Mart 11, 2021

Like Minded Neighbors Ch. 02

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I closed my eyes and thought about my husband, Jim, and our neighbor, Steve. Laughing to myself, I bet Jim was fishing my panties out of the hamper right now and checking them to see if they were a prize Steve would appreciate. I already knew they were, because I looked for myself when I took them off. There was a good size wet spot, a mixture of my secretions and his cum from last night, that had leaked out of me into the panties, and even though it might have been sick to think it, I was tickled at the thought of Steve holding my panties up to his nose, or to his mouth, once he got them in his hand.

My blissful soak in the tub was interrupted when Jim came into the bathroom. He walked over to the side of the tub and looked down at me, asking, “Did you shave your pussy for me?”

Instead of answering, I pulled my knees up to my chest and opened them wide so he could see for himself. “What did you call what we were going to do tonight?” I asked. “Captive Slut Girl?”

“Oh, yeah.” Jim said enthusiastically. “That looks so hot.”

“Okay, then.” I replied, scowling up at him. “Eight o’clock. It’s a date.”

His eyes were locked on my freshly shaved beaver opened up for him. He started to reach down and touch me, but, I closed my legs and sank back into the water. Grinning up at him I said, “Not until later, Honey. I want to finish my bath and then I’m going to pick up a little around the house. I want to rearrange three of the cabinets down in the kitchen, and the closet by the front door is a mess. I’m looking forward to just taking it easy and teasing you all afternoon in my panties. So, no touching until tonight.”

He got this sad look on his face and his lips turned down into a frown. “Oh, quit it!” I said, shaking my head. “Be a good boy and gather up all the dirty clothes and take ’em down to the laundry room for me, if you don’t have anything better to do, so I don’t have so much to lug down stairs when I do laundry on Tuesday.”

He said he would, but he wasn’t looking at my face. He was peering down into the water looking at my pussy again. Loving his attention, I opened my legs up so he could see my freshly shaved pussy. “You know, it might be fun to go back to the mall and play our little game there again.” I said, looking up at him. “I could wear a short skirt and no panties.”

“You know I’d like that.” Jim said.

“What if Steve was there and we ran into him?” I asked, with a slight grin on my face.

“He’d probably play along.” Jim answered.

“You mean you’d let your best friend see your wife’s pussy?” I asked, teasingly. “All shaved and hairless like this? With no panties on? That’s just dreadful, Jim!”

“I’m sure it would make the game more interesting, Beth.” Jim said, smiling down at me. “Besides, once he’s seen you in your panties, I think the next step is seeing the bare pussy. Isn’t it?”

I splashed him with water and he ran out of the bathroom and pulled the door closed behind him. I wondered if he was just kidding me with his remark about Steve seeing me in my panties, and then my bare pussy. Did this mean he was definitely going to bring Steve in the house this afternoon while I was in my panties?

I guess any other wife would have been appalled, but I wasn’t. This was a chance to have a little fun, and indulge my nasty exhibitionist desires with my husband’s complete blessing. I saw the gleam in his eyes, the same gleam I’d seen those times at the mall when I carefully opened my legs to let someone see up my skirt. Okay, if that’s what he wanted, then fine by me. I wasn’t going to miss this chance, especially since he seemed to be so excited about it.

Sitting there in that hot bath, I made my mind up to do it. I wasn’t kidding, either. If he was going to bring Steve into the house, I was going to do just what I said I was going to do. I’d pick out a nice thin shirt, leave off the bra and just wear my panties.

I couldn’t stop my fingers as they wandered further between my legs and found their way inside my newly shaven lips. Slowly, I touched myself, thinking about our friend, Steve, seeing me in my panties, and most of all – knowing the effect it would have on my husband. Sure, you could say it wasn’t any different than being in a bathing suit, but, I knew differently, and I’m sure Jim did, too. I also knew this would usher in a new era in our exhibitionist games, and, also with Steve. But, Steve was Jim’s problem, not mine.

I gave myself a nice orgasm in the privacy of the bathroom imagining Steve seeing me in my panties and getting hard in his pants. I knew Jim would get hard, too, and the thought of me being able to excite two men at one time was something that brought me off pretty quickly.

Once I got out of the bath, I went back into the bedroom and picked up the full coverage panties I was initially going to wear and put them back in my drawer. Then, calling out to Jim, I asked him if he could come up for a minute. When he arrived, I was standing at my closet, looking through my collection of tops.

