Mart 8, 2021

Living With A Stud, Part 2

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As laid down in my bed, my heart was still racing and my mind still obsessing over the events which had just taken place. I told myself repeatedly that I had to get to sleep, since I had to be at work in less than six hours. However, the images of my brother’s hot cock and his chiseled body would not leave my head. I was once again horny as could be, and I could not stop rubbing my meat and fingering my asshole. My dick was hard as a rock, and I absolutely needed to cum once again. My hormones were driving me crazy. However, simply rubbing one out would not suffice. I had to ejaculate in someone else, and that someone else had to be my stud of a brother. Craving the warmth of his tight body and his passionate moans, I knew that he had to be experiencing the same feelings as me after the blowjob I had just given him. However, this time I wanted more than some head; I wanted his tight ass.
Dressed in just my boxers, I tip-toed my way over to his bedroom. After quietly creeping past the top of the stairs, I entered the bathroom which separated our two rooms. After grabbing the petroleum jelly in anticipation of what was about to happen, I took a deep breath and threw open the door to his room. As I proceeded towards Matt’s bed, I saw my naked brother lying on his back with his hips in the hair, fervently jacking his beautiful dick. He soon saw me and quickly covered himself with a sheet, as I appeared to have startled him. After a quick pause he nervously said, “Look, no one is ever going to hear about what happened tonight, right?”
“Don’t worry, it will just stay between us,” I replied. “And there is nothing wrong with using each other’s bodies to get off. If it feels good, we might as well do it. And that brings me to why I am here. I could not fall asleep because I just could not stop fantasizing about what happened downstairs. It was so hot that I need more; I need to cum in you again. But this time, I want to fuck your ass.”
“The whole time I was sucking on your cock, I was wondering what it would feel like in my ass. And now that I know that you want to fuck me, I won’t be able to fall asleep either until you come over here and stick it in me.”
That was all I needed to hear. I hurried over to the foot of bed, leaned over his glistening, chiseled body, and placed my moist lips on his. Our tongues were sparing in no time, and saliva was swapping back and forth between our mouths like water in a tidal stream. I thought that my dick was going to explode because it was so hard, so I reached down with one hand and pulled off my boxers, allowing it to spring free. As we continued to passionately make out, I began dry humping one of his legs in excitement. It soon reached that point that I could not wait any longer and I had to be in him, so I sat up on the foot of the bed and spread my brother’s legs. Matt anxiously said, “I have never done this before, so go slow when you’re doing it.”
While reaching for the petroleum jelly with one hand and continuing to stroke my meat with the other, I replied, “Don’t worry, you’re not the first anal virgin that I have deflowered. I know what I’m doing.” With two fingers fully coated in lube, I inserted one into his virgin butt hole. It tightened up in the blink of an eye, and I told him that he had to relax if I was going to get in him. He loosened up a little, and I soon had two fingers thrusting into rear hole. His zealous moaning told me he was ready, so I put my hands on his hips and guided the head of my slippery penis towards his ass. After applying a little pressure, the bulging head of my cock popped right into his sphincter, and I could not believe how tight he was. After enjoying a moment of bliss, I continued to press into him. I usually take it slower with anal virgins, but I was so horny that I could not hold back. I just could not wait to start pounding his teenage ass. As I began a deliberate thrusting motion, he quickly became accustomed to his brother’s seven inch penis working its way into his ass. The petroleum jelly and fingering had definitely helped, along with the fact that he wanted me in him so badly.
I placed his legs up on my shoulders and started to pick up the pace. Holding on to his muscular quads for leverage, I penetrated bahis firmaları slightly deeper with each thrust. There is nothing quite like fucking an anal virgin, as their moans and facial expressions are priceless. I had managed to push a few inches of my meat into him when I gently started to thrust those few inches in and out of him. With each couple thrusts I pushed a little deeper, and his moans got a little louder. I repeatedly pulled my dick out until just the head was in and then plunged back deeper into his ass. Once I had managed to get half of my cock in him, I held it in him and cried out in pleasure as a result of the feeling inside his tight virgin ass.
I soon got right back into fucking him, and I could not believe how hot it was to see almost my entire penis disappear into my own brother’s ass with every thrust. I started to feel like I was going to cum soon, so I pulled completely out of him and let a few seconds pass before I rammed my meat back into him again. However, as I continued to pull out, my brother started moaning, “Fuck me hard. I want you in me. Fill me up with your cock.”
After hearing that, I slammed my dick deep into his ass and started pounding his rear end. I noticed that Matt’s huge penis was hard as a rock, so I knew that he wanted it as bad as I wanted to give it to him. As I rapidly and repeatedly stuffed myself into him, I soon started to send my entire shaft into his ass. We were both covered in sweat, and our fucking and moaning was getting so loud that I am surprised the entire house was able to sleep through it.
