Nisan 7, 2021

Long Day Made Better

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You come home early from work and don’t expect to find me at home, much less in a bubble bath. You know that I have had an exhausting week at work and need the relaxation time. You watch me for a few moments and decide to leave me to relax while you change and check your email.

I am utterly relaxed in the tub and I don’t hear you come in, much less see you standing and watching me as I soak away the week. I know that I am just about asleep and decide to get out of the tub while the water is warm. Pulling a fluffy towel from the stack, I start to towel off gently but not completely. I find your favorite body oil and begin to work the oil into my damp skin. Once I am completely soft and smelling of your favorite oil, I change into my pajamas. I know that you love to see me in boxers and a small tank top and this is what I decide to wear in anticipation of seeing you soon.

I step out of the warm bathroom and see you have made it home and the evidence is lying in the floor. Sighing softly to myself, I pick up your clothing and put them away. Finally, I set out for the computer room, knowing that you are there checking your email, as is your habit. Walking down the stairs and passing through the kitchen, I stop at the refrigerator and survey the contents, thinking that I need to go shopping. We will be calling in dinner again. After my inspection, I finally arrive in the computer room and see you relaxing in your chair staring off into space. You seem a bit distracted and I am not sure why. Only you know that the sight of my bath has aroused you and has you wondering if you should disturb me.

Not noticing that I have walked quietly up behind you, you are startled as I place my hands on your warm shoulders and give you a slight squeeze. I can see that you are relaxed and are wearing nothing but your boxers. You look up to me as I slowly lean down to kiss you and ask about your day. You turn the chair slowly and pull me into your lap to kiss me thoroughly and tell me that your day was fine. You are happy to see me and from sitting in your lap, I know this to be true. I can feel your hard cock becoming harder as I sit and kiss you passionately.

You begin to slowly kiss and lick my neck and move up to my ears where you whisper that you have missed me all day and couldn’t wait to get home escort bostancı to me. I moan softly that I too have missed you and begin to rub my body against yours ever so slightly. This causes you to moan and hold me tighter. You whisper that I am wearing your favorite scent and that is driving you mad. I look down at you and smile as I slide slowly out of your lap to kneel between your knees.

I can see the desire in your eyes as your cock becomes even harder. I reach in to gently caress you as I free your cock so that I can have better access. Seeing your cock so hard has created a flow of wetness in my pussy that tells me that I need you and soon. I lean down and slowly lick around the head of your cock, which elicits a deep moan from you. I look up at you from beneath my eyelashes and smile as I slowly begin to suck gently on the tip of your cock as my hands rub up and down the length of your cock slowly.

I can feel your hands in my hair as you guide me in the ways that please you the most. You know that I don’t need the guidance but you know that I love the feel of your hands. I am enjoying the feel and the taste of your cock, that I don’t notice you trying to stop me. I finally feel you trying to stop me and I look up at you with a question in my eyes. You look down at me and smile. You pull me to my feet and pull me close for another kiss. By this time, I am moaning softly and wanting you so badly that I cannot think of anything but you. You take my hand and gently lead me to the stairs and ultimately to our room.

Once in our room, your hands begin to gently caress my body through my pajamas, making me moan in pleasure. I can feel your hands slide underneath the tank top as you take both of my breasts in your hands and begin to knead them gently. As you reshape my breasts to fit both of your hands, your thumbs begin to move over my nipples, making them hard for your tongue. Kneeling down before me, you pull the shirt over my head and immediately begin to kiss my breasts softly before licking and eventually sucking my nipples until they are rock hard. You keep sucking and biting them gently until you feel my knees begin to give way.

You stand quickly and move me to our bed. Sitting me on the edge of the bed, you kneel once again and begin to kiss and suckle ümraniye escort at my breasts. Your hands are never still. As your mouth works in earnest at my breasts, your hands are moving in slow circles upon my thighs, working ever so slightly higher until I can feel them stroking my pussy through my boxers. You whisper for me to open my legs a bit wider and once I do, your fingers find their way inside my boxers where you find that I am not wearing any panties. You moan deeply and begin to stroke my wet pussy. You can hear me moaning and know that I am enjoying all of your attention.

You push me to lie back upon the bed and once I am lying down, you slowly pull my boxers off and begin to kiss your way up my bare legs. I can feel you kissing and licking my inner thighs, driving me crazy. You look up at me with a mischievous grin and slowly drag your tongue between the lips of my pussy to circle my clit with the lightest of touches.

You repeat this over and over until I am incoherent with my desire for you. I can’t stop moving and pleading with you to fuck me. You give a little laugh and all at once, I feel your tongue deep inside my pussy for an instant, then you pull back out. I grab your head to guide you and your tongue back to where I need it. You shake your head at me and start slowly licking me once again. You bring me to the edge of orgasm again and again. I am writhing and moaning above you, begging you to let me cum.

You are now so hard as you start kissing a path up my body to my breasts and finally to my lips. You kiss me deeply and I can taste myself on your lips. Your tongue thrusts in mouth in a deeply carnal rhythm that your cock is imitating with my pussy, yet you aren’t fucking me yet. You are just rubbing your hard cock over the lips of my pussy and my clit, making me moan and beg even more. You keep up this torment as you whisper in my ear, “Do you like that baby? What do you want me to do?” You can feel me trying desperately to slide your cock into my pussy, but you are having none of that. You pull just out of reach and continue to rub against me until I am nearly senseless with desire.

You can hear me pleading with you, “Please baby, I want you to fuck me so badly…please!” You smile at me and move to suck my nipples even harder and biting ever kartal escort bayan so gently. I can now feel just the head of your cock pushing into me slowly. I moan in pleasure at this new sensation. You keep fucking me with just the head of your cock. “Please honey, please, I can’t take much more of this.” You look up at me and I know that you are just as hot as I am and you won’t be able to take this play much longer.

At that instant, you drive your cock deep into my pussy, causing me to cum. You can feel the walls of my pussy pulling at you and squeezing you tightly, but you don’t give into the urge to cum. You lie very still while enjoying the feeling of being deep inside my pussy as I cum. You give me a chance to recover slightly before moving ever so slowly in and back out of my pussy. I wrap my legs around your waist and begin to meet your slow thrusts with thrusts of my own. You look me in the eyes and lean down to kiss me all the while thrusting and bringing me to another orgasm. You are still not ready to cum as you pull my legs from your waist and turn us so that I am now on top of you.

I know now that I am still not finished cumming for a while and I pull you to a sitting position so that I can wrap my arms and legs around you as I try desperately to trigger your orgasm. I look down into your eyes and I begin to move slowly, building back up to another orgasm. I begin to kiss you again, moving harder and harder, rubbing my clit against you and feeling the start of yet another orgasm.

You are now at the point of no control. My 3rd orgasm of the night has finally made you frantic. You turn us yet again and assume the dominant position over me. I can feel your hands guiding my legs to your shoulders as you begin to thrust harder and faster into my wet and hot pussy. I can feel your muscles tightening and you begin to thrust even harder. I am moaning almost incoherently as the strongest orgasm of the night comes over me in waves and finally you achieve your orgasm. You keep thrusting harder and spilling all of your cum into my body that you have been holding back for so long.

Once you have pulled my legs down from your shoulders, you collapse against me. I am feeling lethargic from the intense orgasms that you have given me tonight, yet I wrap my arms around you and hold you tightly as you begin to relax. Once you have relaxed, you look up at me and kiss me gently. “Thank you baby. That was wonderful.” I can see that sleep is about to overtake the both us and I pull the covers around us as we finally drift off holding one another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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