Mart 11, 2021

Liz Plus Three

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Picking up her wristwatch off the back of the closed toilet seat lid she squinted at the face as she made out the position of the hands. 7:16pm and counting she thought as she tossed the watch down and lounged back against the plush air pillow. With an impatient sigh she willed herself to relax in the hot sudsy bubbles as the water gently lapped against the inner sides of the tub.

Closing her eyes she went over her checklist for the umpteenth time. Playlist of mixed music set and going on the computer, booze, including beers bought and stocked, ice bucket filled in the bar fridge, fireplace logs placed and lit, hors d’oeuvres prepared and ready to heat, toys washed and batteries checked, all orifices washed inside and out and as she absently reached and stroked a hand over her bare mound a satisfied smile played across parted lips, she was completely shaved from armpits to toes. Remembering his stern warning to not play with or touch herself had her drawing her hand back quickly, despite the nudging need to place her fingers within her plump folds and gently rub her aching clitoris.

Sitting back up in the tub she reached for then swirled her glass of Amaretto before taking a healthy gulp, banishing that thought. Liquid heat infused her mouth, along with the tastes of cherries and almonds, before sliding down her throat. A second gulp emptied the glass, leaving her feeling just a little light headed and a bit giddy. ‘That’s excitement’ she thought. As she stood up to wash off the soap then pull the plug.

She’d gotten the call at 9:30 this morning. “Hey there” a sexy masculine voice purred. “It would appear I’ve got some free time later, what’s your evening looking like?” he asked.

Immediately her sex quenched and nipples swelled with possibilities of what the ‘evening’ might have in store for her as an instant smile lit up her big blue eyes. “Nothing planned” she responded around a large grin. “What time should I expect you?” she asked.

He chuckled before saying “Good, good how does 8pm sound?”

“Perfect” she replied.

“I’ll see you then. Oh Liz…” he hesitated. “Make sure your toy box is handy, okay! And absolutely no touching” he quickly finished.

“Of course” she answered her now furrowed brows puzzled.

She replaced the receiver to the charging dock thinking that was odd. The hesitation in his voice suggested he was going to say more but for some reason he didn’t. Shaking it off she headed to her bedroom where she proceeded to strip her bed and put clean sheets on.

The rest of her day flew by as methodically she pampered and prepared herself in between running the usual Saturday day-off, errands.

Memorized in the flicking flames of the fireplace Liz tried to combat the excitement of butterflies in her stomach while waiting for the last few minutes of the hour to approach. So engrossed, she was somewhat startled with the sound of the door buzzer. Taking a deep breath to settle the last of her nerves she leaned forward and stood up. The short black silk kimono she wore parting briefly to give a sneak peek at her sexy and freshly shaved legs. Moving forward she padded down the long hall in bare feet to the intercom where she answered letting her guest in.

Minutes later she opened the door to his knuckled wrap. A whoosh of cooler air hitting her, just moments before he barreled his way in, and quickly spun her around. With arms twisted up behind her and the right side of her face pressed heavily into the foyer wall she wasn’t given any more time to waste on nerves as she was forced into a whirlwind of activity. Hastily he brushed her hair aside and caught it into a loose fist, exposing a pumping vein in her neck. His heated breath caressed her there ever so briefly just before his lips descended. He suckled long and deeply then, surely leaving a mark there before moving to greet other erogenous areas.

Eyes closed to his ministrations Liz was soon mewling and gasping beneath Cal’s weight. She felt him shift behind her then release her briefly before he instructed her to keep her eyes closed as he fitted her with a blindfold and then tied a scarf produced from his pocket over it. Tugging on the scarf he made sure it was secure before placing his hands on each of her arms and slowly turning her toward him. Pressing her back into the wall he found her lips then, and slowly, thoroughly ravished her mouth until they were both left panting and breathless. Stepping back she felt him lean toward the door where she distinctively heard the deadbolt slide into the lock and then him fumble with the chain closure.

Dizzily Liz was grateful for the support behind her as she smiled up toward him, saying a whispered “Hello”. “Hello back at you” he mouthed, the timber of his voice a soothing touch in itself.

