Mart 1, 2021

Life Interrupts

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It’s hard to get old and even harder when you have grown-up responsibilities. While my bi-lover and I frequently lament “if we only knew then what we know now” we are old enough to know that life is imperfect, and you must take what you can, when you can.

Just the other day, he texted me about my recovering wife (she had some back surgery that was rushed because of the state of her spinal cord.) In a pleasant, dare I say hot-intense way, our texting turned into sexting. It was amazing! He was “babysitting” an aging in-law and with my wife tucked in, we had gone where I am sure both our minds have often wandered.

Cock sucking, nipple pinching, twisting and all-around abusing (I have developed some pretty long nipples over the years from, first my wife playing with them and now me. And I can’t stop! We went back and forth telling some new secrets, sending pics of our cocks, and making plans…

You see, he is a cum freak and I am a size queen. He loves to lick and swallow as much cum as he can, and I love big cock. NO, really big cock! His was the first big one. Mmm, so thick and angry red pushing out from a huge black bush that covered his fat balls. And what balls, bahis firmaları I know why he loves cum, when he shoots, it’s like a firehose of hot juicy, delicious spray. I mean, it’s so voluminous that I can’t swallow it all at once. He can though. Yeh, he confessed he was a deep throat self-sucker and always…always swallowed his own load.

He confessed to other boys he had sucked, still need details on that! And I told him about the first time I had a hard-on when I was with him. We sexted about giving each other our asses. I’d had his twice a long, long ago time but he had never wanted my ass. But now…something was different with him. He wanted it all and so did I. I stroked my cock, slapped it against my belly and hoped I didn’t wake the wife. I could see him with his fist full of cock tugging and flicking the fat dick head that I know was spewing pre-cum. I don’t know about him, but I was licking all of my juices!

Oh it was so hot! And in the heat of the moment we agreed to get together. He was going to take my ass and I had to promise him my load of cum to swallow. For him, I had to pray that he was physically able to let me do him too. He has the worst possible physical kaçak iddaa condition, when he gets pleasure, he gets massive, severe headaches. The worst of all maladies for a person but especially for my lover, who loves to love so much. We texted about my double dong dildo, “would he fuck me with it while he was going down on my dick?” Did he want to share the other end of my dildo, should I bring porn. Oh it was getting to be too much. It was best we ended the texting before I blew my load on my belly and licked myself clean. That wouldn’t be fair, as I promised to let him lap up every drop.

I don’t know about him, but I couldn’t sleep. I kept tossing and squirming thinking about it. I decided what I would pack, gay porn (extra large cock for sure), my 16″ double headed dildo, lube and maybe my other dongs just so he could see them in person. Then I hatched the idea of wearing some black stay-up stockings and a pretty black lace pantie to cover my ass and package. I wanted so much to see his reaction. We both love lingerie and I could only dream of my legs spread and up, his hands grabbing my silk clad ankles while he fucked me, mmm.

I fantasized about doing the same kaçak bahis to him, one hand on his leg the other stroking his beautiful cock, mmm. Maybe I could bend over enough to take his prick in while I was deep in his ass. Hopefully he would grab and abuse my nipples while I rammed my cock home…

We agreed to text if the encounter was a go. Life interrupts and it did this time too. No meeting, no delicious cock to suck no tight ass to fuck…this time.

But I was still horny and since we both spent more time jacking off that sucking dick, I knew he would understand that I had pent up sexergy that I had to release. Fuck I was already dressed to go. I put on an oldie Aunt Peg flick (that is one horny ex-teacher,) added more videos from my kindle and pulled out my play bag.

Out came my penis pump (regular cylinder) and I pumped my cock, just to the size of my lovers, thick as the tube could accommodate. Watched Aunt Peg ride John Holmes, pull on my nipples and thought about what could have been. After a half hour or so I let that long, fat cock slide out. Now normally, I would keep the edge on and play for hours but I had done that last night. So, with thoughts of my lover’s cock deep in my mouth I let my orgasm wash over me. Trembles down my thighs and hot spurts of cum all over them. I scooped it up and licked it all in homage to him and went on with my day…

I hope to get a text soon…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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