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Like Mother, Like Daughter Ch. 01

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This is a work of fiction that portraits social and/or racial stereotypes as well as domination among women that may not suit everybody’s taste. If you find this offensive, don’t read further.

Thanks to Eve Ashland for helping with the edition.

Chapter 1

“What the hell are you doing here!”

Kayla Jones shouted as soon as her daughter Jada stepped into the house. She hastily put out her cigarette and stood up confronting the high school senior that at that very moment was supposed to be at school.

The single black mother knew damm well that having Jada coming home so early on a Thursday afternoon had only one possible explanation, and unfortunately, it wasn’t a pleasant one.

Of course Jada knew her mother would be really pissed and tried to evade her heading to her room.

“Not so fast! You better come here and tell me what the fuck have you done this time!”

Well aware of how futile it was to try to escape Jada dropped her backpack at the couch and faced her mother.

“It was that stupid bitch Holly Montgomery… They suspended me and the Principal is probably gonna call you in for a meeting.”

She paused like waiting for her mother to fill the blank spaces, but looking at the growing anger in her face Jada knew that bullshitting her mother was not a smart move at that moment.

“At your age I had to care for a baby which was you by the way… When will you start taking responsibility for your actions?”

“Sorry mom, I was at the restrooms, that fucking white girl…”

“You’re the only black girl in your whole senior class; maybe at the whole fucking school, all of them are fuckin’ white girls!”

“I know mom, but this time I didn’t do anything. I was washing my hands and noticed that prissy bitch had left her bag over the counter…”


“Well, you know how all hose rich white bitches dress up just to go to school, so it was one of those expensive Birkin bags, and… well… I just wanted to know what the fuck was inside.”

Kayla soon learned that while Jada was searching the bag, Holly and a couple of her friends had come back into the bathroom having caught her daughter rifling through it.

“I was just checking her purse… Would you believe me the white bitch had hundreds in cash and a dozen credit cards?”

“I’m listening. Go on.”

As Jada went on with the story her mother had a good picture of what had happened. In short, Holly demanded Jada give her the bag and Jada taunted the white girl asking for a reward for finding it. Holly unsuccessfully tried to take the bag from Jada’s hands while Holly’s friends went to find help.

Jada played putting the bag within Holly’s reach and swiftly taking it away each time the white girl tried to grab it. Jada enjoyed the growing frustration on the pretty face of the rich blonde, who besides demanding her bag back, called Jada a “ghetto dyke”. Although Jada was proud of her race and more than comfortable being a lesbian, she wouldn’t let some white girl, or anybody, call her out her name.

“You ain’t from the ghetto but, for damn sure, you’re 100% dyke.”

“Yeah mom, just like you, but I wasn’t gonna let some fuckin’ white girl can call me that!”

“So what else did you do?”

Kayla was thinking about all the trouble her daughter had caused that year. She had been expelled from two other schools before landing at the best, mostly white school in town. Now, just one month before graduation, here’s the same old story of an incident with a white girl.

Jada told her that after being insulted, she tossed the bag inside a toilet cup, grabbed Holly by the neck and pinned her against the wall. Her daughter also said that she yearned to beat Holly up but in no time her friends came back with a teacher.

“So, you just grabbed her by the neck and nothing else?”

“I swear mom, nothing else… That wimpy bitch was trembling in fear, she knew she was no match for me.”

Kayla sighed in relief. She feared her daughter had done something worse. It wouldn’t have been the first time she beat up a white girl. And although it meant being summoned for a meeting with the Principal, Kayla approved of the fact that her daughter had put a snooty white girl in her place.

“You cannot be expelled again, I’ll have to save your ass with the Principal.”

Relieved by her mother’s mild reaction, Jada headed to her room while Kayla answered the call from the Principal’s office and agreed for a meeting on the next day.

During dinner with her daughter, the incident surfaced again, and with the moods tempered they spoke about it in a lively way.

“You should have seen that bitch’s face when I had her against the wall. She was petrified, but I think she also wanted it… She moaned and raised her arms like she was…”

“Like what?”

“Like she was begging casino şirketleri me to have my way with her. I don’t know how to explain it.”

