Mart 1, 2021

Life with the DeVals Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Welcome to the Mansion

I generally split sex and story about 50-50, but this opening chapter will necessarily be heavier on plot development than future installments.


Twenty-year-old Jason sighed in relief as the warm water of the shower hit his back, stretching and twisting so that the water thumped against every muscle and patch of skin. He’d had several long days at work in a row, standing behind a cash register for most of the day, and everything was sore. No more of that after today, I hope, he thought to himself, feeling his heart flutter at the thought of the interview he would have that afternoon.

As he lathered up his medium-length, sandy-blonde hair, he thought about what he would wear and what he would say. What do you say at an interview like that, he thought nervously. I guess talking isn’t really the point anyway…

As nervous as he was, the more he thought about it the more aroused he felt – there was no doubt in his mind that he wanted the job, or in his body for that matter. His thick cock was already slowly hardening as he reached for the bar of soap, running it slowly across his chest. Despite not looking like a paragon of fitness, Jason worked hard to keep his body as he liked it: fit but soft, taut and lithe without obvious muscle – and, of course, flexible. He slid the bar of soap around to his back, then slowly downward towards his pride and joy: his plump, jiggly backside, thick, smackable, twerkable… and all the more accentuated by his otherwise thin figure. Like during most of his showers, the soap spent an excessively long amount of time sliding between those thick cheeks, pressed in hard. By the time he pulled himself away from it, his shaft had reached its full 8.5″ hardness, and he wasted no time lathering it up, along with his tennis ball-sized nuts. It had been a long time since he’d had anyone to share his lust with, and he’d gotten accustomed to torturing himself with pleasure for as long as possible. He cut his play short, though, much to his own frustration – given the job he was going to interview for, his arousal would be his strongest selling point.

Once he’d rinsed and dried off, he walked out to the kitchen, still naked, feeling everything below his waist bounce freely with every step. He tugged the advert free of the magnet from the fridge, reading it over carefully for the dozenth time.

“Married gentleman seeks young, inclined man for intimate position. Candidates will be judged based on aptitude, attitude, and quality of assets. Payment to take the form of room and board, and small personal stipend as negotiated. Please call to make appointment to meet and discuss.”

Jason knew the address, he drove past when he took the long way home from work to avoid the traffic. The friend who had given him the advert, who had gotten it from “a friend in the business” as she put it, had underlined ass in the word “assets” and put a winky face in the margins.


As he pulled up to the address on the ad, Jason felt his nervousness return full-force. He pulled up to the gate, rolled down his window and pressed the only button on a small speaker, hoping that was the right thing to do and not just something from the movies. A moment later, an adorable female voice came over the speaker, “Hi there! Can I help you?” She lingered on the world “help” just long enough for him to notice the stress.

“Uh, yes, I’m here to see Mr. DeVal, I saw this advert-“

He was cut off by a small giggle. “Oh of course you are,” she said. There was a rustle of paper, and she said, “you’re Jason?” He gave an awkward nod at first, then remembered she probably couldn’t see him and stammered out a yes. “Awesome! Come on through, you can park by the door,” she said, and the gate slowly swung open.

On the short trip up the drive, Jason steeled himself, taking a deep breath to calm his nerves and grinding his palm into his crotch. Dude, he said to himself, you’re beyond horny enough to do this, let’s go. Finally he pulled up in front of the door, sliding himself out of the car and looking up at the edifice of the huge house. He smoothed his bahis firmaları clothes out – a plain long-sleeve tee and the tightest pair of sweatpants he could find, which rode up into his crack just enough to be equal parts awkward and arousing.

As he made his way to the door, it swung open ahead of him. A tall, curvy woman in an immaculate, tight-fitting suit greeted him with a handshake, giving him a quick but scrutinizing glace over her small glasses. “Jason, right?” He nodded again. “I’m Kora, the DeVal’s butler. Mr. DeVal is finishing another meeting, but he’ll be with you soon. If you’ll follow me?”

Jason followed her into a corridor and around a corner, then she quickly stepped to the side and motioned for him to do the same. “Excuse me, Mrs. DeVal,” she said quickly, as the lady of the house slid past them on the other side of the hallway. She paused, giving Jason a long look, which he could not help but return. He’d always thought the tendency for the internet to compare women’s breast size to the size of their head was a little silly, but Mrs. DeVal’s pert, perky bosom was easily larger than her head, even with the casual puff of bright red curls that surrounded it. Unlike her servant, who was buttoned up to the neck, she wore an elegant v-neck that left as little of her massive chest to the imagination as possible.

“Here to see my husband, I assume,” she said in a rich, melodious voice. “Mm you do look like exactly what he’s looking for…” Then she turned and walked off before Jason could say a word, leaving him staring after her. Her behind was a match to her chest, and it rocked rhythmically as she walked, almost hypnotic.

