Mart 12, 2021

Loosening Up Bk. 06 Ch. 11-15

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Chapter 11 – Nikky

Dave sauntered down the hall in the Administration Division. He was well-known, and so the presence of a vice president in the utility in the trenches was obvious and highly noteworthy. He made a few false turns, and then found what he was looking for.

He stuck his head into the slightly larger than normal cubicle that belonged to Nikky Thomas. Her name was on a plastic nameplate on the fabric just outside the entry.

“Hi Nikky, how’s it going? I was wondering if you were free for lunch today?”

“Hi Dave. Yes. If this is a good time, we can go now.”

Dave looked around at the tight quarters. He chuckled, “I remember my first-line ‘office’ — it wasn’t any better than this, so don’t feel you’ve been singled out for any reason.” Dave noted that hanging on the wall beside her desk was an eight-by-ten picture of Nikky sitting casually talking to Scarlett Johansson on the Circle patio, only no one would know where it was taken. They were both laughing and smiling at the camera.

Below that picture was another with Nikki sitting with Derek and Dave enjoying their lunch at the Circle. That too was a candid shot that showed they were obviously all talking together and that the two men were listening intently to what Nikki was saying. A third picture showed Nikky chatting with the well-known billionaire Owen Bennett.

Beside those three pictures was a fourth that showed Nikki and Doug standing in front of the Cessna 152. Nikki was over a head shorter than Doug, but it was obvious that she’d taken up flying as a hobby. There was a picture of Nikky standing in the doorway of Owen’s corporate jet, too.

Dave nodded, “Nice Rogues’ gallery you’ve got there. Has anybody said anything?”

Nikky grinned broadly, “Only a couple. The two comments were really questions: ‘Do you really know Scarlett Johansson? and “Do you talk often with the president and vice president?’ I simply answered ‘Yes’ to both of them with no further explanations. I’ll have more flying-related pictures after I solo. I’ll tell you something that’ll make you laugh, though. Doug has to add extensions on the rudder pedals on the Cessna Trainer when I have a lesson because even with seat all the way forward, my feet won’t reach. I’m too short.” She giggled.

As they walked through the area on the way to the cafeteria, Dave asked, “How many hours do you have now?”

Nikky held up one small hand with her fingers spread, “Five. I have another lesson tomorrow after work. I love it. I thought of it as just some task I had to do to support my career, but I’m really getting into it all. I bought four hundred dollars worth of books, special computers, apps for my iPad, weather gear, and other stuff all related to flying. I’m psyched.”

Dave laughed, “How would you like a little trip in a helicopter on company time when some of the guys are checking out some of the high- and medium-voltage transmission lines along the spine of the state? We could chalk it up to you needing to understand the business better. It would be very educational. You’d be a passenger in the back, but it would be a ride and probably a lot of fun.”

Nikky nearly screamed, “YES. REALLY! OH, PLEASE.” Several heads popped out of nearby cubicles to see whom she was talking to.

Dave shushed her and said in a slightly sarcastic tone, “Quiet. Serious work is being done in this department.” Nikky rolled her eyes and they went on their way as he described what would be involved.

* * * * *

Saturday at breakfast, Dave once again played chef with four others helping him. Since the children were around, there was a slight damper on the dress code and the PDAs. As usual, Dave watched to see who arrived with whom, especially after the energetic Friday night the Circle had experienced.

Julie came and sat down with Dave — her husband, when he finally appeared with his own breakfast after all of the others had been served. “I have a question for you, but really it’s an idea and I want to see if you like it.”

Dave turned to her, “Fire away.”

“Halloween is the subject. You know most of us are going up to the Worthington’s home called The Meadows. My idea is that instead of driving the hour up there we get a luxury bus to take us up in the afternoon or whenever things get started and then to bring us back the next morning or whenever we leave.”

“Good idea. I assume the cost is not prohibitive.”

“It’ll be $1,200. If we get sixty of us, that’ll make the round trip about twenty dollars a person. It’s much cheaper than a taxi plus if we play our cards right we can fuck on the bus, that is if any of us have any energy left.”

“Still a good idea,” Dave smiled. “Any other good ideas?”

