Mart 13, 2021

Life of a Playboy Chapter 13 and 14(Last)

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The time after the party returned to a semblance of normality. The only obvious difference was that I got a lot more waves of hello from the neighbors when I drove by. We went about our daily routines of aimlessly enjoying my money and seeking out new thrills to entertain us. Neither Marissa nor I had serious jobs but the money kept pouring in.

And of course, Marissa and I made love every chance we got. I still had my playboy edge, and every now and again I’d seduce some aspiring actress/waitress or pick up a bisexual hottie at the gym. And Marissa delighted in the variety of flavors I brought her as well.

I reveled in my perfect existence, not a care in the world except to find the next bit of entertainment. The body spray was still tremendous, the cash flow guaranteed. I’d already sprung for a fancy Italian sportcar and fine jewelry for my loving girlfriend. What more could a man want?

I figured out the answer very quickly. Marissa and I would meet up with Jamie and Kaia every few weeks. Usually it was a light dinner and a fun round of jokes. We were all very healthy, active people who enjoyed a little fun from time to time. And every so often all four of us would find ourselves sharing a bed and sharing in each other’s pleasure. It was just sex, and everyone was an eager participant without expectations.

I would have thought that the repeated sexual encounters with Kaia would quench my thirst for her. I’d assumed that my initial infatuation with Kaia from the housewarming party was based on nostalgia. And after getting used to her presence my desire would wane and my brain would stop spinning to let me just enjoy the affections of Marissa.

But every time we fucked I wanted her more, and more. I was quickly becoming addicted to her. I’d always had strong feelings for her, a powerful lust that drove me to her when we first started dating and made me desire her ever more, even when Kaia just wanted to watch as I fucked some other pretty young thing she’d offered me.

For years I’d felt like I could never have sex with her enough to sate my addiction. And now that she was back in my life, I was driven insane by having to wait for weeks at a time without being able to taste her skin.

Perhaps now I knew what it was like for a girl to be aroused by me. To feel the uncontrollable lust roaring in your loins, stressing you out and never letting you rest until you give in to those feelings.

One time Kaia called me while Marissa was out for a few hours at the salon and running a few errands. Jamie had just broken up with her boyfriend, and Kaia wanted me to come down and cheer Jamie up.

I explained that Marissa was out, but that once she got back we’d be happy to come by. But Kaia was insistent, urging me to come over right away as Jamie was feeling distraught. I already knew that such a meeting would immediately lead into a fantastic threesome with Jamie and Kaia. I could picture myself seizing Kaia’s body and fucking her with abandon, ignoring restraint and free to let loose without worrying whether Marissa could see me and detect my wavering loyalty. And the temptation was almost more than I could bear.

But the little twitch of guilt in the back of my mind was enough, just barely, to remember the honesty of my girlfriend, the love I had with Marissa. And so I waited for Marissa to come home before we visited and of course fell into a passionate four-way tryst, most of our combined attentions on pleasuring Jamie.

Sometimes I would picture Kaia’s magnificent body beneath me as I ravaged Marissa. I dreamed it was Kaia I was subjecting beneath me, fucking Marissa perhaps harder than she really enjoyed, taking revenge for the hold Kaia had always had over me.

Now I am not a person who is very good at hiding his emotions. I wear them on my sleeve for all the world to see. And I could see the fear creeping into Marissa’s eyes as the weeks passed by and my focus on Kaia wasn’t going away. She was still good friends with her older sorority sisters, and Kaia at least did not outwardly seem interested in taking me away from her. But the wavering resolve of her boyfriend’s interest was enough to give Marissa pause.

And all the emotions and irrational decisions came pouring out one fateful evening.


Kaia and Jamie were visiting our mansion. We were on the second floor deck, enjoying the sunset over dinner while looking out across the expansive view. Marissa played the perfect hostess, keeping the serving staff alert and attentive to us.

