Haziran 10, 2020

Lisa and Steve

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Lisa and Steve
My Wife and I have a fantastic sex life and both of us enjoy what we call dirty sex.
Dirty Sex includes sharing our fantasies and telling each other sex stories as we fuck.
My own fantasy is to watch my girl fuck another man, which judging by the stories and videos on the internet is very popular.
My wife, Lisa, enjoys talking about this, and often tells me about her past sexual exploits and makes stories up feeling me go extra hard as I slide into her body as the envy and sordid nature of the story unfolds. She tells me in great detail about other men she has been with, and ladies too.
I have suggested on several occasions as we make love that we turn these fantasies into reality but she has always been reluctant to go ahead. I would never want her to do anything against her will so had resigned casino siteleri myself to her sharing her body with another man as a fantasy.

Then the following happened.

One night as we were making love, Lisa told me she had bumped into an ex-lover in town. I knew about him as Lisa had talked about their affair. He used to live near her and according to her, he had an enormous cock. He was a bit older than Lisa, but good looking . She shocked me as we fucked, her sitting on me up top in control of the depth and rhythm.

I was so turned on by my Lisa’s past. She told me they had gone for a coffee and caught up with each other’s lives as they hadn’t seen each other for several years.
She told me there was still a very strong sexual chemistry between them and confessed that she found herself turned on, with canlı casino a cunt that betrayed her thoughts to her by its wetness as she talked to him.

Lisa then asked, in the middle of love making, what i thought. I stumbled for words, turned on by my lover talking to another man who knew her body intimately, my cock giving my thoughts away this time , stiff and hard at the images of the two of them in my mind. I said to her ” I’d love you to fuck him ” , as I had said about many men many times before.

Without any further discussion, Lisa slid up and off my cock, leaving me on the bed and picked up her phone. She called him, she had his number !

She lay back on the bed and as his phone rang relaxed and spread her legs wide open. Her clitoral hood with its vertical bar piercing was erect , her lips pouting kaçak casino open to accept cock, I licked her silky smooth fanny, circling her clitoris, beginning to think this is a good sexy story, when a male voice answered hello.

They spoke about their meeting and how fortunate it was to bump into each other again. Her pussy lips oozed with her love juices, as she spoke to her ex lover. Then Lisa looked straight at me as she said to the man , ” come round for something to eat on Friday night ? “. My lover had invited her ex around to ours, and the juices flowing from her tattooed shaven mound told me it wasn’t just the food she had in mind….

We shagged ourselves silly all week, exploring our thoughts about what might happen and how we would feel. For ages I had wanted to see my wifes’s cunt lips part to allow another blokes cock inside her . And I thought about how he would feel the ribs on her pussy walls go hard as Lisa became turned on by his cock inside her most private parts, and would he wear a condom?

to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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