Julie kissed him, “Yeah, I want you to wear that loincloth costume you wore last year. I’d also like to get some tacit agreement that we’ll give preference in our hookups to people not in the Circle, that way all bostancı escort us girls get to try out some new cock or new pussy.” She giggled.

Dave shrugged, “That works for me. You know the set up at Mark’s home, so make it happen. Do they know what you’re planning or what your preferences are?”

“Not yet. I thought I’d join Alice when she calls Elsa this afternoon, but I wanted to talk to you first.”

“Find out what we can bring, and what expectations they have about us. I feel we should do something nice for their hospitality.”

“I’ll think of a housewarming gift. Do you have any ideas?”

Dave chuckled, “How about a complete set of Alice Angel videos or something along those lines.”

Julie broke into a wide grin. “Now, you’re talking.” She flounced off to talk to her sisters.

Dave got three bites in before Karen sat down next to him. She kissed his cheek. “Sorry to interrupt your meal. I thought I’d give you the Saturday morning update about the Simon family.”

Dave nodded, “Please, you know I’m curious and want to be helpful.”

Karen started, “The movers emptied out the furniture from the house the same day those two goons showed up here expecting me to turn over my two kids to them. Daryl and Candy stayed at the Motel 6 the next town over. The next day they went about shutting down bank accounts and forwarding mail, and that type of thing. They’ve quit their jobs. We’re fleeing the state of Ohio.

“Today, they had a couple of things to do and then they were going to start driving their two cars south. Daryl is also pulling a small trailer with some of our more fragile and valuable things in it. My parents called him but he let it go to voice mail. He played the message to me over the phone. It was very threatening and demeaning about how we were living. They bemoaned that all three of their daughters had taken up a life of sin and were living a life that guaranteed we’d fry in hell for all eternity. They hinted that they would ‘take measures’ in the near future to ensure that the children wouldn’t be corrupted by their sinful parents and their girlfriend.”

Dave said, “It sounds like they’ve worked up some kind of kidnap or abduction plan when they say ‘take measures’.” Dave hailed Dev and Dale over and had Karen repeat what Daryl had told her.

Dale said, “I’ve worked some kidnap and ransom cases, but this is different. They don’t want to ever return the children to you, but we have an edge in that we have deep pockets and about a hundred people as a buffer between you and your children and the outside world.”

Dev said, “I think one decision is how confrontational do you want to be when the shit hits the fan.”

Karen teared up, “I want this to stop. I don’t want to be looking over my shoulder the rest of my life. Sean is twelve, yet we’re keeping him under lock and key. He should be riding his bike around the neighborhood and doing twelve-year-old boy things, not hiding from the world. Christiana is in the same predicament only she’s ten. Some of her classmates live a short distance out the back gate, and she should be able to walk over and visit them and not fear that she’ll disappear off the face of the earth as far as we’re concerned.”

Dev said, “What would Daryl say?”

Karen said firmly, “He’d want confrontation and resolution. Candy does, too.”

Dev said slowly, “OK. We’ll take steps in that direction. It’ll get ugly before it gets better.”

Dave said, “Oh, shit. I completely forgot about Bridget. Should we be doing something about her, even though she’s officially an adult?”

Dale chuckled, “Had it covered for weeks. When she’s not here she has an escort of sorts. I think they’ve come to like each other, but he’s keeping his emotional distance so he doesn’t lose perspective if something starts to go down. He’s a young man that works for another firm I have an agreement with.”

“Who is he?”

“His name is Kevin Wilde. He works for Atlas Security Company that I have a reciprocity agreement with. They’ve used Gail for some computer stuff. Now, I have Kevin on a security detail. I might add that Bridget has been very cooperative regarding curtailing her wandering around the city or university. She’s here or at classes, and Kevin is always with her when she’s outside the Circle.” Dale added, “I’ll find her and explain to her that we have a more credible threat; I’ll need to let Kevin know, too.”

Karen said, “Thank you. She knows what’s happening and thinks her grandparents are dead wrong in what they’re doing. By the way, she’s at a table at the other end of the patio studying, when you go to look for her.”

Dave saw Nikky arrive and waved her over. As she arrived some of the others left. Dale and Karen went to talk to Bridget.

“Why’s everybody look so glum?” Nikky asked.

