Nisan 13, 2021

Lifestyle of a Housewife

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Big Dicks

My name is Susan Stevens. I am 35 and living the dream. I am in a relationship with an incredible guy named Dustin.

We are living together in his house. I am in the process of selling my condo.

I am temporarily out of work and looking for another position, but in the meantime, I am living like a married housewife. We have a cleaning lady, a lawn and garden service, and an all-around handyman and maintenance guy named Fred. So, when I say housewife, I do not have much housework to do.

After Dustin leaves for his office in the morning my day belongs to me, and I am loving it.

Dustin is very well off, and in addition to that he is Prince Charming. He is always polite and courteous. He is fashionably well-dressed. He is the life of the party, holding court and being the center of attention.

He treats me like the Princess I wish I was.

My girlfriends are jealous and ask if he has a brother. I am truly blessed.

With one exception. When it comes to sex he is plain vanilla. Missionary position, a few pokes in the vagina, ejaculation, and snoring.

I have read that the mid-thirties are the prime of a woman’s sexuality, and I believe it. To make up for what is lacking in bed I have taken to internet porn and masturbation. How sad.

Browsing around the porn sites I discovered all the videos on anal sex. I don’t know why I didn’t already know this, but it turns me on. I learned to masturbate in my chair looking at the computer screen.

I explored my virgin asshole and taught myself to push my middle finger all the way in. I would visualize myself as the woman in the porn video, and try to imagine what it felt like.

The next step in my education was learning to masturbate lying on my back, naked on my bed, reaching under my butt with my left hand, inserting my finger and finger-fucking my asshole while I rub my clit with my right hand. This always produces orgasms like lightning bolts.

But soon I realized that like the soft drink commercial said, there is nothing like the real thing. I desperately wanted to get fucked in the ass.

I cautiously and delicately raised the subject with Dustin, who was horrified. No luck there.

I realized I needed a man who was subservient and obedient to me, and would do what I told him to do. This seems crazy, why should I have to do that? What kind of man would not want to fuck a women’s asshole? I know if I were a man I would want to. Oops, that sounds kinky, doesn’t it? Never mind.

I am not the dominant type, dressed in leather with a whip. So, what to do?

I finally thought of Fred, our maintenance and handyman. He is polite to the point of being obsequious with me, and I think I can control him.

He is very good with his tools, and he gets a lot done around our house. He can do electrical and plumbing work, which takes some knowledge and brains. He just seems slow and dim-witted.

He is a big, strong ox of a man, macho and full of testosterone.

I think I made this abundantly clear, but Fred is not the brightest star in the universe. That works well for my plan, because I can manipulate him, and I could probably get çiğli escort him to do almost anything. Maybe even shove his cock up my ass.

I had a plan in place, I just had to wait for the opportunity to use it. He was working in the garage one Wednesday, re-finishing the floor. Dustin is so meticulous he even wants the garage floor to be squeaky-clean.

He came in from the garage at the end of his day, to wash up and tell me he was leaving. I launched my plan.

“Fred, I have noticed that you have been looking at me in a very personal way. Can you tell me why?”

His face turned bright red, and he stammered, “No, Mrs. Stevens. I ain’t doing that.”

“Yes, you are, Fred. I’m not stupid! I catch you doing it all the time. In fact, you’re usually looking at my butt!”

He almost passed out at that.

“Look, Fred. If you’re fantasizing about having sex with me, I understand that. That’s perfectly normal, we all have our fantasies. If that is what you are thinking, just admit it, maybe something good will happen.”

He didn’t seem to grasp the opportunity I gave him, he just fidgeted and squirmed in embarrassment.

“Fred, listen to me. Just tell me what you want, and you might get it.”

I waited through an awkward silence, and finally he whispered his answer.

“Yes, Mrs. Stevens. I have been thinking about that. Please don’t fire me.”

“I’m not going to fire you, Fred. I am very open minded about sex. I would like to give you what you have been imagining. But, you have to agree to do things the way I want you to.”

More awkward silence.

Then softly, “Yes, Ma’am. I will.”

Just the way I wanted things. I big, strong man, totally helpless and submissive to me.

I stared at him while he tried to avoid my gaze. He was waiting for me to make the move. He didn’t dare initiate anything.

“OK, let’s go into my bedroom.”

His face lit up with joy, and he followed me in.

“Take all of your clothes off. Don’t just take your pants off, take everything off.”

He flinched at that, but obeyed. He stripped down quickly, throwing everything on the floor next to him. Shoes first, clothes next, underwear last.

He stood there in plain sight, with a raging hard-on. And what a hard-on it was. Nine or ten inches, perfectly straight, with the pink head exposed, glistening with seminal fluid.

I was awe-struck. The monster was staring at me with it’s one malevolent eye.

But I wanted to remain in control, so I said, “Very good, Fred. Now wait for me.”

I stripped down, but I put my things on the chair, not on the floor.

Now I was naked in front of him. He looked me up and down like I was a cheeseburger and he was starving.

“Don’t shoot your load yet, Fred. Save it for me.”

I was apprehensive about taking his huge tool up my ass, but at the same time I was excited by the prospect. If you are going to try anal, why not see how much you can take?

I have seen women in porn videos take even bigger cocks in their assholes and they didn’t die. I thought if it is painful I could tell him to stop. Most çiğli escort bayan men wouldn’t but Fred would.

I crawled up on the bed, on my back with my legs apart, and said, “Come here, Fred.”

