Mart 25, 2021

Lockhome Syndrome

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This is something I wrote back in July 2016. I was trying to do something with POV changes, but I never posted it because I was unsure of the style and story. I’ve since polished it up and decided to give it to you, the good people of Literotica.

This story contains Brother Sister Incest. If that’s not your cup of tea-“these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”

All character’s actions and thoughts are their own and do not reflect the views and or actions of the author.

Thank you to Skye4Life (as always), Sean Sweeny, and Phil for their input and editing.


Lockhome Syndrome



“Fuck!” I screamed slamming my fist into the basement door.

The door knob did nothing but spin. The son of a bitch was broken, and I was on the wrong side of it, trapped. I thought about just taking the door off its hinges, or breaking it down, but after a meth head had broken in last year my father had installed a reinforced steel door. It might look like wood with its laminate covering but having helped install it, I knew I’d have to tear down half the wall to get back into the main house.

I couldn’t even climb out of the small window near the ceiling that looked out into the back yard. Even if I could have fit through it, which I doubted, we had installed security bars on that as well.

To make this shitty situation even worse, my parents were out of town for an extended weekend vacation, and my only means to communicate with the outside world was sitting on my bed, plugged into a wall charger. Not exactly there when I needed it.

As my luck would have it, it was only Wednesday evening and my parents weren’t due back until Monday night. I was 18 and had the entire house to myself, something that every teenage boy looks forward to. What was supposed to be a blessing had quickly turned into a curse. I’d had big plans for this weekend.

There was a girl from my school, Amber Winslow, that had started taking notice of me recently. I had really started working out this year and lost all my usual pudginess, replacing it with firm muscle. Amber had been constantly flirting with me lately, mentioning how big and strong I had gotten, and how we should spend some time together. For her, that was code for ‘let’s fuck’.

This girl was hot, and had a well-deserved reputation for being incredibly slutty in a way that all guys dream about. She’d been dropping hints that we should get together, and I had mentioned that my parents would be out of town this weekend. All we had was innuendo and ambiguity, no firm plans or anything. All I had was her number, and without my phone I had no delusions of her showing up to save me.

For so long I had been in that place between being the fat kid and being a jock. It’s the Bermuda Triangle of slight unattractiveness that makes you invisible to the opposite sex. You’re not attractive enough to notice or ugly enough to comment on, so they don’t seem to realize that you exist. Now I was finally out! I had the opportunity to have sex with a girl that I actually wanted to look at while we were fucking, and I had fucked it up! Sure, there would be other opportunities, but my dick and I had been waiting so long for this.

Realizing my fate, I let out a sad sigh and walked back down the stairs. This weekend had held such promise and now it was going to blow.

Knowing that I was going to be spending about five days stuck down here I made a cursory examination of what I had to work with. The basement itself was in a dreary state compared to the rest of the house. The walls were lacking drywall, leaving the wooden studs exposed as well as the wiring and plumbing. Most of the walls were lined with old wooden shelves containing boxes and other odds and ends. Forgotten mementos filled some of the boxes, all of which were hidden away for years; others held old, broken appliances, or holiday decorations. Pretty much what you would expect of an old basement.

I walked around the room to take stock. There was an old sofa that our dad had brought down here a few years back that looked like it needed to be taken out back and shot; someone needed to put that poor thing out of its misery. Canned food filled a stack of shelves and there was frozen food in the freezer. There was the washer and dryer, some camping stuff, but no Sterno to heat anything. Some scattered tools lay on a work bench by the wall and an old TV and VCR of all things. I didn’t see any movies to go with it, and it wasn’t hooked up to the cable. making it essentially worthless. Luckily there was a small bathroom down here. And by small, I mean it was basically a closet with only a toilet in it. After my bad luck, it was a little uplifting to know that I wouldn’t have to shit in a bucket for five days. As for my beverage needs, there was a somewhat disgusting work-shop type sink against the wall near the washer and dryer.