After a second or two, Kora cleared her throat softly. Jason turned back to her, blushing lightly; but from the look on her face, he could tell her eyes had been focused on the same thing his had been. “This way,” she said, and they continued down the hall aways before she stopped and pulled open a door, revealing a lavishly decorated sitting room.

A dark-haired girl, probably younger than Jason, was carefully dusting various shelves of nic-nacs. She was dressed in the most stereotypical black-and-white maid’s outfit possible, her pert behind poking out past the tiny skirt, revealing the straps of her crotchless panties. Jason stared speechless for a moment Kora cleared her throat, making the maid jump a little. Kora jerked her head and the girl silently scurried out of the room, pushing past Jason in the tight doorway and giving him a sultry smile as her body brushed against his, her deep green eyes glistening.

Once she had gone, they stepped properly into the room. “You can wait here,” Kora said, then she motioned towards a shoji-style sliding door on one end of the room, through which two male silhouettes could be seen. “Mr. DeVal will come through when he’s ready for you.”

“Thank you,” Jason said, finally finding his voice. She gave him a nod and a light smile, then turned on one foot and walked back out the door, closing it quietly behind him. Jason sat down on a plush loveseat at the center of the room. While he waited, Jason watched the silhouettes in the other room, wondering if that person was here for the same reason he was. But the men simply talked for awhile, then stood simultaneously and shook hands vigorously, before the door slid open and they emerged, both in slick suits and one carrying a briefcase. He nodded to Jason as he crossed the room and quickly stepped through the door, as the other man, who Jason assumed was his host, stopped in front of him, slowly looking him over. He was a bit taller than Jason, clean-shaven and well-built. Jason had been expecting an older couple, but DeVan looked to be in his mid-thirties, at most. Of course, considering he’d just encountered Mrs. DeVan and she was not maybe five or six years older than himself, he’d had no idea what to expect.

“Stand up, boy,” he said, gently but with authority. He walked slowly around the loveseat, looking Jason over head-to-toe and front-to-back, obviously pausing longer behind him. When he’d made the full circuit, he reached out a hand and Jason took it, shaking as kaçak iddaa firmly as he could manage. “Jason, isn’t it? You certainly have the physical aptitude I’m looking for. I’m Andrew DeVal, but you’ll do fine with ‘sir.’ Follow me.”

Jason repeated his mantra to himself one more time as they walked into the office – more horny than nervous, c’mon man, so much more horny than nervous. Of course, after his encounters in the house already, it was pretty much the truth.

The office was more sparsely decorated than the sitting room beyond – aside from the large, beautifully carved desk, it was mostly pictures of the DeVals in exotic locations and certificates of qualification or achievement on the wall. Mr. DeVal slid the door shut behind him, then walked over to lean against the front of his desk. Jason started to sit in one of the armchairs opposite, but the other man shook his head. “Don’t bother sitting, you won’t be for long.

“Let me be overly clear, even explicit, about the position I advertised for,” he continued. “My wife and I each lead very busy lives, and the events and things we attend together are another full social schedule on top of them. Because of this, our ships don’t often pass in the night, if you take my meaning, which has grown increasingly… frustrating for me. As you have no doubt noticed simply by simply being here, my wife shares my appreciation for exceptionally beautiful women, and she’s staffed the house with them – but I promised her at our wedding that I would never touch another woman, and I intended to keep that promise, so they serve only to deepen my frustration.

“I am, to be utterly frank, an ass man. Somewhat to my wife’s chagrin, when we do get the opportunity to have sex, it’s her ass and only her ass that I want. But I need more, and since I cannot get it from another woman… I find myself oddly glad that attractive young men such as yourself possess the same hole that I desire most in a woman. Your job here, in exchange for which I will give you a suite of your own in this house, and three square meals, and so on, is simply this: when I say so, you provide me with the ass I need – however, whenever, wherever I want it.” He finally paused, carefully searching Jason’s face for his reaction.

Besides growing progressively redder as the explanation had gone on, Jason had only one thought: Wow, this is for real. I guess I didn’t actually believe it until… he said it right out like that. After a moment of silence, he realized he should speak. “Well, Mr. De- sir, I um…” he cleared this throat, “I would absolutely be agreeable with those terms. I mean I, um… I appreciate your cravings, and I’m every bit as eager to help you with them as you are to sate them.”

