Nisan 19, 2021

Life with Diana

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Diana as my ex-husband Roger called me after our marriage. I was 24 with my 36-26-38 vital-stat when I got my job at his office. He offered me the post of his private secretary. Roger was 42 at that time and he was a man who already four times divorced.

The first day with Roger passed well. He was quite sober and not handsome but he always tried to improve in his work. He never gave me any leave whenever I asked for any leave. It was ok with me as I wanted to do well for my future.

After six weeks of my job, one day, Roger told me that I had to go with him for an official tour. I had packed my luggage and went with him. We stayed at the hotel in different room. Roger was a nice man and he never tried to do any misbehavior with me.

After that tour we were gradually get closer to each other. Actually after six months of my job we started dating. Roger proposed me with a diamond piercing and I accepted it. I was young and I liked older matured man.

We started sharing of our bed regularly and Roger used condom for protection. I had never asked him about his ex-wives. He was not bad as a bed partner. After one year of our relation we decided to marry.

Roger declared the news at the office and all our office colleagues had stunned to listen the news of our marriage. Many young office colleagues had already tried to get close to me during that period but they never got the information of our relation.

On the day of our marriage party I wore the piercing which he gave me when he first proposed me. He declared me as Diana in public. We were happy. I wore a red transparent long dress the middle portion was partly tore to expose my beauty of naval. My cleavage was clear from the up and left leg partly open to show my left thigh and the tattoo I made for Roger.

After the party all went away and Roger guided me to his bedroom and told me to wait for him. I was tired. I changed my dress and prepared me for my first married night. It was a white see-through night dress which Roger bought for me.

I didn’t know when he entered into the room but I awoke to find Roger massaging my throbbing clit and sucking on my neck.

Mmmm. I pushed my ass up against his dick which was hard as granite.

When did he sneak into my room? How long had he been here? Did he see me in the mirror? My mind swirled with questions. I wasn’t sure if I was dizzy from him poking my throbbing pussy while rubbing my clit or if it was the confusion of trying to figure out how a man who was my boss and shared bed before marriage, let alone talk to me was now in my bed.

“I saw your door open and when I peaked in and saw you, I couldn’t hold back anymore.” Roger whispered in my ear as if he heard the questions I had just asked myself.

I guided his hand so that he had two fingers inside me. He pumped and I pumped back. He went faster and I kept pace. The rhythm was getting frantic.

Ahhh! I’m about to cum. Feeling his thick dick sliding between my cheeks every time I pulled back from his fingers pumping me ferociously got me hotter and hotter. The heat from between my thighs was reaching a scorching temperature.

“I wanted to kiss every inch of your body on the first day I saw you.” Roger lightly pecked Diana’s shoulder with his lips and then grazed her with his teeth. Diana flinched and the opposing sensations.

“As I’d watch you walk down the hall at the office, your beautiful hair would tease me, resting on the top of your plump ass accentuated by those tight skirts you wear.” He grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked my head back to suck on my neck again. He nibbled on my ear and whispered, “You’re so wet my Diana.”

I opened my mouth to let out a moan and his fingers found their way in before anything could come out.

Mmmm. I tasted good. His fingers tasted good. Slowly, he pumped my mouth with his long slender digits. He ran them across my lips on his way back down to my soaking wet pussy, even hungrier then it was thirty-seconds ago.

This time it was three fingers in as he wiggled them back and forth. I was so wet you could hear a squishing sound as his fingers went from front to back. Two fingers began pumping again and that’s when I felt it, the unmistakable sensation right before…

“Whoa! Oh my god! That’s so sexy.” Roger pumped harder and faster. Diana could feel the warm liquid from her squirt running across her thigh, soaking the sheets beneath her. And then the next wave hit.

Before she could relish in the first eruption, Diana got hit with an orgasm the force of a tsunami. She had to cover her mouth with both hands to keep from waking the entire house and with the waves repeatedly washing, crashing over her; I might have disturbed the entire neighborhood.

“You are so naughty. I had no idea,” Roger growled in my ear his accent oozing, dripping over every syllable.

He finally gave me a break from his fingers. I thought it was so I could enjoy my orgasm but as it turned out he had something completely different in mind. He bahis firmaları grabbed one of my butt cheeks and slided a finger inside my tight dark hole.