Inhaling her lightly perfumed scent left him scrambled briefly for words so he busied his hands. Using the backs of his fingers he parted the lapels of her loosely tied escort maltepe robe. As the sashes dropped in a whisper and her nakedness beneath was revealed, his own, breath caught with her vision. Reaching in with gentle hands he lifted each of her globes and gave them a brief caress then used his thumbs to brush the tops of each nipple. As she sighed and longingly moaned he quickly stepped back but not before snagging an end of the hanging sash and urgently tugged it through the loops and into his hand.

“What to do with this” he teased suggestively. “Hmmm” he thought with unseen arched eyebrows. “Turn around and put your hands behind your back” he ordered. She eagerly complied liking where this turn of events might be going. Some would even call her kinky with her fetish for being restrained while having sex. Next she felt the silky sash binding her wrists tightly before being tied off. With her arms tied behind her back it pulled the kimono opened at the front, leaving her bared and exposed.

With nothing to brace or cover her, the solid wall rushed to meet Liz’ naked frame as Cal pushed her into it. This time he used his left hand to rub up the back of her upper left thigh lifting the black silk of her gown to expose her left butt cheek. He soothingly massaged the soft skin back and forth several times before bringing his hand back and smacking her once hard on the cheek leaving an impressive handprint. “Ouch” cried Liz as she felt her bare breasts and shoulder glance off the wall with the force. Cal’s hand reached in between her legs to run a prying finger through her cunt lips. Devilishly he smiled before feeding her his glistening finger that she greedily sucked on, as he announcing to her what he knew he would find. “You’re so incredibly wet for me Liz. That smack on your ass is just the beginnings of what surprises I have in store for you tonight”.

Turning her he steered her to the living room area where he guided her into a sitting position on the couch. “I see you’ve already started without me” he observed looking directly at the three quarter full glass of amber sitting on the coffee table.

Lifting it he sniffed and inhaled the aroma of the liquid before taking a large sip then pressed it to her lips. Tilting the glass she was forced to lean her head back and was made to swallow the entire contents at his demand.

Gasping as he lifted her head back up he then licked the little dribbles of alcohol she’d missed, at the corners of her mouth before kissing her heatedly.

Taking the empty glass he went to the bar and refilled it then looked in the bar fridge and found himself a preferred cold beer. Uncapping the bottle he took a healthy swig before joining Liz on the couch.

“How are you feeling” he cheekily inquired. “Blindfold secure, arms aren’t sore?” He questioned.

“Yes and nope” she responded.

With that he asked if she’d had enough to drink to hopefully calm her nervousness. He knew from previous experience she tended to work herself up during a long day of waiting, into a bit of a nervous nelly. At a nod of her head he poured half the bottle of beer down his throat then stood again. “Okay, let’s have some fun” he announced then produced yet another surprise.

Liz couldn’t see it but in his hand pulled from his other coat pocket was a, ball gag and harness straps. Running his tongue across her liquored flavored lips provoked desire in Liz so strong she blindly and greedily responded to his teasing tongue. With passions elevated Cal drew her up to stand not breaking the fever hot kiss. He stepped back abruptly leaving them both heady and off balance but quickly regaining his, he popped the gag passed her teeth. Squealing with unexpected astonishment she twisted and turned within his embraced arms. He cooed and calmed her with absently placed soft kisses and gentle words until she settled then buckled the straps securely at the back of her head. He wasn’t too sure Liz would be thrilled with all his surprises tonight so he went the extra mile with odd toys such as this to keep her safe and well yeah, himself too. Scooping her up into his arms he cradled her against him as he walked purposefully to the bedroom.

Unknown to Liz were two of Cal’s long time work buddies casually lounging within the confines of her rather large bedroom. He had snuck them in while distracting her with his amorous kisses and handy blindfold. Then while he entertained her in the living room they made their way to the bedroom. Both Matt and Jimmy were great guys. Cal was confident in his male friend choices of approximately ten to twenty years that this evening would be nothing short of special for her no matter how it went down. She may fight the extra attention initially, he truly wasn’t sure but isn’t it every woman’s dream to have several lovers at once he mused. Little did she know but tonight if all went well, was going to be a raping of pure delight planned just for escort mamak her.