Usually, we’d all get a little tipsy and our jokes would take a turn for the sexual. And since we only met up with the girls every few weeks or so, they remained blissfully vulnerable to my effect. So when I got really aroused, so did they, and the four of us would retire to a bedroom or some other convenient place to get our groove on. But the suggestions were always made by me or Marissa. We were inviting them to join us as always.

This time, however, Kaia locked her gaze right onto me and stated that she’d had enough chit-chat. “When can I get that cock in me?”

“Well, right away if the lady so demands it,” I replied.

She got up, fixing me with a smoldering hot gaze, her eyes a deep, dark forest green but still luminous in their beauty. And she held out a hand to me for me to join her. Without even glancing at Jamie or Marissa, I took the hand and then followed as she began to walk away.

I heard behind me the rustle of Jamie and Marissa trailing after us. Then Kaia led us all down to the pool, stepping us past the waterfall and into the secluded grotto built in and hidden away.

She turned on the ambient lights, perfect for a seduction, and then began to shed her clothing. Fully naked, I could only watch as this goddess stepped down into the warm waters of this oversized hot-tub, ducked down, and then resurfaced with her hair sleek and straight back against her scalp.

My eyes were only on Kaia, my heart racing and the lust overwhelming even to me. I felt Jamie’s hands working off my clothes, and only belatedly did I realize that Marissa was standing off to the side.

I knew from visual cues that Jamie was thoroughly aroused by now and looking forward to a pleasant orgy. But Marissa, completely unaffected, seemed rather out of sorts, and clearly something was bothering her. She didn’t look like she was in the mood, or that she would be joining us.

But when Kaia cooed at me to join her, all I heard was her siren’s voice and I moved into the pool to wrap our naked bodies together and lock our lips together in the passion of a first kiss. We were standing up, the water level just around our hips while I palmed Kaia’s ass and she rubbed her tits into my chest.

But when my legs began to split hers and I made to enter my cock into her, Kaia backed away and waggled a finger at me. “No, no. I want to watch first.”

Jamie had returned to the pool, nude, and sinking down until just her head was above water to watch us and wait. She knew that Marissa would be staying fully clothed and standing off to the side.

Kaia then indicated to the hot blonde. “You have to make her cum first. With your dick.”

I felt like I couldn’t wait. I wanted to be inside of Kaia desperately, but if this was the only way, then I wanted it to happen as quickly as possible. Racing quickly, I lifted Jamie up until she was sitting at the edge of the pool. And spreading her legs, I ducked my face into Jamie’s pussy to warm her up for the main event.

And so with the lust pounding through me and my effect getting Jamie ever hotter, I sucked her off into a quick orgasm, just enough to flood her pussy with a full layer of lubrication. And before she realized it, I lifted Jamie up and then slammed her down against my hips, my shaft burrowing through her tunnel all the way in that first thrust.

I was standing on the floor bursa escort of the pool, Jamie’s legs wrapped around my waist as I bodily yanked her back and forth along my fuckstick, churning the waters around us frantically. Her weight was buoyed by the water, letting me focus on our thrusts and the silky heaven of her box squeezing tightly around me.

I shoved my tongue into her throat, and squeezed her perfectly round tits in my hands. We were FUCKING.

And then, quickly, Jamie’s climax overtook her and she was vibrating against me as if trapped in the throes of a seizure. She writhed and wriggled and the waves sloshed around us as the typhoon Jamie sent tidal waves in every direction. She was completely lost to one of the most powerful orgasms of her life, courteousy of a little mental pressure on her pleasure receptors.

And no sooner did Jamie’s body go limp than I lay her gently in the shallows so she wouldn’t drown, and then I was stalking as fast as possible through the water to where Kaia reclined, sitting on the edge of the pool with her feet dangling in the water. The telltale drips of her own self-induced orgasm were lining her inner thighs.

“Not yet.”

