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Linda’s Fun at the Poker Party

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Linda’s Fun at the Poker Party
We had been attending poker parties at the homes of some of our acquaintances. We had been attending for about 4 months and had hosted one party at our house. We had been introduced by a couple that lived on the second floor, directly under us, and another couple that lived 2 buildings over from us. Linda had just the day before, submitted her resignation in the brothel she was working. Her manager had tried to convince her to stay, but she was getting a job in the NCO Club, and would be much nearer to her job. She would, at first, be working only 3 days a week, and as she grew accustomed to the job, be given more time. Her boss would be the man who lived in the other building. He was also the manager at the club. My pay had been messed up, so I was working there as a dishwasher in the evenings. The people downstairs were aware of my financial problem, and had lent us $50 to buy the items needed to host a party. That party went off beautifully, and was a complete success. The host was given 10% of each pot over $5.00, for expenses, and we had, after paying our friend back, cleared nearly $400. The games were $1.00 ante, $5.00 limit, and 4 raises. Most pots were between $25 and $50.00. Nobody lost enough to matter, and all enjoyed the company, and banter that went on.

Linda had been working in the club, at that time, for nearly 3 months. Earlier, she had been frightened when it had been announced that 3 of the 5 waitress would have to be let go, due to budgeting. Linda had, in her own special way, convince her boss NOT to let her go. 3 large loads of cum, and much squealing and groaning were a small price in her mind. After all, she had enjoyed their “meeting” as much as he had. Possibly even more. She had discovered that, in spite of his size, he was a slight built man, he was incredibly well endowed. He had, before she ever saw it, due to her hurry, sank a 13 1/2 inch, 3 1/2 inch girth cock inside of her, and fucked her to one of her best series of orgasms. She had enjoyed it so much that she had insisted that he fuck her at least twice a week since their initial “Meating.” His wife and family had returned to the States due to a family emergency, a few days before their tryst, and didn’t expect to return any time soon. He gave her rides to, and from, work, and often escorted her up to our apartment, where she and he would enjoy a little “me” time. I always enjoyed watching him sink that monster inside of her, making her squeal and squirm, and beg for more, then delivering a huge cream pie inside of her anxious pussy. Just as much fun, nearly was watching her, afterwards, clean him with her tongue and mouth, sometimes causing a second, or, on occasion, even a third session.

The evening was, so far, going as planned. The guests had started arriving at about 8:00, and all were there by around 9:00. Linda and I had been “sitting in” once in a while, if someone was needed to fill the table. I was wearing blue jeans, sneakers, and a shirt. Linda had been wearing a pair of shorts, flip-flops, and a halter top. Everybody, men and women, there were 2 wives attending, had complimented her on how she was dressed. One wife was the lady who
lived downstairs from us, a Black lady, who had lent us the money, and the other was a Thai lady who lived in the building facing ours. Both were VERY closed mouthed. The Black lady was always, when she thought I couldn’t hear, talking about what a “Lady’s Man” her husband was, and had even suggested that Linda might want to test his prowess. Linda had assured her that she would, as soon as possible, “put him to the test.”

