Mayıs 25, 2021

Little Things – The Next Position

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Monday Morning came fast for both Nikki and David. They slept through Sunday and never woke until dawn on Monday. When David opened his eyes he glanced around the room with a confused gaze until he realized he was in Nikki’s bedroom with naked Nikki sleeping next to him. He whispered, “Holy shit, what time is it?”

David numbly glanced at the small alarm clock on the nightstand next to Nikki’s side of the bed then he gently squeezed Nikki’s cold buttocks and whispered, “Nikki… I’m really late for work, and so are you… we have to get up and get going… Nikki… come on… Nikki?… God… I need coffee… Nikki?”

Nikki opened her eyes in a half awakened state and turned her head toward the ceiling. Then she reached behind her to feel David to assure him everything was fine and as her hand nudged his penis she mumbled, “Call in sick.”

David thought it a simple enough plan so he peeked under the sheet when he realized Nikki’s fingers were on his penis and it was responding to her touch. He scanned the curves of the woman’s tiny form under the shadow of the white sheet and felt his penis expand slowly. David thought; ‘My God, if I do what I’m thinking Nikki could easily choke that thing but I’m gonna do it anyway.’ He pinched the sheet between the fingertips of his free hand and slowly pulled the material until the upper half of Nikki’s naked body was no longer under the shadow of the sheet. When Nikki didn’t respond, David continued to pull the sheet off Nikki until she was uncovered except her calves and feet.

“What are you doing?” asked Nikki softly as David felt her fingers tickling the tip of his erection.

“Memorizing you.” Responded David as he watched his hand smooth the cool skin of Nikki’s hips, then follow the curve of her buttock. When his palm gently caressed the colder skin of her soft buttock, Nikki nudged her hips toward David and re-positioned her legs.

When Nikki rolled on her back, David’s hand suddenly found a new resting place on Nikki’s stippled mound. Her hand slipped to David’s thigh with the tip of David’s erect penis sliding up her arm. She looked up at the ceiling and whispered, “Like what you’re memorizing?”

“It just vanished,” said David as he slid his palm gently up to Nikki’s stomach.

Nikki smiled then slowly rolled on her stomach and placed her hands above her head, “Better?” she asked softly.

“Perfect.” Said David as he felt his penis twitch.

“I swear to God, you’re cute little bottom is giving me a hard-on the size of Italy.” Whispered David as he smoothed Nikki’s buttock with his hand.

“I’ve never seen Italy quite that way, can I see it?” Asked Nikki as she turned her head toward David.

David pulled his hand away from Nikki’s buttock then moved his hips slightly to show Nikki his erection, and when she saw the pink head pointed at her she smiled and said, “So… what do we do about Italy?”

“Um… we take a cold shower?” offered David as he watched pre-cum drip from the tip of his erect penis.

“No David… you wrap your hand around it very gently then you glide your hand up and down real slow,” said Nikki as she gazed at the subtle ridge of the crown and the hole looking right at her like a single eye.

David giggled a little and asked softly, “You want me to show you how I masturbate, Nikki?”

Nikki looked up and into David’s eyes and whispered, “Yes David… I want to watch you beat off.”

Nikki’s point of view was perfect she thought as she watched David slowly stroke his penis and she started to get a tingly feeling in her crotch as she thought about David’s penis ejaculating on her. She fell into a dreamy state as she watched the pink shaft being man handled by David’s strong hands, then David said with a slight whisper. “Am I doing it right?”

“Yes David… now what we do is we put it closer to Nikki’s face so it has a comfortable home to cum on.” said Nikki with a slight giggle.

“Seriously, Nikki?” asked David as he began to move his body to mount Nikki.

“Yes, David… I’m very serious,” whispered Nikki as she began to anticipate her face splattered with warm semen.

David moved his hips slightly forward as his stroking motion became faster. The only sound in the room was the subtle sound of skin against skin as David’s penis began to twitch and he felt a warm rush his loins. He couldn’t believe how hard he was getting as his rectum began to twitch, then he whispered with a quiver in his voice, “I’m gonna cum Nikki.”

Nikki smiled a little then moved her head closer to David’s penis in readiness to receive her prize. “I’m beginning to love the smell of sex in the morning,” said Nikki as she opened her eyes wider to capture the only sight before her.