I may not have been at risk of starvation or dehydration, but boredom was another atalar escort story.

I sat down on the old sofa sulking in my misfortunes, seeing my near future watching the minutes crawl by like hours and I came up with a plan. It was simple. All I had to do was try to not be conscious and I could sleep right through this cluster fuck of a weekend. If I couldn’t fall asleep, I would work out until I was exhausted and then go right back to sleep. It was a solid, albeit miserable plan.




“Watch the fucking road you fucking jack ass!” I yelled to a car on the freeway. “I’ll fucking murder your whole family and skull fuck the bodies!”

It was a long drive back home and my parents and brother were out of town on vacation. I figured I would go home and pick up a few more of my things from my old room, and maybe lounge around for a couple of days. My parents always had great food in the house and I was looking forward to mooching off them while they were away. The food I could afford in college was getting bland and disgusting.

I had lost fifteen pounds this semester due to a loss of appetite. It was probably the best diet I had ever been on, but I was dying to have some steak and a good home cooked meal…even if I had to do the cooking. I would have to take it easy though, I didn’t want to lose this killer body I had obtained. It had been over a year since I’d looked this hot and the college guys just ate it up.

It was just after midnight when I finally pulled into the drive at my parents’ place and let myself in. I guess it was technically still my place too. When I opened the door, I was instantly hit with the familiar smell of home. The place still looked just the way I remembered it with its hardwood floors and warm colors.

Having the place to myself and wanting to relax, I made my way upstairs to my old room to change into something more comfortable. Stepping into my old room was like a blast from the past. Everything was just the way I had left it before I had gone off to college a couple years ago. I quickly stripped off all my clothes and rummaged through the clothes in my drawers. I eventually settled on a small white t-shirt and a pair of cute, but comfortable underwear.

On the drive home I’d had every intention of cooking something spectacular tonight, but now that I was home I was just tired. I settled for heating up some leftovers and then crawled into my bed and under a thick comforter just before passing out.




This couch was brutal. There were springs poking me all over. I don’t know how I managed to sleep on it through the night. You could sit on it and avoid the springs, but laying down made it impossible. It felt like it was jabbing at me, trying to start a fight, but secretly hoping that I would kill it so it could finally go to that big furniture landfill in the sky.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I heard a familiar voice snarl at me. It was my older sister Dora! I had never been so happy to see her… Well I had never been happy to see her, but I was right then. Not saying a word, I raced past her bumping her from the side in my haste to get to the door, but it had already swung shut on its spring hinge.

“You stupid bitch! Now we’re both stuck down here!” I yelled at her.

“Stuck down here?” she asked confused and forgetting her anger for a second. “You’re such a retard, just open the door.”

“Oh sure, I haven’t tried that yet. I just like to hang out down here in this cave of treasures,” I told her sarcastically giving her a little bit of my shoulder as I walked past her back down the stairs.

“I told mom and dad they should have checked you for Down Syndrome or something,” Dora said walking back up the stairs to open the door. It didn’t work.

“What the hell!” she said

“I told you, we’re stuck down here. Tell me you have your phone.”

“And exactly where would I be hiding it?” she asked walking back down the stairs. “Up my ass maybe?”

“Not a very secure spot. You sure it wouldn’t just slip right out?” I shot back.

I had just noticed what she was wearing. She had on a somewhat tight white t-shirt that didn’t even cover her ass completely with a pair of light pink lacy panties underneath and nothing else.

I really wanted to give her shit about it, but I wasn’t much better attired, wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. I was home alone and planned on changing after I had eaten and showered last night.

“What the hell are you doing home?” she asked ignoring my ‘loose ass’ comment. “I thought you were on vacation with mom and dad?”

“I’m 18 now, if I want to go on family vacations, I have to pay my own way,” I said paraphrasing my parents. “Only you get free passes ataşehir escort and special treatment,” I told her snidely.