I closed my eyes in ecstasy as I sent my entire cock into his ass with one powerful thrust. Holding myself deep inside him, I gyrated my hips and ground my manhood into every region of anal cavity, barely believing that this was my own brother’s beautiful, glistening body which was laying in front of me.
Slamming my penis into him with short, quick humps, my balls slapped against his gorgeous ass as he pushed himself towards me to meet my every thrust. I felt my balls start to tingle, so I started fucking him as fast as I could. I finally let out a gasp saying, “I’m going to cum in you!”
“Fill my ass with your spunk,” Matt managed to reply. About to go over the edge, I grabbed his hips and thrust balls deep into him one last time. I threw my head back and shot a huge load up into his insides. Three big streams of steaming hot cum shot out the end of my cock, and I continued to hold myself in him until all of my seed had oozed out of the tip.
After taking a minute to catch my breath, I pulled out and saw my cum trickling out of my brother’s well fucked asshole. Fucking my brother had definitely been one of if not the dirtiest thing I had ever done, but it had been absolutely amazing. Feeling a combination of exhaustion, lust, satisfaction, confusion, and dumbfoundment, I watched as my brother’s gleaming, muscular body rolled off his bed. He stood up and began to slowly stroke his raging boner. After a few moments of silence, he asked, “Are you done for the night, or do I get a turn?”
After just one look up and down his chiseled, 6’4” frame, I replied, “I can’t wait to ride that huge cock you stud.” I got down on all fours on his bed and crawled forward so that he had room to kneel behind me. He hurriedly climbed onto the foot of his bed and gave his enormous, bulging man-cock a few quick tugs to raise it to full mast. Spitting into his right hand, he lubed up his already sweaty penis and then proceed to put his hands on my butt cheeks. Positioning his throbbing meat rod at the entrance to my ass, he nervously asked, “Are you ready for me to put it in?”
“I want all of your eight inches, hard and fast,” I lustfully replied. Matt then pushed his hips forward and the first two inches of his pulsating dick slipped into my hot ass. He threw his head back with a primal scream of pleasure as he felt the warmth of his own brother’s tight ass. As a passionate moan escaped my lips, I closed my eyes and relished the feeling of a huge cock penetrating me down low. It had been just over two years since I hard last had another man’s cock in me, and my body was craving a good fucking. Matt’s penis was definitely the biggest I had ever attempted to take in my ass, kaçak iddaa and I could not wait to have him pound me despite the fact that he was my own brother.
After holding his meat in my rear hole for a few seconds, he quickly started to press deeper and deeper into me, as was typical of someone who was banging an ass for the first time. His massive member felt like it was ripping me in half, but I didn’t complain about the pain since his huge cock was dominating me and I loved it. As he continue pressing in, I started to adjust to his size and gradually allowed him deeper access to my sweet ass. I reached back with one hand and spread my right butt cheek, because I wanted him to get maximum penetration. He soon grabbed my waist for leverage and groaned as he fucked me at a moderate pace. I then began to push myself back onto his penis every time he thrust forward, as I wanted even more of him in me.
With three quarters of his massive prick now entering me with every forward thrust, he began to pick up the pace, pounding me harder and harder. The entire bed was shaking, as we both moaned and grunted in pleasure. My asshole felt like it was on fire because of my brother’s girth, but I just kept letting him fuck me as he pleased for the pleasure far outweighed the pain. Sweat continued to pour off our bodies, and I felt like I was libel to pass out in ecstasy at any moment.
Matt, in a fit of aggressive lust, grabbed both of my shoulders with his man sized hands and pulled me back onto his bulging cock with every one of his powerful thrusts. With him absolutely railing me in the ass, I screamed like a five dollar whore while he rapidly rammed his meat into me. My whole body was shaking as he violently pounded my ass. He proceeded to pull one of his hands of my shoulder and spanked my butt cheeks every few seconds as he continued to violently ravage my body.
“You’re a dirty little bitch, aren’t you? You love the cock; you love my fucking meat, bitch!” Matt talked down to me. “You want all of it, don’t you, you little whore?” he said as he spanked me hard again.
“I want all your meat and your man juice….. give it to me baby…..AAAHHH,” I yelled in the heat of passion.
Almost completely out of breath, Matt slowed down the pace of his thrusting. He had given my ass such a good fucking that it was cavernously loose. With my increased ability to accommodate, he firmly grabbed hold my dirty blonde hair and began to slowly and powerfully ram his entire length into my now gaping hole, grunting every time his muscular hips slapped up against my beet red ass cheeks.
