Haziran 12, 2020

lost little boy

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lost little boy
”please please please im soooo sorry please”

looking at the tall strong black security guy dragging me in the changing room. late night at the hotel pool

”please please dont call my mom ”

”stop crying , stupid little boy, you think you can come here use the pool without paying for it”

slap slap slap

hitting my ass hard pushing me face on his desk ass up

”aiiiee aieee stop stop omg ahhhh”

my little bleue swimsuit down ass up getting ass slap

”please stop ohhhhhh no no please im soooo sorry”

slap slap slap slap

”gonna teach you not to steal and behave”

his thumb rubbing my pink boy hole telling me he will teach me to behave like a good citizen

”you are not going anywhere. im going to open up that boy hole so good”

his finger pressing down , a wet feeling making me plead one last time canlı kaçak bahis before it got in”

then out, in and out

”ahhhhh myyyy goooddd noooo please please awwwwww im not gay ”

my hands reaching to stop him . just to be taped hands together behing my legs , leaving my arch up on his desl face down , my hole fingered wet

”ahhh omg omg ahhhh ahhhhh ”

a 2nd finger joining the 1st in the quest to digg in my ass

”what a fine little hole, stop whinning, here open up instead”

”mpffffffff ”

”that it, tight little boy pussy taking it in soooo good while sucking my cock”

”dont pretend boy, i know you likes cock”

my mouth invade deeper my ass fingered , tied on his desk like a puppy

”thats it, take it boy, learn to behave, be a good boy”

”like a good boy, yes good little boy, stay weak , gimme perabet giriş that mouth boy, yes that sweet mouth , feels so good on my cock”

”ok time to show me good boy, suck on it”

rubbing my ass now, not fingering it just sensually rubbing it , up in the air ass massaged leaving me to suck on him

and i coudnt stop , i listen carefully and suck his strong black cock

i started to feel alright and suck him wanting to make him feel better , wanting his cock to feed me cum

”good boy, thats way better, you look great my cock in your mouth”

”im going to cum boy, you good at this”

getting out of my mouth suddenly walking behind

”im gonna cum in you now”

i try to run scarred of his bbc rubbing on my ass

but tied up on his desk all i could do was feel him take me . get his cock tip in and have fun tipobet poping it out and in , making me squeal on his desk face down asking him to be gentle

”ahhhh omg omg you are so biggg ”

”yes boi take the big cock , relax daddy is here now”

”daddy gonna teach you to open up for his cock so good ”

the fat cock pumping in deep , my small frame body ass up on his desk , used for his pleasure now, not really carring when i ask him to go slower

he just took me, legs shaking from the fucking , moaning face down on his desk

”you feel so good, im so sorry i cant stop , that ass so good”

he tamed me down into being gaped and moaning
i felt weaker and weaker, his bbc pumping my resistance away

”ohhhh bpi here it goes”

”oh no dont run take it all in , all of it in that cute ass”

i felt like a bottle being filled, he cum and cum and cum down all of it in my spurting gaping boy hole

i was quickly dispatch out , walking to the room a cum load dripping in my little swimsuit

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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