The “Temps” we were living in were built with 14 bedrooms, and 6 bathrooms, in addition to the “normal” living area. We had closed off the back area with the door, and were just using the front area, with 6 bedrooms, and 2 baths. The living room/dining room area was where we were. The kitchen was adjacent to the Dining Room. I had been playing for a short while, and noticed that some of the guests needed drinks or snacks, I asked one of the others if he were ready to play, yet. He was, so I got up, saw to every ones needs/wants. I didn’t see Linda and was slightly curious of her whereabouts. I went back through the house, but, didn’t find her. On a whim, I opened the door and went into the BACK half of the house. I went to about the fifth or sixth door and heard a sound. It sounded like someone whimpering. The room had the door ajar, so I pushed it open. The light was on, Linda was on the bed, completely naked, and the husband she had been invited by his wife to try, was on top of her, “ballin’ the jack!”, or in her case, the jenny. He was buried inside her balls deep, and was rubbing it in. She had her ankles locked around his back, her tongue as deep in his mouth as she could push, and was doing a “Horizontal Hula” to aid him in his efforts. They were both completely unaware of me. He started pulling back to deliver the next stroke, and “MY GOD!!!” He was almost as big as her Manager was. Maybe a small bit shorter, but the same girth. I had seen shorter rods come out of an oil rig. And almost the same color. I was just as amazed to see her taking him so easily, as I had been when I watched her and her Manager. There wasn’t enough different in their sizes to take note of. He pulled back until just the head of his dick was still inside of her. It looked like he was turning her inside out, from the way her pussy was gripping him. He paused for a second, and started pushing back inside of her. She was shaking and quivering as he re-entered her. She, at this point, was holding his face near her mouth, whispering, so far, in his ear, “Come on, Put it all inside me. Fuck me wid’ you big black dick. I LUB you big Nigger cock in my hole. Gib me more. Please, please cum in my pussy. I wan’ you hot cum in me. Gib me ALL you cum. Knock me up, I can got black baby. Maybe he got dick same same he Daddy. I gib him fuck me , too. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

His pace began to increase. Whether it was her pussy, or her encouragement, I never knew, but he started pumping faster in and out of her, with her raising her ass with her legs to hold him inside as long as possible. Soon he was nearly jack-hammering her. Suddenly the muscles in his ass and back tensed, and she pulled closer with her legs, and both groaned out loud. He was shooting a solid stream of sperm inside her that seemed to go on for several minutes. He was moaning, and she was sobbing and moaning at the same time. She must have anticipated what was going to happen, as she had two towels under her to soak up the overflow. He finished, relaxing a bit, and her arms and legs fell open. They lay there for a few minutes. She finally opened her eyes, and saw me standing there. “Gina tell me he fuck so good. I wan’ fin’ out myself. He DO fuck good. He fuck me now TWO time. I tell him he can fuck me all he wan’, now” I pinbahis got two nice black cock. They fuck me so fuckin’ good!”

She wasn’t finished by a long shot. “I tell Joe, tell Smitty to come see me when he go out. I wan’ him fuck me, now. Okay, Honey?” I told her that if that was what she wanted, it was okay with me. I would just get the camera ready. She smiled and told me it was okay with her if I took pictures. Smitty was another black man, who had made a point of feeling her up at every chance he had. She told me that he had finger fucked her twice, and she had told him that it was okay for him to fuck her. In fact, at the last game we had attended, she had worn a loose pair of shorts and a T-shirt, and was standing next to him watching the game. In a short time I had noticed that he only had one hand above the table, his left. He would lay his cards on the table to feed the ante when it got to him, and pick them up, again with his left, to see how his hand had developed. This went on for a few minutes. Then I noticed that Linda had a strange look on her face, as she stood next to him. She would, every few seconds, shudder, closing her eyes, and licking her lips. She did this several times. I went around the table under the guise of getting another Coke to drink. I stood in the kitchen looking, and saw Smitty’s hand low down on the inside of Linda’s shorts. His fingers were inside the leg, and I could see the material stretched taut. I got my answer. Smitty had his hand inside Linda’s shorts, and was, it looked like, finger fucking her. It also appeared that she was enjoying it VERY much. I also felt that, when she closed her eyes, she was having an orgasm. If so, she had had at least four from just his fingers. I almost laughed.

I watched while she went about cleaning Joe’s cock and balls in her usual intimate style. She held him and licked the length of his tool, all around and sucked each of his testicles into her mouth to roll them around until all her taste was gone, then, putting his dick inside her mouth as far as possible, would suck until she pulled the semen out for her to swallow. I went back up front to rejoin the game.

There were a few more people needing refills, or asking for things, so I took care of them. Gina beckoned me over and I leaned down near her face. “Did Joe fuck Linda, yet?” she asked. I nodded, holding out two fingers to indicate that he had fucked her twice. She smiled and nodded her approval. “I told her he was a good man. If he wanted, he could probably have screwed her one or two more times.” I moved over to whisper in her ear. “She asked Joe to send Smitty back to see her, when he comes out. She probably wanted to save herself for him.” She looked at me and whispered, “She’s gonna get a GOOD workout from HIM.”