Gasp. I hadn’t finished cumming from the finger fuck and then there was a new sensation making my orgasm builds again.

“You’re so tight. I can barely get my finger in there.” Roger pumped my tight ass slowly, spreading my cheeks to make the entrance wider.

Haaaa! The sound came out of my mouth like a stolen whisper carried through the air. I’m relieved and my body relaxed when he pulled his long slender finger out but my rest was short-lived. His hand once again spread my cheek and I felt the massive head of his dick poke its way into my tight ass. Ahhh!

Roger paused. I could feel the head throbbing, pulsating as it stretched me with each beat. I didn’t give my ass away to everyone and Roger certainly had the right as a husband to just take it and before I could protest, he forced the rest of his giant dick into my tight hole with no hesitation until he was balls deep. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I moaned, groaned from deep within my throat.

Somehow he found the nasty girl in me. That’s reserved for my fantasies but I couldn’t resist the full feeling of Roger’s dick and I began pumping on his thick monster.

I took my time with the first few strokes but once I felt open, I picked up the pace and pumped with so much force, he just laid there, arms in the air so as not to be in my way.

I pumped and grind until I felt the tell-tale signs I was about to cum so I put his hand on my tit and encouraged him to squeeze my nipple.

He slid his other hand underneath and around my body to my still throbbing clit and flicked it, sliding another of his finger between my wet lips and into my greedy pussy.

And that was it. That was the signal to every nerve in my body to begin firing. My body quivered and shook violently. I looked like I was convulsing. I couldn’t control it and Roger knew.

He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. He took over pumping. His moves were short and slow. He caught each wave, prolonging my orgasm each thrust. Never have aftershocks lasted so long. Somehow Roger knew how to keep them going until he was ready for them to stop.

“I’m glad I could make you cum naughty girl but I’m not done with you. I want to watch you ride.” He pulled out of my ass slowly and rolled over onto his back positioning, himself so he could see me and I could watch myself in the mirror.

Before mounting him, I paused to admire how hard his dick was and more importantly, how big it was. I gave it a quick kiss and lick but that wasn’t enough. I couldn’t resist.

Without further introduction between my mouth and his dick, I gobbled him to the base. He was deep in the back of my throat and getting harder by the second. I slowly slid my mouth up to the head, swirled my tongue around the ridge before releasing it, grabbing it with my hand to stroke it a few times.

The expression on Roger’s face was priceless. His eyes were wide with amazement and awe. He said nothing, just looked at me as I worked him with both hands. I put his head in my mouth one more time, sucking on it, getting it nice and wet and still he didn’t break his gaze.

I climbed his dick slowly, looking to see if Roger’s expression would finally change. He dropped his head down to the bed and then looked at me again with a big smile. “You are so not what I expected.”

Roger leaned back and I began grinding, feeling the ridge of his fat head rubbing my squishy g-spot as I moved forward and backward, rubbing my clit and his mound.

He had even sexier then I imagined, I thought as I leaned in to kiss him, to feel his soft lips pressed up against mine.

The heat of his breath on my skin was orgasmic. Looking deep into his eyes I grind slowly, enjoying every inch of him — the feel of his body, the smell of his skin.

Roger flipped me on to my back and went deep between my legs. My greedy pussy opened wide and sucked him in deep. My walls squeezed him as he filled me up from the bottom to the top, balls slapping me with each thrust.

I hated to admit it but Roger again had the upper hand. Mmmm. The scruff of his beard tickled my soft skin as he nibbled my ear.

I couldn’t let him keep getting the upper hand. I swiveled my position, my hair gently brushed his skin as I leaned back in reverse cowgirl.

I bounced and grind some more. The burn in my thighs indicated I was working hard like squats at the gym but I ignored it. There was no workout to compare to the pleasure of riding Roger. I noticed how tight his chest was as I braced myself on it as I bounced on him like he was a game at an amusement park. He gripped my waist, lifted me up and then forced me down hard on his dick. Mmmm. God he felt soooo good.

From this position I decided to put my pussy in his face for a good licking while I sucked on his dick again. His tongue was truly talented because it wasn’t long before I felt kaçak iddaa myself tingling again.

Up and down, around and around — his tongue didn’t miss any part of my throbbing pussy. It even found its way inside, lapping up my creamy nectar like a dessert thirsty nomad.