This was why I hated her so much. She could get into any trouble growing up and our parents would brush it off as her being a kid and growing up. Hell, she could fuck the entire college football team in front of a live studio audience and dad would say, ‘Wow honey that must have been hard work! All of those guys at once? It must have been so exhausting. Way to stick it through until the end!’ and mom would say, ‘what a performance piece! I hope you got some video and stills for your portfolio!’

Okay, maybe it wouldn’t go exactly like that, but they would find some excuse to let it slide.

Growing up, she got whatever she wanted handed to her on a silver fucking platter and when I needed something, I got the, ‘you need to learn the value of hard work’ speech. She was a spoiled brat and a bitch to boot.

“What are you doing home anyway? Come to mooch off the parents while we were all away?” I asked knowingly. “What are you doing down here anyway.”

“I was looking for some Eggo’s,” she said. “We aren’t really stuck down here are we? Can’t you break through the door?”

“No. You don’t think I would have thought of that before spending last night down here? You know what Josh,” I said mockingly, “this basement is amazing! It’s like a tropical vacation that I don’t have to pack for. We should just spend the whole damn weekend down here instead of trying to find a way out,” I finished sarcastically.

“Do you have to be such a dick all the time? Jesus Christ you’re a jack ass!”

“Go fuck yourself… everyone else has,” I told her sitting back down on the God forsaken devil couch.

“At least people want to fuck me fatty,” Dora threw back using her old nick name for me.

I ignored it. Dora had not yet noticed the new me, given the circumstance. For the first time in my life it was a topic of insult that couldn’t affect me. I knew how good I looked, and women even told me so as well. Hell, I had even gotten some nice compliments on my ass. I loved getting those. Almost as good as compliments about my cock, but not many women have seen it to compliment it.




I couldn’t believe I was stuck down here with my brother! He was such a tool. No, he was a douche bag. No…he was a tool bag. Yeah, that’s the one. I made my way around the basement trying to see if I could think of a way out. I couldn’t see any, and that realization only infuriated me more because that dipshit was right.

I did notice that we wouldn’t starve or die of thirst in our captivity. There seemed to be plenty to eat and drink, not that it would be much enjoyable uncooked. This was definitely not the way I had planned to spend my weekend. I had looked forward to relaxing and eating some good food, and now I would spend the weekend pissed off and eating room temperature slop from a can.

To and insult to injury, all I was wearing was a t-shirt and panties that didn’t cover much at all, and trying to be comfy, I had forgone a bra and my C cups were stretching out the fabric of this white shirt. I could see dark patches where my nipples were, and the cool air down here was making them noticeably hard. I was trying to play it cool, but it was extremely uncomfortable being dressed like this around my brother. I felt completely exposed.

As I thought about my state of undress, I began to feel more and more naked. Feeling an increasing need to cover up, I looked in some boxes against the wall to see if there was any clothing in them that I could use. My search came up empty though. There was nothing but Christmas stuff and old junk our parents didn’t want to get rid of.

After the eighth box of junk, I gave up. Not finding anything to wear or anything to pass the time, I sat on the far end of the couch and tried to ignore my brother while maintaining the little bit of modesty I had left to me. I would have preferred to sit anywhere else, except that there was nowhere else. Just the cold concrete floor, and I couldn’t sit there all day.

After an hour of silence Josh got up and began to work out. In my shock at finding him here along with my anger, I hadn’t noticed that he wasn’t a fatty anymore. He actually looked good… really good. I watched as he went through an astounding number of push-ups before proceeding to jump up and catch one of the beams overhead and do about forty pull-ups without stopping. I had lost count watching his muscles flex and ripple. After that he spent the next thirty minutes doing crunches before getting a drink and going to sleep sitting on the sofa while resting his head on the arm.

It was unbelievable. My fatty brother just went through this incredible workout, and from start to finish his pace hadn’t slowed a bit. What’s more, is that with him only avcılar escort in his boxers I could see almost every muscle he had, and they looked great.

He had built up a little sweat and I could see his skin glistening while his chest rose and fell. He wasn’t asleep yet, but his eyes were closed, and his breathing was starting to slow down to a normal rate.