“Oh, we have a family problem. It involves two of my wives — the sisters, another sister that is now living here with her three children, her family who is also moving here, and on the other ümraniye escort bayan side of the fence her parents, who happen to think she’s doing a crappy job of raising her kids.”

As he talked he studied Nikky. This was the first time the cute and tiny woman had worn a sleeveless scoop neck top. To his amazement, after all the other interactions he’d had with her, he realized that she had breasts — significant ones at that. Her boobs were slightly oversize for her body proportions; she was truly ‘stacked’.

“Is she a bad mother in some way?” Nikky sounded kind of naïve asking the question.

“None of us think so. They’ve tried legal methods and now we’re worried they’re going to try some other more muscled approach, even kidnapping of her younger kids — the two swimming in the pool.”

“Wow, you guys have a lot of drama in your life right now.”

Dave actually smiled, “I think there’s always been some drama in our lives, at least since Alice and I started to loosen up.”

“Loosen up? What do you mean by that?”

Dave rolled his eyes at himself. The question was a logical one. He tried to look thoughtful as Nikky got delivered her breakfast by Ron who was playing waiter. Dave noted that he gave the pretty eighteen year old the once over. He had to admit that Ron had good taste.

Dave tried to explain, giving the PG-13 version to her, “About seven years ago, Alice and I were somewhat unhappy with our lives. We were in a rut in terms of careers, our marriage, and how we thought about life. We embarked on a joint effort we still pursue today to help us think outside our comfort zones, not become entrenched in our behavior or thinking, and to keep our marriage at what we like to think of as at an innovative edge.”

“So, that’s why you have five or six wives?” Nikky’s tone was serious but full of curiosity.

Dave nodded. “Yes, that’s one reason. We could have had relationships with the women and between the women without being in love with each other or marrying them, but in our case we also happen to be in love with our spouses.”

“Were you in love with Nancy, Erin, and Maddy?”

“Errr, yes. I’m still in love with them. Why them?”

“Well, they had your babies. I saw them in the nursery; they’re all so cute. I met Maddy, too, but she confused me. I asked which babies were yours, beside hers, and she gestured to just about all of the children. I was in a hurry to come out here to find you so I didn’t ask further.”

“Nikky, I’m about to tell you something that I hope you won’t discuss with anybody from work and that I hope won’t impact our friendship. The people that live here are very aware of it, and they’ll gladly talk to you, as will I, if you want to comment. I think I’m responsible for many of the children in the nursery. I’m not some super stud, the women just happened to find me at the right time.”

“So, you have more than just your four kids?”

“Well, I adopted Matthew, too, so he’d make it five. Yes, in addition to having John with Alice, Robert with Pam, Sarah with Nancy, and Logan with Maddy, I also sired Willow with Wendy, Josh with Erin, Mark with Susan, Zoe with Holly, and Lauren with Joan. There might be others but those are the ones I’m reasonably sure of.

Nikky looked shocked. “That’s … ten kids! Holy shit!”

“Owen thinks my little swimmers are particularly energetic and know what they’re supposed to do.”

“Some of those women are married aren’t they? How did that go over?”

“In a loving community, not everyone worries about paternity. In truth, everyone in the Circle is raising all of the children. I emphasize to you that the Circle is not at all like the world outside our gates.”

Nikky sat back in her seat and sipped on the coffee she’d poured into her cup a couple of minutes earlier. Her posture made Dave think that she was even teasing him as she seemed to thrust her chest forward.

Nikky said, “So, if Owen, for instance, was to get one of your wives pregnant you wouldn’t care?” Dave noted that she had remembered that Owen was engaged to two of his wives. Given everyone’s ages, what she speculated about wasn’t that far fetched.

Dave responded, “Oh, I’d care, but not how you think. I’d be overjoyed that we were having an addition to the family and that my friend Owen is the father. I’d expect that he and my wife would work out how and where they want to raise the child, and what my role would be, if any. We have many similar situations in the Circle right now.”

“Tell me another.”

“Martin and Sasha who are Circle members live in Ohio near where several of us are from. They cross-mated with my brother and his wife that live here and are also Circle members. The families decided that the children would be raised with their mothers and their husbands. They declared their ‘real’ fathers would be ‘uncles’ to their own children.