David trust his hips forward and as a flash of heat devoured his loins, his penis exploded and began pumping semen on Nikki’s pretty face, Nikki had never experienced anything so sensual. As David watched his semen slowly ooze down Nikki’s cheeks he released his twitching penis and began slowly smoothing the warm cream into Nikki’s skin. “Holy shit, bahis firmaları I can’t believe I just came like that… God Nikki… I’m sorry.”

Nikki turned her head and giggled a little as she looked at the ceiling, “It’s ok, you just got a little over excited that’s all… It’s fine… we have all day to practice,” as she felt completely relaxed inside.

David eased toward his side of the bed then slammed his back against the headboard as Nikki rolled on her side and propped her torso up with her arm as a stabilizer. He turned to look at her face and couldn’t believe she didn’t care her face was glistening with semen.

Nikki watched David fluff a pillow then stuff it behind his back and sit gazing off into the distance as if he was a little boy embarrassed at what he had just done. She looked at his lips then his eyes then at his jaw then his chin and thought he looked cute as shit then she whispered as she ran her fingers across his thigh. “David, it’s okay, I don’t mind quickie facials.”

David looked into Nikki’s eyes and smiled then said softly, “I have to admit it, Nikki… it’s an absolute pleasure waking up next to you in the morning.”

Suddenly Nikki felt a strong urge to say something but she hesitated. She wanted to tell David she had a wonderful weekend with him, but reality had turned the corner hours ago. She made a mental note to herself years ago to always break bad news delicately. She had to get her car fixed and it was very important for her work, but at the same time she was enjoying her time with David. She had to find out if David would still be interested in her if she told him she had to get going and do the things needing attention other than their relentless pursuit of kinky sex.

“Here that?” Whispered Nikki.

David looked at Nikki and asked softly, “hear what?”

“The mockingbird outside… hear it?” said Nikki.

“Yes,” responded David.

There was a long pause as they listened to the scrambled tweets of a bird mimicking every other bird it had ever encountered then Nikki said softly, “David… I have to get my car fixed today, I need to do my rounds… I missed your office already, but I have one another client waiting… you can stay here if you want, Sonya will be back after six so I’ll be home before her, don’t worry, you can sleep in and rest, if you’re hungry you know what’s in the frig.” Said Nikki as she gazed deep into David’s eyes.

David looked into Nikki’s eyes and whispered, “Why am I so sexually attracted to you?… I want to do it again right now, and in another hour, and the hour after that, and all night and all week,” suddenly Nikki interrupted David’s confession and said with a calm voice, “I totally forgot, Tinkerbell can’t fly today… her wings are broken.”

David laughed then tapped Nikki on her hip, “You’re right, Nikki we have to be responsible fuckers… I’ll call in sick and we can get your car to a shop, then you can go do your thing, I really should get going, I have stuff to do too… want some tissue? It looks sexy but I’m not sure it’s a federally approved moisturizer.”

Nikki felt David’s response a bit facetious but she smiled and whispered, “Shower together?”

David smiled at Nikki as he smoothed her curvy hip with his hand, “Yeah right… we’ll never leave this place.”

“Come on, I promise I won’t suck… oops… did I imply that might happen?” said Nikki as she moved to exist the bed.

David giggled a little then said, “God, you are so fucking naughty… can I use your phone?… I have to call my office.”

As Nikki leaned forward to kiss David, he turned his head toward hers. Nikki gave David a sweet gentle kiss while placing her hand on David’s limp penis, and when she backed her head away she smiled and whispered, “you know where it is, I have to clean up… someone was a messy boy this morning.”

As Nikki slipped off the bed, David scanned her tiny body. He couldn’t take his eyes off her beautiful buttocks as it bounced when she walked. He felt a strong urge to join her in the shower and fuck, but he knew if he was that forward with her she might pull back and they could end up engaged in their first domestic. Then he thought again, she might be teasing him and she might actually want him to follow her into the shower. David thought for a moment then exited the bed and headed toward the kitchen to use the phone as Nikki slipped into the bathroom and closed the door with a click.

As David pressed the keys on the handset he heard the toilet flush then the splash of shower water. After David called his office and explained he had car trouble to address and wouldn’t be in, he pressed the end call key, glanced at the coffee maker, placed the handset in the cradle then stepped toward the bathroom. He hesitated slightly then twisted the doorknob, opened the door slowly then stepped into the steamy room.

“It’s the boogieman… may I come in and watch you bathe your pretty little body?” asked David as he sat down on the toilet seat cover, gazed into the shower stall and watched Nikki’s form move behind the frosted kaçak iddaa glass.