Kaia’s words brought me up short, a pained expression on my face. “Her, too.” And she gestured at Marissa.

And I turned to glance at my girlfriend, clearly turned on by the hot sex she had witnessed but also still out of sorts. Dammit, of all the times not to be able to mentally affect someone. I could really use a quick orgasm to let me get inside of Kaia right now.

In retrospect, Marissa was hesitant because she was afraid of the sheer level of control Kaia was wielding over me. But when I bodily held her, my dripping wet body soaking through her clothes, Marissa let herself go into the force of my kiss. Even if she wasn’t actively working with me, she did not resist as I lifted her up into my arms and vaulted straight into the pool.

A familiar squeal sounded in my ears as Marissa was suddenly plunged into the water with all her clothes on. And I wasted no more time by simply pulling up her shirt and bra until they were hanging around her neck, my palms rubbing at her tits as I stood behind her. And pressing Marissa’s lower back forward she settled her arms against the edge of the pool, bending at the waist and leaving her perfectly tight ass wriggling back at me.

I flipped her skirt up and dragged the soaked thong panties down until they were trapped at her knees underwater. I tested my target with a finger, and thankfully found my girlfriend to be moist and ready for me, as always. And so with a raging hard-on, still desperate to find Kaia, I eased myself forward and into Marissa from behind.

Our hips were just barely above water, and I lay my wet body flat against Marissa’s now naked back. I used her tits as handholds to ram Marissa’s body back at me, her legs held tightly together by the thong around her knees, squeezing her tunnel even tighter while I pistoned in and out. Pool water is unfortunately not very lubricating, and in fact caused some extra chafing between her thighs. But with extra effort I simply powered my way through and back, fucking her cunt with hard, fast strokes.

But all this was just to get Marissa warmed up. I’d already had my plan in mind, and she was a girl who definitely got off on being buggered.

So when I pulled out and seized her asscheeks, Marissa just moaned in anticipation as I re-aimed and forced my way down her nether passage. She began to feel her own arousal at the violence of my actions, as I was physically dominating her as my cock sawed in and out of her asshole. And I was spurred on even further as Marissa’s moans echoed through the grotto walls while I drilled her over and over and over again.

She was quickly approaching a climax. I could always tell when her body started jerking in odd directions and in an odd rhythm. And Kaia chose this moment to slip underneath one of Marissa’s outstretched arms, and very tenderly began to nibble at Marissa’s lips. Kaia’s hands caressed every sensitive nerve she could reach, tweaking Marissa’s nipples and stroking her ribs in a ticklish motion.

I was still pounding away into Marissa’s backside when I felt the tickle of Kaia’s fingers on my testicles, but then the feeling vanished and I felt Marissa twitch in my arms as Kaia’s hand moved to Marissa’s pussy. And then all my self-control began slipping away when Kaia pressed her fingers inside of Marissa’s body and massaged my cock from the other side of Marissa’s inner walls. The sensations were more than either Marissa or I could handle.

And so with Marissa panting right into Kaia’s face, she shut her eyes and clenched her ass muscles together in one massive tight squeeze before relaxing all at once and crying out that she was cumming for all the world to hear.

And while Marissa flailed helplessly beneath our onslaught, Kaia kissed her and then gave me a very deliberate wink while her tongue was still attached to Marissa’s. I’d also reached the end of my limits, after the pleasures of both Jamie and Marissa. So holding myself deeply in Marissa’s bowels, I groaned and discharged both barrels of spunk, burying my cum in the farthest reaches of Marissa’s inner body.

Together, Marissa and I twitched as one person until the energies dissapated and we slowly disengaged.

Jamie instantly had a towellete and handed it to Kaia, who stepped out of Marissa’s grasp and cleaned me off before moving me bodily onto an edge of the pool. There, Kaia’s eyes glowed into mine and she lowered her head to take my limp member into her mouth.

