Şubat 18, 2021

Lily’s First Time

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Lily was a petite, dark haired, little, Korean girl, barely looked 15 even though she was 22. Short and slim, she barely had breasts or an ass, and at only 5’1″ it was no wonder that she was still a virgin. Tonight that was going to change though. Her friends had found a guy for her, totally anonymous sex, so that she could finally have a man. All her teenage life she’d had very little in the way of boyfriends, and all of them had been good respectable guys, and so none of them had ever tried to go very far with her. As a result, she was very inexperienced, but she didn’t want to be. Very rebellious against her parents, she didn’t believe in waiting till after marriage, she thought that a girl needed to know how to please a guy in bed, and not only that, but who wants to be in pain from losing their virginity on what should be the most romantic and special night of her life?

So Lily had decided to take things into her own (or rather, her friend’s) hands. They’d found a perfect specimen of a guy, he’d been checked out at the clinic so they knew he was clean, and he was good looking, nice, and perfectly willing to have deflower the cute Asian chick they’d shown him the picture of. He’d told them that he didn’t need much in the way of tits and ass – more than a handful was just wasteful anyway – and that as long as she was really over 18 he’d be there in a heartbeat. Now, she was sitting in her bed, with her covers pulled up, nervously waiting for “Mike”. They’d told him that he was black, VERY good looking, muscular, about 5’8″ (not very tall for a guy, but he’d tower over her). The only thing she was worried about was that black men were supposedly very well-endowed, and she was a little person anyway. On the other hand, rumors also said that they were very good at what they do… maybe it’d be ok. No point worrying now anyway, he was on the way with her friends.

She tensed as she heard the front door open, and heard her friends yelling good luck to her and saying goodbye to Mike. His voice was deep, very melodious… and it sounded kind. When he finally walked into the room she realized her friends had been right… he was VERY good-looking. Or maybe it was just the way he was looking at her, like he found her attractive too. Smiling tentatively, Lily was rewarded with a brilliant smile back.

“Hello.” she’d finally relaxed.

“Hi… Lily?” she nodded at his question, “Uh, don’t take this the wrong way, but are you sure you’re over 18?”

Sighing, she knew that it was inevitable, she nodded toward the dresser next to do the door, “My driver’s licence is on there… casino şirketleri and we are on a college campus you know.” He grinned at her after checking the licence.

“Just wanted to make sure.” quickly, with complete confidence he stripped. God he was hot, beautifully muscled, and lots of gleaming dark skin, wiry hair on his chest and happy trail, but his groin was completely shaved. Left lots of room to look at the very large dick that he sported, at least 10 inches long, although thankfully not especially thick (not that she had much to go by, but some of the guys on the internet were rather frighteningly proportioned.).

Carefully he got onto the bed with her, and leaned forward to kiss her. Under his insistent lips, she started to really relax, thinking that this really could be a very enjoyable experience. Gently and deeply he kissed her, savoring the taste of innocence on her lips. He could tell that she hadn’t been kissed all that often in her life, not well at least. Stupid guys that had come before him. Probing with his tongue, the kiss deepened and became more passionate. Running one hand through her long, sleek hair and down her back, he was rewarded with a moan and a shuddering through her body. Her skin was soft against his palm as he pushed the covers down in front and gently cupped her breasts, stroking her nipples with his thumbs; they hardened quickly at his touch.

Pulling back from the kiss, he ran his mouth down her neck, sucking and nibbling before latching on to one of his nipples with his mouth. Lily gasped at the complex sensations running through her body, she’d never felt such pleasure before, even the few times a guy had touched her under her shirt. Compared to Mike they’d all been complete buffoons when it came to pleasing a female’s body… Mike had an experienced touch that completely seduced her.

Carefully, she raised her hands to his shoulders, returning some of the touches. Rewarded with more attention being lavished on her small breasts, she became more bold, running her hands down to gently rub his nipples, enjoying the reaction that had on his body. Mike pulled back from her body, allowing her to explore more on his body. Lily had never seen a guy totally naked before, not in person anyway, and she’d definitely never touched a guy below the belt. Tentatively she touched his penis with her small hands, light strokes at first, and then a little more firmly, actually grasping it. Exploring his balls she found more reactions as she stroked them and held them in her hand, to her surprise they were heavy in her palm. Slowly, she worked casino firmaları up her courage to bring her mouth down to his penis, hesitantly licking it. One of his hands clenched a little in her hair as she carefully licked the purplish head, and a small moan from him let her know that this was definitely the right thing to do.