“Come on in… water’s perfect… I just pissed in it.” Said Nikki as she soaped up her tiny breasts.

David giggled a little the said calmly, “Um, I have to do something… I need to… well you know,” said David as he looked at the roll of toilet paper.

“David, if you have to go… go… I did, it’s not like I’ve never had a man take a dump in front of me before,” said Nikki as she rinsed her body of soapsuds.

For the first time since he’d been with Nikki he felt a bit uncomfortable… but he had to go. He stood up and turned to ready the toilet to take on the task of being the fecal throne then he sat on the toilet seat and thought about the embarrassment of what could happen. He looked into the frosted glass enclosure and watched Nikki smooth her body with her hands and tried to relax.

“You okay out there?” Asked Nikki as David felt his bowels move while his limp penis let loose.

“God… this is very uncomfortable Nikki,” said David as he felt the final movement.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Nikki as David watched her hold the shower wand between her legs.

When David finally finished emptying his bowels he wiped himself with toilet paper then he flushed the toilet. “Oh shit… I’m sorry… did it get too hot in there?”

“Nope, it’s fine… there’s no bidet… need to clean up?” asked Nikki with a calm voice behind the sound of shower water splashing.

David opened the shower door and stepped into the stall quickly then he closed the shower door. He stood and looked down at Nikki’s naked wet body as she soaped her shoulders. He felt a strong urge to take the soap bar from her hand and wash her cute little body, but he felt his penis rise again in reaction to seeing Nikki’s shinny wet skin.

“Good God, I’m getting a hard-on again just looking at you.” Said David as he looked down at his rising penis.

Nikki stopped washing her body and looked down at David’s stiff penis then she said, “Turn around.”

“What?” Asked David cautiously.

“Turn around, you need to clean up back there, I’ll do it for you… turn around… come on… it needs to be sanitary back there… you might even enjoy it… turn around, David.” Repeated Nikki as she pointed the shower wand toward the floor and looked into his eyes.

Reluctantly David turned and waited. Then Nikki said with an impatient hint in her voice, “God… guys are so dumb.” Nikki couldn’t help herself and she smacked David’s buttocks with her wet hand.

“Ouch!” Said David as he snapped his hips forward then rocked them back.

Nikki giggled a little then said, “Oh for God sakes, like that hurt… “bend over for me David… don’t worry, I’m not going to shove it up there, just relax.”

As David felt the pulsating water dance across his rectum then a soap bar slowly skim across it he had to comment, “it actually feels very good Nikki.”

“See?… I told you,” said Nikki as she moved the pulsating shower wand closer to David’s rectum. Suddenly Nikki had a vision of one hand gripping David’s hip and the other directing the tip of her pink dildo at his rectum. She felt her body shiver then the vision disappeared as fast as it had appeared.

“Hose down boy’s ass holes much?” asked David as he felt his scrotum tingle.

Nikki giggled then said as she gazed at David’s anus, “I can honestly say, David I’ve never washed anybody like this before… there done… squeaky clean… you’re good to go.” Said Nikki as she pulled the shower wand away from David’s rectum then tapped his butt cheek with the back of her hand.

When David turned round he found Nikki standing naked with the shower wand spraying her feet as if she was waiting for him to make the next move. He grinned a little then gently removed the wand from her hand and placed it in the cradle behind her then adjusted it to point downward. Nikki looked so adorable to him he couldn’t help himself or resist his desire for Nikki any longer.

He picked her up by the waist and sat her on his stiff penis. Nikki wrapped her arms around David’s neck and her legs around his waist as his penis entered her vaginal cavity once again. Nikki fell forward against David’s body and held on as David began rocking his hips. As Nikki surrendered to her lover she felt a strong urge to let her body be used for David’s pleasure however, she didn’t know David’s intentions were to entice Nikki into reaching orgasm without the help of his vial.

After a few minutes of rhythmic balanced motion, Nikki suddenly felt a strong tingle in her loins. She knew what was happening to her body and she let it happen. Nikki closed her eyes and let David take complete control of her. It was something she had only dreamed about but never thought possible. Nikki knew she would reach orgasm in David’s arms then it happened. Nikki felt complete numbness then warmth filled her. She almost lost her grip on David’s neck as she felt her inside muscles twitch.