As escort ataşehir nonchalantly as I could, I pointed to my lingerie drawer and asked Jim if he’d like to pick out some panties for me to wear. If he was going to let his friend see me in them, I felt he ought to be the one to select the panties. If he picked full coverage cotton briefs, that would be fine with me. If he picked something smaller and sexier, then like I said before — the decision to do that, and to let his friend in, would be completely on him.

I knew what was in that lingerie drawer, and I knew there would be some panties he wouldn’t pick. Like my silky, crotch less panties, or my lavender mesh, see through panties. Both of them were way too revealing and I knew he wouldn’t dare pull them out.

He seemed to be pleased, though, about being able to select my panties. He took several pair out, held them up one by one and put them back. As he fished around in my drawer, he finally found something he liked — a pair of white bikini panties. I didn’t wear these too often because they were a little tight on me. They made my pussy poof out prominently, and they were very low cut — lower than most bikinis. Jim liked them though, I knew it, because they showed my mound off from the front, and I knew with a freshly shaved pussy, these panties would show everything they were trying to cover. But, it was going to be his choice, and he’d have to deal with how I looked.

“Beth, can you try these on so I can see how they look?” He asked.

I did as he asked, pulling them up my legs, and pulling the back down over the cheeks of my butt as far as they would go. I looked at myself in the mirror and almost gasped at the way I looked. The thin material showed my bare mound clearly and even a trace of my slit. I started to take them off, but Jim stopped me.

“Hey!” He said. “Hold on. Let me see.”

I pulled the panties back into place and turned toward him so he could see for himself. “I kind of like them.” My husband said.

“Jim,” I said, “I want you to think seriously about this.” I put my hands on my hips and stood with my legs spread a little.

“Take a good look at the way these fit me, okay? If you were just kidding about Steve coming over, then that’s fine, I’ll wear these for you.” I said in a warning, but, serious tone. “But, if you’re planning on inviting Steve in, then you better be sure of what you’re doing here.”

The smile left his face and he walked over to me. Putting his arms around me and kissing me lightly on the lips, he asked, “Would you prefer he didn’t come in, Beth?”

“Honestly, I’m kind of okay with you having him in — that is, if you are.” I confessed, truthfully. “I admit it’s exciting to me, and if you do it, I’ll play along and I’ll let him look for as long as you want him to. But, you better be sure of what you’re doing, and what you pick for me to wear, Honey.”

He looked at me for a second, and I continued speaking, saying, “Listen, I’d go naked if you wanted me to. I just want you to be the one to make the decision and decide how far it goes. I don’t want him to think your wife’s a slut.”

“Beth, he’s not going to think you’re a slut.” Jim replied. “You’re a beautiful, gorgeous and sexy woman,” he added, “and those panties really look great, and they show you off in a way that’s very attractive.”

“Okay,” I replied, “just remember you’re the one calling the shots on this. And, if this ever gets back to Shelly, I swear I’m going to make you tell her this was all your idea.”

“Now,” I added, “come pick out a top.” As he went to the closet to look through my tops, I took a deep breath as I turned to look at myself in the mirror again. If Steve saw me in these, I might as well be naked. I could easily see the slit between my pussy lips now, and I knew Steve would be able to see it, too.

Jim pulled out an orange tank top which I liked, and wore a lot. With no bra, though, my breasts would bounce and my nipples would poke through. I put it on as he watched and pushed my hair back to look in the mirror. “So,” I asked, “Do you approve?”

“Oh, Beth.” Jim sighed. “You look amazing.”

“Are you really going to let Steve in?” I asked him. “No more bullshit, Jim. Tell me yes or no.”

“Yes, I’d like to.” My husband answered.

“Okay, then. As long as you’re okay with him seeing me like this.” I replied. “I won’t hide myself. But, you better have a talk with him and tell him he better keep his mouth shut.”

Jim pulled me into him, and kissed me as he wrapped his arms around me. “I will, don’t worry.” He said. “It’s not just for me, though. I know it’s turning you on, too.”

“That’s true, Honey.” I answered. “It’s just that I’m your wife, and, he’s your best friend. I don’t want him to get the wrong idea. This is just for fun….. make sure he knows that.”

We sat on the bed and talked about it for at least fifteen minutes. He readily admitted the idea of showing me off to Steve was turning him on, and I admitted I was turned on, kadıköy escort bayan too. My only concern was how Steve would take it. He told me he’d talk to Steve after it was over. “This will be cool, Beth!” He said, happily. “Trust me, it’ll be fine.”