Encouraged, Lily opened her mouth and put the head of his penis in it, then began sliding her mouth up and down his pole, tickling with her tongue, and sucking gently. Toying with his balls with her hands, she enjoyed the power of having him in her mouth, feeling the tautness of his balls in her hands. Gently she ran her tongue up the underside of his shaft, making him moan again. She became more and more confident, sucking a little harder and moving a little faster, trying to fit more and more of his dick into her mouth. About halfway down his dick she hit her gag reflex, and try as she might she couldn’t get past it, but rather than worrying about it she just put her hands around the bottom of his shaft and began moving them up and down in rhythm with her mouth. After all, it was her first time giving a blow job, he probably didn’t expect a completely stellar one… and her girlfriends had told her that sometimes it just wasn’t possible to get past a gag-reflex, not without lots of practice. Her hands would do just as well for the moment.

As she moved more and more rapidly up and down on his dick, her hot innocent (although admittedly getting less innocent) mouth sucking and teasing, she was rewarded with a pulsing under her hands and then he began spilling his cum into her mouth, groaning her name as she did so. Proudly, excited to have made him cum with her mouth, she swallowed all of it. It didn’t taste too bad, a little salty, but she’d definitely had worse at the college cafeteria. Best of all, he didn’t shrink too much after cumming, she kept him in her mouth, gently sucking, suddenly afraid that he might lose his hard on after he’d cum.

Gently he lifted her up and laid her back, smiling at the expression on her face, “Don’t worry, night’s not over yet.” As her face showed her relief clearly he laughed at her, and bent to kiss her lips. Strong hands kneaded her breasts, and he returned his attentions to her. Her hair was spread like a fan behind her head as she was completely laid back on the bed. Nibbling, he moved down to her breasts again, sucking on her nipples, this time rolling them with his tongue and gently nipping them with his teeth. The passionate innocent moaned beneath him, intoxicated with the new sensations, she moved her hips güvenilir casino instinctively. Moving lower, he pushed the covers down with his hands, finally exposing her whole body to him. Shyly, she watched his face for a reaction… he seemed very pleased at the thin landing strip of pubic hair that she’d left.

Kissing her hips, then her thighs, then finally he spread her thighs apart and began to lick at her pussy. Lily gasped and moved her hips at the first touch of his tongue… it was gentle and soft and absolutely wonderful. One of his fingers moved into her pussy as he teased around it with his mouth, flicking her clit with his tongue; as her pussy got wetter and wetter he added a second finger, stretching out her hole. Moaning and clutching at the sheets, Lily was completely lost in sensations and feelings, there was a feeling just starting… that she ached after, like a bitch in heat… she could already tell it was going to be much better than the orgasms she got when she masturbated. Everything was headier, more vibrant…

Then suddenly he pulled away and his fingers left her. Hazily, confused, Lily looked up at him, and then realized that he was getting into position above her. This was it. Carefully, he began to push into her, she grasped his shoulders in fearful and excited anticipation… she could feel the tip of his penis spreading her open, more than the two fingers had. Slowly it moved into her, stretching her so wonderfully… until it hit the barrier. For a moment he paused, and then bent down to kiss her lips as he moved forcefully, breaking through. A short cry against his kiss at the pain, clutching at his shoulders, and he continued to slowly move into her, until his groin came to rest against hers.

“Ok?” she nodded, unable to speak. She’d done it… she was no longer a virgin…

“Please… keep going…” It was his turn to nod, and he caught her lips in another kiss, moving his tongue into her mouth as his dick started to move in and out of her pussy. Slowly, the feelings began to build up in her again, the pain and even the memory of pain faded away; she spread her legs wider to his assault, trying to get him into her more deeply. Arching her back against him she could feel the heat building up between her legs, and she moved to the rhythm of his body, grinding her clit against his flesh.

“Oh god… Oh God… OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!!” she was cumming, harder than she ever had before in her life… and differently too; it felt like it was pleasure pouring out of the very center of her being, flowing lava into her veins. Every nerve in her body was caught up in pleasure as Mike pushed hard into her one last time and groaned his own climax. Slowly… slowly she wound down from her peak…

And as he held her gently in his arms, she wondered if he’d be willing to come back.

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