Mart 4, 2021

Looking After All Their Needs Ch. 04

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Jack arrived at Dot’s a couple of minutes before three, Jack was excited, mum hadn’t been online all day. Jack thought she must be having a long lunch with her girlfriend, Dot came out of the lounge when Jack went into the house, she looked stunning, she was showing a lot of cleavage and a lot of leg. She looked terrific in a mini-skirt. She also looked ten years younger in her new outfit, the last person you would imagine her to be was the minister’s wife. They tongue kissed, they were both pulling the other closer to each other, Dot said, “Darling, careful with the makeup, I’ve spent half an hour putting it on. When we get home, it doesn’t matter but let me look good for the Spa.”

Jack put his hand on Dot’s butt, she wasn’t wearing any panties. They left for the Spa after Jack had changed into casual clothes. The Spa was beautiful, it was part of a Hotel complex, it was warm enough for them to sit on the terrace. Dot looked so relaxed, she said, “Jack, I should have changed my image after my husband died, I’ve wasted a few years of my life, but hopefully I can catch up now. I have been thinking a lot about you and me, I’m so attracted to you, you’re a very eligible young bachelor. I believe that we can have a lot of fun together, I have gone on the pill for you, you can cum inside me as much as you want. We must be discreet, I must think of my son’s position, but I’m most certainly not going to allow it to interfere with my fun. If the situation arose, would you have any problem socialising with me locally? We would steer clear of Church events but anything else, I think that we both could enjoy.”

“Dot, I don’t have a problem with that. I also hold a position in the local society, I don’t see a problem socialising with my gorgeous landlady. I am invited to all sorts of functions, the lunchtime ones I usually do as I must get the Bank’s message across. The evening ones I have let one of the Senior Account managers go. If one comes up, that’s suitable then I’ll let you know. I’ve no problem being seen with you.”

“I want to kiss you.”

“You’ve got to watch your makeup, I want to kiss you too.”

They chatted for a long time, they were so open and honest with each other. Just after five, they left for home, there was a car parked outside Dot’s house, Dot said, “That’s Jill’s car, Peter my son’s wife, I wonder what she wants?”

Jack’s initial impression of Jill was a nice woman but did nothing for herself the way she dressed. Jill came to their car when Dot got out of the car. Jill said, “Dot, I hope that I’m not disturbing you, but could I have a quick word?”

“No problem Jill, this is Jack, he’s my new lodger, he kindly invited me to the Spa this afternoon for escort beşevler a coffee, it was a lovely afternoon out for me, come inside and we can have a chat.”

They all went inside, Dot said, “Jill, would you like a glass of wine? Jack and I are going to have one, so you might as well join us.”

Dot got the wine, everybody had a glass then Jack said, “It is a lovely evening, I will sit on the patio so you two girls can have your talk in private. Jack sat on the terrace, which was just outside the lounge where Dot and Kill were talking. Nobody but Jack realised that Jack could hear their entire conversation because one of the lounge windows was open. Jill’s problem was that because of dwindling congregation numbers, a lack of ministers and a substantial drop in the church’s income, there were changes afoot in the church.

Jill was fed up with it. Things weren’t right between her and Peter. She felt so reliant on him, and he was brushing her aside, he wanted her to help him for a pittance, she was struggling to keep her car going. She wanted a child, Peter had told her this wasn’t the time for a child. Jill had trained in a Bank. She had achieved all her qualifications to a Senior level. She was wanting to return to working in a Bank to give her some sort of independence.

Dot, immediately saw that maybe Jack could help Jill, she told Jill about Jack’s position in the Bank, she would have a word with him tonight, and Jill should come and see her tomorrow morning. Dot then told Jill to go to the bathroom, where Dot’s make up bag was and smarten herself up. As Dot pushed her impressive cleavage out, Dot said, “Jill, undo a couple of buttons on your blouse, Jack loves big tits, don’t hide what you’ve got, we’ll then go and join Jack on the patio for a glass of wine.”

Jack knew exactly what was happening, Jill was attractive, she had a good figure, she looked intelligent. Jack was looking for a Personal Assistant at the Bank, Jill, if she had enough experience could be a suitable candidate for the position. Jack, pretend that he knew nothing when Dot and Jill joined him on the patio.

Jack stood up when they came out on to the patio, Dot had brought a bottle of wine, the addition of a little makeup. Brushing her hair and undoing two buttons of her blouse to reveal a cleavage just as nice as Dot’s was terrific, Jack said, “This is so restful sitting here listening to nature, come and join me, girls, you will love it.”

They sat at the table Jack had been sitting, Jill said, “Dot, that’s a beautiful outfit that you are wearing, did you get it locally? It really does suit you, I must get a change of wardrobe, I’ve neglected myself for too escort balgat long.”

Jack said, “You look super Jill, what a difference from when we arrived this afternoon. Do you work?”