The other man nodded, looking away for a moment in thought. Then he said, “Frankly, boy, you’ve got exactly what I’m looking for – took a lot of restraint not to grab it from the moment I saw it. And I like your attitude. But let me make a few things clear: you’re here for what I need, first and foremost. I’ll try to give you two days off a week, at my discretion – they won’t be the same every week. Beyond those you’re on the clock, and you’re not to have any sexual contact with anyone but me, yourself included. No fooling around with the staff or out at the club. And absolutely, under no circumstances, day off or not, are you to so much as breathe on my wife. Ever. Understood?”

The prohibition on masturbation was going to be a problem – if DeVal’s work schedule was as busy as he made it out to be, he wasn’t going to be around enough to keep Jason satisfied. But… he could adapt, hopefully. Small price to pay for the easy life. And besides, he could do whatever he needed to on those days off, whenever they came. “Yes, sir, I understand.”

“Good,” replied the older man. “Well, then… I hope it’s obvious I can’t make a hire of this kind without a direct test. Turn around, show me what you’ve got.”

Of course Jason had been expecting this, especially since he’d been told not to sit down. The good news: he was officially more horny than nervous. Incredibly, desperately horny. “Yes, sir,” he said, kaçak bahis turning slowly and pushing out his ass a little. “I can assure you I’ve got as much aptitude as you can handle…” he said, sliding his fingers into the waist of his sweats. He pulled them down slowly, in the front, letting them catch on his plump ass and stretch until finally they popped down, the waist digging into his cheeks as they grinded down them. His rock-hard cock sprung free in turn, sticking straight out from his crotch. He pulled his pants down all the way to his ankles, gripping them tightly to keep his ass pushed out and presented for his prospective employer.

“You certainly do know how I like it…” DeVal muttered, his voice thick with arousal. He leaned forward, cupping one of Jason’s cheeks in his hand. “And dear god this is glorious.” Jason smiled to himself as his best asset was examined. Oh hell yes it is. DeVal raised his hand and brought it down with some force on Jason’s ass, making him gasp and his entire bottom jiggle. “Oh yes… show me how you move it,” said DeVal, and Jason was only too happy to oblige, shifting his hips from side to side before twerking his ass, slowly at first but growing faster, until it shook and jiggled and bounced wildly.

“It’s perfect,” said the older man, as Jason slowed his jiggle. He slowly leaned into the perfect, plump rear in front of him, opening his mouth to run his tongue slowly across one cheek, drawing a groan from Jason. He reached a hand below, cupping Jason’s big balls and sliding along his shaft briefly. “To be clear, I’m not interested in any of this,” DeVal said, trying to return to his matter-of-fact business voice despite his arousal. “Just your ass. Of course, I could never accept anyone larger than myself, but, I’ve never encountered that problem. Nonetheless…” he stepped back a pace, then forward again. “The big balls and huge cock do look fucking amazing hanging down below your ass like that.”

Then, suddenly, he pressed his face between the two fat cheeks and slid his tongue against Jason’s hole urgently. Jason cried out, focusing all of his energy on preventing his cock from exploding and spraying cum across the office. DeVal ate his ass eagerly and harshly for several minutes, Jason moaning and squealing with nearly every movement of his tongue. It didn’t take long for that tongue to push its way inside him, probing every inch of his hole again and again. Subconsciously Jason’s hips rocked back into the face that was pleasuring him, his cock twitching and throbbing at the assault. Then, finally, DeVal withdrew.

“Fuck yes you’re perfect,” he said, a bit breathlessly. “Assuming you enjoyed that as much as it sounded like you did, you’re hired. Be back here first thing tomorrow with your things, and we’ll get you moved in.” His words we meant for Jason, but he was clearly talking to the glorious ass in front of him. Jason slowly stood up, stretching his back, and pulled his sweatpants back up with some effort. He managed to gasp out a “yes sir, thank you” between his gasping breaths. DeVal gestured towards the door, his other hand pressed against his crotch, grinding against the largest bulge Jason had ever seen.

Jason left the office without another word, pulling the door closed behind him. Turning towards the exit, he jumped – lying on the couch was the maid girl from earlier, her legs spread and her hand working furiously at her sex, her eyes rolled shut. At the sight of her writhing, realizing she must have been watching their silhouettes through the screen as he’d done earlier, Jason couldn’t hold back any longer; he felt his cock erupt in his sweatpants, a thick burst of cum blasting down his leg to land on the top of his sock as further strands leaked from the head and ran rivulets down his leg. The girl’s eyes opened a moment later to see him standing there, staring at her, and she instinctively curled up to cover herself. Then she smirked and said, “Sorry… a girl likes to watch,” and backed away towards the door. Jason could hear her footsteps as she ran down the hall, deeper into the house.


Coming soon in the next part: Find out how the rules start breaking, how Jason goes from convenient boy butt-slut for the man in the house to sexual servant to the rest of the needy household, and learn the shocking truth of Natalie DeVal’s cup size from the lady herself!

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