“So, you sayin’ a pretty, rich, white girl just wanted to be a ghetto dyke’s bitch?”

“Yeah… That’s what I am saying.”

“Well, you are 18 years old, you don’t need my permission to fuck her.”

They both laughed at Kayla’s comment and all throughout dinner mother and daughter kept on talking about how they loathed all those cocky white bitches.

Next day, aware of how high the stakes were, Kayla dressed up with a black pantsuit that did little to conceal her big frame but, even with the colorful print top under the black jacket, looked conservative enough for a meeting with the Principal. She was going to play the “race card” as she usually did when her daughter got into trouble, Kayla tried to look as African as possible, wrapping her hair in a colorful silk headscarf and adding prominent jewelry.

“Wish me luck. I am going to save your ass.”

“That’s ridiculous mom, you look like a lottery winning ghetto dyke!”

“That’s the idea, trust me.”

Kayla arrived at the Principal’s assistant desk on time, where she was politely greeted by Mrs. Benson and invited to sit on one of the waiting room couches. As time passed, Kayla’s mood started to degrade. After half one hour of sitting there, the single black mother was fuming.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Benson, do you or your boss think you can make me waste my time waiting here just because I am black?”

The elder assistant nervously dialed her boss and spoke in such a low tone that Kayla couldn’t hear the conversation.

“We are sorry Mrs. Jones, but Mrs. Montgomery had a little delay and will be arriving momentarily.”

At that moment Kayla Jones learned that the meeting would be held with the Principal and Holly’s mother. As she was experienced with that kind of situation, Kayla had taken the trouble of gathering not only some the Principal’s background information, but also learnt something about the Montgomery girls too.

Holly was the only child of Allison, recently divorced from her second husband and well known for having exerted a fortune from the divorce agreement.

Kayla was about to complain again when the sound of clicking heels coming from the corridor announced Holly’s mother’s arrival.

“Hi Allison dear!”

“Hello Marge! Hmmm! That hair color really suits you! You look twenty years younger!”

Kayla thoroughly checked Allison, a blonde beauty who looked impeccable from head to toes. Her hair was carefully done, snug fitting designer blue skirt suit, tan nylons with a black back seam, 5″ black patent stilettos and an expensive necklace with a matching bracelet. The skirt hem reached just above the knees and the skirt was tight enough to show her rounded buttocks and a glimpse of the garter straps and clasps beneath. Allison’s age was hard to discern by her looks, and though Kayla knew she was 42 years old, she looked ten years younger.

Both white women exchanged pleasantries, as Allison simply ignored the presence of the black mother sitting on the couch.

Kayla was about to step into the conversation when the Principal appeared at his office’s door.

“Good evening ladies, please come in.”

Allison headed to the office, avoiding eye contact with Kayla and without even greeting her. The Principal sat behind his desk facing both mothers sitting in front of the desk.

Although Kayla always had a preference for black women, she certainly felt attracted to the white woman sitting beside her. She couldn’t shake the idea of fucking a pretty white mom like Allison.

In fact, Kayla didn’t pay attention at all. She sat in silence during the first 15 minutes of the meeting while the white mother ranted accusations about her “black bully” of a daughter, and so on. Just like the Principal, she couldn’t help but to stare at Allison’s nice cleavage and her slender crossed legs showing a hint of the stocking tops.

Allison could have spent all time insulting Kayla and her daughter, but the black mother could only think about tumbling the blonde milf over the desk and having her way with her right then and there.

“Well Mrs. Jones, we’ve heard Mrs. Montgomery arguments in favor of expelling your daughter. Do you have something to say?”

The Principal’s words brought Kayla Jones back to reality. She spent a few seconds making up her mind before answering. As her daughter had pointed out before leaving home, she may have looked like a lottery winning ghetto dyke, but it only was a cover to hide a clever and prepared woman. She just wanted to be underestimated until making her move.

“Of course I have something to say. You will not expel my daughter, and if I forgot to mention this before, my little Jada is applying for college and will casino firmaları need a recommendation letter from you. In case you decide otherwise, you’ve better be prepared to have half a dozen TV trucks on your exclusive school’s parking lot. They will air on national TV interviews, asking why you expelled the only black senior just one month before graduation.”

