Mart 11, 2021

Long Time No See Ch. 3

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This time it was the doorbell that woke Melanie up at eleven in the morning on the Sunday morning that followed her adventurous afternoon and evening with Joss, later also including her niece and nephew.

‘Who the hell is calling in the middle of the night?’, was her first thought, but a glance at her alarm-clock told her that for other people at least the day had already begun. As the bell sounded for a second time she got out of bed and, without bothering to put on clothes, staggered tot the front door of her apartment and peeked through the little hole. It was her neighbour Anne, who had introduced her to Joss a couple of days before.

Melanie hesitated for a moment, but then she unlocked the door and let Anne into her home.

The busty lady smiled in a somewhat nasty way and nodded approvingly at Melanie’s naked body.

‘Ready to engage in some heavy petting, dear? I see you are appropriately clothed for it.’ she almost sneered.

Melanie looked at her.

‘Something the matter, Anne?’ she inquired. ‘You know I’m here for you, but it seems something has upset you?’

In a rude tone of voice Anne reproached Melanie: ‘Don’t play innocent with me, you tart! You just couldn’t wait to get Joss between your slutty legs, could you? And not a single thought of me! Perhaps I might have wanted to join in, did you think of that? I saw him leaving yesterday, with that broad smile on his face, or should I say: on his cock?’

Melanie was completely taken by surprise.

‘But, Anne darling!’, she exclaimed. ‘I had understood, that you were into women now and that you called Liz and me to help you out with him. I am sorry if I was mistaken, but it was never my intention to take him from you. Besides, I am convinced that he is still quite capable of servicing both of us and a couple of others as well at a very satisfactory level.’

Anne produced a wary smile and looked at Melanie with watery eyes.

‘Ah, well, I don’t know. I enjoyed your company and Liz’ as well, but I still can’t get his fat rod out of my mind. And the image of you riding him came also back to me in a dream I had last night. I am just a bit confused, I guess.’

‘Come on, Anne.’, cooed Melanie. ‘Don’t be sad, come into the kitchen, I’ll get us a coffee.’

Anne watched Melanie’s cute butt as she followed her into the kitchen and she caressed the two perfect cheeks when Melanie prepared the coffee.

Melanie felt her nipples go stiff, when the fingers of her friend tried to slip into the crack of her ass.

‘Tell you what.’, Melanie suggested. ‘Why don’t we get into the car, drive to The Hague and go and see this stud. We will get him to fuck you and I will give you some of my best lesbian action, so that you may decide if you want a man or a woman or both.’

Anne shrugged and remained silent. Melanie wasted no more time, took hold of the phone and dialled Joss number. It took her only a couple of seconds to make the appointment.

Melanie went into her bedroom, freshened herself up and put on a tight cotton dress that showed her nice little tits in detail. She didn’t bother with underwear.

Two minutes later Melanie’s car reached the motorway to The Hague.

‘So what happened with Joss yesterday?’, asked Anne.

Melanie grinned at the recollection of the events.

‘I called him over to have an easy and lazy Saturday-afternoon fuck, but we were interrupted by my niece and nephew, who literally barged in on us at the exact moment that he shot a load of cum all over my face and tits.’

Anne was genuinely shocked.

‘Oh, my God. And what was their reaction?’

‘Well, we ended up as a fairly hot foursome and I learned that some of my in-laws are having an incestuous relationship with one another. At least my brother and sister, their spouses and some of their kids are involved. I am planning tot get into that game as well, if only to make use of my nephew’s dick, that is about as impressive as the tool our dear friend Joss waves about. I managed to get a taste of my nephew’s semen, but I definitely want him in my snatch as well.’

‘Jeez.’, replied Anne to this story, that had got her all hot and bothered. ‘I can hardly believe it. And Joss, what did he do?’

‘He had bostancı escort his cock sucked by my niece and was fucked by me, while we watched my nephew and niece screwing. I reminded him that he still owes me a nice butt-job.’

‘That’ll be something for this afternoon then.’ Anne laughed.

They parked in front of the luxurious apartment building near the seaside, where Joss lived and got out of the car. As they approached they spotted Joss who had taken advantage of the delay granted to him and was just returning from a round of jogging. His athletic body was covered in sweat and his T-shirt clung to his torso. Both girls fixed their eyes on the thin material of his running shorts. When he trotted towards them, the swaying of his heavy member and ball-sack drew their attention.

‘Hi, there, that’s quick.’, Joss panted as he reached the two women. ‘I have just made it, I see.’

‘I do hope this exercise has not cost you too much energy, because I’m afraid you will need all the stamina you can muster this afternoon.’

‘Oh, well, in that case, come in.’, was Joss’ somewhat enigmatic answer as he led the way and showed them into his home, which was decorated and furnished in a sober style but with the use of first class designs and materials only. The girls admired the surroundings and enjoyed the view from the main window, the magnificent North Sea.

Suddenly they heard the shower running and Anne ran immediately to the bathroom, where Joss was rinsing the sweat from his body.