Kneeling onto the bed Cal placed Liz gently down on her side. For his male friends he quickly gave them a few hand signals suggesting while he and Liz got started they were to leave for now and have a beer. Neither man moved for the moment, preferring to watch a relaxed Liz as she rolled herself into a more comfortable position but at the same time giving them a feast of naked flesh for their eyes to devour.

Ignoring the guys Cal quickly shed his jacket, t-shirt, jeans then socks. Sometimes going commando had advantages and getting naked was one of them. Once undressed, he laid himself down on the bed, eager to touch and taste her offerings.

Knowing her passion for cunnilingus Cal positioned himself between her sprawled legs to start his assault. Using his hands to part her folds he opened her as wide as his fingers would spread her before kneeling forward to lick and taste.

In a few short minutes she was moaning loudly behind the ball gag in her mouth, as she reached her first orgasm. Cal smiled in satisfaction knowing his friends behind him just witnessed how easily she had cum and how wet she’d become.

Not wanting her to lose the edge of her sexual high he sat back on his heels but used one hand to continually palm and play with her damp mound, while he casually glance around the room.

She’d forgotten nothing. From wall scones lit with warm glowing, vanilla scented candles to the speakers discreetly hidden that pumped in a fine collection of bluesy tones, to the unspeakable spread of her amazing collection of toys. Various colors and sizes of vibrators, dildos and other odds and sods were neatly aligned across several towels, along her dressers. It was noted that she listened well to his earlier instructions, and perhaps she was also just as eager to play tonight during this visit. It was also noted by the other men.

Looking for and spotting the spreader bar leaning in a corner behind a chair he got up to retrieve it. Liz immediately started to moan again or at least that’s what it sounded like trussed up like she was. He talked to her as he grabbed the bar and told her of his intensions to restrain her further while teasing her all night long. It was during this exchange when Matt and Jimmy every so quietly left the room.

Cal nimbly worked the straps attached to the bar around each of Liz’ ankles then using the bar he pulled her full weight toward the bottom of the bed where he secured the bar handles to the shapely bed posts. Now even if she attempted to lift her feet up while attached to the bar the larger width of the spindles would keep her in place.

Again Cal positioned himself between her legs but this time they were fully extended and too close together. If he wanted her to be more opened to him it would require her to be moved further down the bed so he did just that, until her knees where bent but also spread so very wide. The unspoken invitation of her position had him diving into another session for her pleasure and just like the first time she was cumming within minutes.

Lost in sensation Liz lay back panting behind the gag in her mouth, her chest rising and falling with each quick breath. Her arms were already starting to feel the strain after a mere twenty minutes as she lay on them while Cal seemed hell bent on pleasuring her as he repeatedly sent her into multiple orgasms in fine succession.

Feeling the release of the silk robe tie she pulled her hands out from under herself and automatically began massaging first the left wrist then the right. He then completely removed the robe tugging here and there as he pulled it off her arms then out from under her. Many times she could feel the indentation on the bed from Cal’s weight, as he shifted and climbed over or off the bed. She wondered absently what he was planning. If she could smile she would’ve but the ball gag although not uncomfortable kept her from even doing that.

Soon Cal was reaching for a wrist and began putting on a wrist band. Once on he stretched her arm out to the far corner of the bed above her head where he secured it to the upper frame then did the same to the other wrist and arm leaving her completely spread open in an X position, albeit legs bent.

Again, lying next to her he began fondling her breasts before sucking on each nipple until they were fully swelled and extended.

His own needs having to be ignored for now was pressed heavily into her upper thigh. Sitting up slightly he now stroked her soft smooth skin from collar bone to just above the junction of her legs. Liz’s vocals caught then purred as he stimulated her everywhere. She was tingling with need for more but had no way of expressing her needs other than to lift her hips up, arching her body toward his teasing hands.