Marissa was panting and reclining on the steps leading down into the pool, her clothes still attached. Jamie went to her and with soft kisses, helped strip the wet, sticky clothing off until Marissa was as naked as the rest of us. And then Jamie simply sat in Marissa’s lap, both of them mostly submerged in the water to swap spit and nuzzle each other in the aftermath of such fantastic orgasms.

The echoes rippling off the walls produced a symphony of quiet moans. A voice was bounced several more times and with varying degrees of pitch until it sounded like there were dozens of breathy female gasps filling the air around my head. And I was receiving one of the best blowjobs of my life.

Kaia was causing every ounce of my body to melt into a puddle of goo as she worked my cock over, the only instrument still hard. And the absolute thrill of feeling the woman of my obsession pleasuring me with her mouth and hands was sending my mind into orbit.

Once Kaia had me on the brink of climax, she got up and straddled me. My breath caught in anticipation as she held her pussy just outside of reach, teasing me and reveling in the rush of power as I twitched and moaned and pleaded with my eyes. At last she dropped down, sinking my shaft all the way until we were joined as closely as we had ever been in our lives.

Marissa became an afterthought as I reveled in the extraordinary feeling of Kaia, the one and only Kaia, wrapped around me. There was only one of her in the world, and no one else I had ever met had even come close to the absolute rapture she instilled in me.

Like a worshipful servant, Jamie left a half-unconscious Marissa behind and joined us, simply stroking our bodies and kissing one or the other of us, content to bask in the radiant heat of my coupling with Kaia.

And as I luxuriated in the feelings, I felt all my mental barriers falling away. A white cloud descended over my vision, and as the pressure built up in my balls, I could feel my consciousness slipping away as if I was breaking the boundaries of my corporeal existence.

I was truly merging with my goddess, and the sound of a million female climaxes set off in my head, as if I could hear the collective orgasms of the world resounding in my mind. But most of all, I felt a powerful connection, bursa escort bayan like a tether, binding my mind to truly feel what all three women were experiencing, and my brain was overwhelmed by the flood of lust and arousal and absolute orgasmic joy. I scarcely felt the explosion in my loins, blasting arcs of cum into the definition of female perfection of Kaia’s body. All I knew was the absolute bliss, and then my consciousness ceased to exist.


My dreams were once again vivid and real. I hadn’t had such a lucid vision since I first began dating Marissa. But here I was, dreaming and fully aware that I was dreaming, tasting and smelling with hyper-real senses the rich tapestry of this dreamworld. This wasn’t the jumbled riot of images. This was a heavenly vision. I was kissing Marissa, filled with complete peace. But then Kaia appeared as if stepping through a veil, holding her arms out to me.

Marissa was my first true loving relationship, the first time I had ever considered settling down with a person forever.

But Kaia would always be the first person I’d given my heart to. It was an incredible attachment that could never be fully severed, even if only still existing in my memories. But now I felt a chance to find that again. The mystical dream that could possibly become real.

My dream rewound in a whirl of color until it came back to my first lucid vision from four years ago. Kaia had leaned in and kissed Marissa’s lips softly, rubbed her cheek, and then turned away. The baton had been passed in some way. And Marissa walked up to me, pressing those same soft lips directly to mine. It was a strange taste, as if the essence of Kaia was still on Marissa’s lips, and she was sharing that essence with me.

But fast-forwarding back to now, Kaia walked in and kissed Marissa once again. And as if she had only leant Marissa to me to hold her place, like a caretaker, she assumed control and stepped forward to take her rightful place.

And in my mind’s eye, all Marissa could do was lower her eyes, a tear trickling down her face as she stepped aside and out of the way. And she looked up at me just once so I could see the passive anguish in her gaze before she faded away into nothingness. And Kaia and I were alone once again. The circle was complete.


My eyes fluttered open, and I stared straight across the pillow to see Kaia’s angelic face before me, peaceful and smiling in her sleep. What felt like hours had passed by, and I basked in the simple joy of looking upon such a goddess.