‘Hey, buddy, don’t get naked without us!’, she cried out and slipped out of her dress and undies. Melanie had even less work to get undressed and soon the three of them were crammed into the shower-stall which was normally spacious enough, but had a problem containing three people.

After a lot of splashing and rubbing together of breasts, pussies, a penis and other body-parts they burst from under the shower and grabbed some towels. Refreshed and dried they went into the living room, where a luscious thick carpet covered the floor. On it were seven fat cushions. There was also a large sofa, but the three of them instinctively let themselves down on the cushions. Anne stretched her voluptuous body on the soft wool of the carpet and lifted her hips to allow Melanie to put one of the cushions under her behind. As she spread her legs a little, the spectacle she offered was downright obscene. Her whole body seemed to say: ‘Eat me, lick me, penetrate me, fuck me, fill me.’ Melanie went on her knees between Anne’s legs and looked longingly at the pink lips of her friend’s delicious cunt. With her fingertips she caressed the soft tissue of Anne’s thighs, making small circles on them as her hands gradually approached Anne’s crotch. The big-breasted woman took hold of her nipples between the index fingers and thumbs of both hands and pinched them hard. The pain forced a short gasp out of her half-open mouth and a tiny spurt of love juice out of her hot cunt. Melanie had just reached Anne’s outer labia and felt the hot liquid stream on her hands. It made her cream as well and two small streams made her thighs glisten as she bent forward and put her tongue between Anne’s slippery cunt-lips. She licked up and down along her friend’s snatch, each time probing a little deeper inside.

‘My clit, Melanie, love, suck my clit!’, Anne panted frantically. But Melanie preferred to tease her neighbour and friend for another while and licked and kissed her cunt, but avoided any contact with her clitoris. ‘Jesus Christ!’, hollered Anne. ‘Do my clit, dammit. I’m going crazy here!’

Melanie just smiled and stood up from between Anne’s legs. She turned around and faced Joss, who had witnessed the scene with growing interest. And his interest wasn’t the only thing that hat had been growing.

‘Care to lick her clit?’, asked Melanie, slowly rubbing her left nibble with her right hand, whilst fingering her own clit with the right one.

‘Sure’, was Joss’ only contribution to the brief exchange. He took Melanie’s place en dove right into Anne’s cunt, opening his mouth and closing it again over the protruding throbbing clit of the horny bitch. She lifted her hips even more than the cushion already did and pushed her hungry sex-organ ümraniye escort bayan into his sucking mouth. While he was giving her his best sucking efforts, he felt the cool hand of Melanie slip between his legs and reach for his balls. She grabbed his sack and squeezed gently, giving each of his nuts a stimulating massage that would cause a massive stream of semen later. This went on for a couple of minutes, with Joss sucking and Melanie kneading and of course Anne approaching an inescapable orgasm. Then Anne started to moan and bucked her hips even further upwards. At that same moment Melanie pulled Joss by his balls away from Anne’s snatch, only to dive in again herself and bring her friend to a storming orgasm. Joss saw Melanie’s mouth engulf Anne’s labia and clit and he imagined the workings of her lashing tongue over that wet and slippery flesh, that caused Anne to shake and shudder and cry and moan. Joss knelt between Melanie’s legs and looked at her upturned behind. Not only could he see her pussy, wet and open, but also the tight hole of her ass. For a brief moment he was tempted to ravage her anally there and then, bit instead he bent over en licked her ass-cheeks, gradually homing in on her little puckered ass. He made a moist trace of saliva on her backside and as his right hand cupped her quivering mons, he felt the juices of her excitement trickle into his palm. That was the moment for Anne to finally come and come and come. Joss hoped that the neighbours were out, or stone deaf, for the sound of Anne’s orgasm threatened to bring the walls down. She moaned and yelled and begged for MORE, PLEASE GIVE ME MORE!!!! as Melanie did not miss one beat and continued sucking her into the next of a series of orgasms. But then Melanie’s belly sent signs of things to happen inside her as well, because Joss’ tongue was now so active on her ass-cheeks, between them and also in the crevice itself, that she began to drift towards her first orgasm of the day. Fortunately Anne started to show some signs of fatigue, which allowed Melanie time to let go of that now satisfied pussy and concentrate for a while on Joss’ lips and fingers. When her orgasm came it took her by surprise. One moment she was floating towards it, the next moment it hit her like lightning. She uttered one short cry, shook her body four or five times and went rigid with sheer lust. Then she let herself go and collapsed on the floor next to Anne.

Anne had regained consciousness and enjoyed the view. As soon as Melanie had collapsed next to her, she gained the full view of Joss’ gigantic, completely erect dick and one single thought took hold of her half lesbian brain. She wanted him in her, as deep as he could penetrate her and she hoped he would fill her tight cunt with his seed. His hot sticky sperm should leak out of her and stream along her glowing thighs. She opened her thighs to show him the pink wet insides of her demanding cunt. Joss smiled at her and said: ‘Easy, baby, I’ll give it to you. Wrap your legs around me and I’ll come into you as deeply as possible and I’ll give you my thick cream.’