Just then I looked over and saw Joe coming up to the table behind Smitty. He laid his hand on Smitty’s shoulder. “Mind if I sit in for a little bit, Brother? he asked. Smitty looked around and up, smiling at him. “Come on in, Bro. Just let me finish this hand.” He raised the previous player. “Raise it five.” The players anted up. He smiled at the table of people. “Three Cowboys and a pair of Jacks! Put up or shut up.” Every body threw in their cards. “Takin’ a short short.” He got up, Joe whispering in his ear. He smiled, looking at me. I knew what he was hearing. I smiled back, tilting my chin in the direction of the back of the apartment. He went over by the doorway, motioning with his head for me to come over. I went to him. We stepped into an open doorway. “You know what’s going on?” he asked. I nodded. “You’re goin’ back to get some pussy from Linda. She’s waitin’ for ya. Joe just nailed her twice, and she wants to get you inside her for a couple of loads. More if you can. She’ll want you to cum inside of her pussy, too. That’s how she always wants it. Deep and hot. Don’t worry about knocking her up, either. If you do, you do. I just want to watch you split her fuzz, and cream her jeans.” He shook his head in disbelief.” “Never saw a white man wanted to watch a brother fuck his wife, AND cum in her. I seen it all, now.”

I looked back at the table. Gina was smiling back at me, and so was Nadi. Apparently, she, also, knew what was happening. No Biggie. Linda would probably tell them both everything.

I was coming through the dividing door, and saw Linda outside the bedroom door she had been using with Joe. She had a towel wrapped around her from her armpits to her knees. She stopped, looking at me, and smiling and blowing me a kiss. I was right beside her by this time. She pushed the door open, and went inside. A hand reached out and pulled her towel away, leaving her, once again, completely naked. Watching her appear naked in front of others, especially men, had been a big turn-on, for me, from the very first. I got a thrill from it, that only got stronger as things progressed. Watching another man’s cock sliding inside of her wet pussy, was only surpassed by watching him shoot his cum inside of her. I got hard watching either.

The door was open wide enough to see Smitty pull the towel from Linda’s hand, leaving her naked in front of him. He reached out and squeezed one of her tits, then the other, and reached down to fondle her ass. “VERY NICE.” he said. Then he reached down separating her legs a tiny bit, and cupping her mons and her pussy. I could tell that he had at least one, and possibly two fingers in her pussy. She stood there for a minute, accepting, and enjoying his advances. Then she wordlessly reached out to unfasten his pants and pull them and his underpants to the floor. He already had a budding erection. He stepped out of his clothes and she began to unbutton his shirt, helping him out of it, and removing his undershirt. He was now as naked as she was. I was anticipating her next move. She drew him down to where she could give him a kiss. As she broke contact, she said, in a low voice, “Now I can feel more n’ you finger. Now I can feel you cock, an’ feel you cum in me. I wan’ you cum inside me. ALL YOU CAN!!! You can cum inside my hole two, three, ever four time, it be better. If you give me baby, it’s okay. I wan’ one. I don’ care it white, black, or yellow. I wan’ he come out my belly. Jus’ don’ worry. I wan’ be pregnant. NOW! Sit down. I wan’ suck you big dick, make you horney. Then, you can fuck me too much, an’ cum in my pussy.” She backed him to the bed and knelt between his knees, first fondling his dick with her hands, then taking it teasingly between her lips to kiss. She opened her mouth a bit wider and took just the head in her mouth, massaging it with her tongue. His breathing quickened. She put it all the way inside her mouth, as much as she could fit. She had a little more than half of it, and bobbed her head on it, occasionally pulling it out to kiss, and licking his scrotum. He was visibly growing in her hand and mouth. She ate him until pinbahis güvenilir mi she was satisfied that he was as hard as he was going to get.