I felt a slight tingle of my body betraying me. Forcing myself to look away, I thought of anything else. He was my brother and he was an asshole. I didn’t know why I added that second bit. The first part should have been enough on its own.

Josh slept for a couple hours before waking up again.




After my little nap, my muscles were sore, and I was hungry. My sister was still sitting on the couch and for once she wasn’t being a bitch. It’s kind of hard to be a bitch when you aren’t speaking, but sometimes she can pull that off too.

I went to the shelves of canned food and found some raviolis. There were not a lot of options to choose from that would taste all right uncooked, but in a pinch this would work. I spent five minutes praying to find a can opener but to no avail. What I did find was a knife with a dull tip and I spent the next couple minutes stabbing the can around the edge until I could remove the lid. Satisfied with my efforts, I sat down on the couch to eat my delicious feast with my fingers.

“You’re such a pig! Do you know that?” Dora said.

“Well if you can find a fork or a spoon down here, you can be as ladylike as your sluttiness demands,” I retorted casually while scoping out a ravioli.

“You’re such an ass,” she said.

Looking over at her I noticed something I had missed before…well several something’s. She had a tattoo on the side of her upper thigh that disappeared underneath the waist of her panties. I couldn’t quite tell what it was though. The other thing was that she was hot. She was tiny compared to my 6′ 2″ frame, and she seemed to have all the right curves in all the right places. I couldn’t see any excess fat on her.

Seeing her in this new light was disconcerting. Have you ever known someone that you absolutely hated, but they were just so incredibly hot that you didn’t know whether to punch them in the throat, or fuck them unconscious? That’s how I was starting to feel about my sister. I was trying to smother that last part and nudge the scales toward the throat punching. Fucking your sister would be disgusting.

“When did you get a tattoo?” I asked not really thinking and forgetting to be an ass.

“Six months ago. I’d wanted one for a while and just decided to do it.”

We were quiet for a while after that. I finished my food and threw my empty can into the trash bin next to the work bench.

I had another little work out and tried to take another nap, but sleep wouldn’t come. It seems that after all the sleeping I had done my body refused to go down for the count without some more up time. I thought briefly about jerking off, I was always tired enough for a nap after that, but now that my sister was trapped down here with me, that was out of the question. Yeah… Thanks for ruining one more thing for me sis.

A short while later, hell froze over.

“Can you help me with this?” My sister was asking for my help. “I can’t get it open.”

Dora was actually asking me for something. Apparently, she couldn’t get the knife I had used to penetrate the can of Spaghetti O’s she was holding. Without a word I took the can from her and began murdering the top of it with the dull tipped knife so that she could eat something.

It took a little effort not to rub it in that she needed my help, but I figured that this was some severe personal growth for her. She had actually asked me to help her with something. Not the usual demand I would receive from ‘her royal highness’ to service her needs. And she even said thank you!

As highly amusing as it was to watch her try to scoop out and eat those little O’s, I held my tongue for that as well. I could be the bigger man this time, even if she did make a mess of it. Her white t-shirt had orange marks from the sauce all over it before she ended her try for dignity. After that she began to carefully drink the contents from the can like a cup.

I tried my best to ignore her while she washed her hands and face in the little sink against the wall, and tried to find something to amuse myself. I found a large empty pickle jar that my dad was using to hold an assortment of washers. I emptied it and began trying to pitch them back into it from ten feet away.

Dora joined me back on the couch, making sure to stay on her end, and without a word began to join me in my little game. I kept quiet about her butting into my fun, at least she wasn’t talking. I’m not sure how long we spent at it, we had no real reference of time except if it was light or dark out, but it felt like a while.

Dora would squeal with excitement every time she got one in, but she made a lot less than I did. After a while I called it quits. The game had lost its appeal and I was tired of picking up all of our misses. Having nothing else to do, I had a little work out before wearing myself out enough to take another nap.

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