Like an obedient dog he got up on the bed, and I guided him between my legs, on his knees.

I lifted my legs up as high as I could, my knees almost touching my shoulders. I wanted to give him unobstructed access to my asshole.

I reached down and took his stiff cock in my hand, and said, “Just let me show you what to do.”

The head of his cock was wet with his seminal fluid which was very slippery. I smeared it around and on to the shaft. I put my fingers up my wide-open vagina and coated them with my lubrication. I put my middle finger up my ass and finger-fucked myself, trying to lubricate and open it.

He stared at what I was doing with curiosity. “In there? Like that?”

“Yes, Fred. In there.”

“All of it?”

“I will tell you when to stop, Fred.”

He hesitated.

“Push it in me, Fred.”

He still didn’t get it, and he started to put it in my very receptive cunt. I grabbed it and stopped him.

I aimed it a little lower and when the smooth head touched my anus a thrill like electricity went through me. I was finally going to get fucked in the ass.

“Now push again.”

He did, but my tight anus resisted.

“Push harder!”

I silently willed my asshole to relax, open up and let him in.

Suddenly a couple of inches went into me.

I don’t vocalize during sex because I think that is phony, but now I said, “ow . . . Ow . . . OW!”

“Do you want me to stop, Ma’am?”

“Fred, I said I would tell you when to stop. Now keep pushing.”

The big head was past the tight ring at the entrance, and the spasms and discomfort stopped. Now there was just the feeling of fullness and pressure.

He pushed tentatively and another inch or two slid in.

“Just like that, Fred.”

It was now clear to him that I wanted all of it up my ass. He continued to work it in, a little at a time.

The sensation was wonderful, kind of like having a finger pushed up your ass, but multiplied by ten.

I could feel the tip of his cock way up inside me, twice as far as my finger had ever gone.

He gave one more push and it went all the way in. His wiry pubic bush pressed up against my clit, and I inadvertently exhaled with an “OOF”.

The tip was now in the soft insides of my belly. I had never experienced anything like this. Even though I was the one in control, I felt totally dominated, penetrated, and fucked.

He didn’t need me to tell him, he began to slide in and out, not all the way out, just a few inches. His motion started the bed squeaking and creaking, and we both were breathing hot and heavy.

I don’t know about Fred, but for me time stood still. I had no idea whether ten minutes or an hour and a half went by with him steadily humping me. I was in reverie, as if I was in a trance.

His steady breathing speeded up, and I felt him tensing up. I knew he was about to cum and I wanted him to. escort çiğli With a big set of balls like his I expected a huge load. I wasn’t disappointed.

He blew his load in me, and when I say blew I mean it was explosive.

He slammed all the way into me, and I could feel his cock throbbing as the cum pumped through. Feeling it squirt into me set me off, and I had an intense orgasm. It was just like my masturbation fantasy, his cock was in up to my belly-button and his pubic bone was pressing against my clit.

We both grunted and squealed like animals for a few moments, and then we were quiet.

I am not used to holding my legs up so long, so I pushed at his chest to let him know to get off of me.

He pulled his cock out which left a feeling of emptiness in my belly. His huge load of semen was so far up in me that none of it came out.

He didn’t try to lay next to me and cuddle, he must think that would be too personal. Strange, after having his meat-pole up my ass. He got up and began to get dressed.

I said, “I am going to stay naked. You can too.”

“No, Ma’am. I think I should go.”

That was disappointing, so I said, “You will be back tomorrow, right?”

He shook his head yes.

“You can do this to me again, whenever you want to.”

He thought about that and said, “Tomorrow?”

“Sure. Tomorrow and every day.”

He grinned like a kid getting an ice cream cone.

“Do you masturbate?”

He blushed and didn’t answer.

“It’s OK. You don’t have to answer. Everyone does it, you know. I just want you to stop it for a while. It’s wasteful. Save it for me.”

He slowly understood, and said, “You want it in you that way.”

“Yes, Fred. You can leave now if you want to, but tomorrow when you arrive come in to see me first. You can do your work afterwards.”

He did, and I fell into a deep sleep. When I awoke I had a pleasant thought? I now have a regular fuck up the ass scheduled with Fred’s horse-cock, and I still have my relationship with Dustin, my Prince Charming. I don’t feel like I am cheating on him, because he uses one hole while Fred uses the other.

When Dustin came home that evening, we had our regular glass of wine and talked about our day. Of course, I was not too forthcoming.

After dinner he made it clear that he wanted to have sex.

I never say no to him, but I felt a little panic. What if he notices my stretched asshole all slippery with cum?

We went to bed and had our usual polite sex, missionary position. He didn’t notice anything unusual because he never even touches my asshole, he thinks it is disgusting. Fool that he is.

Quite a bit of Fred’s cum oozed out of me, and there was a large wet spot on the bed.

He was embarrassed but proud of himself at the same time.

“I must had given you a large ejaculation. Have the cleaning lady change the sheets tomorrow.”

“Yes, dear.” I struggled not to laugh; if only he knew that it wasn’t from him, it was from the cum-enema that Fred pumped into me.

He was snoring soon, and I was alone with my thoughts. I have the best of both worlds, my life-style with Dustin and my animal sex with Fred. I wondered if his cum was still alive inside me. I will have to google “How long can sperm survive in your GI Tract?”

As I drifted off I dreamily thought about what tomorrow would be like. I think I will make him fuck me twice. He can’t say no to me.

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