I had reached the pinnacle of my existence. I knew and understood the dream. I was exactly where I was meant to be. And that was enough for me.

It didn’t matter that I had no idea how I got here. I had no memory of anything since the orgy in the grotto. I had no concept of where I was. Perhaps I had died and this was heaven.

When I desired to move, I felt as if I was floating, still riding a high better than any narcotic ever invented, and I moved the covers away to stand up and gaze out the window onto the gorgeous view of the California coastline, brilliantly illuminated in the morning sunlight.

I walked out of the bedroom, entering into a small but well-furnished living room, finding Jamie already reclining on the sofa and gazing off into space as if in a trance. She wore a simple sleepwear set, matching sleeveless top to silky pajama pants that highlighted her athletic figure. She noticed my presence and came up to kiss me.

I was functioning on autopilot, and my mind blanked out again the moment Jamie’s lips touched mine.


My eyes fluttered open, and all I could see was the round set of tits bouncing up and down in my face. Jamie’s face was contorted in ecstasy and her head was whipping left and right as she screamed. My hands held her hips as she rose and fell along my cock embedded in her pussy. And I felt the coiling in my balls, and just as I felt the cum racing along my shaft, the blank slate of my memory passed before my eyes, leaving me alone in the empty whiteness.


My eyes fluttered open, and I saw that Kaia was flat on her back across her bed, fully nude. Jamie lay right on top of her so the two gorgeous girls could kiss and make love to each other with their tongues. Tits were pressed tightly against each other, and Jamie humped Kaia’s mound with her own vaginal lips. I was embedded deep inside of Jamie’s cunt, pounding rhythmically. I glanced to the side to see the same morning sunlight coming through the open window. But then Kaia was crying out her climax, Jamie joining soon after. And with the pressure in my balls building I knew I wanted to embed myself in Kaia before we were done. Her winking asshole was just inches away from where my cock pistoned in and out of Jamie, and so pulling out I aimed myself lower.

A blur of flesh-color appeared in my vision, like a fist of fury racing at my face. And then a painful impact slammed into my head. This wasn’t the blissful transition of fading into the blank white of my mind. This was a black and red and painful descent into unconsciousness, and I screamed in terror as the inky cloak overtook my vision.


My eyes fluttered open, and I dreamed of rolling around in soft fields of green grass, kissing and making love to sweet Kaia. I felt the warmth of pleasure wrapping around my body like a blanket. I realized then that I was still in the dreamworld, so hyper-real.

And then I was standing up, Marissa quiet by my side, looking anguished and staring at the floor. Kaia appeared to me as if stepping through a veil, holding her arms out in a welcoming embrace. Jamie stepped through the veil a moment later, both women fully naked and their beautiful bodies perfect before my eyes.

“This is a glimpse of our future, an offer and a promise to you. Leave Marissa behind, and I will take you into a world of pleasure like you have never known before.” And Kaia moved to press her lips to me once again. “No one has ever made me feel the way you do.”

“Feel this, BITCH.” And suddenly Marissa was no longer quiet or still. Instead she brought the full force of her fist of fury and planted a vicious punch right into Kaia’s face.

Kaia shrieked in surprise and pain, and she fell to the ground before Jamie could turn and catch her.

Marissa just stepped forward and stood over Kaia’s body, heaped on the ground. “Fuckin’ try to steal MY man!”

“No, Marissa, please.” I had never heard Kaia beg for anything, period. “I, I wasn’t trying to—“

“The FUCK you weren’t! I just watched that whole little presentation you just made. But I was your friend. I know you too well. And I can see through you now.” Marissa was visibly shaking, her whole form blurry as if this world couldn’t contain the power of her fury enough to bring her image into focus. “I know you feel an affection for him. But the truth is, he’s just the best fucking fucker you ever met. And he’s rich, and he’s successful. And you wish you hadn’t given him up in the first place!”