“They will also ask why a bunch of rich white girls bullied the only poor black girl in school, just because she can’t afford a zillion dollars handbag. I can also contact some LGBT organizations just to see how concerned they are about a homophobic school Principal… I don’t know why, but these people always get great media coverage and they are particularly persistent.”

“B… But Mrs. Jones, you know that’s not the truth.”

“What I know doesn’t matter at all, but trust me, they will come here and ask all those ugly questions. Not to mention all the buzz on social media about a racist and homophobic Principal at a racist and homophobic school…”

Looking at the Principal’s expression, Kayla Jones knew she had hammered the last nail on the expulsion coffin.

“I think we don’t need to escalate this, ladies. Probably expelling a good student with great grades just months before graduation would only escalate the situation.”

Allison protested to no avail and did little to hide how frustrated she was at the Principal’s capitulation. Aware of her swift victory, Kayla Jones stood up and stared at Allison eye to eye.

“Perfect! I don’t think we have anything else to discuss. Please don’t forget the recommendation letter. Goodbye!”

Kayla left the office with an ample smile without waiting for an answer. She walked past Mrs. Benson and saluted her.

“Bye Bye grandma! No matter what your hair color, you look one hundred years old.”

Kayla walked through the corridor laughing loudly. She was proud at how she had dealt with the Principal and that cocky white mother. It was already dark and the parking lot was almost empty. Once in her car, while sitting in the driver’s seat and puffing a cigarette before driving home, she saw Allison walking to her car.

She was about to start the engine when she remembered that the conceited blonde hadn’t even bothered to say hello to her previously. The black mother decided she had to do something with that, so she stepped back out of the car.

The parking lot was dimly lit, and since the school was in the safest neighborhood in town there were no security cameras. She followed Allison and caught up with her when she was about to open her car.

“Hey Mrs. Montgomery! How come nobody taught you to say hello?”

Allison had ignored Kayla at that time and the last thing she wanted was to argue with that black woman. She entered the car and tried to close the door without success as the black mother was now holding it.

“Take your hands off my car! How you dare!”

“Your daughter was saved from being taught a lesson by my Jada because others intervened. I don’t see anybody about to save you now!”

Allison looked around, and to her dismay, she didn’t see anyone. Allison had been intimidated from the first moment they met, and now that she was alone in front of Kayla she felt an almost paralyzing apprehension. Kayla put out her cigarette and without warning grabbed her by the hair and pulled the astonished blonde out of the car.

“You need to learn some manners blondie…”

“Ooouch! W… What do you think… Let go!”

Kayla forced Allison to stand with her back against the car and released her hair, and somehow, just looking at fear in her face, Kayla knew she was in command.

“Listen to me bitch! You’ve messed with the wrong woman. You and your stupid daughter owe Jada and me an apology.”

“W… why? We haven’t done anything. You must be crazy!”

She tried to get into the car but this time Kayla grabbed her arm and forced her again against the car.

“I’m going to press charges if you don’t let me go right now!”

Convinced that the time for talking was over, Kayla released Allison’s arm. She spent a few seconds admiring Allison’s beautiful face, perfectly made up and with her sensuous lips coated by glossy red lipstick. That model face that showed some short lived relief was rocked as Kayla delivered a shattering slap. A loud groan followed the smack as the blonde stumbled on her heels. Dazed by the hit, she caressed her burning cheek and tried not to fall by leaning his back on the car when Kayla smacked her again on the other cheek, making her stumble again.

“W… why are you doing this? Please stop!”

Kayla grabbed Allison’s jacket lapels, steadily pulling up until she had to stand on tiptoes. Allison caressed her cheek trying to avoid eye contact with the powerful black mother who was playing a game completely unfamiliar to güvenilir casino a conceited lady like her. Kayla, eager to test the degree of control she had over Allison, commanded her to lower her hands.

After a little hesitation she complied, drawing a smile of satisfaction on Kayla’s face. That smile was not the only reaction of her body, since having that sexy white woman under her control made her pussy dampen.