“No, I don’t unfortunately, before I got married, I worked in a Bank, I loved that, I got to a level ten grading. I’m a bit frustrated at the moment, I think that I would like to go back into banking.”

“That’s excellent, do you have your Investment Bank analyst certificate?”

“Yes, I have, I was an analyst for nine months then I got married, I wish that I had stayed at the Bank.”

Jack brought out his wallet, he gave Jill one of his business cards then said, “I may be in a position to help you, please either email or message me your contact details. Tomorrow morning, I will look at the staffing levels within our Bank, I’m sure that I’ll be able to find you a position.”

Jill was over the moon, the look of relief on her face was fantastic, they all chatted for the next half hour then Jill left, her parting words were, “I’ll message you my contact details as soon as I am home. I am prepared to do anything just to have a job. Thank you, Jack, I’ve really enjoyed meeting you.”

As soon as Jill left, Dot said, “Jack, let’s go inside, I want to give you the best kiss you have ever had in your life, the neighbour on our right if they are at the foot of their garden can see the patio, I can do so much more to you inside. Thank you for giving Jill your card, she should never have married my son, she has a dreadful life, you’re giving her the chance to change it. Give me the time to get her some new clothes as the clothes she has now are all so old. I’ll even get her some nice lingerie, she has a great figure, but you can’t see it but you will when I have finished with her.”

They went into the lounge, they stood and kissed for several minutes both their hands were exploring, Dot’s tits felt wonderful then Dot found Jack’s erect cock, Dot said, “Jesus, it that for real? It feels massive, I think that we should go to the bedroom .”

They both stripped in Dot’s bedroom, Jack had been right, Dot wasn’t wearing any panties. He slipped his hand between her legs, Dot opened her legs for him, giving him easier access, her pussy was so wet as he slid two fingers inside her. Dot now lay on top of the bed, there was a little precum on the slit of Jack’s cock, she smiled then as her tongue cleaned it, she said, “What have we got here.”

Dot then went down on Jack’s massive cock, soon her lips were wrapped around the base of it, Dot came up and said, “That’s a big one, he’s going to fill me, I’m going to love that. Jack, be careful when you go inside escort batıkent me, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a cock, I’ve never had one as big as this.”

Jack then positioned so that they could 69, as he did this, Dot spread her legs even further open. Jack used two fingers to spread her swollen cunt lips open, a large hooded clit sprung out, it was big and suckable, Jack teased it with his tongue first, Dot was purring with pleasure as he did this, Jack started to suck her clit as he finger fucked her, Dot loved this, she was pushing her pussy against Jack’s mouth now, she wanted his fingers deeper. A few minutes later Jack sensed that Dot was close, she was gripping his fingers so tight now with her powerful cunt muscles, her cunt was wet and tight, Jack was looking forward to going inside it with his cock. Two minutes later Dot flooded Jack’s mouth with her cum, it was sweet and tasty, Jack held it in his mouth, then they cum kissed, Dot’s tongue was busy transferring her cum from Jack’s mouth into her own mouth, Jack said, “Dot, your cum tastes so good.”

“Jack, not today but I’m looking forward to tasting yours.”

Jack knew that Dot was ready for him, he said, “Dot, if you would like you can go on top, that’ll give you a chance to get used to my cock, you will be able to control the fuck if you do that.”

“Jack, that’s a great idea, let’s do it.”

Jack lay on the bed, Dot then squatted over him, within a minute she was taking his full length, Dot said, “It feels amazing, you’re stretching me, but I have no pain. The head of your cock is hitting my cervix, I’ve never had that before.”

Dot soon had a good rhythm going, she was giving Jack a great ride, Jack was stroking her clit, it felt good as at the base of her thrust she pushed her pussy against his fingers. Her massive tits were swaying beautifully, Dot had a gorgeous body. Dot was getting close, and so was Jack, she was grinding into his cock seductively. Jack said, “Cum for me, Dot, let me feel your hot cum on my cock, cum for me, I’m so close too.”

Two minutes later Dot cried out, “I’m cuming, fuck it’s wonderful, Jack cum for me too, shoot your load inside me.”

Within seconds Jack came too, they both had good orgasms, Dot leaned over and kissed Jack tenderly, and with a lot of affection, Jack knew that he and Dot were going to have a lot of fun. Dot said, “Jack, that was so good, it was up there with the best that I’ve ever had. I’m so glad that you gave Jill your card, I feel so sorry for her, she was a nice, intelligent but naive girl. She met a young minister and thought what a wonderful life, I could have living in a Priory, she thought she was doing the right thing, but it was the biggest mistake of her life, thank god that they haven’t had any children.”

“Every day I hear of silly things that Peter has done, he means well, but he’s under a lot of pressure too, Jack, you are amazing, your magnificent cock is still hard, shall we eat a little later tonight?”

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