“Move up, Manoi.” she told him. “I wan’ ride your horsey.” He was more than ample, but not as big as the other two men. He was enough to make her more than happy. She was adept in making the best of what was available to her, at the time. She told me later that he was 9 1/2 inches, and 3 inches around. Almost as big as Shakey had been. She stepped across him with one leg, and began to lower herself down to meet him, holding his cock to where she wanted it. Her pussy was already very wet. Her juices were running down the insides of her legs. She stopped as the head parted her labia, and rubbed it in her juice, coating and lubricating it. He tensed at the feel of her pussy. I was hoping that he wouldn’t cum, yet.

She held him at the desired place, and lowered herself more. The head was inside her. She paused for a couple of deep breaths, and lowered some more. He was now about half way in. A couple of more breaths, and she lowered herself until she felt his stomach with her butt. She let herself sink all the way down on top of him. He had ALL of him inside her. She sat there, apparently enjoying the feel of him inside her. She had had her hands on his chest to steady herself, but now, moved them up on her own thighs, and began to raise and lower herself, using her own leg muscles. She had her eyes closed, enjoying the feel of a large, hard one inside of her. Up and down, up and down. She,was moving slowly to give them both the most enjoyment. Her methods were working as she wanted. Both were breathing rapidly. She had stopped twice, indicating that she was letting him relax, so he wouldn’t cum, yet. This time, though, she turned around, facing his feet. She lowered herself once again, taking his length inside of her, and sinking to her knees. She lowered her head to the mattress between his knees, and once again started the rocking motion.

She rocked away from him, until the head of his cock was barely separating her labia, and slowly sinking back to take him to the hilt. She did this until she felt him trying to ejaculate. She stopped again, and again, causing him to experience extreme pleasure. She wanted it to be the best pussy he had EVER had.

After she had him to the point she wanted, she looked back at him, and asked, “You wan’ go top me, now? I ready for you cum, now. You go top me, and fuck me too deep. Shoot you cum all way inside me. My pussy tell you ‘Thank You’, an I lub you, FOREVAH!!” He nodded that he was ready, too.

She raised up, pulling free of him and laying on her back, legs wide, her feet pointing at the ceiling. She was ready to receive him this “last” time. He took the pillow next to them, and she raised her ass to slide it under her. He went between her knees, and touched the head of his dick to her soaking wet hole. He was able, this time, to go in about half way, before pushing entirely inside her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him for the umpteenth time, and locked her ankles around his waist. She was more than ready. He began to saw in and out of her with long slow motions. It was making her cum over and over. In and out he went. In and out, over and over, for MUCH longer than I had figured he would. She was coming with almost every stroke of his dick. Suddenly the muscles in his back tensed, and his butt-cheeks tightened. He pushed deeper inside of her as she squeezed with her legs. He was gasping for air, and she was sobbing, and crying “YES!!!, YES!!!, YES!!!, YES!!!. FUCK ME!!!, FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!!! GIB ME YOU CUM!!! FILL MY PUSSY, FULL!!! FEEL SO FUCKIN’ GOOOOD!!! I LUB YOU COCK!!! FUCK ME MORE!!!, MORE!!!, MORE!!! I heard a sound . Looking to the door, I saw four or five faces. I hadn’t been the only one enjoying the show. Gina, Nadi, Joe, Pete, and J. J., a civilian who worked for Pan-Am, at the airport. All were admiring the sight of Linda’s, and possibly, Smitty’s naked bodies. Smitty had rolled off the top of Linda, and her legs were spread wide, plainly showing all her fresh laid cream pie, flowing from her now gaping pussy. Dennis, Gabby, and two more were the only ones not looking in the door, possibly because there simply wasn’t room for them. They WERE standing behind the rest.The first 5 stepped into the room, making room for the others to see what was in here. Nadi, who’s husband had duty that night, stepped over and wordlessly, since everyone had had a chance to look both of them over good, lay down between Linda’s open legs, and began to eat the fresh cream pie. She licked and sucked until she HAD to have been clean, inside and out. Hargrave, another man who worked at the club as an M. A., started unfastening HIS pants.
He stripped completely. “I been wonderin’ what was under her skirts, NOW, I’m gonna get some of it. She do got a pretty pussy, to go with those pretty tits, an’ I’m gonna fuck her good.