We flowed from position to position with ease. On my side, I raised my leg so Roger could stroke me deep and long from behind.

Being with him felt so comfortable, so natural. New position. From in from of me, he grabbed my legs, plunged deep between them, positioned and repositioned them several times.

He spread me wide, bent me at the knee, squeezed them together. After a few positions and several deep strokes, I closed my eyes to fully enjoy the experience and suddenly I felt moisture on my feet. Ooo, he’s a toe sucker, a man with a foot fetish. Now whose surprised?

With my legs stretched high along side his shoulders, Roger stoked me long and hard holding my toes close to his lips.

From this position, he lifted my body off the bed and stroked my elevated ass. The weightless fuck was amazing. As I was recording the feeling in my memory, I felt the muscles in Roger’s body tighten and I knew he was ready to cum.

He straddled my belly, leaving his dick staring at me, bobbing from side to side, begging for attention. I was more than happy to oblige stroking him until he came.

With one hand on his balls and the other on his thick shaft, Roger released his milky cum to me, in my hair and on my belly. I was delighted to finally return the favour.

We snuggled, kissing and gazing into each other’s eyes.

Next morning, Roger walked into the pool area and Diana was still on the lounge chair at the far end. When he left, she was laying on your back soaking in the sun. Now she was sitting up reading a magazine. Her hair was up and her back was facing the sun.

Roger sat down and spooned her. When she felt his legs and chest against her back she said, “Hey sexy man.”

Roger replied back, “Hey pretty girl.” He put his hands on her thighs and started to gently rub them.

He kissed her neck, ears, shoulders, and back. His hands went up her sides then back down her legs. Diana started to purr. He continued on like that for several minutes, but finally when she couldn’t take it anymore she leaned her head back and pushed her ass back into his crotch.

“Oh baby,” Diana whispered softly, “I love that. Let’s go back to our room.”

“Nah,” Roger said, nonchalantly. “I want to get some sun too.” He laid back and closed his eyes.

Diana turned around and looked at her husband. With clear irritation in her voice she said, “You’re just going to stop? That’s it?”

“Yeah,” Roger said without looking at her, “we can go back to our room later. We’ve got all day.” Roger put his hands behind his head and Diana turned back to her magazine.

About fifteen minutes went by. Roger decided it was time for more.

“Baby,” he said, “looks like you need some more sunscreen on your back. Do you want me to rub some on?”

“Sure” Diana said, still focused on her magazine. Roger grabbed the tube from her bag. He put a big glob in his hands and rubbed them together.

He started on her shoulders and did the back of her arms then down her back all the way to her bikini bottoms. Roger didn’t use it all, so he went around the front and put the rest on her belly.

When it was all gone, he didn’t stop, but he kept rubbing his hands on her belly and sides. Soon he moved his hands up to her tits and started to massage them through her bikini top.

It didn’t take long until Diana started to purr again. Roger could tell she was losing concentration on what she was reading. Diana arched her back and stretched.

“Mmmm, baby, that’s so good, but I want your hands on my bare tits. You ready to go back yet?”

“No,” he said casually. Roger removed his hands and slid backward on the lounge chair so he could stand up.

“Where are you going?” she said, looking up at her husband. Her voice sounded irritated once again.

“I’m going to go for a swim. Wanna go?” Roger turned back and looked at his young beautiful wife.

“No. You just put sunscreen on me.” Her voice had the ‘you dumb-ass’ sound in it.

“Okay” Roger said turning back to the pool. He walked to the edge and dove in. For about 15 minutes he swam laps and just relaxed in the deep end.

Finally he got out and walked back to where his wife was. Now Diana was lying on her stomach, eyes closed, soaking in sun on her back and legs.

Her bikini straps were undone so she wouldn’t get a tan line. Roger dried off and sat on his lounge chair. He reached over and rubbed the back of her thigh. “You want some sunscreen on your legs, babe?”

“No,” Diana said tersely.

“I think you’re going to need it,” Roger said sweetly. “I don’t want you to get burned.”

“No,” Diana said again with heavy irritation in her voice. She turned her head the other way so she wasn’t facing him. kaçak bahis

Roger smiled. He knew it was getting to her and she was bugged. He reached over and grabbed the sunscreen and put a big glob in his hands. He put a thick layer on the back of each leg then started to rub it in.