Taking a finger and running it through her juicy cunt he teased some more as he circled ofise gelen escort her clit round and around bringing the bud to pulse and bloom with fullness. Normally he’d joyfully suckle her there again and send her into yet another orgasm but this time he left her wanting. He wanted her so heightened that she would be willing to comply with any of his planned suggestions. So when he next brought that same wetted digit to circle her anus he only played just long enough there that he knew full well she wanted even needed more as indicated with her smothered gasps.

“Do you want to cum Liz?” he taunted. She lifted her head up and nodded vigorously in his direction.

“Do you need more?” he continued. She growled in frustration and attempted to wriggle her hips. “What if I told you I’ve brought some very close and personal friends with me” he announced.

She froze.

For several minutes time seemed suspended while he waited anxiously for Liz to respond. He was struck rather dumb when she made not a move or sound but while watching her blindfolded and gagged face he saw tears seeping down her cheeks.

Moving quickly to console her and brush away her salty tears he tried desperately to understand why she was crying. Talking to her in gentle tones he tried explaining how he wanted to please her, letting her know that he was doing this for her ultimate pleasure.

What he didn’t realize right away was she wasn’t withdrawn as he pretty much expected.

If fact, had he not been overwhelmed with a guilty conscience of concern for her, he would’ve noticed she was not closed down or lashing out in any physical way possible but instead the only sign of distress was perhaps her tears.

She was so blown away by his need to see to her pleasures that he would even share her with his friends. Not others, but friends. It implied people he knew for a while. People he trusted. That was so reassuring to her more than any other explanation he could give.

“If I take the ball gag off will you scream or cry out?” he questioned. She tossed her head from side to side indicating to him an answer of no.

Hesitantly he undid the head strap and in so doing realized she was smiling and crying at the same time. He’d never understand women he figured and said as much.

“Are you pissed off or not?” he asked truly boggled, wondering what was up.

“I’m thirsty and very horny” Liz stated.

Cal smiled his first real smile of the evening and called out to Matt and Jim. Come on in guys he breathed on a heavy sigh and bring our drinks he asked as an afterthought. Jim showed his face first by peeking around the bedroom door. Matt was a lot bolder and walked as casually as he could while nude and carrying two beer bottles and Liz’ glass of Amaretto.

As Liz was very tied up and still blindfolded his bold efforts to strut were rather wasted on her unseeing eyes which Matt quickly realized. Matt offered Cal his beer first then put his own down on the highboy before kneeling on the bed himself. He then gallantly lifted and cradled Liz’ head while he propped the glass to her lips. Once she drank her fill he put her glass beside his beer then leaned down to kiss her. The intended little peck quickly turned into a heated exchange as both Matt and Liz spoke volumes of appreciation of what each saw or felt of the other without saying a single word.

Feeling a little left out of the hot and erotic exchange Cal took a giant swig of his beer then moved to play between Liz’s legs. Jimmy made his presents known shortly after and began his meeting and greeting by stroking Liz’s body then followed each stroke with kisses of his own. When Jim made his way to her cunt Cal had no choice but to pull his hand away for the time being.

“Don’t let her cum” he instructed to Jim. But already he could see her juices flowing and glistening on the bridge of his nose as he lapped and suckled greedily.

Finishing his beer Cal leaned against a bed post and watched intently. He could see Liz’ body tense as she neared orgasm but he also observed Jim following his rules as he would pull back and withhold his tongue until she would settle down somewhat before returning to his teasing. Matt on the other hand was still kissing her, tongues dueling while he also groped, squeezed and pinched her breasts and nipples.

Heading to the bar for another beer Cal stopped to check on the fireplace and decided to add another log before returning to the bedroom. Once he got there he saw Jim was now finger fucking Liz’s twat while Matt suckled eagerly at her left tit. Realizing her mouth was free Cal quickly joined in the melee. Climbing behind her, feet to the headboard and onto his knees he squatted down low enough to feed her his throbbing cock. He groaned in absolute pure pleasure as her mouth, lips and tongue began to work their talent. He knew with all that was going on here, if he wasn’t careful he’d blow his load fast so, as much as it felt like heaven eventually he withdrew his cock and announced to whoever was listening he wanted her ass first but that would be sometime much later. Apparently everyone was listening including Liz who asked if she would be allowed to see what she was getting herself into.

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