He knelt between her still open legs and began rubbing his dick up and down her wet slot. Satisfied, he took a leg in each hand, opening them even wider, and laying down worked his hard dick inside her, with everybody watching. He humped her slowly, enjoying the feel of her semi-conscious body chewing his aroused cock. “Hey, ever’body!!! She got a SNAPPIN’ PUSSY!!! She’s suckin’ my dick with her cunt! DAMN!!! I gotta get some more of this stuff! She’a a good fuck!

He was steadily humping her as he was speaking. Laying the pipe to her. She had yet to open her eyes, but, she was humping him in return. Her knees bent and raised, and her legs went around his waist, locking her ankles, once more. She was shaking her ass back and forth to make him touch everywhere inside of her, and was moaning and sobbing, from the screwing she was getting. I had seen it before, several times. As long as she had a dick inside of her, she would continue fucking. Whoever it might be. For as long as she had anything inside of her.

Smitty was aware enough, now, to have raised up, and was watching Hargrave fucking Linda in his stead. With the aid of her legs, her ass was moving in circles, up and down, around and around. As she would touch him she would grind her pussy into his abdomen. It was shaven to make it more appealing in her mind. He was lasting for a good bit, but, he finally reached HIS climax. She held tight against him, her whole body shaking, as she orgasmed over and over, while he refilled her now empty twat. His juice shot inside of her, and overflowed, soaking the pillow, and the towel covering it.

Finally drained, he pulled out of her, allowing more cum to run down the crack of her ass. “Touch it to her lips, and watch what she does.” I advised. He moved up within reach, touching her lips with the end of his now, nearly soft penis. Her mouth opened wide, and she sucked it in, sucking vigorously, and jacking pinbahis giriş him with her hand, and massaging his balls with the other. She sucked him for a bit, and everybody saw her swallowing his cum. They were ALL astounded.

Butch, the bar-back in the club, already had his clothes off. He had to wait for a few seconds. Nadi was, again, eating the cream pie from Linda’s pussy. The time and effort weren’t wasted, though. Gabby had stepped in behind her, pulled her panties down and slid inside of her to get some of HER pussy. She finished eating Linda out, and raised up long enough to flip her dress over her head, and pull her panties all the way off, and got on the bed, Doggy-style. Although she was VERY pretty, and had a beautiful ass, she was very nearly flat-chested. She did, however, have an extremely nice set of nipples, on the orange sized mounds of her breasts. They were, I later discovered, VERY soft and sensitive. Gabby had grabbed them quickly, and held them as he pumped in and out of her, to her appreciative squeals, while she bounced back into him, grinding her ass into him, and telling him, “FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME HARDER!! GIVE ME THAT DICK!!! I WANT SOME CUM, TOO!!! I EAT LINDA, JUS’ MAKE ME MORE HORNEY!!! FUCK ME HARD AS YOU CAN!!!

Butch, now that it had come open, had sprawled on top of Linda, and was humping her as hard as he could. There was no gentleness to it. He was slamming into her as hard and fast as he could, like a man possessed. Each time her whole body jumped from the impact. She was enjoying it, it seemed. Eyes still shut, she was telling him, “FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!!!. FUCK ME HARDER. SHOVE YOU COCK IN ME ALL YOU CAN!!! I WAN’ ALL YOU CUM IN MY PUSSY!!! FFFUUUUCCCCKKKKK MMMEEEEEEEEE!!! She gripped him with her legs hard enough to crack ribs as he shoven inside if her for the last time. The jizz flowed out into her, once again. She was holding herself tight against Butch’s belly, grinding her pussy against his balls, seeking that last precious drop of semen. They separated, and, he too, placed his near flaccid prick to her lips, and, in turn, received the pleasure of being sucked dry.

Gabby was already being attended to, and quite nicely, by Nadi, J.J. had gone with Gina into another bedroom, and, from the sounds coming out, doing a J. O. B on her. She was nowhere near silent. She was yelling, cursing, and begging for more of what he was giving her.