“I thought I told you ‘no'” she said tersely.

“You did, but I don’t want you to get burned.”

“Whatever.” Roger could still hear the irritation in his wife’s voice. I loved it.

After he rubbed all the sunscreen into her skin, he continued rubbing her legs. Slowly he massaged her thighs and then her calves and then her feet. By then she was purring again. Roger had a great masseuse and Diana was feeling the effects of his skills.

“Hey baby, that felt so good on my legs. Will you do it some more?”

“Sure,” Roger said sitting up. Her skin was moist enough that he didn’t need to put any more lotion on, so he started squeezing and massaging just the way she liked. The purring started almost immediately. After a few minutes of that he switched from massaging and squeezing to very light touches.

When he worked his way to her inner thighs she gasped, then said, “Ohh, baby that feels so good.” She lifted her hips and spread her legs wider. Roger smiled. He knew what she wanted but it wasn’t time yet. Her kitty was going to wait a painfully long time.

Roger kept the light touches going and Diana kept purring. He purposely avoided her pussy and he finally touched her pussy with a light, little flick with his finger, then he found her little nub and rubbed it in circles.

A very audible, “ooohhhh” slipped from her mouth. Roger could feel her swimming suit starting to get wet.

Diana held her bikini top against her chest and up on her elbow. She glared at her husband.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, Roger,” Diana said with menace.

“What?” Roger said. His voice was as innocent as could be.

“What my ass! I hate you.” Diana turned her head the other way and lay back down. He got the biggest smile on his face.

The best part was that she was really pissed. She wasn’t playing like the first time. Diana was really mad. And Roger knew his innocent reaction made it even worse.

He pumped his fist with joy because he knew that he had Diana, hook, line, and sinker.

After about 15 minutes he could tell that Diana was asleep. He got up and slid his lounge chair next to her.

He lowered the inside arms of both their lounge chairs so they were almost like a double bed. Roger moved as close as he could then gently pulled the strings to her bikini bottom.

He laid it back and revealed her incredibly hot ass which he watched when Diana moved in the office wearing her skin-tight mini-skirts.

He looked around. Gently he started rubbing her back and her legs and her sides. Roger made sure to get the sides of each of her tits.

He slided his hand straight down her ass crack and gently rubbed her rosebud and her perineum. Roger continued to her pussy and slowly slid his finger in. Although Diana was still sleeping she let out a long sigh. He finger fucked her for several minutes, at first with one, and then with two fingers.

Diana was sound asleep, but she was making all the preparatory noises for an orgasm. Roger knew that his wife just about there then he pulled out his finger. In about three seconds Diana woke up.

“What the hell . . .?” Diana said rising up on her arms, her tits hanging free. She looked at Roger laying there next to her.

He had a bulge in his swim trunks and she had wetness between her legs—not to mention the sun beating down on her bare ass.

It took about five more seconds for everything to compute. Diana lay back down, reached behind her and tied the top and bottom of her bikini. Then she rolled over and looked him right in the eye. Her face was about three inches from Roger.

“That’s it Roger,” Diana said angrily. “Take me off right now!”

“What?” he said, genuinely confused.

“I mean it,” Diana said angrily. “I’m mad and you’re going to pay, right now.”

“What are you talking about babe? I’m just laying here.” He played the innocent card again.

“That is such a load of crap. For the last two hours you have been torturing me. First it was the top of my legs and my sides. Then it was my tits. Then it was the back of my legs and my feet. Then it was my pussy on the outside of my bikini, and now you’re finger fucking me. I’ve had enough of your little torment game,” Diana said making air quotes. “We are going to fuck and we are going to fuck right here, right now.”

“What?!?!” Roger said, genuinely alarmed.

“You heard me. Get those trunks off now.”

This was not how he planned for this scenario to play out, but he actually liked that one better. He looked around once again.

Eagerly he slid his trunks down and kicked them off. His cock was hard as a rock at the prospect of what they were about to do.

Diana climbed on top of Roger and pulled her bikini bottom to the side so she could slide onto his hard dick.

“Oh baby,” Roger said, “I love it when you just pull your bikini aside so I can slide my cock in. I love it when we fuck like this.”

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