I felt better after we talked, and once we were done, I put on some flip-flops and went down to the kitchen and started cleaning out my cabinets. I’d been working about an hour when the doorbell rang, and Jim bounded down the stairs and went to the front door. My arms were full with a huge revolving carousel I keep my cooking spices in. A momentary panic set in when I realized he was probably letting Steve in, but, the spice carousel was precariously balanced in my hands, I didn’t want to drop it and it was too late to run upstairs.

In that instant, I began to think this wasn’t such a good idea, and then all of a sudden, Jim was standing in the doorway of the kitchen with Steve at his side. Steve’s eyes were about the size of golf balls, and he was looking right at my panties. Jim, seeing I was having problems balancing the spice carousel in my hands, came to my aid, and gently lifted it out of my hands and set it on the counter.

It took all the courage and poise I had to act normal with Steve looking at me. My nipples were poking out, and I could feel myself getting wet inside my panties. This was one of my own fantasies finally coming true – being caught almost naked and forced to let someone see me.

So, trying not to shake, I faced Steve and asked him how Shelly was, and what she was up to today. It took Steve a few seconds to try to answer, and during those few seconds, I stood there patiently, just as if I was fully dressed. Steve has dumbfounded, absolutely taken by surprise, and at a loss for words. But, I stood there waiting for him to say something, and letting him have a long look at me.

Jim picked up on Steve’s dilemma and spoke up. “Beth decided to rearrange a few of the kitchen cabinets.” Jim said, as he walked up next to me and looked up into the cabinet I just cleared out. Steve’s eyes never left my panties, even while Jim was talking to him, and when I realized he was just going to stare at me, I leaned back against the counter and spread my feet out in front of me further than I really needed to.

I heard Jim’s voice talking, but I couldn’t discern his words. My heart was beating so fast and my head was spinning……. I had to use every bit of restraint I had to keep from plunging my hand down inside my panties and playing with myself. I knew Steve could see the bulge of my pussy lips against the tight panties, and as wet as I felt I was getting, I was almost sure he’d be able to see a wet spot soon. Steve finally looked up at my face, and when our eyes met, I nodded and smiled at him, as if I was saying ‘It’s okay. You can look.’

Jim was still talking, but, he’d turned around now and was standing next to me. Steve was glancing over at Jim, politely nodding and smiling as if he was listening to what Jim was saying, but then his gaze would turn back to me and his eyes would center on my panty covered pussy or my nipples.

I finally heard my husband say, “Honey, we’re headed down to the hardware store for a while. Steve said they have a sale going on, so we’re gonna go check it out.”

“Okay.” I answered, in a surprisingly normal voice as Jim walked by me and stood in front of his friend. Then, I added, “You boys have fun and don’t spend too much money.”

I watched Steve tear his eyes away and look at Jim, and then back at me. “Go on!” I said to the two of them. “Go have your hardware store fix.”

When they turned to leave, I got the biggest sexual rush I’ve ever felt, and without thinking why I was doing it, I pushed my panties down to my thighs and thrust my hands between my legs. I heard their footsteps on the tiled entry way, by the door about ready to leave, and called out to Jim, “Aren’t you going to kiss me goodbye?”

I heard the footsteps stop and then a second later, Jim came around the corner, into the kitchen and stood there, frozen, and just looked at me. My hand was in my pussy and I was rubbing myself like there was no tomorrow. Jim glanced over his shoulder toward Steve, and then walked toward me. With my free hand, I pulled him into a kiss and then hugged him against my body. “I am so wet, Honey” I whispered into his ear.

My fingers were still busy rubbing my clit, and tracing my slit down to my pussy hole and then sliding deep inside me. Letting Steve see me in my panties had brought me to a point where pushing my panties down and masturbating became a necessity. This had been my first intentional exposure to someone I knew, and my whole body was alive with the sensation and excitement of doing it.

I held Jim close to me as I assaulted my pussy, feeling the beginning of my orgasm take over me. Jim started to pull back away from my hug, but I wouldn’t let him go. And then, over his shoulder I saw Steve peek his head into the kitchen and I lost it completely. escort bostancı I shook and moaned into Jim’s shoulder, not knowing how much Steve could see, and honestly not caring. Jim held me up as my orgasm flooded over me, and once I was able to hold my head up and look back over Jim’s shoulder, Steve wasn’t there anymore.