I was shocked at the words and the language coming out of Marissa’s mouth. She had always been too innocent, too submissive to my will for me to ever believe she was capable of such a forceful presence. Kaia had always been the dominant one, and seeing Marissa with this strength had me seeing her in a new light.

“But I LOVE him,” Marissa continued. “And I know he loves me, even if he’s blinded right now by lust for you. I was happy to let him, to please him. But I’ll be damned if you try to sneak him out from under me with your games and your teasing. You pretend not to care. That we’re all just fuck-buddies. But I know the truth now.”

And when Kaia couldn’t respond, and Jamie simply knelt by the former Alpha female to console her, Marissa finally stood erect and turned to face me. She glanced around at the hazy surroundings, still wispy and out of focus escort bursa in their dreamy quality. “This,” she gestured to the world around. “This is OVER.”


My eyes fluttered open, and I realized I was staring at the ceiling of the grotto, craggy rocks with recessed lighting. And Kaia was straddling my hips, my still half-hard erection buried to the hilt inside of her pussy. I could feel our mingled cum forcefully dribbling out from her pussy lips and streaming in rivers around my cock, as if there were gallons of fluid stuck inside and it was all coming out from the overflow.

Marissa’s naked form was suddenly next to me and she was gesturing rapidly at Kaia. “Off!” she ordered.

Kaia blinked twice, and then complied, moving away and pausing for a torrent of mingled cum to flood out of her and into the water. The recycling system would take care of everything by tomorrow.

I glanced to my right, and Jamie was flat on her back, panting and staring at the ceiling, contemplative.

“Uh, what just happened?” I managed to croak.

I looked at the three nude women, varying levels of surprise evident in their faces as we all realized we had shared the same vision, and remembered everything. And somehow that same understanding was also shared between us. We didn’t need to talk about it. We all knew the absolute truth.

There was something special about me. None of the three girls knew the exact truth (well, I didn’t understand everything either). But somehow everyone knew that some strange part of me was responsible for the vision, a side effect if you will from the most powerful, lust-filled orgasm of my life.

“I don’t know how it happened.” Marissa told me as she sat me up and knelt behind me so she could wrap her arms possessively around my torso. “But I think I understand now.”

And I understood, too. The obsessive lust for Kaia was gone, leaving only the love and affection I felt for my girlfriend. I knew now that I had not been wrong in thinking to settle down. Marissa was gorgeous, loving, understanding, and had a strength in her I had to respect. She was the sweet innocent on the outside, a tiger in the bedroom, and made of steel when she needed to be. She was incredible, and *I* was the lucky one to be with her.

I looked over at Kaia. She had a guilty expression on her face, like a child who knows she’s been wrong. It was not an expression I’d seen very often on her. And I relaxed, realizing I could look at her as an old friend, without any of the mindless fixation that had previously haunted me.

Kaia appraised Marissa, a hint of admiration in her emerald eyes. “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize. I guess I was a little blind.”

Marissa gestured up. “How does your cheek feel?”

Kaia reached up to touch her cheek where Marissa had clocked her in the vision. “Nothing. It feels like it never actually happened.”

Marissa sighed, and after a long, silent moment, she looked at Kaia honestly. “Well then, I guess you never really tried to steal my man. The desire may have been inside of you, but in reality you never actually tried it.”

There was a long and pregnant pause before Kaia responded. “That’s very generous of you.”

“Sisterhood and understanding. But I don’t think we’re going to make that dinner date for next week.”

Kaia managed a light laugh, and she looked at the younger girl with a newfound respect. “Maybe another time.”



A low groan escaped the lips of the hot brunette I was currently drilling. She was flat on her back, torso twisting against the sheets while she wrapped her ankles behind my neck as I thrust down over and again.