Dennis was standing there, looking around. He wanted to get some of Linda’s pussy, but wasn’t sure if he wanted an audience like this. He had arrived in country a week or so before I had, and his wife, another Vietnamese woman, and his 5 year old daughter, hadn’t arrived yet. He had told me , on another day, he was so horney his eyes were getting white. I beckoned him over and whispered that, if he wanted, he could stay after the others had gone home, and fuck her all he wanted. She would make him AND his dick, welcome. As many times as he wanted. He smiled and nodded his head, telling me thanks.

Smitty was still laying there, waiting for another chance to get in Linda’s pants. As good as it had been, once was not enough. He had watched her respond to all the others fucking her, and had admired her stamina. He rolled over and pulled another, dry pillow out and placed it under her ass, once more. He was completely erect from watching her get fucked all those times, and not only accepting, but relishing their intimacy. She, he realized, dearly loved getting fucked. That must be why she had let him finger fuck her all those times. She just wanted to feel something, ANYTHING, inside her pussy. Later we would talk in the snack bat over coffee, and I would tell him some of the stories of her. and SHE would tell him even MORE as pillow talk, when he had finished fucking her, as he often would.

He spread her legs for his second time, and I, perched at the top of her head, took, and held them, while he put his dick to her labia, and pushed into her, once again. She was full of cum from the last several times she had been laid, so she was more than well lubricated. Smitty looked up at me, astonishment on his face. “Her pussy is STILL tight. It’s slippery and gooey, but it’s STILL TIGHT!!! FEELS DAMN GOOD, TOO!!!

He started humping into her, and kissing her,and she returned all his kisses, even inserting her tongue inside his mouth most of the time. He wasn’t hurrying, but he wasn’t taking his time, either. She was responding to him as lustily as she had the first time. Gyrating her ass, hunching up to meet his thrusts, and swaying as he withdrew. She was murmuring to him as he fucked her, in a low voice. “Oh, Sweetheart. You fuck me sooooo goood, tonight. You make me cum too many time. You cock make me weak. But my pussy wan’ more an’ more. You can fuck me anytime you wan’ You come get me and I go wid you for you fuck, or we stay my house an fuck. W’at ebber YOU wan’. You fuck me ebber day, I lub it. I no get nuff you black cock. Make me feel fuckin’ good all over.””

Dennis and I looked at each other. She, from all indications, was unaware she was pulling a train. I would tell her later.

She was beginning to moan louder, and her ass was moving faster. She was nearing her boiling point, and would be blowing, soon. Smitty’s breathing was as fast and ragged as hers was. It was nearly, sadly, ended. Her legs had been locked around him from the start, and she was grinding into him, forcing him deeper in her. He gave a big push and she pulled him in closer, and deeper, to receive this load of cum from him. They both gasped mightily, and groaned as they both came in unison. She passed out, and he was unable to move off of her. Everybody left the room. The show was over, but would NOT be forgotten. Dennis and I helped Smitty to dress, and Joe and Butch volunteered to take him home. I kept his keys so I could take his car home. We could clean up tomorrow. It was just putting the unused cards away for the next time, and putting leftovers in the icebox. Nadi and Gina stayed long enough to do that part. They even remained naked while doing it, and told me and Dennis we would be welcome to fuck them any time we could. Gina assured me that Joe enjoyed watching her being fucked, as did her four sons. Nadi said her husband didn’t care what she did, or with whom. He was away most of the time.

Dennis decided to go on over to his house and come back tomorrow to see what happened. He went out too. I went down just as Joe and Butch put Smitty in the car, and followed them to his house. I finally got to meet Smitty’s wife. She was flat out GORGEOUS!!! A small black lady with a knock-out face and figure, and the sweetest disposition I had seen in a LONG time. She also told me that she was perfectly aware of what was supposed to have happened that night, and I was welcome to visit, with OR without my wife, so she could show me the same hospitality her husband had been shown. She punctuated this last remark with a very hot kiss, a big hug, and a quick feel of her luscious boobs.

Joe remarked that I had the biggest shit-eating smile he had ever seen.

There were MANY other poker parties while we were there, but few evolved into Poke HER parties.

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