“Damn, that was amazing.” Jim whispered. “Are you okay?”

Jim looked back over toward the door frame and then back at me. Then, leaning down to me he quietly asked, “Do you think Steve saw anything?”

I couldn’t answer. I was still panting, and too busy searching my husband’s eyes for acceptance and forgiveness. I got it, too, when he reached down and pushed my panties lower until they fluttered down around my ankles. I stepped out of them, and, as Jim knelt down to pick them up, Steve appeared around the corner again and just stood there this time, watching. He had a clear, unobstructed view of me now, with my bare pussy exposed and my husband kneeling down in front of me.

We started at each other, Steve and I, while Jim brought my loose panties between my legs and wiped the crotch panel up and down my wet pussy several times, and finally pushing the material between my lips and then up into my pussy hole. I could see the bulge in the front of Steve’s pants, and when he saw me looking at it, he rubbed it briefly and smiled at me.

I blushed, closed my eyes and spread my legs to give Jim more room, which he took advantage of immediately. I felt one of his hands hold my pussy lips open while his other hand began pushing my panties up into my vagina. I opened my legs some more, allowing Jim more room to pry my pussy lips apart. I looked down, briefly, to see him smiling up at me as he pushed his silken covered fingers into my pussy. At the same time, and my panties were disappearing up inside me.

He left them hanging out of me two or three inches, moved his hand to the sides of my pouty lips and spread me open as far as he could. “Steve,” he said clearly, “come take a good look at my wife’s beautiful pussy.” I could feel the burn of my embarrassment spread all over my face and chest as Steve stepped forward and knelt down right next to Jim, and looked right into the center of my womanhood.

“Touch yourself.” Jim said, softly looking up at me. “Make yourself cum while Steve and I watch you.”

My hand had a mind of its own, and as soon as Jim said it, my fingers began to diddle my clit. “Look how much her clit pops out when I spread her open like this.” Jim said to Steve. “And, see how pink she is inside her lips?”

I simply couldn’t speak. My throat was all choked up, and I was both mortified and captivated at the way both of them were perched down on the floor looking up into my pussy.

“She’s got a beautiful pussy, Jim.” Steve said, looking up between my legs. “I love stuffing Shelly’s panties into her pussy, and they smell and taste so good after they’ve been inside her for a while.”

Jim looked up at me with a mischievous grin on his face. “Beth,” he began, “I’d like you to stay dressed just like this while I’m gone, and leave those panties inside you. When I get back from the store, I’ll take them out and we’ll see if what Steve says is true.”

I just looked at Jim and nodded as my fingers circled around my clit. “We’re not leaving until you cum, Beth.” Jim snickered as he looked up at me. “We can sit here for an hour like this if it takes you that long.”

“You do want Steve to see you cum, don’t you?” Jim asked, baiting me and knowing damn well I’d say what ever I thought he wanted me to say.

“Uh huh.” I moaned, feeling the heat of my embarrassment spread across my entire body. I could feel myself starting to get close, and I really didn’t need any distractions that would delay my climax. But, when Jim let go of my pussy lips, stood up next to me and whispered in my ear for me to take my top off, I almost started to cry.

I had to stop touching myself, which I didn’t want to do. But, without a single concern that I’d be completely naked in front of my best friend’s husband, I pulled my top over my head, and put my fingers back between my legs.

“Look at her nipples.” Jim said to Steve. “See how hard they get?”

Steve stood up on the other side of me and they both looked at my nipples. “Her nipples always get like this when she’s turned on. You’ll have to remember that about her, Steve. Whenever you see her nipples poking out, you’ll know she’s hot and bothered.”

I wish Jim would have just kept his mouth shut, because every time he said something, Steve learned something new and personal about me. But, before the thought had cleared my head, Jim said, “Steve, you’re not going to say anything to your wife about seeing Beth in her panties…… or seeing her naked and playing with herself, are you?”

“No way, man.” Steve replied. “I’d never say a word about it.”

“Good.” Jim said, and then looking at me, he added, “See, Honey, I told you he wouldn’t say anything.”

Before Jim could finish his sentence, my insides began to contract, and I began to throb, and then go rigid as my orgasm took over me. “Come on, Baby.” Jim said, wrapping his arms around me and kissing my neck. “It’s okay. It’s okay.” He repeated into my ear. “Let it go and cum for us.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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