Gabrielle came next to the bed. “Sorry to interrupt. But the reporter for Forbes has been annoying me for the last hour about his interview with Miss Robinson.”

No answer came for a few seconds besides the normal grunts and moans accompanying our sex.

“Oooh, don’t stop, I’m almost there,” Marissa stated.

“Well then,” I said to Gabrielle. “I guess the reporter can wait just a little longer.”

Gabrielle smiled and then stepped back, patiently waiting. The heavy bass music from the party downstairs reverberated dully up into the bedroom. I timed my pumping to its rhythm.

And then with a little extra tongue work, Marissa shook her head and clamped her thighs together, and then she was pouring out her honey into Mrs. Robinson’s face. I leaned back to watch Marissa’s slender form writhing in pleasure, sitting upright with her tits jiggling pleasantly. “Oh, oh, fuck yeah! I’m there!” she finally cried.

And with two more hard thrusts into the brunette beneath me, I mentally projected down into Mrs. Robinson, visualizing a powerful orgasm setting off her nerves, and then she was spasming in pleasure as she had her own version of the Ultimate Orgasm.

Per usual, I was drained by that kind of mental exertion, and then I was exploding, pumping my cum deep into Mrs. Robinson’s belly, and at last we all chugged to a stop. At least I’d learned how to avoid passing out myself.

Marissa got up off of Mrs. Robinson’s face, finally allowing her to breathe more deeply. Mrs. Robinson looked surprised to see Gabrielle.

Gabrielle blushed and repeated her comment about Forbes.

“Right, right.” Mrs. Robinson moved to get dressed and then stepped over to the sink to clean up her face and fix her hair. Quite deliberately, she pulled on her panties, her quim still full of our mingled cum.

Just before she went out the door, she stopped and kissed me, petting the limp member that had been the source of so much pleasure. Like always, I thought back to my first budding fantasies of my High School Biology teacher. And even after all those years I could come back full circle and fuck her like there would never be a tomorrow. I lingered just a moment on Mrs. Robinson’s lips. And then she headed out, followed quickly by Gabrielle.

I turned back to face my bed, where Marissa reclined seductively. She was as gorgeous as ever, and I felt a new stirring in my loins as I headed back to the bed.

“Got some of that for me?” she inquired, the hint of a smirk on her face.

“Of course.”

“Are we still visiting the Playboy mansion tomorrow?” she asked me as I lifted the covers and crawled in to snuggle with her. She immediately dropped her hand to my crotch to start petting me. I nodded a “yes” to her question.

“Mmm, I’ve been dying to find out what Holly tastes like. She so sugary in person, and I’ll bet her pussy tastes just as sweet.” Marissa pecked me on the lips and then slinked down between my legs, holding my slowly re-hardening pecker in both hands like a lollipop. “And I know you’ve been wanting to fuck Kendra’s tight ass for weeks.”

I let my head fall back, briefly closing my eyes to call that vision into my mind. But then I opened my eyes again to look upon my gorgeous girlfriend giving me one of her patently fabulous blowjobs. I loved to hear the lip-smacking, slurping noises as she made love to my cock and tasted Mrs. Robinson’s nectar upon its skin.

I held her head and Marissa looked up at me with her mouth still stuffed full. “Did you notice that serving girl?” I asked. “The cute brunette with the braided pigtails? I was thinking of inviting her up.”

Marissa popped off my dick for just a moment. “Hmm, the barely eighteen year- old hors d’oeuvres girl? With the obviously fake, D-cup tits spilling out the top of her uniform? She is your type.” And then with an approving grin Marissa returned to suckling my shaft.

I picked up the phone and called down to the wait staff. I described the waitress, and they informed me that ‘Stacy’ would come up to my room in a moment with three champagne glasses as requested.

I settled into the bed cushions, a silly expression on my face as Marissa continued bobbing her head up and down me while I felt my ?-pheremones filling the room, ready to immediately attack Stacy once she got here.

I loved my life.



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