“You thought you were better than me. You thought you could tease the Principal with these sexy clothes?”

While she kept pulling upwards grasping the jacket lapels, Kayla brought her face within inches of Allison’s as the blonde’s delicate perfume enticed her arousal.

“P… Please! I’m sorry, please stop this!”

“You want me to stop? You want to go home?”

“Yes, please.”

“OK, but it’s gonna cost you something…”

“W… what?”

“I want a souvenir; give me these nice clothes you tried to use to get my daughter expelled and then you can go.”

“You’re crazy! I can’t…”

Kayla released the grasp on the jacket lapels and used both hands to deliver a barrage of slaps on Allison’s face. The blonde’s body stumbled left and right at the hard smacks landing on her face and while she tried to cover her cheeks it seemed her arms would never reach in time to block the next slap.

After several slaps, she felt dizzy and her rubbery legs could no longer keep her standing. Noticing that Allison’s back started to slide against the car, Kayla lifted the blonde by pulling her hair. Still in her dazed state, Allison knew she had to stop the beating by complying with what was asked.

“P… please no more.”

“You know what to do, I don’t have all night bitch.”

Allison couldn’t believe how powerless she felt being humiliated by that evil black woman, but she feared that if she did not obey, Kayla would give her an even worse beating. She began to unbutton her jacket and at the same time she began to sob. Allison finished with the buttons and stood motionless until she had the courage to look at Kayla’s eyes.

“Please don’t make me do this!”

“Don’t be shy Mrs. Montgomery, show me what you’ve got, unless you want me to keep smacking that pretty face.”

She lowered her head and slowly took the jacket off revealing her impressive silicone enhanced rack. Even with the poor lighting of the place, Kayla drooled at the sight of those firm round breasts covered by a sexy strappy black lace and satin bra. Completely embarrassed, Allison handed her the jacket, unzipped the skirt and slid it down to her heels, and when she pulled it off her whole fabulous body was on display.

“Do you wear that lingerie for a meeting at school or did you already know that you were going to take your clothes off?”

She was wearing a strappy black thong, so small that it barely covered her shaved pussy, together with a garter belt to match, with the black tops of her tan stockings adding to her luscious look. Allison handed the skirt to Kayla begging her to let her go.

“What’s the rush? Turn around, I want to see what you were hiding under that suit.”

“Please let me go, you said if I gave you the suit I could go!”

Kayla ignored her pleas and after freeing her hands placing the suit over the car’s roof, she softly groped Allison’s breasts and put aside the bra straps.

“I think I’ll also need this.”

“Please don’t make me do that, someone can see me.”

Kayla just had to show her right hand was ready to slap her again if the pretty blonde didn’t comply. Ashamed, Allison covered her breasts with her hands while Kayla softly rubbed her pussy, exerting gentle pressure on the panties with her index finger, pushing the satin fabric between the pussy lips.

“Put your hands behind your head. Let me see those pretty tits you’ve bought.”

Allison obeyed immediately, when she put her hands behind her head, her huge silicone mounds protruded like wanting to escape from his chest. Her body shuddered as the black mom rhythmically pushed her finger deeper and used her free hand to pinch her hardening nipple.

“Oooh! M….my! Ohhh!”

“I think you came here looking for this. I guess that prissy daughter of yours told you how she got turned on when Jada cornered her. I bet you got turned on too…”

“Ooohh! Please don’t do this!”

Of course Allison remembered well when Holly told her incident with Jada and how confusing her daughter felt about it. As she pushed the finger deeper inside Allison, the satin fabric of the thong started to moisten and the blonde milf involuntarily released soft moans. Amazed at how thoroughly she owned the white mom, Kayla slid the thong aside and buried two fingers inside her pussy.

“Oohhh! My god! Please don’t!”

She squeezed Allison’s breast while steadily finger fucking her, roughly pushing her fingers upwards in a way that forced the blonde to stand on the toes of her designer shoes.

“Say you’re Kayla Jones’ slut!”

“Mmmmh! Ooohhh! Mmmmh! I can’t…”

“Say it or I’ll kick your ass right here and right now.”

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