Nikki lowered her head then pushed her hips forward as the kaçak bahis electric feeling consumed her body, “Oh Gah,” moaned Nikki as her inner muscles twitched out of control and her arms tightened around David’s neck. Then she released the air in her lungs and let her body collapse. As David felt Nikki’s inner muscles vibrate against the wall of his penis, it began ejaculating as if there was nothing left to empty. The feeling of David’s penis twitching inside her again set Nikki’s body into another world and she lost all control.

After several orgasms, Nikki felt completely overwhelmed. David gently slid Nikki down his body until she could catch her balance and stand unaided. She looked up at David’s face then said softly, “My goodness… my afterglow will last all frigin day.”

Suddenly there was a noise outside the door then they heard a muffled female voice ask, “You ok in there, Nikki?”

Nikki and David looked at each other for a second then Nikki said in a whisper, “Oh my God… it’s Sonya… I’ll go, you wait here.”

David watched as Nikki grabbed the shower wand and douched her crotch with it by frantically wiping her vaginal lips with her fingertips then she quickly handed the wand to David and exited the stall in a rush. All David could do was watch Nikki’s gorgeous buttocks as she exited the shower stall and he never took his eyes off it until Nikki wrapped her body in a white terrycloth body sheet. She appeared as though she was a monk preparing for prayer when she turned around and placed her pointing finger against her lips and made a shushing noise. When the vision of her buttocks was gone he turned the water off and stood with his hands over his penis as Nikki opened the door slightly, peeked out then asked, “Sonya… you home?”

David felt his body flush as he realized Nikki’s sister was in the other room and he had no clothes to put on. After Nikki stepped through the bathroom door she closed it behind her and David giggled at his predicament. As he strained to hear the girls talking he wondered what Sonya looked like. He envisioned an olive skinned girl with long flowing auburn hair but slightly taller and more built than Nikki, based on his recollection of the large cupped bras hanging the laundry room. He rationalized because of Nikki’s strong Italian and French genes she probably had a sister who looked much like her. He couldn’t have known how wrong he was.

A few moments later Nikki reemerged into the bathroom and said softly, David?… I brought your pants and shirt, forget the boxers they’re silly, you’d better get dressed, this is very embarrassing.”

“Thanks, Nikki,” said David as he existed the shower stall.

Before he could say another word, Nikki had left him alone in the bathroom. He dried off with the remaining towel then slipped on his shirt and slacks. After he examined his stippled face in the mirror and checked his breath, ran his fingers through his hair in an attempt to brush out the tangles, he reached in his pocket to make sure the vial was safe then he reached for the bathroom door latch and opened the door slightly to peek out. What he saw took his breath away and he froze, dead in tracks.

‘Holy fuck what a beautiful women,’ thought David as he scanned Sonya’s nearly naked body. ‘THAT is Nikki’s sister?’ he asked himself as he scanned her gorgeous breasts, tight stomach and the smooth curves of her posterior, thighs, calves and feet. David didn’t know what to do next except step through the door slowly and when he saw Sonya look directly into his eyes, he felt a cold shiver enter his soul. David thought their first look at each other lasted uncomfortably long for a first glance and he began to wonder what was happening between them. Suddenly Sonya blinked and turned toward Nikki.

“Maybe Michael and me should go, I didn’t realize you were still here,” said Sonya as she bent over to reach into a beach bag sitting on the rocking chair.

‘God almighty, she’s fucking gorgeous.’ Thought David as he gazed at Sonya’s string suit and naked buttocks when she turned. David didn’t move as he watched Sonya pull a shear wrap from the beach bag and slip it around her lower body covering her succulent buttocks. After Sonya tied the shear material in a knot at her right hip, David thought it safe to enter her enchanted space.

As he stepped toward the girls Nikki held out her hand and said while looking into David’s eyes, “This is David, isn’t he adorable?”

When David stepped closer to Sonya his nostrils filled with the scent of fruity sun tan lotion and she looked directly into his eyes again, but this time as if she was warning him never to mention to anyone they had just met seconds before. She lifted her right hand, with limp fingers, smiled and said with a sexy voice. “Hi David… pleased to finally meet you.”

David glanced quickly down at Sonya’s hand and noticed something odd. Her middle fingernail was far shorter than the others, then he looked into Sonya’s sparkling blue eyes as he lifted his hand to hers. As if by magic their hands gently gripped and both felt a spark fill them. David had to say something but his mind was blurred. All he could do was gaze into Sonya’s gorgeous blue eyes like a dumb little boy. Finally he spoke but his voice cracked as he asked, “Don’t I know you?”

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