. Glancing down he saw that she was going to loose again. She had nothing; just five useless cards, none higher than a 10. Rushing back to his seat to make sure he was there to see her lose. A guy named Thad had a full house. Lila said nothing, she just stood up and then pulled her panties down and tossed them away.

Everyone just stared it Lila, as she stood there naked like the day she was born. The only thing different now was that she was 18 and a grow woman. Her pussy mound was covered with fine lite brown hair, neatly trimmed into a heart shape. The girls giggled, but the guys shouted that they wanted to be Lila’s valentine, but Mic did nothing, but he wanted to get up and kick every guys ass there, but all he good do was to look at the glorious sight, and memorizing every detail.

After the game, Lila went to the sofa across from Mic. As she walk, Mic had the best field of view of her lovely ass. Then just as she turned and sat down he cheered as she sat with her legs well apart. Sadly, as she settled on the cushion the front rose just enough to spoil the view and Mic could barely contain his groan.

Mic had forgotten that Jordan was there so he was startled to hear her voice in his ear. “Scuse me, lover, but I gotta go give Thad his prize. Watch the show so you’ll know what you’re in for later.”

Mic had wondered what Thad had won for wining the game. That became clear when Jordan knelt before the winner and suddenly pulled his shorts down to his ankles and started sucking his cock. As Thad moaned and ran his fingers through her hair, Jordan did her best to make him come quickly. She sucked and tongued his cock while her hands played with his balls and asshole. It took her only a few minutes to make the guy erupt in her mouth.

Mic was wondering what a winning girl would have gotten when a high pitched giggle made him look across the room. A girl had won the game in her group and now Kevin Chambers was on his knees before her licking her pussy. Mic was suddenly very happy that Lila hadn’t won her game. If he had seen Kevin doing that to her he would have beaten the younger man to death, and he actually liked Kevin.

As he watched, Mic had to admit that Kevin had a good technique and the girl before him was certainly not complaining. Still, he didn’t want Kevin or any of the other guy or person doing that to his sister.

It took another twenty minutes for all the games to be finished and for each winner to be rewarded by Jordan, only one girl had won that night, and Mic was getting ready to go. He figured that some sort of orgy was next on the agenda and he had to get Lila away soon as he could. Just then Kevin came up to him.

“The next game requires an equal number of guys and girls in each group. I’ve put Jordan in with Bret’s group, but we need an extra guy in Thad’s group. You wanna play?”

“What’s the game?” Mic asked.

“It’s a variation on ‘Spin-the-Bottle’ that Jordan and I cooked up,” Kevin replied. ” But, you will have to strip if you want to play.”

Listening to them Lila had to stifle a gasp. Now it was her turn to be thrilled at the idea of seeing forbidden flesh. She had enjoyed showing her tits and pussy to her brother, now she wanted to see his body, especially his cock. And she had the feeling that if he agreed to play the Chambers’ version of the kissing game, she might be doing a lot more than looking at him.

Mic started to take his clothes off. “Yeah, I’ll play,” he said. “Aren’t you going to strip?”

“Naw,” Kevin said. “I like to watch. And I’m going to be paying particular attention to your group. It’s the first time I’ve had a brother and sister in the same game. It presents some possibilities. And I will like to maslak escort see what happens.”

Mic knew that Kevin was hinting at incest, and he wanted to smash the Son-of-Bitch’s teeth down his throat. But, he also knew he wanted to play this game with his sister. He just had to figure out how he was going to stop it before it got out of hand.

Mic joined the others on the floor and as the oldest he was the first to spin. The bottle pointed to a lovely redhead on his left and he glanced up at Kevin.

“So now I kiss her?”

Kevin grinned. “Not really. You get to suck her tit. When the girls spin, they do kiss the guy. They also play with his cock. That’s the first round. Second round, when you point the bottle at a girl she has to suck your cock. If she points the bottle at you, you have to eat her pussy. Third round, you fuck.”

Mic leaned over and took the redhead in his arms. “What’s your name?”

“Katherine,” she replied.