He let his member slide between her eager labia and pumped a few strokes inside her. Anne just resumed her orgasm that had only been interrupted and came immediately and vehemently. Her legs around his hips pulled him into her cunt as she spasmed and came. It was short and intense for Anne, but Joss came out of her as stiff as he had gone in.

He stood up and stood over Anne, who was still lying on the floor, her butt on the cushion. Melanie crouched beside him and he put one foot on either side of Anne’s body, towering over her and looking down on her magnificent breasts with the amazing protruding nipples. Melanie took hold of his throbbing penis and moved the skin up en down in a wanking motion. She whispered to him: ‘Come on, you stud, let your seed splash on this lily white body. Give this slut a bath of your sperm. Spray her with those tick ropes of cum.’

Joss gritted his teeth in a last effort to prolong this lustful moment, but he had to give in and as he just yelled out ‘YESS!’, Melanie pointed his now spouting prick towards Anne’s belly and tits, which he covered in his delightfully warm and creamy sperm. He produced five blasts of it; the quantity kartal escort of it on her body was awesome. While Joss stepped aside to take a moment of rest Melanie laid her body down on Anne’s, thus spreading the sensual syrup over Anne’s body and hers, making soppy sounds as her perky little breasts slid over Anne’s huge boobs, rubbing the sperm into the skin of both women.

Joss found that so exciting, that he took up his position between the legs of the women again and pushed his hard dick, slick with the rest of his come oozing out of that meaty hose, against the hot hole of Melanie’s ass.

‘Oh God, yes, you promised, you promised.’, she called out. The sound was smothered as Anne, who was lying under her, opened her mouth and started to French-kiss the woman on her belly. She felt how Melanie’s weight seemed to increase as Joss gently increased the pressure of the head of his penis on her sphincter.

‘Give in. Let him enter that tight ass of you!’, Anne whispered into Melanie’s ear.

Melanie made a conscious effort to relax and indeed the massive pole slipped between her ass cheeks into her waiting behind.

Joss enjoyed the vice-like grip on his penis and pumped ever so slowly in and out, reaching around Melanie’s body and tweaking both her nipples and Anne’s as well. Anne’s left hand had reached Melanie’s twat and while Joss bunged her hole, Anne fingered Melanie’s hot clit. It took a full five minutes before Melanie cried out, once again smothered by Anne’s mouth that engaged her in a deep kiss at the very moment that both her ass and her clit gave her a shattering orgasm. She shook for more than a minute and then collapsed. As Joss withdrew his pole from her ass, she rolled off Anne’s body. The two women stayed like that next to each other, spread out on the carpeted floor, holding hands.

Joss withdrew to his bathroom for a moment and washed his penis thoroughly with some cold water and soap, but although his penis got clean, even the cold water would not reduce its stiffness.

When he returned to the room, he heard Anne declare to Melanie: ‘I have had pricks in my ass before, but it always hurt. For some reason I expected Joss to be gentle and indeed he was. I loved the way that bulbous head on his dong did not rip me apart, but eased its way in. It is also the first time that I actually came with a dick in my ass, but then I have to admit that you helped a lot.’

Both women were smiling at Joss as he entered the room; they also both ogled his erect dick.

‘Come on, you fucking stud,’ said Anne, ‘stick it in my cunt and give me your load. You have controlled yourself long enough now.’ She spread her legs and Melanie sat up next to her. And while Melanie played with Anne’s nipples, sucking and tweaking them, Joss entered here hot, wet love-hole and fucked her, hard and fast, with the intention to pour his built-up load deep in her shaking body.

But once again she beat him to it. Before he could even start to spout his sperm into her snatch, she clamped her throbbing cunt around his pumping cock, immobilising him and coming herself in a shaking frenzy.

Joss, who had been on the brink of shooting, withdrew his penis from her vagina, quickly straddled her body so that he could place his pulsating cock between her massive tits and started to fuck those. Melanie assisted him by squeezing Anne’s boobs together. Now he only needed five strokes to unload his hot, sticky shots between those magnificent hooters, spraying her upper body all the way up to her chin.

Gleaming with love juices of all available sources they rested a while together. Then Joss invited them for a shower, separately this time.

After the shower, he offered them some snacks, which they ate naked, sitting at the kitchen-table.

When Joss went about his business serving them, the ladies saw to their satisfaction, that his penis was now hanging down between his legs, still an impressive length of sexual meat, but happy to rest for a while. But for how long that would be, the two sex-crazed dolls could only guess.

At about four in the afternoon Anne and Melanie dressed and prepared for their return home.

They laughed as they saw that Joss remained nude.

‘You never know who may be the next caller.’ ,he teased them.

In the car on the motorway Melanie asked Liz if she had now found out, what her preference was: man or woman or a bit of both.

‘With the two of you around, it is definitely not a bit, but a lot of both.’, was Anne’s verdict.

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