His dick felt unbelievably satisfying in my ass and I wanted to make him cum. With his cock buried in me, I started rotate my hips from side to side, grinding my ass cheeks up against him. I then started to make a circular motion with my ass, and I could tell Matt enjoyed it from his moans. His penis, still buried inside of me, moved all around as I girated my hips against his sweat covered body. Although I had only let two guys go all the way with me before Matt, one of them had rode my ass dozens of times. As a result, I knew a few tricks as how to make a man cum in me.
Employing some more of my learned technique in my lustful quest for his man juice, I began rocking my body back and forth on his meat. I could feel his bulging manhood ripping me, but I relished every minute of it. Craving more of my hot brother’s penis, I began arching my back upwards and then downwards at a fast pace. This created a type of humping motion which repeatedly impaled me on his cock again and again. Hearing my brother’s moans grow louder, I began fucking his massive rod as fast as I could. I then started moving my rear end every which way while I continued to ride him, as I had never wanted someone’s cum in me so badly. As my ass circled around, Matt grabbed my hips and started to pound my ass as fast and as hard as he had all night. As he repeatedly sawed his penis into me, he began to moan louder and louder and I soon felt his jiz begin to fill my ass. As I continued to beg for his cum, he continued thrusting his meat inside me until kaçak bahis he had shot what seemed like gallons of cum into my bowels.
After he had finished emptying his balls into my ass, we clasped on his bed. Both of us were completely spent and covered in sweat. He laid on top of me, with cum beginning to run out of my gaping ass hole. After taking a few minutes to catch my breath, I climbed out of his bed and walked back to my room without saying anything. I was not sure what to say after having some of the hottest anal sex of my life with my own brother. All I did know as I fell asleep that night was that I felt satisfied.
I woke up in the morning before my alarm, my thoughts immediately focused in on the events of the night before. Just thinking about it made me horny. My ass felt empty without him inside me, and I wanted to make him cum again. Looking at the clock, I figured that there was enough time for a quicky before I had to head off to work and him to school. I hastily jumped out of my bed and snuck into my brother’s room once again. Tip-toeing over the boxers I had shed the night before, I climbed onto my brother’s bed, straddling him at the waste. With both of us still naked from last night’s activities, I learned forward and started kissing his neck. As Matt began to wake up, he mumbled, “What’s going on?”
Going up from his neck to his ear, I whispered, “I want you in me again,” and then started to kiss him on the lips. He soon started to kiss me back, and before I knew it our tongues were down each other’s throats. After of minute of passionately making out, I knew he was wide awake as I felt his massive rod at full mast rubbing up against my ass. At this point, I remembered that this was my own brother who I was making out with and was about to fuck. It seemed so wrong and dirty to be doing what I was doing, but there was no way I was going to stop. It all just felt so good.
As we continued to swap saliva, I began stroking my bulging cock with one hand while I stroked my brother’s muscular chest with the other. I then pulled my mouth off of his, filled my hand with saliva, and rubbed it all over Matt’s penis in preparation for his entry into me. As soon as his meat was good and lubricated, I pulled my ass cheeks apart and began to lower my self onto his bulging dick. It did not take much pressure for his cock to pop into my ass, for it had been fucked so hard the night before. As he slowly entered me, his massive meat stick seemed to fill an emptiness that had invaded my mind since he had last pulled out of me the night before. The feeling of his bulging cock beginning to rip into my ass made me want to take all of him. I pressed my firm butt down harder onto his rod as I slowly gyrated my hips, causing Matt to moan as he slowly thrust his hips upward to meat my advances. As he continued to work his way deeper into me, I leaned over his face and we started making out again.
Soon, almost his entire penis had worked its way into my rear end. Matt proceeded to lustfully grab hold of my butt cheeks to hold my ass in place as he began ramming his dick into me, harder and harder. His rough anal pounding soon made lean my head back and as I tried to hold in screams from the pleasure I was receiving. I could not believe the bliss I was experiencing from my brother’s cock. He was soon using his manly hands to drive my ass downward to meet the powerful upward thrusts of his hips. It was not long before we were both panting heavily and starting to sweat. Almost the entire length of his meat was sliding in and out of me with each potent thrust. Now he was fucking me as hard as he had the night before, and I loved every minute of it.
After what seemed like an eternity of passionate anal sex, my brother drove his penis all the way into me and used his hands to hold my ass down on it. I began to gyrate my hips, and soon heard Matt screaming out, “OOOHHHHH YYEESS!! AAAHHHHH!!!! OOHHH YYEEEAAHHH! He rapidly pumped his cock into hot ass, and I soon felt a hot rush of cum shooting inside me. We were both panting for breath as I started fucking myself on his huge rod until he had finished depositing a nice pool of his seed in my rear end. As I lifted myself off of his dick, I leaned forward and unreservedly kissed him again. Short of breath and once again covered in sweat, I climbed out of his bed and made my way to the shower to get ready for work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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