“In another case, our friend Amanda is pregnant. Either Dale or I are the fathers after a process of elimination. Dale and his kartal escort wife Susan really love Amanda, and she’s almost living with them. They’re bringing her, and her baby once it hatches, into their family.”

Nikky added, “And Dale is raising your child named Mark that his wife had?”

“You have a good memory.”

Nikky smiled, “This is such an exciting environment. You never would have heard anything like this discussion where I was from. I grew up being boring, boring, boring. My response was to study, study, study, so I skipped grades, had no social life to speak of, and repeated the same in college. I was and am in a rut. Knowing you and the Circle are helping me break out of it.”

“You lived at home?”

“Yes, with the most boring parents in the world.” She laughed. “They’re still boring. I moved out.”

Nikky thought a moment and then explained, “I was very driven about my grades. I couldn’t participate in many things in the school. I was too small, too young, and kind of nerdy. I studied music and played the flute in the band, but that was no big deal. I was also in the chess club, but I didn’t apply myself. Calculus was more interesting to me.”

Dave commented, “It takes all kinds. The further away from high school and college you get because of age, the less important all that stuff will seem to you.”

Nikky pulled the conversation in the original direction, “But after hearing about what goes on in the Circle, this sounds like a very permissive environment.”

Dave nodded, “That’s a kind word for an outsider to apply to us. I guess you’re right. The underpinnings of what goes on here are more laudable, we think; at least, most of the time: love, caring, inclusion, support, synergy, and many other things.”

About that time, Dev, Dale, Gail, and Karen casually came up to the table where Dave and Nikky were sitting on the patio. The group surrounded the two as they sat and a couple of introductions were made.

Dave could tell that the group was there with some definite purpose. “What’s up?” he asked.

Dale spoke. “We have an idea that involves your new friend.” He turned to Nikky, “This is a request and certainly nothing that you HAVE to do.”

Nikky looked interested. “How can I help?”

Karen said, “First, I need to tell you a story about my parents. I’ll spare you the long version, but you can ask lots of questions if you get interested.”

Karen regaled Nikky with a five minute version of the upbringing her parents had imposed on Alice, Julie, and her, emphasizing the strictness, rules, punishments, and being increasingly out of touch with modern society, especially in terms of tolerance in terms of family relations. She talked about the evangelical influence and how her parents were preparing for the rapture. She outlined how she met Candy, and her joining their family, and then her parents near violent reaction upon learning of the threesome. She talked about how Bridget had joined the Circle and was totally immersed in the love and sexuality of the place. Finally, she described the legal filing for custody of her other two children: Sean, age 12, and Christiana, age 10. As she finished, she looked to Dale to continue.

When Karen described in a few sentences the open sexuality of the Circle and how Bridget was immersed in the activities, Nikky’s eyebrows about rotated off her face. This was new and blatant news to the young woman.

Dale nodded, “Before I start with our idea, do you have any questions?”

Nikky looked puzzled about what her role in any of this might be, and said, “No. You have crazy parents that are acting irrationally. They sound brainwashed. They don’t see the beauty in the diversity of the relationships their children have formed.”

Dave smiled inwardly and her benevolent comment.

Dale said, “We were watching you, Nikky, and I apologize if you saw us staring at you. Because of the legal filing and then the threatening action of a couple of nicely dressed goons, we are worried about the two younger children being abducted and taken back to Ohio. We’ve had each of them under some modest security until this morning, when it seemed the threat level got raised because of a phone call Karen’s husband received. Our presumption about a possible kidnapping became more real.”

Nikky said, “What can I do to help?”

Dale looked at the others sitting around in the group and focused on Karen. He said to her, “Can you ask Christiana to join us for a minute, if you please.”

Karen got up and went to the middle side of the pool and caught her daughter’s attention. “Come and meet somebody, honey, then you can go back to your swim.”

Christiana clamored out of the pool and took the towel that her mother offered her. She came with her to the group, and got introduced to Nikky. She’d already met all of the Circle members.

Dale requested, “Nikky, would you stand next to Christiana for us.”

Nikky slowly rose. She could sense the direction this was going.

Nikky was the same height as the tall fourth grader, nearly the same build, and the same hair color and length. Their faces were the same general shape. Only Nikky’s boobs seemed to discourage comparison, and Dave knew that she could hide those with the right clothing and undergarments.

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