“Hi, Katherine I’m Mic,” Mic said as he bent down and took her firm right breast into his mouth. He teased and nipped at her nipple for a few moments and then it was her turn to spin.

The first round was tame if that what you can call it.. Katherine got picked twice and a pretty brunette named Kelly once. Mike got kissed and fondled by Katherine and Kelly. When it came time for Lila to spin the bottle wound up pointing at a skinny kid named Eddie, and Mic had to clench his fists to keep from strangling him when Lila put her hand on his cock. He had almost decided to take her home when he got a bright idea. He was fairly sure that he could control spin of the bottle and pick his girl for the second round. If he could point it at Lila he was sure she would freak out and demand to be taken home. And if she didn’t freak…just maybe…

Mic swung the bottle carefully a couple of times to make sure that the spin would be right, then he gave it a twist and hoped. The bottle must have spun for a half second or so, but to Mic it seemed like an eternity.

Finally it came to rest, the neck pointing straight at Lila’s pussy. Mic took a deep breath and just waited for his sister to react. He knew that she would want to leave.

Lila stared at the bottle for a moment. She had seen Mic test the spin of the bottle and she knew this was no accident. She was seized with a desire to lean across the circle and take her brother into her mouth, but she was terrified of doing it in front of so many people. The story would be all over town by lunch. But, on the other hand, she had come to this party to get a reputation.

Mic’s breathing stopped as Lila moved to him and took his cock in her hand. She looked into his eyes for a moment and he knew she had figured out what he had done. Then she lowered her head and opened her mouth. In a mere fraction of a second he knew he would feel her soft lips on the head of his cock. But, then someone come in the door.


The bellow from the front door was followed closely by a lady screaming. Everyone’s eyes turned to the doorway where Mr. and Mrs. Chambers were standing in shock. Suddenly the room was full of people grabbing clothes and struggling to get dressed. In the mad scramble Mic found himself trying to pull some unknown girls panties on, while he saw some other kid run out wearing his shirt. Mr. and Mrs. Chambers were running around shouting out the names of the people that they recognized while threatening Kevin and Jordan. When Mic heard Mr. Chambers yell his name he decided to forgo dressing and grabbing his pants in one hand and Lila, now wearing one of Jordan’s sweaters and pair of panties, in the other he rushed for his car. As he and Lila piled into the car; Mic could see Mr. Chambers talking on the phone. Somehow he knew that his parents were on the other end of the phone.

Mic didn’t know what the hell he was going to do. One thing he knew, if he was going to try and convince his folks that the Chambers were crazy, or at least exaggerating, he and Lila couldn’t go home half dressed. Pulling the car into the far corner of a mall parking lot he got out and searched around in the trunk until he found his fatigue jacket and a pair of tennis shoes. Then he checked to see how Lila was making out.

Lila had produced a pair of jeans from somewhere and was squeezing herself into them, but she had no shoes. He just hoped that he could distract his folks long enough for Lila to make it to her room before they saw she was unshod.

“Well that could have been a lot worse,” Mic said.

“How?” Lila asked.

“It could have been our folks in that door.”

Lila giggled and Mic relaxed a bit. Then he took a deep breath.

“Uh, Lila, about what you and I were about to do. I am just sorry I let things get out of control. I knew I should have taken you home as soon as the strip poker game started, but I didn’t want to embarrass you. I don’t know what got into me, making you touch me like that.”

“You didn’t make me do anything,” Lila said. “I öecidiyeköy escort knew you pointed that bottle at me on purpose. I knew I could have made you take me home then. But I knew you wanted to keep playing – and so did I.”

“You did? With me!?” asked Mic.

“You were the best looking guy there.” she answered. Then she whispered, “Would you have done it again? The third round?”

” Hell yes. No one there looked good as you do.”

“Oh.” Lila waited for a moment and then said, “I think we better go home. I don’t know if the Chambers saw us like that, but if they did we can’t let Mom and Dad think we ran off someplace to finish the job. Although I would like to.”

Glancing at his watch Mic realized that it had almost a half an hour since they had run from the Chambers’ house. By the time they got home their parents would probably have the worst possible idea of what Mic and Lila had been doing.

“Yeah,” he said, “it’s time to face the music.”

When they finally got home they were surprised to find only their father waiting for them. Perhaps they had been wrong and the Mr. Chambers hadn’t called. But with their father’s first words they knew he had.

“Lila, go to your room. We’ll talk in the morning. Mic, I’ve packed your duffle. I’ll take you the bus station now.”

Mic looked around the room. “Where’s Mom?”

“I gave her a sedative,” his father replied. “She was getting hysterical and violent. If she were here right now, you’d probably be dead.”

Mic gulped and nodded. “I gotta hit the head. Okay if I do that first?”

“No you can wait until we get to the bus station. I promised your mother that I’d keep you two apart.”

So, Mic and his father got to the bus station. Finally he turned to his father and said.

“Can we talk about this, Dad?”

“I don’t see why not. There aren’t any buses this time of night. I figured we’d thrash it out over a few beers in the lounge.”

“Thanks, Dad. I was beginning to think I’d been banished from the family,” Mic said.

“You have been,” his father replied. ” Not by me, but by your mother anyway, and frankly I can’t see how I can change her mind on this, so probably we won’t be seeing each other again.”


Mr. Turner just look at his and asked. “Would something have happened if the Chambers hadn’t come home early? Frankly, Mic, I’m very disappointed in you. I sent you to that party to take care of your sister and make sure she didn’t have sex; not to fuck her yourself!”

Mic gave a nervous laugh, “Don’t be silly, Dad. I was going to stop it before Judy did anything serious. I didn’t think letting her have a little fun would hurt anything.”

“And you weren’t thinking of doing her yourself?” his father asked.

“Never Dad. Shit, a guy doesn’t get horny for his own little sister.”

Mr. Turner laughed harshly. “Don’t bullshit me, boy. I know just how a guy reacts to a piece like Lila, sister or not. Hell, when I was your age I would have given my right arm for the chance to put it your Aunt Salma. And Lila is even hotter than Salma was at that age.”

“Uh, Dad, if you think that, you seem to be taking this pretty calmly.”

“Like I said, I understand. And I know that you didn’t fuck your little sister tonight. I’m willing to put all this down to stupidity, booze, and not getting enough while you were in boot camp. But your Mother wants you kept far away from Lila, forever. I’m sorry Mic, but that’s the way it has to be.”

Mic shook his head. “I don’t get it, Dad. I can see Mom being pissed, but you’re telling me that I can’t ever see her, you, or Lila again. Damn, that just not right.”

“She doesn’t want you to call or write either,” his father said calmly.

“GODDAMNIT, DAD! What gives?”

“I suppose you ought to know the truth. What happened tonight, well your mom has ‘issues’ from when she was a kid. You see, while you wanted to screw Judy tonight but didn’t, and while I wanted to do my sister but didn’t, your uncle did scored with your mother when they were teenagers.”

Mike sat in stunned silence. “You mean Mom was raped by her brother!?”

“Did I say anything about rape?” his father said. “I said he scored with your mom; he wooed her, make her love him, took her virginity and gave her three years of great sex. The problem is your mother feels guilty about how much she enjoyed it. And she is determined to make sure that Lila never has sex with you.”

Mike looked at him. “Dad, how can you know all that?”

His father shook his head resignedly. “Well, a therapist has no right treating his own family, but your mother was getting very depressed last year and she refused to see anyone else. Finally, we agreed that I’d try to help her and if she told me something I couldn’t handle, we’d bring in outside help. It took her three months to tell me about her bother; about how she loved it then but regrets it now. I think I surprised her when I didn’t flip out, but like I said, I understand those sort of feelings. “I was actually making progress in convincing her that she had nothing to be ashamed of. Nobody was forced to do anything, and nobody got hurt. That it might have been good for her. Then that dickhead Chambers called and told her how he found you and Lila. Now she’s convinced that a tendency to incest is inherited and she’s sure that if she leaves you and Lila alone for a second….”

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